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They should have known this wasn't going to work exactly according to plan. Think up a backup plan or at least, some sort of plan. That was normally what a team did after all and yet, here she was coughing on her blood while he cursed and pulled out holy bayonet after bayonet from her body. Behind him, the vampire's body was pinned to the wall with his head missing from his shoulders. Bayonets pin cushioned him to a wall barrier in an oozy mess. Certainly no nice way of going but at this point, neither of them were in the mood to argue about it.

"Wot 'n hell were ya thinkin', ya bloody heathen?" Anderson fumed as he pulled out the last of his holy blades, her weak cry making him grimace. He tried to remain patient as he tucked his cross underneath his shirt then gently gathered her in his arms and off the floor. He growled at her, scolding and fierce but it immediately softened when she whimpered out in pain. Seras clutched to his coat, pushing her face into his shoulder as she tried not to make more noise. It had been her fault after all.

The pope had apparently agreed with the queen that it would be a grand idea for them to become the worlds first dynamic vampire-killing couple and sent them on an average type mission. Go kill the ghouls, take out the vampire, make sure none escape the perimeter(which with Anderson's barrier, not even Seras could get out until he wanted) and when all was good and done go home, take a bath, go to bed. Anderson immediately went for the vampire as she figured he would and she focused on the ghouls. No problems that far. That is, until she heard a loud bang and Anderson cursing from upstairs.

At first she wasn't sure she heard it but a second shot rang out and with it Ander's curses went silent. She panicked. She knew he was more than capable of fighting powerful vampires. He took on her master multiple times and came back to tell the tale but for a moment she forgot about his fighting records and his regeneration. She didn't remember his holy bayonets or the barrier, didn't think of the bible he carried with blades and pages that seemed to spring out of thin air. She only knew that something had happened and that Anderson was in the thick of it. So she ran for the stairs.

Gunshots rang out as she shot dead any ghoul that wandered into sight, her feet flying across the ground as blood red eyes searched for her target. She found Anderson hunched down with his back to her, glaring up at the vampire who grinned so widely back. In his hand he held a gun that he kept trained on Anderson's head. A thick cough shook Anders frame as he glared up at the vampire, unmoving as he watched the demented thing mock him. Seras felt her lips curl back as she raised the rifle, aiming with her third eye for the hand that held the gun. Her finger didn't even get to twitch.

Something exploded and holy bayonets suddenly flew in all directions. It was as if Anderson unleashed a bomb as blade after blade flew out and shoved into stomachs and legs. Seras's gasp was unheard over the shriek of the vampire as he was thrown far from the paladin and into the far wall. Anderson let loose a growl of satisfaction before he spat out a bit of blood and stood up, unaware of the Draculina slowly falling to her knees. He laughed at the vampire, grabbing one of his blades from the ground and wrenching it free. The vampire gagged out pleas as Anderson began to pray with malice, raising the blade higher until at last the final words passed his lips and his blade sliced the head clean from its body.

He laughed at it for a second before turning to head back for the stairs, pausing when he saw the figure hunkered on the floor. She looked at him with stunned eyes and he felt his own widen as he realized too late what happened. Throwing down the blade he ran to her, eyes locked on the wounds as he tried to see where the blades were. She'd be weak with that many in her, nearly eight by a quick count but none of them too close to her heart. He sighed in relief before gently moving her to lean against him with her leg outstretched. She gasped and whimpered despite his attempts but she made no moves to fight him. Then he began to pull them out.

"Wot 'n name were ya doin' up here, wumman?" he scolded as he gently sat cross legged with her in his lap, huffing a little as he waited for her healing to kick in. "Yer suppose ta stay downstairs."

Seras glanced away from his stare, her fingers tightening momentarily as she panted against his coat. He sighed in response but let her cuddle against him, keeping his ear locked on the stairway for any of the ghouls she may have missed. They sat quietly in the dark for a while, listening to the silence and each others breathing as time seemed to slow. Slowly her eyes began to close and her body going limp, breathing going slower as she settled in his arms. He snorted at her sharply, ready to scold her for trying to sleep on the job when he noticed something was wrong. He blinked and reached for her leg, slipping a hand gently underneath of it before lifting it a bit so he could see for sure. No, he was right.

She wasn't healing.

Vampires weren't suppose to be able to heal as quickly with his weapons but she hadn't healed at all. The wound still seeped blood and showed no signs of stopping. So Anderson immediately began to curse again as he lay her back on the ground and slapped her cheek. She whimpered at him, eyes glazed over and looking at him but she wasn't alright. She was in pain but she wasn't alert. Her eyes wouldn't focus as she again began to look at the ceiling and her eyes began to flutter shut.

Anderson slapped her again with a curse, shouting at her to stay awake as he dug around his pockets. He'd swore he would never do this but right now he didn't have a choice. He caused this so he was going to fix it and if that meant becoming her damn food, so be it. Finding nothing but his bayonets he tore off a glove with his teeth and began dragging the meat of his bare palm hard on the sharp blade. Hot pain made him growl as he continued to dig the blade in, wiggling it a little before pulling it out and tossing the blade aside. Holding her mouth open, he guided the stream of red liquid into her gaping mouth as he watched for sudden movement. Normally she wouldn't bite him but desperate vampires were known to bite anything.

When the first drop touched her tongue she gasped, body tightening painfully as her tongue lolled out to catch more of the succulent blood. When it streamed into her mouth she groaned, eagerly swallowing like a starved baby getting milk. Her hand snapped out around his wrist, causing him to let go of her face as he tried to wretch himself free. He cursed at his own stupidity as he moved to grab the nearby blade, ready to lob off either his arm or her head depending on who bit first. His hand was tugged to her lips and he grit his teeth, ready for the pricks of her tangs when he felt instead a long rough tongue. He paused.

She licked at the wound, suckling and moaning as she tried to gather whatever she could before his hand healed up. Startled Anderson could only watch as she drank from him. Why hadn't she bit him yet? It was clear just by how eager she was to drink that this was the first 'meal' she' had in a while but if she was that hungry, he would've expected her to bite him just to draw out more. Yet she didn't even nibble as she drank until his hand healed and she loosened her grip and closed her eyes. Anderson glanced at the wound on her leg and sighed. She was healing, slow but still doing it.

"...Ya 'aven't drank 'n a while, eh lass?" Anderson stated dryly as he pulled his hand away and peered down at the panting female. "Wot, did ya run outta blood?"

Seras flinched and turned her face away, eyes still closed as she tried to even out her breathing. Anderson didn't bother to argue. Instead he sigh as he reached in his pocket for a hankerchief and gently began to dab at her mouth. Startled her eyes shot open and stared at him questioningly. He held up the now bloody cloth as he shrugged. "'m getting da blood off yer lips lass. I dun think 's a good idea fer ya to head outside wit blood 'n yer mouth."

He didn't sound disgusted or angry. He made no moves to scold her or mock her but it would appear he wasn't needed for it. She forced her gaze away from him and locked it instead on the far wall away from the vampire and away from him, her body doing little shivers as she tried not to cry. He felt his own heart sink when her hands clenched weakly at the bottom of her skirt, knowing that look of shame she'd held in her eyes. Quietly he just reached over and again began to dab at the blood that clung determined to her cheeks. He had known she wasn't eating a lot but he didn't think it had been so long. Though seeing her reaction when she realized what she did, he was beginning to see where the problem was.

"Ya know lass, yer one strange draculina." Anderson sighed as he gave her a rather dull look, eyebrows pinching a little as he rubbed firmly at a spot. She winced at the pressure causing him to quickly ease off again. No need to hurt her more than she already was. "Ya c'n read trash novel 'n da open, talk ta men 'n yer head, shoot da undead fer a livin', fought 'n a war dat ripped yer country ta shreds, joost got stabbed 'n nearly killed by yer bloody husband 'n da most yer concerned with 's takin' a bit o' blood. I tink ya should be mere concerned 'bout yer bad luck lass."

Slowly she looked at him with teary eyes, trying to see if he was mocking her. He locked eyes with the woman, his eyes softening as he gently reached out and brushed her bangs out of her face. He quirked a grin at her, showing her in his own strange way that he was there. Tears built up again but this time seemed different. She cried softly and he silently brushed away her tears with his gloved hand, making no moves to scold her or move her. He just waited at her side until the tears stopped flowing and her cries turned to sniffles. Then he gathered her again in his arms and stood, carrying her to the stairs. He didn't see any ghouls on the way down but walked around the first floor to make sure, carrying her easily as she reached down to open the doors and he did his checks. When the deemed safe he tore down the barrier and they went into the blazing headlights of the cars.

It didn't take long for Anders to give the all clear, side stepping out of the way for the clean up crew as he gave another man the details. When the questioned why he was carrying her, why she simply didn't walk on her own, Anderson shrugged and told them the truth. The vampire pulled a gun and shot him short range in the windpipe, effectively disabling him temporarily. She heard the shots and thought he needed help but when she went upstairs was hit by stray bayonets. They were then forced to wait a bit until her healing kicked in enough for him to carry her without causing more damage. As he told the story (leaving out obvious bits) Seras curled deeper into his chest, breathing in his subtle smell as her eyes began to drift closed.

The rest of the conversation began to blur out as her mind faded, her conscious leaving her completely only when she felt him slip her onto the cold leather of the car seat and felt his glove pat gently on her cheek.

Seras mumbled as she curled up in the mass of blankets she had wrapped around her, sighing quietly in content as she slept sound. From the doorway Alex watched her with a sigh, shaking his head when she sneezed and grumbled in her sleep. Chuckling he simply rolled his eyes and closed his bedroom door quietly behind him before heading downstairs and more importantly, towards the shower. It had been hard enough to convince the groggy vampire to take a shower and change into her PJ's but after a couple knocks at the door to wake her up and some parent like coaxing, he'd managed to get her ready and in bed in less than a couple hours. A bloody miracle in his own way.

He didn't bother to lock the bathroom door, too tired and really not caring enough to remember. Instead he just shut the door and started the bathwater, sighing a little as he shrugged out of his dirty clothes and leaned against the counter waiting for the tub to fill. He felt his mind wander to the little vixen upstairs, his nose wrinkling a little as he thought over what happened in the small cottage. Oddly, giving his blood to her wasn't bothering him but when was the last time she'd drank before that? Would she starve herself again? He grimaced.

Stopping the taps he climbed in the hot water with a low growl, his nose pinching a little as his body protested the sudden warmth before it settled back into the water. He snorted at the small sized tub, inwardly grouching at his large height and how the tub was only large enough for his mid stomach and lower to fit. Even then it was cramped. Still, the water did its purpose and he soon found himself relaxing, eyes easing closed as he leaned his head back with a sigh.

"Lord, 'ho art 'n 'eaven, I ask fer guidance 'n ma time 'o need." Alex whispered. "Fer she neither wolf ner sheep. Whot da ya need ferm meh Lord? I 'm yer paladin, yer holy soldier, 'n I will obey."

No voices came from the heavens, no sudden signs to show him a clear way but Alex couldn't help feel better. The Lord would guide him, he wouldn't leave him to wander on his own. The feeling of contentment slipped over him and without meaning to, he drifted off in the tub with that smile still on his face.

He wasn't sure how long it was before the gentle knocking on the door woke him up, his bath gone cold and the room no longer filled with steam. Alex grimaced as he slowly sat away from the tub wall, his once fine back now cramped and chilled after sitting awkwardly for so long. Bloody well deserved it for falling asleep in the tub like that.

"Alex? Are you in there?" Seras's tone was worried as she knocked again at the door, undoubtedly hearing his grumbles of discontent as he forced himself to stand.

"Aye, 'm 'ere lass. Whot da ya need?" Alex grunted as he stiffly stepped out of the tub, shivering when the cool air hit his wet skin. Even his knees felt stiff. There was a momentary pause on the other side of the door, undoubtedly caused by his cranky tone. He glanced at the door before reaching for a nearby towel and wrapping it around his waist, eyes traveling to the sink in an attempt to spot his glasses. After a moment he gave up and just headed for the door, now irked that she hadn't responded to him yet. Pulling it open he stared down at the draculina who stood fiddling with her fingers, her large blue eyes going wider when she saw him bare chest. "Whot?"

"Ah! I, I'm sorry for disturbing you its just that... well, you've been in there for an hour since I've been up and I hadn't heard anything so I thought maybe you... fell asleep in the tub." Seras's eyes wouldn't even look at him as she promptly turned her eyes as far from him as she could without moving her head, her face heating up as she tried to apparently ignore his state of undress. "Anyway, I didn't mean to kick you out. I was just checking on you."

"Mm." Alex watched her for a moment longer before turning on his heel and walking back in the bathroom, crouching down to gather his dirty clothes. Seras watched him for a moment before blinking and wandering in with him, curiously tilting her head as she reached out and touched his exposed flesh. Startled Anders looked at her over his shoulder, snarling as a reflex as the vampire continued to look. Still, as her fingers trailed across his shoulders and down his spine he couldn't stop the shiver that ran down his body, her nails sending little twitches and tremors through his body. He frowned at her. "Whot 'r ya lookin' at Vampire?"

"You actually do have a tattoo." Seras stated fascinated, her eyes trailing over the dark ink as she tried to memorize the picture. "I thought Father Leo was lying. I mean, you don't seem like somebody who would have one."

"...Aye, though I dun know 'ow dat Father knew 'bout it." Alex frowned but simply sat on his haunches and waited for her to finish. Instead he brought up another subject. "So, ya 'aven't drank in a while, eh lass?"

Seras's fingers jerked back as though his skin suddenly lit on fire, her breath catching a little as she pulled away. He'd figured that was what she was going to do, given how she reacted previously but he remained hunched with his eyes facing forward. He didn't want to spook her more than necessary. "I dun get why. Ya need ta survive off somethin' dun ya? Dun like da taste 'f 'ospital blood?"

"No, that's not it." He heard her fidget behind him again and resisted the urge to twist around and frown at her, settling instead to peering again over his shoulder. "It's just that... I don't want to lose me. I mean, I know I need it but, I don't want to turn into one of those monsters that we kill. I'm scared that if I drink it then I'll lose something important to me and I won't be able to get it back. I know it sounds rubbish but I can't help it. I just don't want to lose it."

"Dat's not rubbish lass." Alex said gently, slowly beginning to understand what was happening. "Dat's just not wantin' ta let go of yer humanity. 's not so bad, love."

"I'll try to drink more, I will." Seras mumbled as she looked away again. "I don't want to be a burden."

"Nay, ya won't be." Alex stated as he finished gathering his clothes and turning again to her, eyes narrowed with stubborn determination. "Yer gonna drink 'n a way dat yer no' so bloody miserable 'bout."

"We are? How?" Seras blinked in confusion as she quickly moved out of his way and back into the kitchen.

"Dun know yet, but dis 's somethin' we're gonna work at lass, ya c'n count 'n it."

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