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The Lemonade That Got Spiked (by Illumi's Pins)
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{Senritsu and Basho have left for fear of their sanity}
Shin-chan: Lemonade!!! *throws an ice cube at Hisoka*
Hisoka: *the ice cube hits him in a 'certain part'* Ouch! >.
Shin-chan: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! SCARY MAN!!! *hides behind Kurapika* Mommy, help me!
Hisoka: >. You'll pay for that!!!
Shin-chan: *sniff* Mommy, don't let the scary man hurt me!
Kurapika: *sigh**kicks Hisoka where the ice cube hit*
Shin-chan: Wow. Goal!
Hisoka: >.

Shin-chan: Hey, you! *points at Feitan*
Feitan: Yes...?
Shin-chan: Do you have a 'Zou-san?'
Feitan: What's that?
Shin-chan: This! *pulls down his pants* Elephant patotoy, elephant patotoy...
Feitan: Oh, like this? *starts doing the Elephant Patotoy*
Everyone Else: o.O
Killua: He does act a lot like Leorio.
Gon: Like father like son...
Shizuku: It's a mess in here. Deme-chan, let's clean up. Hey, you! Get off!
Shin-chan: *riding on Deme-chan* Whee!!!
Kurapika: Shin-chan...
Shin-chan: Whee!!!
Shizuku: Please get off my Deme-chan.
Shin-chan: Whee!!!
Shizuku: Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?!
Shin-chan: Whee!!!
Shizuku: *to Kurapika* Do something!
Kurapika: ...
Machi: *applies make-up* Hey... *taps Shin-chan on the shoulder*
Shin-chan: Ooooooooooh... *starts blushing* MynameisShinnosukeandI'mfive.Doyouliketoeatgreenpeppers?
Machi: ;)
Shin-chan: @o@
Everyone Else: -_-;
Deme-chan: *to itself* -_-;
Kuroro: *drinks Leorio's lemonade**to Hisoka* Hey, this is good!
Hisoka: *drinks the lemonade* Feitan...
Feitan: *drinks the lemonade* WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
Illumi: *drinks the lemonade**starts hugging Hisoka*
Caruto: ;_; Big brother, big brother!!! Are you okay?!
Menchi: Something is wrong with them. *drinks the lemonade* @.
Caruto: ;_; This is scary...
Gon: It'll be okay...
Leorio: *drinks his lemonade**starts dancing with Kuroro*
Shin-chan: *to Kurapika* Something happened to Daddy. Right?
Kurapika: ...
Shin-chan: *drinks the lemonade**he and Feitan both do the Elephant Patotoy*
Neon: Oh, darn...
Shizuku: How many of us are still sane?
Killua: A million, a hundred and sixteen, negative two, zero, ten thousand twenty three, negative fifty billion point five, seven... I think. I wasn't ever too good with numbers...
Kurapika: I can see why...
Machi: *drinks the lemonade**starts dancing a jig*
Caruto: Make that six.
Shin-chan: *peeks under Caruto's kimono* Oh, Sailor Moon!
Killua: *to Caruto* I thought you got rid of those.
Caruto: *blush*
Shin-chan: *sticks his face up Gon's shorts* Oh...
Caruto: *blush* What kind?
Killua: Caruto!
Shin-chan: Sponge Bob Square Pants!
Gon: *blush*
Caruto: *blush*
Killua: *gape*
Kurapika: *facefault*
Shizuku: *facefault*
Neon: *facefault*
Shin-chan: *looks up Killua's pant leg* Hahahahahaha!!!
Caruto: What is it?
Killua: Caruto!!!
Shin-chan: Barney...
Caruto: *snicker*
Gon: *snicker*
Killua: *very red in the face* Sis! Gon!!!
Shizuku: *facefault*
Neon: *facefault*
Kurapika: *looks green**drinks Leorio's lemonade, forgetting what could happen*
Shizuku: Did he just...?
Neon: >. I hope not.
Kurapika: *kisses Machi very passionately*
Gon: >.
Caruto: >.
Killua: >.
Shizuku: >.
Neon: >.
Shin-chan: XD Mommy?!
Neon: That's five left.
Shin-chan: *lifts up Neon's skirt* Hehe...
Neon: You little...
Killua: Strawberries? And...
Neon: DON'T SAY IT!!!
Gon and Caruto: Kurapika?!
Neon: *blush*
Shizuku: *facefaults* It might as well have chains on it instead!
Neon: Ah, good point! I'll keep that in mind!
Killua: *facefault*
Gon: *facefault*
Caruto: *facefault*
Shizuku: *facefault* My face is hurting from all this facefaulting...
Neon: ^-^
Kurapika: *to Neon* Would you like a drink? *holds out a cup of lemonade*
Neon: *drinks the lemonade**falls into Kurapika's arms*
Shizuku: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, boy...
Gon: That's four.
Caruto: Who's next?
Killua: *sweatdrop* Definitely not me...
Shizuku: So...
Shin-chan: *to Shizuku* What's your size?
Shizuku: ...
Shin-chan: *to Gon* What's your size?
Gon: ...which size?
Caruto: *looks very faint*
Killua: *grabs a glass of lemonade**gives it to Caruto*
Caruto: Thanks, Killu. *drinks the lemonade**clings to Gon's neck*
Gon: Yah, choking me...
Killua: *shoves lemonade down Gon's throat*
Gon: *falls over, right on top of Caruto**kissy-kissy scene*
Killua: God, please save me...
Shizuku: Two... Hey! What the heck do you think you're doing?!
Killua: *'feeding' lemonade to Deme-chan*
Shizuku: *bashes Killua on the head with Deme-chan*
Killua: @.@ *starts drinking the lemonade**hugs Deme-chan* Mommy dearest...
Deme-chan: *blows up from insanity[1]*
Shizuku: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Deme-chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *becomes very depressed**drinks the lemonade**does the happy dance**pulls down the THE END curtain*
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[1] I think there was a movie called "Mommy Dearest," a guy's head blows up.

Princess Floréa: So, how was that? The secret ingredient was... sadly... alcohol. Yep, that was Leorio's special addition that got everyone drunk... hahahahaha... I'd better throw that stuff out now... before...
Kurapika-sama: *staggers into the room*
Floraleon: *runs into the room* I tried to stop him!!!
Kurapika-sama: @.
Princess Floréa: *sigh*
Floraleon: Next we gotta do Unicorns!
Kurapika-sama: And Kurapika!
Princess Floréa: *sigh**starts writing*