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It had been a slow day at Titans Tower. Two alerts the whole day, the first in the late morning, and the second in the mid-afternoon. After waiting around for a few hours in case there was a third emergency, Robin had retired to the crime lab to try and work out some leads on the masked man who'd freed Plasmus and taken out a hit on the Titans.

By the time he'd realized he should probably take a break, his stomach was growling and the Tower was oddly quiet. A quick glance out of the large glass windows on his way to the kitchen explained all of this: he'd holed himself away for approximately five hours while his teammates had presumably gone to bed.

He made himself a sandwich and strode over to the windows, looking out at the night-time view of Jump City; the inky black waters lapping at the island, winking lights crossing the bridge over the bay, tiny golden pinpricks of windows on the mainland. Judging by the darkness of the sky, it was probably after midnight by now, he guessed while munching his food. One look at his communicator confirmed this; it was a little past one in the morning.

And yet, Robin didn't feel too tired. From what he could see, it was a clear night, and the weather had been nice earlier that day so it was probably calm too.

Deciding he could use some fresh air, he finished his sandwich and made his way to the roof.

Robin was pleased to find that he was right; upon opening the door, he was greeted by a cool, gentle breeze. Grit crunched under his boots as he took a few steps across the roof and paused to stare up at the sky, inhaling the night air contently. The sky was cloudless, allowing the multitude of stars overhead to shine like tiny crystals scattered across a velvet blanket.

Turning his gaze back to the roof, he suddenly spotted a huddled figure over by the edge. His eyes narrowed suspiciously at it and his posture tensed, but after a few moments of studying it he realized it was Starfire.

Relaxing immediately, he smiled and made his way over to her, making sure to make a little more noise than he normally so he wouldn't startle her (he still hadn't completely shaken that habit from Gotham).

"Can't sleep?" he asked, taking a seat to her left and letting his legs dangle over the edge. Though the brief glimpse of the drop sent a spike of adrenaline through his body, he had no fear of falling; even if he did topple over the edge somehow, he had no doubt that Starfire would catch him.

Starfire briefly turned her head to smile at him and watch him sit, then returned her gaze forward. "Yes, I took one of the naps after dinner and woke up a little while ago," she explained, smiling sheepishly. "I was unable to resume my rest, so I came up here."

Robin chuckled and leaned back on his hands, staring up at the stars. "That's not so bad. I only just realized it was nighttime."

Starfire giggled, hugging her arms tighter around her knees. "I am glad to see you out of your office," she told him as she gazed at the moon's pearly reflection in the water. "I know humans are not as dependent on solar exposure as Tamaranians are, but I still believe it is not good to spend all day inside." She turned her head to look at him, resting her cheek on her knee.

"Yeah," Robin agreed, lowering his gaze to the waves and then back to the sky again. "Actually, during the winter months, lack of sunlight significantly affects some people. It's called seasonal affective disorder; one of the things doctors recommend is getting more light," he explained, a small glow of pride swelling in his chest when Starfire's eyes grew wider, the now-familiar expression of fascination that she would get whenever she learned something new about Earth on her face.

"How interesting," she murmured, staring absentmindedly at some point beyond Robin, then flicking her eyes back to him. "Perhaps humans are not as different as I thought."

He smiled. "Perhaps not."

They both tilted their heads back to admire the view above them and there was a beat of silence, filled by the sound of waves splashing against the shore.

"Can you see your planet from here?" Robin asked, and it was his turn to look at her while she continued to stare upwards.

"Yes," she replied, "but at this point in the solar cycle, it is not visible from this position."

She unfolded her legs and scooted back a bit, so when she lay down on her back her feet were six inches away from the edge of the building.

"There," she said, pointing her arm straight upwards into the air.

Robin, who had twisted around to follow her movement, looked up to try and see where she was pointing. Unable to discern the correct dot in the sky, he got up and moved to lay down next to her, careful to leave a bit of space between them.

"Where?" he asked, trying to follow the trajectory of her finger.

"It is the bright white one, between those two smaller yellow ones."

"Is it kind of pink, too?"

"Yes!" she exclaimed, beaming. "You see it?"

"Yeah!" Robin replied, a small smile tugging at his own lips as he stared up at the tiny dot that held so meaning to the girl next to him. He put his hands behind his head to cushion it against the concrete roof.

He admired it for a moment more, and then a question entered his mind.

"Do you miss it?" he asked, turning his head to his right to watch her watch the stars.

A slight frown creased her previously-calm features. Her eyebrows knitted in thought, eyes fixed on Tamaran.

"It is… complicated," she said finally, and Robin immediately felt guilty. Those other aliens had taken her from her home, of course she would miss it, why did he ask something like that?

"I'm sorry," he said quickly, "if you don't wanna talk about it-"

"No, it is the all right," she assured him, turning her head to give him a tiny smile of reassurance and returning her gaze to the sky above, inscrutable expression back. "I love my home, and I still am feeling sick for it, but at the same time, I am not sure I would like to return just yet."

Though he was glad to hear she would not be leaving anytime soon, this response threw Robin for a loop and he immediately began turning this new information over in his mind. His brow creased and he turned his stare back to the heavens. His mind would've kicked into gear trying to unravel the puzzle of Starfire's past had she not continued speaking.

"I like Earth," she said, a smile now gracing her lips as her eyes roved over the stars. "It is fascinating…"

Robin missed her surreptitiously flash a sidelong glance at him, his eyes still on the constellations overhead. "Yeah, Earth isn't half-bad sometimes," he agreed. "Especially with a view like this. You're lucky," he told her, looking at her with a smile. "You can't get this just anywhere."

Starfire turned her head to meet his gaze, giggling and smiling back almost automatically. "On Tamaran, we believe the stars hold stories," she commented, continuing to watch his face. "Do humans have such beliefs?"

"Oh yeah," Robin replied, nodding his head. "All the different cultures have their own interpretations, though. The ones most commonly referred to here are the ancient Greek and Roman ones."

A tiny smile appeared on Starfire's face, sensing new information about to be relayed.

"See those three in a row over there?" he asked, pointing upwards as she had done. The alien girl scooted a bit closer to his side to better follow his indications.

"Yes," she replied, staring up at it.

"That's Orion's belt, and those stars there," he traced them in the air, "and there, those make his body and bow. There are a couple variations on the story, but the one I know says he was a hunter who was about to marry a goddess named Diana. Diana's brother disapproved, so he tricked her into accidentally shooting Orion with her bow. After she saw what she'd done, she was heartbroken and gave him a place among the stars."

He glanced to his right and suppressed a grin upon seeing that Starfire had shifted onto her side and was staring raptly at him, allowing a less-smug smile through instead.

"How sad," Starfire murmured, rolling onto her back and again contemplating the constellation.

After a few moments passed and she continued to stare soberly at the stars, Robin scrambled to change the tone.

"Aah... not all of the myths are about people though. That group over there is called Ursa Major. It's Latin for-"

"-Larger Bear!" Starfire finished delightedly, beaming up at the points of light he was indicating. "It is adorable!"

Robin's surprise at her knowledge of Latin was quickly forgotten in his relief that she no longer looked so somber. "Yeah, and inside of it is the Big Dipper; it looks kind of like a spoon, do you see it?"

He saw her pupils moving minutely as she narrowed her eyes, searching for the pattern. A moment later she lit up, grinning. "Yes! That is," she paused to yawn and blink her eyes a few times, "fascinating."

He raised his eyebrows at her with a smirk and she smiled sheepishly at him in apology.

Robin returned it and continued. "Over there is Ursa Minor; it's also called the Little Dipper, since…"

It was his turn to yawn and stretch momentarily before continuing. "Sorry; since it looks like a smaller version of Ursa Major."

He was starting to feel the time catch up with him; his eyelids suddenly felt heavier than they had a few minutes ago, and when a breeze blew across the roof he felt goosebumps raise on his skin. He shivered slightly and wished for a blanket, though he could still faintly feel the otherworldly heat emitted by Starfire despite being a few inches away.

Starfire had turned her head at the exact right moment to see him shiver; utterly indifferent to the chill, her tiny eyebrows furrowed minutely, obviously wondering what caused it. A moment later her eyes lit up as she identified the cause.

"You are cold?" she asked, unable to gauge exactly how cold it was to him.

He shrugged. "A little."

Next thing he knew, something very warm and soft was pressed to his side. Robin looked down and blinked in surprise at Starfire, who had cuddled up to him immediately.

"Is this better?" she asked, turning her face upwards to watch his reaction.

The heat from Starfire flowed from his side to warm his whole body against the brisk night air, accompanied by a strange prickle on the back of his neck when Starfire placed her hand on his chest, resting her fingertips on the yellow strings of his shirt.

"Yeah, actually," he replied, and she beamed and rested her head on his shoulder. After a moment of hesitation, Robin awkwardly brought his arm out from behind his head and curled it into a much more comfortable position around her shoulders.

The pair continued to stargaze for a bit, though their periods of silence grew longer and longer as time wore on. Eventually Robin craned his neck to peek at Starfire after a particularly long silence; her eyes were shut and a curtain of ruby-red hair that had slipped over her right eye was in danger of spilling over her whole face. The rise and fall of her chest had slowed to a pace that definitely indicated sleep.

With a soft snort and a smile, he lifted his hand to carefully brush back her hair behind her ear. Starfire stirred slightly, nuzzling into a more comfy position on his chest. Reluctantly, he realized that he should probably wake her up so they wouldn't fall asleep on the roof.

Starfire moved minutely, gripping the fabric of his uniform slightly and moving her body closer to his, causing a wave of warmth to cascade through him again.

Five more minutes, he told himself as he adjusted his arm around her shoulders. He would just close his eyes, rest them for a few moments…

Hours later, he awoke to the morning sun shining on his face, a warm weight on his arm, and the sound of males giggling, accompanied by the tell-tale click of blackmail being acquired.


Headcannon that months later Starfire found those pictures of the two of them and put them in a team scrapbook.

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