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When Raven is contacted by a supernatural force she decides to take a short unexpected leave from the Titans. She tells the team she must do this alone, for if they tagged along they would surely die. But someone on the team decides to sneak along with her anyway, despite her warning...

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Chapter 1

It has been five months since the Tokyo incident and everything seemed to be back in order in the Teen Titan Tower, everything except the Boy Wonder's new relationship with Starfire of course. Everyone in the tower knew they would hook up; Beast Boy even held a bet between Cyborg. He gave Robin a week to ask her out while Cyborg was a bit more practical by throwing out a month. Even Raven who overheard the conversation laid down three weeks for the duo. Of course Raven was right on the mark. It took the Boy wonder three weeks after Tokyo to man up and ask the alien princess out. But as the rest of the team could tell, both of them seemed fine and continued to grow in their relationship. But Beast Boy and Cyborg can never resist poking fun every chance they got.

"And here we see a rare interaction between a human male and an alien female in its natural habitat, wow look at them go… Oh what is he doing now? He's picking up the spoon and wait is he mixing something in the bowl?! I've never seen this before ladies and gentlemen! Wait, he is now taking the spoon and-Ah!"

"Knock it off Beast Boy! We don't need a commentary!" Robin shouted in the kitchen his hand raised in the air after chucking a mixing spoon at the changeling. The Boy Wonder wore his usual superhero outfit along with a small apron tied around his waist, provided by Starfire who stood near him humming a small tune while violently mixing something of her own.

"I second that notion." Raven, who had been sitting at the other end of the couch, added in, her eyes glued to the pages of her book.

"Aw come on guys, I'm just bored! We don't have anything to do around here since Cyborg left to fix the game station!" He whined sighing exasperatingly and letting his arms hang over the back of the couch staring at the duo in the kitchen.

"Why don't you come join us Beast Boy! We would be most delighted! I have a second apron I could retrieve, oh wait! I must go get it now!" Without Beast Boy's reply, Starfire dashed out of the kitchen and exited through the door.

"Um…no thanks…" He mumbled, knowing the alien princess has already left the hearing range. Shrugging his shoulders he hoped off the couch and sauntered over to where Robin stood picking through the drawers for a new spoon. Beast Boy glanced over into the boy wonders mixing bowl and raised an eye brow.

"What the heck is this gunk?" He looked at the chunks of yellow floating in the tan surface. He started to dip his finger in the batter, but Robin immediately cut him short, slapping his hand away.


"Don't stick that in there! Who knows where it's last been!" Robin replied pushing the deflated Beast Boy aside so he could continue on his work. "Besides, what do you think it is?" He pointed to his side where various banana peels, sugar and flour were discarded all over the counter.

"Um… is it banana bread cake?" Beast Boy guessed looking over at all the items.

"Wow maybe he does have a brain." Raven stated, flipping a page of her book and continuing the read on the other side.

"Hey I can think for myself thank you very much! Besides aren't you supposed to be reading? Not listening into our conversations? Isn't that called eavesdropping?" Beast Boy replied leaning his arm against the counter looking over at the epath on the couch.

"Not if you're loud enough to drown out my thoughts." She stated, not looking up from her latest mystery novel.

"Friends! Oh I am so excited!" Starfire had flown through the entrance and without a second thought tied a purple apron around Beast Boy to match Robin's pink one.

"Whoa! Hey Starfire I don't think-um..." Beast Boy paused seeing Starfire stop and stare at him with confused eyes.

"You do not wish to make edible foods with us?" She paused for a moment. "Or is it me you do not wish to be with?"

"Yeah, I mean no! No of course I want to hang with you Star, I just, uh…" Robin nudged him in his side and gave him a hard and meaningful look. "I mean, I would love to cook with you guys…." He mumbled.

Starfire squealed with glee, picking Beast Boy up and giving him a crushing hug. "Oh it will be most fun!" She shouted.

"Yeah…fun…" Beast Boy whispered then gave a fake smile before Starfire turned back to her dish. After tasting the batter she turned towards the cabinets and began to rampage around them, throwing pots, pans and other odd devices all around the kitchen. An electric mixer barely missed Beast Boy who quickly jumped out the way.

"Watch out for flying kitchenware!" He yelled ducking as a spatula flew over his head and landed into Robin's mixing bowl, splattering the dark haired teen.

Beast Boy cast a glance over at Robin who stared wide eyed at the mess and slowly picked up the spatula, dripping in banana bread batter. "Um, Star…Whatcha looking-"

"I found it!" Starfire announced, the two boys looked over as she carried an armful of pans, rollers, and bowls and flew over towards Beast Boy, dumping the load in his arms. The weight was so much the changeling toppled over on the ground the clanging of the pans and bowls rang in his ears. Before Beast Boy had any time to recover the alien princess dumped two bags of flour, a dozen eggs, brown sugar, strawberries, vanilla, ketchup, a turkey leg, and something orange that oozed on top of his pile of equipment.

"Ugh! What is all this? A turkey leg? Ew!" He quickly, yet carefully grabbed the meat and chucked it over towards the other end of the kitchen making a face.

"It can be made into whatever you wish! Boyfriend Robin has been helping me learn how to cook Earth food and I am most delighted to accept his opinion!" She grabbed an armful of chocolate chips, salt and pecans and dumped them on top of the changeling as well.

"Oh well, how nice of him to-oof!" Beast Boy fell flat as a bag of white sugar landed on his chest.

"You must do the same! I want to try everything my friends make!" She smiled staring down at Beast Boy as he slowly got up from his pile of foods and items. After a couple seconds Starfire turned back towards her mixture and continued to mix with a happy hum.

"Um yeah sure, whatever makes ya happy I guess…" Beast Boy looked around at the mess on the floor. "Um…so…" He gazed over at Robin who was pouring his batter into a cake pan. "Want to help me out?"

"Sorry BB you have to get out of this one on your own." He replied with a sly grin.

"Ugh, you mean to tell me I have to bake? Robin I don't DO baking…" He whispered.

"Well guess you'll have to deal with it, don't want to make Starfire upset do you?" He gave him a side glance that could split wood.

Beast Boy cast a glance at the alien princess then back at him, lifted his hands up in defeat and sighed, "Fine, but don't expect me to do it again." Without another word he walked over to his pile and began to dig for ingredients.

Starfire paused at her cooking to watch Robin taste his food, she quickly flew over and tasted it as well and frowned. "It is most interesting to me that most of your earthly food lack such flavors! Here Robin I must add a little mustard!" she quickly grabbed a bottle nearby and before Robin could knock it out of her hands she opened the cap and let it cover the batter.

"Star, wait, no!" Robin shouted, but it was too late she had dumped at least half the bottle into the batter. He watched in horror as she shoved it in the oven with a smile, "Now we must wait for 30 minutes! Oh I'm so excited to see what it will taste like!" She jumped around in joy.

"Yeah, excited…" Robin rubbed the back of his head and turned towards Beast Boy who also added in his own creation to the oven. He shut the door and turned to him. "What?"

"Nothing, that was…quick…" Robin replied.

"Yeah it was wasn't it?" He replied and brushed off his hands sending flour and sugar flying in all directions.

"Oh I cannot wait for your own creation Beast Boy!" Starfire cried out as she also shoved her own batter into the oven filling it to the max.

A loud bang sounded from outside the door as Cyborg crashed through the entrance wielding a large box, a smile plastered on his face.

"Guess who just got the new mainframe for the new Game Station with brand new wireless hookup? Me! Oh yeah who's the best? I am of course!" He quickly shut the door behind him using the back of his foot. At the same moment Beast Boy leaped over the counter and skidded to a halt in front of his mechanical best friend.

"No way wireless?! I thought it couldn't be done?" Beast Boy jumped up and down looking at the packaging the held the beloved electronic.

"Well I made the impossible, possible!" Cyborg boasted.

"Sweet!" Beast Boy yelled staring at the box Cyborg grasped. There was a slight pause in Cyborg's demeanor giving his best friend an odd look.

"Uh BB, not that I'm too concerned about your latest fashion statement but, why are you wearing one of Starfire's cooking aprons?"

Beast Boy looked down at his outfit which was covered with flour and gave a small laugh. "Heh, funny story, Starfire dragged me in the kitchen for some quality time with her and Robin."

"I think it's a good look for you; maybe you should wear it more often." Raven replied sarcastically looking over towards the two boys at the entrance, book in her lap.

"Hey no fair, how come you make fun of me and not Robin? He's the one wearing pink!" Beast Boy shouted pointing over towards the boy wonder and his girlfriend cleaning up the mess in the kitchen.

"Robin is dating Starfire; he has little choice of what she chooses." Raven stated.

Beast Boy rose an eye brow ready to reply but paused, unsure how to comeback and instead watched as Cyborg wandered over to the lobby in front of Raven and began unpacking the large box. The changeling quickly peeled off the apron and flung it in the air racing over towards Cyborg to help him tear open the package. Raven rolled her eyes at the overexcited teens and watched with mild interest.

Soon the pair was in a heat of a battle, the little characters in the screen smashing each other to bits. Raven sighed and picked up her book once again; trying her best to focus on the page she was on with their yelling in the background.

A sudden ringing from the kitchen and the excited squeal of a Tameranian brought the two boys to a pause in their game. "They're finished!" Starfire cried out racing towards the oven. Robin sat at the counter reading the daily paper he looked up for a moment, watching Starfire take each of the creations out one by one.

"Come on Green Bean, I can't wait to see what you made…" Cyborg teased walking over towards the kitchen where Starfire was quickly grabbing plates and forks for them each.

"Hey don't diss it till ya try it!" Beast Boy shouted, racing over towards the trio.

"Friend Raven won't you join us?" Starfire asked, looking over at the Epath who continued to read her book.

"No thanks." Raven replied in her usual monotone.

"Typical Raven, always a party pooper… come on Rae you know you want to try my dessert!" Beast Boy replied gazing over at her on the couch.

Raven looked over at him, "It's Raven, not Rae, and no I don't wish to be sleeping next to the toilet tonight."

"Well that's rude! You haven't even tried it yet!" Beast Boy shouted, but his tone was still friendly a half a smile on his face.

"Yeah come on Raven why don't you join us, Starfire will be disappointed if you don't" Robin offered, Starfire who stood on the other side of the counter gave the best puppy dog face she could muster.

Raven looked at the two and sighed, "Fine…" She shut her book and sauntered over towards the gang.

"Well alright then." Cyborg observed. "So what do you have for us little lady?" He asked gazing at the three pans of dessert. The alien princess quickly started out with Robin's cake, which bore a yellow look and had the distinct smell of bananas. She quickly sliced up pieces to serve each of her friends. Robin took a tentative bite while the others took bigger bites but quickly swallowed or spit it back onto the floor where Silky quickly cleaned up.

"Uh interesting flavor Robin…" Cyborg coughed with the agreeance of Beast Boy and Raven nearby who quickly swallowed their bite but refused to eat the rest of their slices including Robin, though Starfire took in the delight to finish everyone's off stating the flavor was most magnificent.

Starfire's dish had a type of brown texture with multiple lumps inside, it smelled a bit like the soil outside. The four of them weren't exactly sure if she had put any dirt in the cake or not. But to not hurt her feelings they each took a piece and looked at one another for guidance. Then they all slowly took a bite and realized that the cake was actually quite good.

"Hey Star this is actually not that bad…" Robin replied, taking another bite, then another.

"Yeah, I think it's actually quite good if I do say myself!" Cyborg agreed.

Cyborg and Robin finished their pieces in a couple of large bites while the Beast Boy and Raven continued to pick at it. Suddenly Beast Boy paused with his bites and coughed.

"Um… Starfire…is this candy wrapper supposed to be in here…?" Beast Boy coughed again and pulled a wrapper from his mouth within the cake batter. "I think I threw this away two days ago…"

"Oh yes! It's called dump cake!" She explained and everyone felt their stomachs drop.

"Oh she didn't…" Cyborg began.

"I think she did…" Raven ended pushing the plate away with her powers.

"I need to use the bathroom!" Cyborg shouted racing towards the entrance doors.

"Me too! Sorry Star I'll be right-" Robin hoped off his seat covering his face with his hand, trying to control a gag while racing behind Cyborg trying to beat him to the bathroom.

"Oh no Boyfriend, are you ill? Did my cake do this?" She quickly sped off towards the duo racing out the door and letting it hiss shut behind her.

There was silence for a moment as Raven looked at where the trio had just left. Good thing she only took a bite, she had a feeling something wasn't right, though it wasn't Starfire's fault, the name was confusing.

"Aw man now nobody's going to try my cake." Beast Boy murmured beside her. She turned to look at the changeling with confused eyes.

"You just ate a piece of a cake filled with trash…and you're worried because no one tried your cake?" Raven queried looking over at Beast Boy who had laid his head on the table, pushing the rest of Starfire's cake away from him.

"Yeah I suppose, silly huh?"

"I thought you didn't do baking?" Raven stated back unsure why he was so disappointed at the disappearance of their friends.

"I DON'T do baking; I just thought I'd give it a try ya know…"

Raven stared at him for a moment then reached over towards his creation and pulled it over near them. It was a pink cake with brown drizzled on the top. She could smell the wafering of strawberries and chocolate, it actually smelled quite good. She paused then took a small bite of it.

"Hey it's pretty good Beast Boy." Raven commented "You actually made this?"

Beast Boy smiled, "Uh, duh! Didn't you see me cooking back there? Of course I made it!" He paused, "Wait you think it's good? Like really good?"

"Don't push it Beast Boy…" Raven replied, she pushed the cake towards him, "Here have a piece and try it for yourself."

Beast Boy pushed it back away, "Nah, I added eggs inside I'm vegetarian remember?"

Raven raised an eyebrow, "You do know the other cakes had eggs in them too right?"

Beast Boy laughed, "Yeah, I was just being nice and took a bite anyway, it won't kill me. Besides I couldn't hurt Star's feelings and risk being beaten senseless by the boy wonder."

Raven looked at him surprised. Wow he actually did something he was against just to please Starfire and Robin. She had a loss for words for a moment that is until something started pinching in the back of her head. Raven gasped grasping her head in one hand.

Beast Boy jumped in his seat hearing her exhalation of her breath, "You ok?" He asked looked at her with weary eyes as she quickly stood up from her seat.

"It wasn't from my cake was it?" He asked as she pulled up her hood on her cape. She quickly shook her head, "No, no I'm fine, really." She started forward but her vision suddenly became blurry and she felt the world spin from underneath her feet. Raven felt weightlessness take over as she felt herself fall to the floor, colors danced underneath her eyelids and she could barely hear Beast Boy yelling in the background.

"Raven!" He shouted as he saw her suddenly collapse to the floor. He quickly raced over towards her, kneeling down he put his hand on her shoulder. "Raven, are you alright? Can you hear me?" He shouted, shaking her shoulder slightly.

But that was the last she heard before fading into darkness.

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