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Shadow nodded and took off to his left, diving under branches with Beast Boy following with a similar speed. After a few minutes of nonstop running, Shadow slowed down, catching his breath. He turned toward Beast Boy with his slower pace and gave a toothy grin, his fang gleaming in the little light the woods offered.

I thought you were a goner Stranger

Me too kid; Beast Boy chuckled as he walked beside the young night dweller.

Hey Shadow…

The pup turned to look at him with curious red eyes and Beast Boy continued, why do you call me Stranger? You know my name is Beast Boy…

Shadow laughed with innocence and shook his head;

You and your names Stranger…

Suddenly a shaft of light poured on the duo and Shadow let off and growl of delight, pouncing forward, the sun gleaming off his dark fur. Beast Boy watched him with curiosity, stepping into the light as well.

I may be born of darkness but I love the light Shadow exclaimed, his paws sinking in a pawful of moss behind a stick for a tree.

Beast Boy looked up seeing the opening of a small clearing, stones gathered around the area and the woods surrounding on every side. As he padded forward he felt something suddenly snag at his paw and his balance suddenly failed him. Crashing face forward he felt Raven's body fall to the side as he skidded in the dirt, dust flying in the air as he lay flat on his stomach.

Beast Boy! Are you hurt?

Beast Boy shook his head and quickly transformed back to himself, looking around he spotted Raven on her side, her cloak wrapped around her waist. Shadow padded forward and stared at the empath with curious red eyes.

Is she dead?

Beast Boy's eyes widened at the comment and he jumped to his feet racing toward her unconscious form, fear escalating through his veins. Pushing the pup to the side to get a better look he kneeled in front of her and untwisted her cape and pushed his index finger on her neck where major blood flow is transferred. The gentle beating of her heart greeted his touch and the soft breathing on his neck allowed him to sigh in relief. Leaning back on his feet he sat there, calming his nerves. Looking down he watched the rise and fall of her chest and felt relief spread throughout his body.

Looking back to where the pup watched silently he growled, "Don't ever do that again."

The pup lowered his ears, I'm sorry she wasn't moving…I…

Beast Boy took in a breath and waved his hand, "No, don't worry about it…you just scared me, that's all."

The pup stared at him with wide red eyes and nodded with understanding, She is important…I get it…I loved my momma just like that before… The little pup trailed off and fell silent.

Beast Boy felt sorrow well inside, gazing at the little pup. Smiling he reached out his gloved hand, "Come here."

Shadow looked up and smiled, bounding over toward him. Taking a couple steps he gazed at Beast Boy's hand before latching eyes and allowing him to place his hand on his head. Beast Boy felt the course black fur slide against his gloved hands and he gripped the fur, feeling the softness it held underneath. Shadows fangs were sticking out on both sides; his twin tails moved to and fro, causing dust to shower both themselves and Raven.

"Hey cut it out!" Beast Boy cried out with a laugh.

Shadow stopped and gave a look of apology. A sudden crash came nearby and both boys jumped to their feet/paws. Turning toward where they had come they saw the familiar blue haired wonder, duck under a branch and race toward them.

"Lost him…by the river…" Xian huffed, pulling his hair back with the swipe of his hand. Looking around he notices Shadow standing nearby Beast Boy and he gave a befuddled look toward his direction, staring at him for a moment before speaking.

"Where did you come from?"

Where do you think? My pack lives by the lake near the center of the remains. Shadow replied.

Beast Boy held in a look of surprise, seeing as though he was speaking to both of them through their minds. But Xian didn't seem to find this unusual, he just continued on like it was a normal routine.

Xian nodded a hint of annoyance in his tone, "But why are you so far away?"

Nothing left. Why are you so far away Stranger? Shadow retorted, his fangs lifting in a sly smile and Beast Boy wondered what he meant by that.

Xian gazed at Shadow with curiosity then turned toward Beast Boy not bothering to answer the question through the current mind connection. Looking up at the green titan he gave him an exasperated look then shifted his eyes toward Raven who still lay motionless on the ground.

I guess he's shy

Beast Boy chuckled with amusement, Xian cast his eyes toward him perplexed and he then realized that Shadow only spoke to him directly. Beast Boy smiled feeling his single fang scrape up against his lip on the side. Shadow wagged his twin tails in response but said nothing.

Looking back toward Raven, Beast Boy watched Xian look down on her unconscious form.

"Have you tried waking her?" Xian asked, glancing toward Beast Boy again with accusing eyes.

The changeling shook his head and slowly knelled down and began shaking her body slightly; when that didn't work he called her name repetitively but to no avail. Xian watched unamused nearby, his arms folded across his chest. Shadow had padded forward to watch with curious red eyes, he sat down next to Xian, folding his twin tails over his paws.

After a few minutes Xian exclaimed, "Ok, this isn't working- let me try!"

Beast Boy watched him as he came forward and knelled down and started muttering an ancient enchantment. His hands glowed blue and Beast Boy stiffened, watching with strict green eyes. Nearby he saw Shadow stand to get a closer look.

There was a spark, but Raven's breathing remained slow and her eyes stayed shut. Xian tried a couple more enchantments but also had no luck. Growing with defeat, Xian sat back and rubbed his temples.

"Strong magic…" he mumbled and knelled down, grabbing a handful of dirt and watched it tumble with thought.

There was a shadow that clouded over Raven and Beast Boy glanced up to see Shadow glancing down with bright red eyes.

Can I try?

Beast Boy stared at him and nodded; Xian didn't give any approval and just continued to mutter to himself of various enchantments.

The little pup padded forward and pressed his nose against her cheek; his eyes glowed a brighter red and then closed them. An energy suddenly waved over him and he watched Raven pulse below. Xian paused in his mutterings and watched nearby, his curiosity getting the best of him.

But after a moment, the energy died down and the pup backed up, he smiled with a toothy grin. I think I have weakened the spell.

"Great!" Beast Boy exclaimed and reached out to shake Raven when a sudden boom of thunder sounded in the distance. Looking up he glanced in the forest, feeling almost a vibration shaking his bones. Looking up to the sky, the crimson clouds poured in, but none bared the darkness that thunderstorms are known for.

"Thunder..?" Beast Boy suggested and looked around, seeing Xian glance to the sky as well. But Shadow stared at the woods ahead of him, his red eyes toned a serious look that could kill. Narrowing his eyes he turned to Beast Boy and opened his jaws, his teeth shining in the red light, I'm afraid not…

Xian stood up, reaching to grab his dagger as another boom sounded in the distance. Suddenly his face paled and he shifted his weight to his toes and sprinted forward, leaping up to the nearest dead tree and climbed up the branches. Beast Boy stayed on the ground next to Raven while Shadow paced back and forth, a growl gurgling in his throat and his claws digging in the soil. Anxiety vibrated from the little pup making Beast Boy's stomach turn with sickness.

Another boom sounded in the distance and Beast Boy felt his fear escalate up his feet, through his torso and to his mind where he quickly shook it off. A rush of wind greeted the green titan as Xian jumped from the tops of the trees. His eyes were wide and he seemed almost a loss of words. Beast Boy almost didn't want him to tell him what was coming.

"Darkness..." He began and shook his head, turning toward Shadow he felt his mind pricked by his companions as they exchanged words that he didn't hear. Shadow turned toward Beast Boy, We need to go now; we are in grave danger Stranger.

Beast Boy nodded, "I kinda get that with all these looks I'm getting."

There was another boom and something loud split into the air from the woods off to their left. Mounds of trees spewed from the ground and took flight. Beast Boy quickly turned into a triceratops and blocked an incoming branch that headed toward Raven's spot. Crouching from the impact he lifted it up and tossed it off of him to the side. Glancing around he saw Shadow had moved from his original spot, barely missing a trunk that had landed in the clearing. Xian stood on a low branch off to the side, griping the tree trunk with one hand.

"We can't run; he's too close..!" Xian shouted toward them and he felt fear seep into him that cascaded from Shadow.

The ground vibrated again and Beast Boy quickly shifted back to his human form, waving his arms for balance. There was a screech and Beast Boy held his ears, it was that same sound the monster from earlier had used. It couldn't be same one could it?

Something crashed nearby and Beast Boy crouched down low next to Raven, waiting for the impact. The trees groaned and cracked and he watched the trunks of the trees up ahead, twist and turn- bending till they touched the ground then flew up, smacking each other until they broke, tumbling in the clearing, away from them.

Beast Boy stood there, fear escalating from Shadow and even Xian…Beast Boy casted his eyes forward, searching for what they may have been afraid of. But he saw nothing. Loosening his muscles he grinned, "Ok guys, quit messing with me I know nothing's really there!"

He laughed for a moment before he felt something slam into his chest and he felt his breath escape with a gasp. Eyes wide he watched the ground slowly grow farther away, as if he was floating up in space against his own free will.

Beast Boy, change your form!

Doing as Shadow asked, he quickly changed into a Night Dweller, feeling his bone structure crack from the transformation. Closing his eyes he felt the colors light up under his lids and as he opened them he felt the most powerful presence bearing down on his body. Looking upside down he noticed he was being lifted by his foot and he growled, turning toward the monster who had grabbed him.

Something was wrong. Something was very wrong. It was as if it had no body, no mind…yet here he was being held against his will. The form they called darkness was a fitting name to say the least. The figure did not have a body…the being seemed to almost be made up of many atoms, all flitting around in a black space ahead of him. If there was a form Beast Boy could relate to, it was a figure of a ghost that bore no eyes and no ears. A hole was present near the top of the surface where he figured was his mouth. But it continued to shift to the sides so he honestly wasn't quite sure. A riveting screech pierced the air and Beast Boy let out a scream of pain, covering his ears as they rang from the sharp sound that pierced them.

There was a flash of blue that engulfed the creature and he suddenly felt his body free fall back toward the ground. In a split second he transformed into an owl and soared to the ground before landing safely back in the dirt and transformed back into a Night Dweller and raced over to where Shadow was standing nearby Raven.

A blue energy zoomed past his ear with a buzz and he glanced up to see Xian jumping from branch to branch, his palms glowing a hint of blue. Ducking his head he barely missed a branch that flew from the chaos. Reaching to Shadow he found him crouching beside the empath, fear swimming in his eyes.

"Shadow, what…" he paused to catch his breath, feeling the shaking of the ground he looked behind him to watch the scene behind him, "what is that?"

"It's the protector…we call it the eternal darkness." He squeaked seeing another bolt of blue energy miss its target and smack against the rock nearby.

Beast Boy glanced back at Shadow, "What does it do, what is its weakness?"

Shadow shook his head, "That's the thing…it has no weakness!"

Beast Boy stared with bewilderment and looked back over to where Xian was, just in time to see him leap out of the way, the Darkness crashing across the terrain. Beast Boy stood up and raced over toward his direction, hearing the defying cries of Shadow telling him to not get too close.

Looking back he ordered, "Protect Raven!"

Shadow's eyes grew and he looked over at the lying female on the ground and padded up to her, laying close to the ground for comfort.

Xian noticed Beast Boy coming closer and he leaped toward his direction, the Darkness crashing into a tree, engulfing the broken branches and crossing over toward the woods where darkness prevailed. Returning to his normal form they stood back to back, listening, Beast Boy cracked a smile, "So this thing is unstoppable?"

Beast Boy could feel his shoulders move and swear he could feel Xian smiling as well, "Yup."

"Bring it on." Beast Boy growled, his fang sticking out on the side for a challenge.

If I'm going to go down, then I might as well go down fighting!

He heard Xian laugh as he transformed back to his night dweller form, twin tails flailing in the wind. There was a crash in the forest and Xian took off to the side, Beast boy leaped to the other direction and quickly transformed into his famous Tyrannosaurus Rex. Opening his jaws he let out a ferocious roar, shaking the trees he felt the darkness hesitate in his direction and quickly curved toward where Shadow and Raven were lying. But a bolt of blue energy caught up with them, causing the Darkness to turn to face Xian standing on a branch of a tree, waving with a quirky smile.

"Hi ugly, did you miss me?"

The being turned and raced to his direction for a moment before Xian leaped forward, creating a ball of energy that smacked into the creature and sending bits and pieces of it scattering all across the area. Beast Boy ducked in his large form, watching the darkness split in three directions. He smiled feeling reassured that Xian just might has been lucky. Transforming back to a Night Dweller he was about to raced toward Shadow when something slammed against his back sending him flying across the dirt- slamming into a tree head first.

Beast Boy felt spots cover his eyes and he heard a scream of terror reach his ears… He blinked trying to clear his mind…there was a yell and another scream. Beast Boy turned around and shook his head, feeling drops of blood splatter on his side. Something had cut him… He felt his world turn sideways…upside down, another scream.

"Stop!" Beast Boy screamed and his vision suddenly cleared away, feeling something dark strip from within his form. Breathing heavily he looked up seeing the darkness flail in the air.

Was that inside me?

Moving to the side he felt pain shoot up his arm and glanced down to see a cut up from his paw up to his elbow. Blood dripped on the dirt and he felt his mind grow dizzy seeing the wound. But it wasn't big enough to worry about. He could still walk. Shaking his head he heard another scream and glanced up seeing Shadow being held in the air from his neck, fear swimming from his body. Beast Boy took a step and got to his shaky paws, transforming into a pterodactyl he held back a scream of pain and took off in flight to save him. But as he started to reach midair he started to plummet back down to the surface. Changing back to a Night Dweller he cursed, the searing pain coursing throughout his body. Because it was a front limp he couldn't fly with the wound.

There was a yell in the distance and Beast Boy's eyes reverted to the side where Xian was pinned against a pile of broken trees. His scream pierced the cool air and Beast Boy suddenly felt trapped with an immediate decision of life and death, what should I do…oh God what should I do… Help me somebody help me!

Taking a step forward he leaped toward both the males, pouncing in the middle of the clearing, their screams ringing in his ears. Who should he save? Could he even save them? Beast Boy felt himself losing his ability to think and cooperate, taking those hits really knocked him down for the count.

Suddenly his eyes caught sight of movement up ahead and the Darkness that had attacked him was now hovering over Raven, its form splitting and forming across her motionless body. Anger stirred in his gut and he found the courage to race forward, feeling guilt settle deep in his stomach as he heard the screams of his companions as they were ravaged nearby. But he couldn't let them get his teammate. He couldn't let them get Raven.

I can't save everyone… That's what Robin says to us…we can't save everyone...

He felt something choke deep inside him as he raced to the aid of Raven, tears of anger and fear daring to cloud over his eyesight; and he could feel himself losing control again. His emotions were combining into something that fear could bow down to. Anger bubbling under his skin he felt his bones crack with defiance. Eye's blurred he shook his head trying to concentrate, trying to beat the monster daring to come to the surface.

But just as he was about to reach her he felt an energy unlike the Darkness, unlike neither Shadow nor Xian. Something more familiar came over him, putting him in almost an eased state as he felt his arm sear with pain, charging through the clearing like a rabid dog and his emotions settled as if his flame was doused with water.

"Raven!" He screamed, not able to see her form from his line of eyesight. A sudden black energy covered the land, slamming into Beast Boy and causing him to roll to the ground; skidding in the dirt and grinding his teeth against the pain in his arm.

He heard someone crash nearby and he looked up to see Shadow lying in the distance, motionless. But as he was about to get to his paws again, another wave of black energy engulfed the area and he watched with blurred eyes as another shadow rose and formed the darkness of a raven; encasing everyone inside with a black blanket.

"Azarath Metron Zenthos!"

Beast Boy shut his eyes, as a bright light enclosed the area. There was fit of screaming and screeching and Beast Boy felt himself let out a yell as well; his pain almost unbearable. Then it was quiet. Beast Boy kept his eyes shut, his teeth grinding from the effort not to growl in pain.

"Beast Boy?"

Beast Boy slowly opened his eyes, greeting two violet ones who stood in front of him with wide, wild eyes.

"Beast Boy, what's going on?" Her breathing was heavy and she looked as though she may collapse any moment. Looking to and fro, the darkness was nowhere to be seen, where are they? Glancing up at Raven he stood and quickly transformed back to himself, "is it gone?"

Raven stared at him then began to look around with confused eyes, "Was that…the Darkness…I can't remember much…I…" She paused looking to her side and took in a large breath of air. Fear suddenly radiated off her body and he glanced over to where she started racing toward and saw off in the distance where Xian lay hidden under branches of trees; his left leg, arms and head were only visible. He couldn't tell if he was alive…but he could smell blood, though he wasn't sure it if was his own he was smelling or someone else's.

Taking a couple steps forward toward Xian he heard the rustle of branches to his left and turned to see Shadow slowly getting to his paws and relief washed over him.

"Shadow, you're alive." Beast Boy commented; his eyes closing with relief that one of his friends were alright.

Yeah, I think so…though…I think I should be dead.

Beast Boy shook his head and walked over toward him and picked up him, grimacing at the pain in his arm as he held the large weight. The pup looked at him and put his paws on either side of his shoulders and nuzzled his neck for comfort.

"I'm glad you're ok." He replied, kneeling down so Shadow could touch the ground. He noted the various cuts along his back and a tear on his right ear. He touched his ear and Shadow pulled back, Ouch that stings!

"Sorry." Beast Boy replied apologetically.

There was a thump in the distance and Beast Boy turned, letting Shadow back on the ground on all fours. Raven had pushed away all the rubble, discarded trunks and branches throw to her left and right, moved by her powers. He could see the shaking in her body as she kneeled down, the exhaustion was clear even from this far out. Taking a few steps, he started forward toward Raven, Shadow in tow. He could feel the pup grimace beside him as they found their way near his teammate.

As Beast Boy drew closer he noticed that Xian was in fact alive, but the blood that covered his close should say otherwise. He paused at a good distance, still able to hear but enough distance for Raven to speak with Xian, without him standing over her shoulder. They were exchanging quiet words and he could barely catch what they were saying until Raven spoke again.

"You're an idiot for saving me."

"I know…but something's just can't be helped…you know that Raven..." He saw a smile encase Xians features and Beast Boy rubbed his arms, looking down at Shadow who had collapsed by his feet from exhaustion and sat leaning against his leg.

There was a loud boom from overhead and Beast Boy felt fear spike under his skin. His hairs stood as he glanced around the area wildly, missing what his two companions words shared near the woods.

The pup glanced up at him with a calm smile, amusement on his face; Now that was thunder…

Beast Boy felt another wave of relief wash over him and he laughed at himself from the mistake.


Beast Boy glanced up, perplexed by Raven's sudden explicit vocabulary and watched her kneel in closer to Xian, a black aura coating her hands as she lifted them above his body.

Beast Boy felt a breeze tug at his shirt and he looked up at the clouds rolling in from the woods. He suddenly heard Raven snap, "No…come on Raven you can do this."

Beast Boy swallowed a wad of spit and rubbed down his arm, uncertainty flowing in his veins. He watched her shoulders lean closer to Xian who was continuing to bleed profusely.

"Stop..! Focus…"

Beast Boy bit his lip and slowly walked forward until he was just a few inches away, he stared at the mangled form of Xian and took in a deep breath, the blood seeping in his nose and daring to choke him. Across his body lay holes as if something had chewed up him and threw him in a cheese slicer. Beast Boy forced himself to turn away and looked at Raven who was leaning over him, hair tangled and eyes wide, concentrating on the task at hand. Her hands were covered in blood and her face was almost indistinguishable from all the mud and blood coated on it. He watched her run her hand over his stomach her powers flickering on and off. Xian's eyes were shut and his breathing was course.

There was another roll of thunder and Beast Boy pushed forward and laid a hand on her shoulder a sprinkle of rain beginning to fall and coat the dusty ground, "Um…Raven…"

Raven forcefully shook it off and pushed him back with a wave of her black energy, sending him toppling in the dirt. There was a cry of frustration from her end and Beast Boy shook the dirt out of hair, Shadow nosing him back up to his feet. But he didn't take it personally, as he felt the agony that vibrated off her body. Suddenly a torrent of rain hit the skies and Beast Boy felt his hair get soaked from the drops that down poured.

Walking back up to her he voiced, "Come on Rae, let's get him out of the rain, there's a shelter right…"

"I can't!" She suddenly cried out, causing Beast Boy to pause and stare at her.

Looking to his right he saw an outcrop of where they could drag Xian and they could stay under, turning back to her he replied, "Um…yeah it's just right there…"

"I can't…my powers…" Raven moaned, veering back with a shout. Beast Boy fell silent and watched her shake, anger radiating off her in waves.

"Come on…you have to…"

"Shut up Beast Boy!" Raven yelled, slamming her fist in the dirt that was slowly turning into mud. She hung her head and Beast Boy took in a breath and glanced toward Shadow who sat nearby with a sad expression.

She doesn't mean it…I'm sure of it Beast Boy.

Beast Boy glanced at Shadow and sighed, I know

There was a moan and he saw Xian's eyes flicker open, glancing toward Raven he frowned, "You need to listen to him…you could be in far worse a situation if you catch a cold when I'm gone."

Raven frowned as well and shook her head, "don't say that, you'll be fine I just need to…"

"Enough Raven; enough lies… you can fool yourself, but you can never fool me."

Beast Boy saw Raven stare at him with saddened eyes as he continued, "You are wasting your powers…they cannot save me; for the damage is done…" he took in a breath and continued, "I don't know how long I have…but I would rather not die, lying here in the mud, soaked….soaked in the rain." He forced out, clenching his fists, Beast Boy assumed he was in a lot of pain; more so than he or Shadow.

Raven nodded and Beast Boy helped carry him with Raven gently to the outcrop. Laying him inside, Shadow dashed inside along with Raven while Beast Boy stood in the rain, staring at the wounded Azarathian in the corner.

Once he was settled Xian opened his eyes again and focused on Raven, he cracked a smile and replied, "Don't forget we were going to see the stars together." He took in a breath and cringed from pain, the bleeding had stopped from Raven's powers but his body was still ravaged from the inside.

Beast Boy felt a wave of agony hit for a moment before she knelled down and spoke quietly in return, "I won't."

"Good." He murmured then spoke in a quiet voice, "Do you remember your sleeping spell Raven?"

Raven was caught off guard and quietly nodded, "yes."

"I wish to be relaxed…I am in much pain…." He opened his blue eyes and the two stared into each other's for what seemed to be minutes on end. Finally she sighed and called out to her enchantment, choking on a couple words she manage to produce a fitting sleeping spell and Xian closed his eyes, sighing; and his breathing course.

After there was a silence Beast Boy ducked under and joined them, feeling awkward walking into a moment that seemed precious. Crouching down he put his hand on Shadow who leaned against him for support. Noticing Raven's backpack was nearby he quickly grabbed it, noting the far out look Raven had, he didn't bother to ask for permission.

Digging inside he grabbed the first aid and slowly began to wrap up Shadows cuts until they were all covered.

Thank you…friend.

Beast Boy smiled and rubbed the top of his head his fur soft from the recent rain. He then grabbed more cloth for himself and pulled it out, stretching it out to figure out how much he needed for himself. There was movement and suddenly the supplies were taken from his hands and levitated away toward Raven. Beast Boy glanced up to see Raven with the bag in her hand and Beast Boy exclaimed, "I was going to use that ya know!"

Raven sighed and lifted her hand, "Come here."

Beast Boy stared in shock and slowly scooted over toward her until their knees touched. Holding out his arm he felt her slowly wrap the wound, and he cringed with pain as she tightened it. Noticing her mistake she loosened the bandage and applied medical tape to secure it.

"I'm sorry." She suddenly replied, continuing to hold his arm, applying the rest of the bandage to his wound.

Beast Boy swallowed, wondering what she was apologizing for when she continued, "I shouldn't' have pushed you away like that. You were just trying to help."

Beast Boy smiled and was about to say something but his voice fell short and instead fell silent. Glancing at her face he saw sadness lined her eyes, but no tears were present.

"That should do it for now." Raven stated, gently letting his arm go, falling back to his side. Beast Boy glanced at the handiwork and smiled. The empath leaned against the wall on the back and took in a breath, glancing down at her counterpart that fought for breath in his sleep. Beast Boy watched nearby and sat uncomfortably in the middle, he glanced at the space next to Raven and Shadow but uncertainty crawled inside. Should he sit so close to her when she was feeling this way?

Raven looked up as if knowing his dilemma and quietly scooted over, slightly closer to Xian; leaving just enough room for him. She forced a half smile and Beast Boy smiled in return and crawled over to the space, leaning against the wall, and feeling her heat radiate with each breath she took.

There was a soft silence between the two as the rain gently hit the top of the cave. The rhythmic pattern of the drops splashing on the ground sent both in deep thoughts of wonder…sadness…confusion…and guilt. Why were the emotions so strong; that they almost felt a connection sitting next to one another..? Perhaps it was because of their individual powers that empowered the titans. The strong connection they had from their ability of a sixth sense. The emotions radiating off of Beast Boy fueled Raven's being and in return, found its way back to Beast Boy.

They sat there in silence, feeling each other's individual emotions, not speaking a word, just listening to the soft shower outside.

Beast Boy stretched out his legs and leaned his head back, letting his eyes close. He could hear the soft breaths of Raven…the comforting hum of Shadow leaning against him, and the quiet intakes of Xian nearby. His eyes rolled down toward Shadow who had fallen asleep, his twin black tail wrapped around his paws and covering his eyes against the occasional light from the storm outside.

"Sometimes I like to imagine this place when I was very little. Back to when everything was beautiful and hate didn't rule the land."

Beast Boy looked up at Raven who was gazing outside, "It was different from Earth; the land…animals and plants all were so different." She paused, "I had almost forgotten what they had looked like."

Beast Boy stayed silent, listening with keen ears.

"I was six years old when I met Xian here." She paused taking in a breath; he saw her gaze toward him lying on the floor; eyes shut.

"Many of the kids who were born around my time were told not to go near me…they were scared of my father…so in turn, they were scared of me."

"All the kids obeyed…except one." She paused and he watched her pull out a rock, she gazed at the smooth surface and smiled.

"Every evening when the sun hit the horizon I raced over toward the playground to play with the other kids…to be like everyone else." She laughed bitterly, "I didn't really know better back then. I didn't know I was…different. All the kids would suddenly leave and I would be left alone." She paused. "After a while I didn't really mind… I was used to being alone. But sometimes…sometimes I would long for a friend…someone…anyone to understand me."

She looked over at Xian, "A kid with blue hair always seemed to stay nearby in the shadows, he wasn't scared. He even asked my name and where I lived."

"We soon became close friends… I would sneak out of my dwelling to meet up with this kid... We would 'find' books of magic and learn spells in the playground tunnels that our guardians taught us each night."

"After a while many of the local kids took notice of our little meetings…they didn't like that we were getting along so well." She sighed, glancing at the stone and threw it in the air and caught it.

"They would all hide behind trees…or the slides and throw rocks at me…practice their spells…and call me names …then they would run away."

"That's horrible…" Beast Boy commented quietly, brushing his shoulder up against her as he moved to a more comfortable position. She glanced at him then continued.

She smiled, "yes… but I learned not to fight back…it was not the right way for revenge…because my powers were so much greater that I could even cause something much worse than a few scratches and a hurt pride…"

She let out a breath of air and continued, "It was funny…he would always find out and chase them down for me. You should have seen the black eyes he had; took two weeks to completely heal."

She laughed, "For a while we would meet up every evening, just the two of us…and we would devise these future plans where we would someday find enough power to escape to the sky and beyond to another planet... to escape to the stars."

"But then the war started…and I was taken away and separated. I never saw him again. I figured he must have died in the war too…when I thought my planet had died."

She sighed, "I feel so much guilt…if I had known he was alive…." She paused and closed her eyes, he could feel the emotion rolling off her in waves.

Beast Boy gazed at her and laid a hand on her shoulder, "You didn't know."

"I should've!" She cried out.

Beast Boy veered back and Raven saw the surprise laced in his eyes and she swallowed and controlled her anger, "I'm sorry…I'm upset."

"I understand…its ok to feel this way…we all feel this way sometimes…"

He sighed when she didn't respond, "Sometimes you just have to let the past go…there is nothing you can do…" An image of Terra appeared in his mind and he shook his head to rid of it. Raven stared at him, falling silent as he continued.

"You can't blame yourself for everything wrong in the world…but if you can turn around and make it right then that is all that counts." He paused in thought, "You can't keep putting yourself down over things that you can't control."

Raven looked over toward him and he continued, "He sounded like a great friend…I'm sure he knows you did the best you could."

Raven was silent, contemplating what he had told her, surprise laced in her eyes for a moment and he wondered why. After a few moments she spoke up.

"Maybe you should take your own advice…" Raven replied quietly.

Beast Boy frowned, "seriously? You know I'm trying to make you feel better, and you're throwing it back in my face? Not cool."

"No…that's not what I mean… I'm talking about your issue with Terra."

Beast Boy froze in his thoughts and snapped; "I don't know what you mean, she's been gone for..." But she interrupted quietly as he drifted off; he couldn't continue anyway…the thoughts still haunting him from earlier that day.

"I hear you at night sometimes…you scream her name…it's obvious you are still trying to save something that is lost forever."

Beast Boy fell silent and she gave a meaningful look, they stared at one another and he got a sense of compassion in her gaze. Or was that pity? He really couldn't tell, all these emotions swirling inside and outside his body, everything was just too confusing to keep up.

"It wasn't your fault….but that isn't easy to accept either, is it?"

Beast Boy looked at her, his heart beating in sadness, "You got me."

Raven sighed and laid her head on her knees, "I just wish this feeling was just gone…I don't know how much I can handle until…" she shut her eyes and started to repeat her famous mantra.

Beast Boy gazed at her and laid a hand on her shoulder, she looked up, fear in her eyes. Suddenly she burst out, "I think I'm losing control…!"

She laid her head on her knees; her breathing was escalating to a crazy height. Everything must be finally getting to her; she was getting to her breaking point. Beast Boy took in all his emotions and shoved them back down his throat, not needing to dwell on his past, she had enough on her plate for that.

"No you're not. I'm with you…one of your most awesome friends ever remember?" He paused and scooted closer after she scooted away, touching her shoulder he murmured, "You won't hurt me."

Raven took in a deep breath and nodded, calming down, halting her mantra and calming her breaths "No…" she took in a deep breath, "I can't hurt you."

Beast Boy smiled a small smile and tightened his grip on her shoulder before letting go and petting Shadow nearby who let out a small grunt.

"I wish I had something funny to say to cheer us up…" Beast Boy replied with a small chuckle, feeling the sadness and anger boiling all around them.

Raven let off a small forced smile, finally calming down, "For once…I kinda agree…got any horrendous bad jokes on you tonight?"

Beast Boy laughed, "If I had a penny every time I heard that."

Raven frowned and looked at him, he glanced at her, "Oh you were serious?"

He laughed for a moment and sat in thought.

"Ah, well I do have one," he cleared his throat, glancing at the rain outside "When does it rain money?"

"When we take down a bank robber in midair?" Raven replied, glancing at him with violet eyes.

Beast Boy chuckled, "Nope! When there is "change" in the weather!"

Raven shook her head quietly and Beast Boy interrupted, "Hold on I have one more, it's been a super bad day so we need it."

Raven let out some air shaking her head, but let him continue beside her, seeing how excited he was.

"Why did the tiger lose at poker?" Raven stared at him in thought then shrugged her shoulders.

"Because he was playing with a cheetah!" he morphed into a cheetah for emphasis, cringing with pain but quickly hid it and smiled.

Raven rolled her eyes but she smiled a little in return. Beast Boy transformed back and laughed against her, shaking her as well as him. Raven sighed, glancing at him and he cleared his throat, stopping in his burst of laughter.

At least I got her to smile… he thought reassuringly.

"Yup…still pretty bad; but…they're getting better." Raven replied with a side glance, eyes growing heavy.

"I still got it." He chuckled and leaned back, Shadow sighed in his sleep and he laid a hand on his warm back. A few minutes passed by and he watched Raven close her eyes, exhaustion finally taking over her. He smiled, watching her breathing slow down, regaining her energy from the fight. Glancing outside he watched the rain fall to the ground, the sound soothing him to a lull as well. Exhaustion was soon upon him and he began to close his eyes.

Suddenly there was a weight on his side and he quickly opened his eyes and glanced toward his shoulder where Raven had decided to lean against. Staring at her he watched her breath for a moment, considering whether to wake her up or not. Deciding against it he quietly took a strand of her hair that was over her eyes and tucked it behind her ear; and from behind a flower suddenly fell and floated down on his lap.

Beast Boy stared at the sparkling yellow and white petals with curiosity. It seemed to almost be alive. Thinking that it was just a gift from Xian and no more he placed the flower carefully on her lap for her to see when she woke.

Sighing he leaned against her, enjoying the comfort of her heat against him and felt a sense of security as she leaned against his shoulder as well. Eyes closed he let darkness take him.

So I decided to use this chapter to split up chapter 10, I hope you don't mind :)