Hey guys…I could give you the whole enchilada over why I haven't posted in like…four months. But honestly all I can say is a number of things recently popped up in my life, including Organic Chemistry. Hopefully enough is said, though I must apologize to Kaarlinaa, I shouldn't have put a time to the update, since anything can happen, this is life. :P But life goes on and I hope this update makes up for it.

Chapter 8

"How many times do I have to tell you? Shut the window!" The slam of the window pane vibrated across the wall back to a startled Beast Boy who lay lazily across cushioned chair. Beast Boy snapped his eyes toward the team leader, his hair a mess from the current nap he was taking. Shifting his position he sat up, yawning, and barely listening to another one of Robin's rants.

"It's like you don't think! It is in the middle of winter and the cold air reduces the heat throughout the tower and increases the power bill." Robin continued; shutting the blinds with a forceful tug, a dark shadow blanketing over Beast Boy's melting shock.

"Geez Robin, you don't have to be so rude about it, you could've just asked." Beast Boy replied, swinging his legs over the couch until they smacked the wooden floor and rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"That's not the point," Robin snapped and turned toward him, frustration and irritability swimming in his eyes, "it doesn't matter how many times I ask, you won't listen."

Beast Boy rolled his eyes at his remark, "Don't get your cape in a knot, I was just getting some fresh air, something I'm sure you're not aware of, being locked up all day in that room of yours."

Robin stared at him for a moment and sighed, running his hand through his spiked black hair, "Sometimes I wish you would just think of someone other than yourself. You're on a team Beast Boy, so act like it." The team leader turned around and strode away, Beast Boy staring at his back until he vanished around the corner.

The walls suddenly began to melt and a loud crash sounded as bits of metal raced across the floor down a reformed hallway. Beast Boy stood at the edge of the hall, arms waving wildly as he tried not to fall to the ground. Robin stood at the other side, breathing heavily, sweat beaded on his forehead and his Bo staff held by his hip.

"Beast Boy!" Robin's voice was laced with fury and the green teen stared at the bits of jewels scattered all over the floor.

"You really did it this time! That was a present for Starfire, now it's scattered on the floor, how clumsy can you be?" The boy wonder bent down to scoop up the jewels, his mask knitted in frustration.

Beast Boy stood with defiance on the other side and raised his hand, "Hey, I didn't leave it on the hallway table; it's your fault it broke!"

"My fault? Beast Boy I wasn't the one who knocked it off!"

"Chill out dude, seriously you can just get all the pieces…" Beast Boy bent down and picked up a few blue and green jewels by his shoes, "and totally fix it."

Robin stared at him, "Beast Boy these jewels weren't made on earth, they're from Tameran. There's no way to fix this in time." Robin fumed, and stood staring at the strewn mess around the hall, "You know what; this is the last straw Beast Boy…." He paused, "just get out of my sight."

Beast Boy glanced up at the team leader with thought, grasping for a few more jewels nearby before walking over and placing them in a pile near Robin. He stood back up and stared, their eyes boring into each other as if daring one another to battle. Finally Beast Boy smirked and turned away, glancing at him before walking past.

"You know… you may be my team leader, but that gives you no right to be an ass." Beast Boy growled lowly.

"It gives me every right if they deserve it."

Beast Boy faced Robin again, their noses only a foot apart.

"It was an accident Robin. I'm sorry, what do you want me to do?"

Robin glanced at him, as if ready for a lethal, unforgiving comeback but instead took in a deep breath and stood up to face his teammate, "Grow up."

"Excuse me?" Beast Boy countered, "What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"It means exactly what it's supposed to, grow up, and take responsibility for your actions! You playing around on that stupid DS all day, sitting on your ass does nothing for the team!"

Beast Boy shifted his weight and swung his arms in the air with exasperation. "What! No way, I'm not the only one who doesn't do anything around the tower; I have the right to be lazy sometimes!"

"More like all the time." He snapped, crossing his arms with a look of irritation.

"That is not true and you know it." Beast Boy snarled.

There was a rustle of a door being shut down the hall and a shadow suddenly loomed overhead, "Whoa, hey guys what's up?"

Beast Boy and Robin both jumped, not realizing Cyborg had wandered so close to their argument.

"It's nothing." Robin murmured, with a quiet, "yeah, nothing," from Beast Boy.

"Sure sounded like a whole lotta fighting again. Come on guys seriously?" Cyborg replied, the two boys glanced away from each other for a moment. Cyborg sighed and continued, "Look you're both angry, so settle down, the girls are going to be back any minute, you don't want Starfire to see you two fighting again on her birthday, you know how she gets."

Robin glanced toward the window outside and rubbed at his temple with frustration, "Yes, you're right. This is pointless." He paused then glanced at Cyborg, "Did you get the strawberry filled cake with peanut butter frosting?" Cyborg chuckled, "Yup, and I always enjoy seeing the bakers face when I place the order." Robin cracked a smile as the room began to shift as the anger seared through Beast Boy's veins like boiling water.

Eyes snapped open as light filtered into the cavern, Beast Boy sat up and took in a large gulp of fresh air and blinked the morning tears from his eyes. The light was so powerful he had to raise his hand in front of his face until it shifted back to normal. He moaned, stretching out his arms in the air until he felt the crack of his back and took in a relieving breath. Blinking he let in the light until he could see the sun outside, peeking into the cave. Shaking his head Beast Boy cleared his mind of the dream, raking his fingers through his matted green hair from habit.

"Weird dream…almost felt like I went back in time..." He yawned then gazed around the cave as his memories suddenly clicked into place and Beast Boy jumped to his feet with remarkable speed. That's right; I'm in a cave with Raven! Beast Boy glanced to where Raven was last night and saw only the pile of charred wood and grass spread from the fire. Where's Raven? He took a quick look around the cave before stepping outside and letting the sun spread onto his clothes and warm his skin. Lifting his right arm he shaded his eyes and gazed around the area with interest.

He looked back into the dim cave and noticed something else, Raven's bag was still there near the entrance. Wait…if her bag is here…why would she leave her bag? He gazed around the area, seeing no sight of her. A sudden urge of anxiety shot through his veins and his eyes grew twice their size. Oh don't tell me… An image of Xian formed in his head and anger spiked.

"Shit." Beast Boy growled and transformed into a wolf and leaned into the dirt nearby the entrance of the cave until he picked up the most recent scent. It was faint since the ground was moist but he could follow it for the most part. Racing through the grass he followed the trail through the flat terrain until coming upon a row of bushes. If that spikey little dude pulled something…I swear…I will…

"Beast Boy!"

Startled, the changeling halted in his tracks and skidded through the mud until smashing through a berry bush. Flipping to his back he let out a loud huff and shook his head, purple berries splattering around his eyes. He gazed up to where Raven stood staring at him with an irritated expression.

"I swear; can I get any privacy with you around? What were you doing?" Raven snapped.

Beast Boy flipped back over to his paws and gave a sheepish smile, transforming back he stood up as well, and brushed off a few of the berries that stuck to his suit.

"Eh- Yeah, sorry I thought something had happened…"

Raven raised an eyebrow and was about to ask, but decided against it, stepping around Beast Boy she began to walk back toward the cave, then gazed behind her, "Come on, we need to get going soon."

Beast Boy shook his head, ridding his hair from the violet shaded berries and watched Raven walk away. Hm, that's unusual she's usually pretty angry with me.

Beast Boy ran his fingers through his hair and pulled his glove out to see blotches of purple stained on the finger tips. Pushing past the bushes he gazed over toward a nearby puddle from the rain and kneeled down, staring at the purple splattered features covering his face. He smiled and cupped his hands, running the water on his face. He gazed at the reflection that swirled in front of him and then he noticed something, the water didn't smell salty. Cupping his hand he dipped it in the water and tasted it cautiously. The water dripped down and splattered back into the puddle, it tasted fresh. Odd…

Beast Boy felt a vibration and watched the water quiver and he stared, watching it swirl and distort his face. Suddenly a wave of water flew into his face and cold, sticky mud splattered across his clothes. Beast Boy fell on his backside, his right arm catching himself and used the back of his left hand to wipe the mud and water across his eyes. A shadow loomed over his body and he gazed up seeing a male standing, his arm reaching down. Beast Boy knitted his eyes and recognized the blue tint of the hair immediately. He stood up, ignoring the gesture and brushed the mud off his outfit before gazing at him with a wary look.

"You came back…" He began with uncertainty.

Xian gave a look of surprise; "Of course, you had doubts of my return?" He cracked a smile and continued, "How was last night? There was quite a storm rustled up."

What is this guy up to? He's acting like we didn't even fight the night before. "Fine." Beast Boy replied and gazed behind him, Raven gone from his sight.

"Hey…Beast Boy is it? I think we got off on the wrong foot yesterday." Beast Boy switched his gaze back toward Xian and gave him a curious stare as he continued, "I don't mean any harm to either of you… we all make mistakes right?"

Beast Boy watched him as his current dream spiked in his mind and he flinched slightly from the words, "I suppose."

Xian sighed, "Perhaps…if we could start over…" he paused, "here..." Xian smiled and flipped his hair with his hands then stuck out his right arm, "I'm Xian, born on Azarath and son of Axel, and you are?"

Beast Boy gazed at him, curiosity and confusion swirling in his head. He hesitated for a moment, unsure where the Azarathian was going then decided to cautiously play along. "Beast Boy… born on Earth…" He paused for a moment with thought, "Son of Mark." He clasped his hand for a moment and they stared at each other, green boring into violet before letting go a smile plastered on Xian's face.

"Splendid! It is nice to meet you! Now we must continue." Xian voiced and clasped him on the back, almost toppling the changeling over from shock. "Where's Raven?"

Beast Boy shifted his shoulders and took a couple steps away for space, "Uh-she's back in the cave-"

"Great, come on, we have loads to talk about." Another smile formed as he strode forward toward the cave, Beast Boy towing in behind.

When they reached the entrance, Raven had already grabbed her pack and was standing outside, watching the two boys trailing toward her.

"Raven! I hope your night was well!" Xian exclaimed as he reached Raven, Beast Boy paused slightly behind him then walked over toward Raven and stood a few inches nearby.

"Fantastic, I always enjoy sleeping on the cold ground, my clothes soaked to the core."

"I see… I apologize, I had no idea."

Raven waved his comment away in the air, "It was not your fault…but let's end the chat here…what am I to do next? You told me you would take me to some of our people."

Xian's eyes brightened, "Yes, of course, I have told a few where to meet, come we must not waste any more time!"

Xian turned around and began to head to the northern side of the valley, Raven quickly followed in tow with Beast Boy in behind. Looking across the terrain he watched the wind carry a few flowers from their roots to another part of the land. Blinking he took a couple steps until he was behind the duo who were caught up in another history chat about Azarath. I wonder what this place looked like before it was destroyed…

Beast Boy's ears flicked forward, hearing Raven rummaging in her pack in the midst of their conversation. Grabbing a couple small packages she looked to Xian, showing him something, he in return shook his head. Turning around she offered a granola bar, careful to step over a protruding stone at the same time. Beast Boy smiled, "Yes! I'm starving! Do you have two?" Raven gave him a look then tossed both of the bars she had to him. He caught them on the first try then looked back up, "Wait, you have one for yourself right?"

Raven took out a red apple stowed away in her pack and gave him a quick glance, "No, those were the only ones I brought. I wasn't exactly planning on feeding two people."

Beast Boy lowered his ears, "Oh, well I can just have one…" Raven turned back around, facing away from him, her footsteps slow from the multitasking. "I prefer an apple." Beast Boy stared at her then shrugged, stuffing one of the granola bars in his pocket for later and opening the second, taking quick, ravished bites.

Soon minutes turned into a half hour and he could feel the wind tugging at the hem of his shirt, daring to rip it off. Getting past the valley was difficult since there was little tree blockage from the wind, allowing further difficulty standing straight. After a few more minutes though, more foliage began to appear and the wind died down. The northern side of the stone wall that enclosed the area was growing near.

Beast Boy leaped on top of a rotten trunk and looked back to where they came. A sudden movement caught the corner of his eye and he saw a small black shape padding in the distance, watching with blood red eyes. It was the little pup from the night before.

Where you going stranger?

Beast Boy's eyes grew twice their size and he lost his balance, finding himself toppling to the ground in a heap of shock. Did he just-wait-

"Beast Boy quit playing around…" Raven's voice entered in his hearing range and he sat up and shook himself. Standing up he rubbed his head and watched the two blood red eyes blink in the distance. He looked over toward Raven and Xian who had paused a little ways up and was watching him with concealed emotions. Turning around he clamored over the log and sprinted back up next to the pair, trying to get his hairs to lay flat from surprise.

"You seem spooked." Raven commented but didn't offer him her gaze.

"Yeah, I thought I heard something." He laughed and shrugged his shoulders with amusement.

Xian's gaze pierced Beast Boy's for a moment but they soon melted back toward the terrain, his curiosity toward his comment obvious. Swallowing a ball of saliva he rubbed his arms down and let out a short breath of air. Xian and Raven pushed back a branch as they neared the looming wall. Beast Boy ducked before the branch swung in his face and felt the ground grow soft noticing dirt surrounded the area.

Come back and play with me Beast Boy!

Beast Boy halted in his tracks and swung around, staring at the distance past the trees. But the blood red eyes were nowhere to be seen and he quickly turned back around, catching up to the duo in a couple steps, his blood rushing in his ears and his sight growing fuzzy. I think I'm going crazy…Taking in a few breaths he calmed down and quietly followed them to the edge, where to his amusement lay another cave.

"Alright, now we just have to-"

"A cave..? A cave?! Dude, you expect me to go through that again?" Beast boy cried out, frustration clear in his voice.

Raven and Xian glanced over toward Beast Boy who had thrown his arms in the air, "Beast Boy relax; this one is shorter, you'll be fine."

Beast Boy crossed his arms in frustration toward Xian, "No, I will not relax. This…this is a trap. No… we will not follow you!"

Raven gave Beast Boy a quizzical look, "We?"

Beast Boy glanced at her, "Yeah, we almost died last time," Beast Boy put the emphasis on 'we' and continued, "It's either we go together or not at all."

"Excuse me? Who made you the boss of my decisions?" Raven asked, her patience noticeably wearing thin.

"Uh, since were teammates, duh."

Raven knitted her eyes and strode up to him and slammed her hand against his chest for emphasis, "Look, teammate." She snapped, "You have no right to make my decisions for me. If you're too scared to come that's your fault. Stay here alone but leave me out of it. This is my home, not yours. So unlike you, I can't just quit." A nearby bush suddenly spit into a dark flame, causing Xian to jump out of the way from being barbequed alive.

Beast Boy took a couple steps back from the force of the push and they stared at one another before Raven broke the gaze and Beast Boy sighed, "Look don't get mad at me, all I want is to find another way, this whole Indiana Jones thing just doesn't suit me right now."

Raven sighed as well and she looked over toward Xian who had stayed silent through the whole ordeal and was trying desperately to put out the fire on the nearby bush, "Is there any other route?"

Xian shook his head to signal no and Raven looked back over toward Beast Boy, "See? Now either stay here and leave me alone or come along with your mouth shut." Raven stated and turned around back toward the cave, Xian following slowly behind, his face beaded with sweat from the ordeal of calming the flames.

Beast Boy frowned, "Fine be that way, I will fly over this wall and meet you on the other side!" He transformed into an eagle and began to take flight above the trees.

"No, don't! You will regret the decision!" Xian shouted, leaping forward to grab the large bird of prey but missed by an inch. Raven turned around, watching the scene and Beast Boy saw her gaze at Xian with confusion; but he didn't hear what they said as he rose about the tree tops and toward the top of the rocks.

A gust of wind slammed into his body as he reached the top of the mountain, the cold air ruffling his feathers and a sense of freedom flowed through his veins. Whenever he had the chance to fly, he always enjoyed the thrill of the open air, nothing binding him to the ground. It was a sense of freedom he only achieved when he was in his animal forms. As he flew across the rock structure he saw the pile of trees up ahead of where the forest lay and he smiled, check it out I'm already halfway there. Can wait to rub it into that spikey blue haired-wait, what the heck is that?

Beast Boy slowed his flight to see a bright light in the distance…growing uncomfortably closer. Beast Boy squinted his eyes as the light neared and he paused in his flight, his feathers felt prickly as a quiet popping sound reached his ears, like when a light bulb was about to burn out.

A sense of danger fell onto his instincts and he felt the charge of electricity suddenly burn near his skin. But the voltage was too fast for him to dive and just as the light was about to engulf him, a black aura surrounded his sight and absorbed the high energy- like a battery being recharged. Beast Boy gazed back to see Raven, eyes white, her black energy wavering from the shock of a high voltage.

"Raven!" He shouted, but only the call of the eagle formed from his words. He twisted in flight to watch her levitate with unease, her eyes switching from white to violet in attempt to stay in control. Another volt hit the shied and it broke through, dissipating the shield. Raven shook herself and dashed forward, barley missing the last bits of the electricity. Beast Boy swerved as well and looked toward where the attacks came from. A large creature, the size of a Volkswagen beetle and fur the color of blood. In a way it reminded him of one of those angry birds he used to play back in the titans tower. Too bad he couldn't just strap it to a launcher and send it far away.

Beast Boy watch the large bird grow, sparking with electricity, the sound of light bulbs popping, apparent again. He felt the wind rip at his feathers, watching Raven dive toward the top of the rocks, landing roughly on her feet and running toward the other side, where the forest lay. Beast Boy dived and followed her, transforming back to himself and ducking, feeling hot lightning shot right above where they were located. His feet scrambled on the rocks on top of the small mountain to catch up to Raven. As they neared the edge the large bird of prey drew closer, he halted near Raven, out of breath. The electricity was charging again, he looked down, unable to see the ground and swallowed a bile of spit.

The popping filled his ears and suddenly something hard slammed into his back. Losing his balance he fell to the forest, a loud BOOM, filling his ears as rocks split in the air and debris hit his shoes.

The pair crashed into the trees, sliding off branches, his hands digging into the wood as he fell, slowing down his speed. Raven nearby did the same, her hair ruffled from the shock and static of the electricity. Thud!

Beast Boy slammed to the ground chest first; hot crisp dust flew into the air. His bones felt weary from the fall and as he clenched his fist as a weight slammed on top of his back, face back in the dirt.

"Blech-"Beast Boy coughed out the dirt and gazed upward into a pile of violet hair. "Rave-Raven I can't breathe-"He choked out, straining to get up and relieve the pressure.

The violet haired sorcerous flipped over and rolled onto the back of her heels in a sitting position, taking in a couple deep breaths, her hands raised for calamity. Beast Boy sat up and took a deep breath and let it out, looking up he saw a leaf twirl down to the ground and touch the edge of his shoe. He looked through the hole where the two had fell in and saw a light shine above.

"Whoa, what on earth was that thing Raven?" Beast Boy exclaimed with a laugh, his eyes trailing back to her who still had her eyes closed, concentrating on her powers.

She knitted her eyes together after he spoke then opened them, staring at the green teen with venom, "You think this is all a joke, huh?"

Beast Boy was taken aback by the comment and flatted his ears with surprise.

"Look this may be news to you, but this is my home and MY mission. You weren't even supposed to be here in the first place!" Her powers sparked around her and a few flowers nearby popped and the fuzz blew away past the duo, obviously still angered from earlier.

Getting to his hands and knees, Beast Boy began to stand up, veering away from the angered Sorcerous.

"Just for once Beast Boy… can you just not…-!" She began; a few branches flew off a nearby tree and shattered into splinters. Beast Boy was on his feet, but something else had caught his attention, a shadow loomed overhead and big red eyes stared down from the tops of the tree line.

"Uh- Raven-" Raven stopped as he spoke and her eyes began to glow and he took a step back from her for a moment then thought better and took a step forward, reaching out toward her, "Look, this will have to wait- we have company!"

A large bolt of lightning struck between the two titans, causing them both to separate, each slamming into a tree from impact.

Beast Boy struggled to keep his eyes open, his blood quickly rushing to his head. Everything seemed fuzzy…where was he again? Azarath…danger… he saw a shadow above and blinked, I'm in danger… Beast Boy got to his feet with a wobble, and held his head with his hand, looking around. Raven…she's in danger too…

Taking a step he watched the shadow descend… His ringing began to slow then suddenly life filled his ears and he heard the branches crack and the leaves rustle. Frowning he watched the monster fall to the ground and head toward where Raven was standing. He took a couple steps, watching her try to call her mantra, but he could tell she had little strength left from the earlier ordeal. She realized that too, he watched the red furred organism call onto its voltage, the sound ringing in his ears; she had just a few seconds to… BOOM!

The spark lit up the tree Raven had ran behind, another vibration and a second tree was lit on fire. Raven raced around the large trunks, playing hide and go seek with the red monster until it seemed fed up with the hiding and charged into the forest directly. Beast Boy took his chance and raced toward where Raven was just at, he sprinted past the flaming trees and skid to a sudden halt when he ran behind a smaller trunk to find Raven leaning behind it, taking in long breaths. Her eyes veered toward him and they both cringed when the tree nearby shot up into flames.

"Any ideas..?" Beast Boy asked; raising his hand as debris rained down from the air.

Raven shook her head, "Only one… Come on." She shot out from behind the trees, catching the monsters attention, Beast Boy in tow and it immediately took chase.

"Why is it after us?" Beast Boy yelled as they raced side by side past the trees, swerving around large trunks and leaping over stumps.

"I don't know Beast Boy- territorial?" She cried out, taking a sharp left turn, Beast Boy skidded in the leaves and followed the teen, a volt of lightning striking the area where they were at.

Suddenly the trees opened up and pile of brown mud splayed out in front of the duo, leaping onto a nearby stone, Raven jumped rock to rock until she was in the middle of the mud filled pond. Beast Boy quickly jumped after her and leaped onto the stones with ease until he was on the one nearby her. Turning around they watched the red furred creature crash into the terrain toward them, but not daring to enter the mud. The sudden charging power of voltage brought Beast Boy's hairs to the end.

"Move!" Raven pushed Beast Boy, bringing him out of his stupor, and he quickly leaped to the next stone, Raven in tow, the volt of lightning barely missing the duo. They leaped to the next stone, Beast Boy first than Raven, the charge of the lightning passing by, made their hairs stand for a few seconds. Taking another leap Beast Boy clamored to the third stone, with Raven jumping on next to him. He glanced over at the large creature, staring at them with contemplation and suddenly felt the air swish between him and Raven.

His eyes snapped back toward his teammate who lost her footing and started to topple down into the mud filled pond, but his quick reflexes snagged her arm and pulled her back to her feet, balanced once more.

"You ok?" He asked, adrenaline pumping through his system from the chase.

Raven yanked her arm back and glanced away, he felt a twinge of embarrassment hit his senses but it quickly vanished. "I'm fine…ok here he comes, stay here and don't fall in!" She ordered.

Raven called out to her mantra and lifted in the air; Beast Boy looked out to where the monster was located and with shock, saw it flying in their direction, gaining remarkable speed in the small amount of time. "Uh Raven…he's coming closer…"

He watched her wait, levitating in the air, "Raven…do you know what you're doing?" He saw Raven switch her gaze to him for a split second, "when do I not?" She smirked as the large creature neared and Beast Boy crouched near the stone, ready to leap into the air, by any means necessary and waited.

Come on don't be stupid Raven; you don't need to be the hero all the time. He thought venomously as he watched the distance close in. He saw the charge and he gritted his teeth, Raven was just a few feet above and a couple feet away. But he could hear her chant and right as the lightning was about to strike, Raven let off a powerful black energy source, slamming into the creature and sending it flying into the mud with a gurgle. Beast Boy leaned away from the mud splattering the area and listened to the howls of terror. Raven landed on a nearby stone and watched; her breath heavy.

Beast Boy watched it try to escape, but the mud trapped the wings and unable it to fly or move, it was like quicksand, a slow and painful death. Watching the creature struggle for a moment he watched Raven leaped from the stone and landed on the grass terrain, crouching to calm her nerves. Transforming into a raven himself he flew over toward her and transformed back, glancing at her for a moment before she stood up, and brushing off her cape like nothing happened.

You always try to act tough, but I know you're exhausted.

He watched her glanced toward the monster, letting out yells of agony then turned away toward the forest, glancing at the sky for directions her breathing still heavy. Beast Boy spared a glance toward the sinking creature and bit his lip.

"I know he tried to kill us and all…but those screams are making my stomach turn…he is a living creature…" He cringed as the screams died down, with him sinking further.

"Yeah a living creature that tried to kill us, come on we need to find Xian before we get too deep in the woods." Raven stated, turned back southward where they had come.

Beast Boy turned toward that direction as well and was about to take a step forward when a figure appeared through the trees. He immediately recognized the stature and waited for their companion to catch up.

"Raven! Beast Boy! Thanks the stars, I thought you had died!" He cried out. When he managed his way to them he paused to catch his breath. "How did you escape?"

Beast Boy and Raven glanced behind them, noticing the creature had fully sunk into the mud, only a bubble popped to know its existence. Xian glanced over toward the pond knowingly.

"Ah, that's what all the ruckus was about…I was wondering…" he paused mid thought, "I could hear the screams from the cave."

Raven and Beast Boy exchanged glances, "Yeah, didn't stand a chance against us though." Beast Boy boasted, Raven just glanced at him but didn't offer any encouraging comments.

Beast Boy's hairs began to stand on end and he brushed his hand down his arm for them to lay flat. Dang, that electricity is still getting to me… He rubbed his other arm, feeling every hair stand on end. There was movement and Xian suddenly shifted his weight, racing past the duo, back toward the pond.

"What-"Beast Boy began; both the titans glanced behind them, seeing another familiar red furred creature pushing its way through the trees. Xian was on top of it too quick for either Beast Boy or Raven to make a move. A dagger, stashed in his shoes appeared and with one quick swipe, slashed the head clean off, a spark of blue trailing the weapon. Both titans backed up, Beast Boy feeling queasy from the sudden blood that poured on the ground.

Xian landed on his feet back on the grassy pavilion and cleaned his knife on the ground then stashed it back in his shoes. Turning around he glanced at the two titans with a stern look, "We must leave immediately; they travel in packs." Taking a quick stride he walked up toward them, "we will head east from here- follow me."

Beast Boy, who was trying not to throw up what was left in his stomach, glanced at Raven who in turn stared at Xian, "Xian, you know something don't you?"

Xian gazed at her then sighed, "He knows you're here."

"What-?" Beast Boy shouted; Raven slapped her hand over his mouth, to conceal his voice. She lowered her tone and glanced at her teammate, "they might hear our voices, keep it down."

Beast Boy nodded and gently pushed her hand away and lowered his tone to almost a whisper, "What! So they know where we are?"

Raven gazed at Xian in return and he shook his head, "Not as far as I know", he jerked his thumb toward the dead creatures, "I killed the main security, so until their bodies are found, our location will stay unknown."

"Hopefully it will stay that way-let's move before any more friends show up." Raven replied, taking a few steps forward with Beast Boy on her heels. Xian nodded and strode into the woods, pushing back a branch for Raven as she walked by. He let go, almost letting it smack right in Beast Boy's face, but he caught it with his hand with a frown, pushing the branch up and over his head. Ain't that the oldest trick in the book…

Xian glanced back, "Sorry, slipped." Raven glanced at him before walking side by side. Beast Boy huffed feeling like a third wheel once again. Jamming his hands in his pockets he trailed behind in the back, vaguely listening to their conversation. His eyes gazed on the wildlife that grew in various colors, blotches of pink, orange and green strewn all across the area. He ran his fingers across a dark green fern and watched little trails of bugs fly off at the stem into the air.

"I am hoping once he is gone, Azarath can be restored again." Beast Boy caught a snippet from Xian, "I am also hoping for the courage of my people. They have lost hope long ago."

His eyes veered toward the two in deep conversation, but he knew better than to interrupt, especially when it came to topics Raven was deeply interested. He tuned out her soft reply and looked around the forest, trying to get a good look at everything around him. But something was tugging at him on the inside. Something was wrong. What was it? Something's not right… Beast Boy felt his adrenaline spike and he gazed around the area. It has only been a few minutes since they began walking again but something was wrong. I feel like I'm being watched…

A twig cracked in the distance and he halted in his steps, swinging around and staring at the foliage behind him. Raven and Xian were deep in their conversation and continued forward. Beast Boy swallowed and turned back around, trudging on behind them, one eye glancing behind the area. Suddenly Raven paused then Xian, she glanced behind her and he saw a flicker of shock cross her violet orbs.

"Beast Boy!"

He didn't have time to react, the shadow next to him, grabbed his shirt. The body was cold and the skin was rough as it slammed him to the ground. Beast Boy wiggled underneath the weight and blinked the dust away, aggressively trying to get up. He heard a yell of protest and saw Xian pushed away from his sight and Raven thrown to the ground like him. Anger boiled he transformed into a tiger and threw the startled attacker off.

"Another demon!" The attacker shouted, three more nearby him cried out in shock. His eyes veered to the left then the right and caught sight of Raven, her hands bonded by rope, thrown to the ground and held still by two others. There was a faint violet aura and Raven's eyes suddenly fell shut, her body limp. Wait…these…these people looked a lot like…Xian.

"What are you doing? Stop it!" Beast Boy heard Xian shout nearby. Two others similar stature to him held Xian away from him and Raven.

The two with violet haired males stepped forward toward Beast Boy and he snarled with fury. They stared at him, but didn't make any moves, his eyes veered back over toward Xian who was held against his will. "You promised me!" He snarled toward a skinny, fair female who stood between him and Raven. Her hair waved with blue and violet streaks down the side.

"I'm sorry Xian…he said he would kill Tavi… I…I couldn't…" tears formed at the edge of her eyes, "please forgive me…" Beast Boy's eyes trailed to the figure beside the female. There stood a young boy, who looked no older than 6 or 7. She wrapped a protective arm around the boy's shoulders whose rags hung from the sides of his arms, torn and brown.

Xian jerked his arms, trying to get free from the bonds, "This is a mistake, think of what you're doing Navi!"

Beast Boy was drawn away from the conversation by the two males gaining closer, Beast Boy snarled and strode forward, daring them to attack. They hesitated then paused, unsure how to attack such a big cat.

"Navi stop!" Beast Boy felt a pressure and swung his head, icy blue eyes staring into green ones. Her stare felt so deep he couldn't move… it was hard to breathe. "Sleep." She murmured and light violet light cascaded from her palm and his eyes felt heavy as cinder blocks… No…don't fall asleep… The light was beginning to fade… Don't fall asleep… the forest was disappearing… Don't fall asleep… where was the sound? The blood roared in his ears, Don't fa-

Everything went black.

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