MAD: Howdy to ya all this is MAD the author of madness here to give you another story of mine. I got the idea after watching the movie Real Steel then after a while got inspired when I remember my younger days watching Ultimate Muscle both on my heart are awesome shows. So let's end my intro and begin with the story. Oh and by the way their Antro just to clear things out.

ROUND ONE: A New Contender!

Change, the only process that constant, ever evolving, ever-changing that's what we are... Forever adapting, surviving, learning...

Spike stared at the space of his library, his and Twilight's library to be exact. Once it was a popular facility well-known for its knowledge printed and written on the pages of books, objects that Twilight adores.

Now, it's a hollow room full of nothing but the books that seemingly slipped off of the selves. What happened you may've asked? They grew bored. The non-changing faces and pages of the tools of learning wasn't enough for the ponies' delight. So they choose another type of entertainment, something different from reading the same old books.

Walking up the stairs, Spike took notice of the sleeping mare. Droplets of tears stained her lavender dress. It saddened Spike. All of the customers slowly dwindling from her library was what took the toll most on Twilight. Knowing ponies lost their interest in her priced books caused her to go into a state of depression. She had eaten less today, talked even less and the letters that the Princess expected came more rarely.

The purple dragon couldn't help but to frown. He can't take seeing his best friend suffer because of bad business and Spike know all too well how failing in business could be like. He'd seen it on Rarity and seeing something like this on a mare that strong? Spike couldn't help but to shed a tear.

A strong breeze blew in to Spike's direction. It didn't wake the sleeping mare but it caused a lone paper from a table to fall to his feet. Picking it up, he saw wonderfully detailed blueprints of a tree house full of computers and highly advance technology, a computer café. Twilight had been planning, no mistake about it. But Spike knew it would still be unlikely for Twilight to have enough money to even sustain them. Even with all the money they had, it would still be not enough. He needed a new job and he needed it now!

"This will not be easy." He told himself but for his friends, he'd do everything for them, anything for her.

The job search didn't go smoothly. Rainbow Dash's weather job was out of the question. They wouldn't take the wingless teenage dragon in their team. Spike could offer his help to Rarity but he couldn't stomach selling his services to a friend he held so dear. So the only job left was at Sugarcube Corner. But he questioned himself if he would get a job there at all. After all, it's Pinkie Pie's home and the Cakes kind of have their hooves full with their foals. Adding him to the mix just might literally cause an explosion. And as for the farmer girl Applejack, Spike felt a knife stab him if he even dared to get a job from a family already in a state of poverty.

Spike stood at the familiar door at the sweet shop. It wouldn't be long before he came face to face with the crazed pink pony. His hand went for the knob, slowly turning it open. He walks to the cashier; surely that is where Pinkie is. He was correct as he saw Pinkie at the cash register but his mind raced once he was a stallion standing in front of Pinkie barking words at her.

The stallion had bruises across his upper body, scratches at the bottom and a big lump on his head. His words came rushing in like he was about to attack a frightened Pinkie Pie.

"Did this stallion get into a fight?" The dragon asked himself

The battered stallion finally spun around and walked away from Pinkie all while not taking notice of the dragon's presence in the room.

"And for the record I quit!" he spat as his last words before leaving.

Spike raised an eyebrow, many questions raced in his mind. Like, "Quit? Does that mean he works in the shop? He's hurt. Could be he got into a fight with Pinkie, but Pinkie is barely even scratched so very unlikely."

He decided to ask Pinkie instead of guessing.

"Hi Pinkie, what was that all about?" Spike asked.

"Oh Spike! Nice of you to come here. Do you want a treat? I'm afraid I just ate our last Triple glazed choco cake but I'll make another!" Her voice giggled every minute she talked, a habit Spike found amusing.

"Nah, I wasn't here for that. Who was that guy anyways?"

"Just a pony I used to manage. Now he quit so he's his own pony now." A frown became visible on her face but it didn't take too long another smile to take the frown's place.

"Manage?" Spike placed his hand on his forehead, slowly rubbing it as a sign of confusion to the mare.

"Please tell me you're not considering becoming a pimp, Pinkie. We all know too well what happened when you considered prostitution and you ended up in jail before Twilight bailed you out! Plus you raped the GUYS there twice and may I remind you they're still shaking from fear today because of that!"

Pinkie just grinned at the statement, even though some of it was true anyways.

"Don't worry, this time it's more legal!"

"Legal? What job is it?" Spike asked, his curiosity taking over him.

Instead of answering Spike's question, Pinkie leaned closer to the dragon.

"Are you interested?" Her smile became something more menacing.

Spike felt an urge to withdraw. If it's Pinkie, who knew what sort of randomness he would be put into? Still if it's a job, it would be an opportunity too good to miss. His claw ran to his chin while he thinks if he should grab the job.

Blinking twice he can feel his stomach churning a bit.

"OK Pinkie, I'm interested."

Pinkie jumped to his arm, pulling it closer to her. Pinkie's grinned became larger and Spike quickly regretted his actions. Her smile was too sinister, like an evil wish was hiding beneath it.

"Good..." Pinkie said in the voice that sickened the dragon.

"You see Spike, with all the species now merging with pony society like you. Many thought of having them fight, all for sport." Pinkie said earning her a raised eyebrow from Spike.

"So does mean that stallion there was a fighter?" Spike couldn't help but ask.

"Absolutely! Unfortunately, he quit so I'm looking for a new fighter." Just then Pinkie looked at Spike curiously as she hatched a devious plan.

And as Spike suspected, he had everything to do with it.

"Hey! How about you join the fight club?"

"What?!" Spike yelled, taking a few steps back.

"What? You're a dragon Spike, a DRAGON! You have scales as hard as marble! Claws that can rip pony flesh like a knife! And most of all, you can breathe fire! Spike, think about it! You'll be undefeated!"

As crazy Pinkie's plan is, she does have a point. With no dragons to rival him, winning would be a piece of cake. He didn't have a feral nature or a warrior's instinct but with all his features he just might be the next champ in no time. Plus sport fights pay a great deal of bits.

Now it's Spike's turn to laugh. Why didn't he think of it sooner? Dragons are well-known strong creatures and few have ever fought one. Spike started to grin, a perfect mirror of the devilish grin on Pinkie's face.

"Sure Pinkie, you have yourself a fighter."

"Awesome! Meet at the Mayhem Mansion tonight, Spike. You'll get the first fight and from what I heard the opponent's from Japan." Pinkie said as her usual self bounced around the shop. Spike signed, he hadn't fought anypony in his life but now it's all about to change. Dragons are natural predators but still, he was inexperienced and being a rookie in the cage could be dangerous.

"Pinkie do you think I should train first? I mean, what if I got hurt?"

"Nonsense! Fighting is like sex! It only hurts the first time then the rest is enjoyable."

"Why do I feel more frightened when you say it like that, Pinkie?" He felt a cold shiver hit his spine.

Later that night, the two ventured to the fight club also known as the Mayhem Mansion, a famous arena where all the experienced fighters from different species duke it out in a cage until only the best remains. Spike heard about this place from the colts in town. They say the species ranging from diamond dogs to other sentient beasts can be found there. Spike felt a bit of fear in his chest. But for Twilight, he'll even face a fellow dragon. Though it was still a good thing that there were no recorded fights where a dragon was entered. But he would surely change that.

The audiences as Spike suspected are all varied and assorted beings all here to watch a good fight. Too bad a dragon is not known to be 'good and giving' in a fight. A part of Spike seemed to ignite, like it was a far hidden fire within him ready to explode. Maybe in his mind, it could be the lone predator inside of him. Now, he could unleash it to his opponent without actually killing them. He hated the fact that dragons are born killers.

As Spike entered the arena he can hear all the shouts and roar of the crowd. Never have they seen a dragon in the cage until now and they thought they were all in for a great show. Spike grinned, he would not disappoint them.

Right by the dragon's side is Pinkie, her smile ever-present. She knew she had to leave him once the fight was on. Even though it was his first, fight Pinkie fully believed in the dragon. After all, what can defeat a teenage grown dragon like him? Luckily, she knew what Spike would be facing and by her judgment it wouldn't be too painful for Spike. And now it's his opponent time to make a stand.

On the opposite side the gates of the arena opened, exposing Spike's opponent for the night. To Spike's surprise it's an enormous octopus like creature, almost twice his size. Its appendages slithered to the floor as white slime dripped from them. That liquid looked all too familiar to him but he decided not to figure it out in disgust. He haven't heard or read about this beast so surely he needed to be careful.

With a few more seconds before Pinkie had to leave, she thought it would be best if she warned Spike of the danger he was facing.

"Do you like hentai Spike?" She suddenly asks.

"No." Spike answered confused at the sudden random question.

"Do you watch hentai?" Now she's starting to get worried.

"Nope, what is it anyways?" Spike asked while showing a bit of frustration.

Pinkie the left the cage. She had a feeling that Spike was going to be super angry at her for not telling him about his opponent. Plus, he would be very sore in the morning after this.

"You're about to found out." She said quietly in a nearby chair. Maybe, just maybe she didn't think this through enough. Though really, she usually didn't think much on this kind of situation.

The bell rang and Spike clenched his fist, ready to attack or defend against whatever move his opponent would make. A spark of confidence helped him to stay calm.

Thinking of scaring his opponent, Spike roared at him. Surely this would cause it to withdraw.

"I'm going to rip those tentacles apart!" His statement earned him a cheer from the crowd, bringing a small piece of pride in his chest.

Yet the creature did the opposite it came to him closer and closer while Spike stepped back. He stepped back until he felt the wall of the arena hit his back. The coldness of the metal brought him to a shiver. This is wasn't what he planned.

"These aren't tentacles! These are genitals!" The creature laughed.

"WHAT?!" Spike felt his body stop. His heart started beating like a motor engine. His jaw dropped to his shoulders. This is worse than what he imagined. He is bucked literally!


Surprisingly for Spike, it's slimy appendages manage to take hold of his arm. It's fast for its size.

"BUUUCCKKKK!" Spike tried to wiggle out but all he felt was more appendages slither onto his body. He had to think of a way to get free or he would lose his virginity, his ass virginity!

Doing the only thing he can, Spike engulfs a large measure of air into his lungs. Taking it in, he could feel the heat building up. It would be a strong one.

Looking back at the beast, the dragon could see a sick smile on his face. Spike opened his mouth and released a large blast of fire on the creature. Spike knew all too well that while his fire cannot kill yet, what awaits is far more terrible.

"Say hello to my mom for me." He stated as the fire carried the said creature away and delivered it to the princesses.

A breath of relief escaped his lips, happy to know he won the round unhurt and virginity intact. But what will happen to the monster? Well let's say at least Princess Celestia and Princess Luna would have a new toy…. until it surely died of exhaustion.