ROUND 2: Friends with Problems!

Disclaimer: I do not own My Little I did there would be a lot of SpiLight moments in the show

Luna's moon came out a little late that night. The stars themselves are oddly arranged as they were scattered patterned to form an odd constellation. A perverted one that told Spike what he sent them had satisfied his foster mom and her sister.

"A dick in the sky... Luna, seems your sister will have lots of fun tonight."

"Spike, how did you know that the princesses would love your gift?" Pinkie asked.

The purple dragon grinned, a seductive smile creeped to his lips.

"You see Pinkie, after being with them for so long I kinda saw my mom's stash and from what I saw she has more sex toys than any mare here in Ponyville. It's just too bad she keeps on breaking them one night after."

"How come?"

"She gets too excited." Spike beamed

"Really Spike? Are all Gods and Goddess like that?" She grinned enjoying their new topic for the talk.

"Well the Greek gods are kinda kinky in a way I mean. Cronos nailed a lot of woman in his time of being a God. Unfortunately, he knew that his child would defeat him and kick his butt away from Olympus but he keep on bedding woman anyways. (MAD: I know what kind of man does that?!) Zeus was almost like his father but luckily for him, none of his sons ever turned out as rebellious as he was. Poseidon, don't get me started on how he nailed that poor Medusa girl at Athena's temple."

"Wow! You read a lot of porn Spike!"

"I have to. Friendship comes first, then romance, and lastly comes sex right?"

"Sex comes first for me anyways!"

-Later that night-

Spike decided to take Pinkie to her home at Sugarcube Corner. He quickly regretted it upon witnessing and experiencing Pinkie's untamed energy that involved her desires such as sweets, crazy antics and other topic he didn't actually think about too much. Spike was fortunate that Pinkie never said anything involving sex. The moment they arrived at the shop Spike let out a deep exhale of air out of his lungs.

"Bye Pinkie. I'll see you tomorrow night for my next fight." He turned around to leave but before he can even reach the door he felt something in his hand. It was his pink haired friend holding his hand. Spike stared at her. All he saw was a vivid blush in her face. Slowly she began to loosen her grip and brought her hand to her skirt, gripping the garment rather intensely.

"Pinkie?" He asked as he tilted his head in confusion.

"If you want to stay a little longer Spike, we can have a party! You know, just you and me!" This time her smile faded until all that was left was a reddened cheek and a small frown replacing what was normally a smile on her lips.

"Sorry Pinkie. I need to get home to Twilight. She might be worried sick about me and you know her she usually goes into Twilight freaky mode if things get a little out of hand. As her assistant, it's my duty given to me by my mother to assist her no matter what."

"Twilight is very lucky to have you Spike. She's fortunate to have a dragon like you..." Pinkie remained silent and still then. Her body seems to numb.

A small tear escaped her sparkling blue eyes. This didn't go unnoticed by the drake.

"Pinkie, are you ok? Is there something wrong?" He quickly asks but he got an answer he did not want.

Instead Pinkie grabbed on Spike's shoulder, wetting Spike's leather jacket and staining his clothes. Spike can only stare at her in shock. Pinkie was the Element of Laughter but now she was sobbing on him. He was soon covered with tears but in his mind his attention was fully focused on his pink haired friend. Locked in an embraced Spike sensed a distress in her, a distress that could be deep.

He separated himself with the weeping woman taking care not to hurt her with his sharp claws. He was about to ask again what was wrong but his lips weren't fast enough.

"It's just everypony's too busy to party with me Spike! All of our friends, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy and even Twilight seem to value working over even talking to me! Aside from you no pony visits me. Why?" She tried to bring herself close for another hug just to lessen her sadness but the dragon halted her attempts.

"That's not true Pinkie. You know Applejack. She's just having money troubles. Rarity is always busy with fashion ALWAYS! Fluttershy, to be honest, I haven't seen her either and I don't have a clue about Dash either." Spike's words seem to calm Pinkie down much to his relief.

"Thanks Spike, for everything." Her smile returning to her face.

"Hey. What're friends for Pinkie?"

"You know what?" Spike runs his claw down his chin thinking of a way to please her. "How about after my next fight I invite everypony we know and we have a party!" His words were like adrenaline to her, igniting a short fuse in her chest and bringing a big explosion of happiness.

Pinkie took ahold of Spike's arms and jumped joyfully in the bakery. Her worries were melted by the warm words of her dragon friend. "OH THANK YOU! THANK YOU SPIKE! You're the best dragon friend a mare can ask for!"

"I'm the only dragon you mares have." He reminded her.

What Pinkie did next surprised the dragon more. Without warning, Pinkie lunged to Spike with a speed that could even rival that of Rainbow Dash. Thinking quickly, Spike moved away but his efforts were in vain as his pink haired friend landed her lips to his cheek.

Flabbergast, Spike rubbed the spot Pinkie kissed. Twilight usually kissed him on his forehead in his younger days but as time went, so ddid her kisses.

"Thanks Spike, I enjoyed our date." She soon turned away her with her blush never leaving her cheeks.

Spike on the other hand facepalmed, expressing his frustration at his pink friend. "That was not a date Pinkie!" He said rather embarrassed.

"That not what I'm going to post on my Facebook, Spike." Then she was off running upstairs leaving the dragon dumbfounded and alone. Still, Spike wasn't angry. He grew to love all his friends and learned to respect their bad sides as well. Rarity's over dramatic emotions, Dash arrogance, Fluttershy's timid nature, Applejacks workaholic routine, Pinkie's randomness and of course Twilight's obsesion on her goals when it comes to the Princess.

"She's so random!" He can't help but to smile.

The library was oddly quiet to Spike the moment he approached it. Even though the only noise that could be heard each night were books being opened and closed, pages being turned and folded and dust being cleaned, the library had never been this quiet. Feeling something was off Spike opened the door slowly and quietly.

"NINJA MODE!" Spike thought he was being as careful and as quiet as he could be. . The lights inside cast a shadow of the Element of Magic to him. It was Twilight no doubt.

He was about to knock and check on her but it seems fate likes to play him. And play him it did in a weird way.

Spike heard Twilight groan, it was like she was in pain and frustrated. The dragon quickly felt a cold shiver tin his spine. He thought quickly for ideas on why Twilight was groaning.

"DAMN YOU SPIKE!" He heard that the yell was of pure anger. What could have Spike done to make Twilight this furious? Spike bit his tongue trying not to scream. Paranoia had a tight hold on the teenage dragon and it was far too much for him to think on what he could have done that could have made Twilight this angry. Spike decided to man up, mustering all the courage he had and knocked the door.

Twilight emerged from the bathroom. She was wearing her usual outfit, a purple blouse partnered with a violet skirt. The only thing new was the apron Spike usually wore for chores. In her hand was a toilet plunger and she gripped it with anger beyond measure.

She stared at him with bloodshot eyes because of what, in Spike's mind, she was cleaning in the bathroom.

"Spike! Where have you been?!" She asked but Spike didn't answer. Spike knew it wasn't the best choice for the moment, instead reaching into his pocket. Spike grabbed an envelope he got from his fight earlier and then grabbed one of Twilight's hands and placed the envelope in it.

Mystified, Twilight's anger melted, replaced with confusion on Spike's action. "Open it." Spike said

And she did. In the envelope there was a check and seeing it caused Twilight to slip in surprise but luckily Spike was there to catch her in the nick of time.

The check contained a whopping 5,000 bits. Almost enough to pay from all the expenses she and Spike would have for the next month.

"Spike, where did you get this much money?"

"I got it from a job Pinkie offered me." Spike answered

There Twilight's anger reignited. She grabbed Spike by the shoulders, pushing him to one side to another. If Spike agreed to work in Pinkie's management, the things that he could be doing were numerous and sinful.

"SPIKE, WHY DID YOU BECAME A WHORE?! YOU KNOW ITS ILLEGAL! And if you get thrown into jail! You'll get raped and-" Twilight didn't have the chance to finish her sentence as Spike pressed his claw to her lips gently enough to ensure no harm came to his purple companion.

"Relax it's not that. It's something else."

"So it's not prostitution." Twilight said while calming down.

Spike rubbed the base of his neck letting out a giggle. Twilight did have every reason to think he might be doing that in Pinkie's management. "Of course not, you silly filly." Still he knew what their conversation would lead up to. His new job, the fight club, and that might not go too kindly on Twilight's part.

But to his surprise Twilight was not in the mood to question his previous whereabouts. She seemed too tired from the chores Spike should've been doing. "We'll talk tomorrow, Spike. For now, unclog the toilet. Your poop got it clogged again!" She began to walk to her bed falling to it almost instantly..

"WHAT?! My shit ain't that bad!" Spike felt rather offended by the fact. Twilight, while still in her bed, just rolled over managing to let out a few words before she went to sleep.

"Spike, you eat gems for Celestia's sake. Imagine how hard your shit is when it comes out. "

"Like a rock..." Spike said defeated at the talk they had.

Again, Twilight open her eyes once more not fully going into sleep she eyed her assistant again, witnessing him trying to unclog the toilet with the plunger. She could not help herself but to smile, she was lucky to have a dragon like Spike. A friend and an assistant like him.

"Thank you, Spike... I'll reward you tomorrow, my number one assistant."

It was midnight and still Spike wasn't able to unclog the toilet. His shit was really clogging the pipes big time. "I think I'll need dynamite for time!" He said to himself but laughed the thought off considering how dangerous the idea was. Looking at the clock Spike decided it would be best to sleep now. Tomorrow he would have a new vigor to take on his two new opponents, in the cage and in the bathroom.

As he got to his bed, he felt a sensation in his belly. He knew this feeling all too well and a second later he breathed out a small piece of parchment.

Reading it, it says:

"Dear Spike,

I know you sent that monster to us, my son. You are the only one who knew of my needs in the dark but still hid them. A secret I know you keep as I keep yours. But to tell you the truth we, my sister and I, enjoyed his company. He knows to touch a mare in the right place and a good talker too. Why did you send us this fellow? I would love to know but all is all till you decided to tell us about Twilight's situation. I do fear why she has not sent us any mail for weeks now I do hope she's ok. Until then, my son...

"Celestia, Ruler of Equestria"

P.S. If you don't mind, my son, please send another monster. Luna broke it a moment ago.