Author's Note: Yeah, still haven't found a cure for that weird writer's block. But today I had a lot of caffeine and watched a lot of creepypasta videos. Mostly creepypasta videos about Slenderman. So now here I am, in the dark, at midnight, writing this for you. I leave for Arizona tonight but I'll be back on Tuesday. Maybe a few days away from the computer will jump start my brain, who knows? Until then, enjoy this spooky one shot!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Teen Titans OR Slender… I have however played Slender multiple times. I screamed like a little girl.

It was a normal day in Titans tower. Raven was reading. Robin was in the evidence room. Starfire was attempting to cook with Cyborg monitoring the situation carefully. And Beast Boy was on his laptop. In fact, Beast Boy has been on his computer for days at this point. The other Titans have attempted to ask him what he's been so absorbed in, but he's ignored them every time.

Finally, after days of hypnotized silence, Beast Boy let out a piercing scream and shifted into a turtle. His screaming caused all the Titans in the immediate area to jump nearly a foot in the air. Beast Boy shifted back and glared at his screen.

"Damnit! Only got 2 pages!"

Raven and Cyborg narrowed their eyes and descended on the green changeling.

"Man, don't tell me you've been wastin' all this time playin' that stupid Slender game?"

"Hey! It's not stupid! It's scary as hell!"

"Slenderman is literally an egg wearing a suit. I'M scarier than Slenderman and you live with me!"

"Well, yeah, but YOU have a FACE, Raven!"

Cyborg and Raven rolled their eyes and left the room. Starfire floated over to Beast Boy, who was about to start another game.

"Please, I do not understand. What is the "Slenderman" that Raven and Cyborg were speaking of?"

Beast Boy was about to tell Starfire that she didn't want to know, but then he stopped himself. He grinned evilly.

"Take a seat, I'll show you."


Beast Boy had passed the controls over to Starfire. She wandered the forest aimlessly, a bored expression on her face.

"I still do not understand why this frightened you so."

"Just keep going. Look, there's the first page."

Starfire followed Beast Boy's instructions and picked up the first page. The loud banging drums started and the Tamaranian princess' eyes grew wide in fear.

"What is that sound?"

Beast Boy merely chuckled and told her where to go next.


"Are my eyes deceiving me? Is the flashlight… DYING?!"

"Yeah, it'll do that."

Starfire had found three pages now, but had yet to see Slenderman. Yet the sounds alone were enough to put the alieness on edge.

"I- I still do not understand. What is chasing me?"

She made her character turn around and the piano key slamming noise played, signaling that Slenderman had found her. Starfire let out a piercing shriek and flew from the room at top speed, towards the evidence room. The Teen Wonder barely had time to ask what happened before his girlfriend threw herself into his arms, breaking down into tears. He wrapped his arms around her and stroked her hair.

"Star, what happened? Why are you crying?"

Starfire regained some of her composure and found her voice.

"Beast Boy let me play the Slender game. The loud banging noise…" She shuddered. "I was experiencing the flashbacks of my days with the Gordanians."

Robin sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Yep. I'm gonna have to kill Beast Boy." He got up and set Starfire in his chair. "I'll be right back."

"Wait, Robin?"

"Yes, Starfire?"

"The Slenderman is not real, yes? Beast Boy was telling me that the Slenderman was real."

"No, Slenderman isn't real; it's just an urban legend. Now I'll be right back."

Robin stormed out into the living room.

"BEAST BOY! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU! What could possibly make you think letting Starfire play Slender was a good idea?"

"Ahh! I'm sorry! I just wanted to prove to Cyborg and Raven that it was scary! I didn't think it would freak her out that badly!"

"The sound effects gave her flashbacks of her days as a prisoner. You WILL apologize or ELSE."

Beast Boy nodded vigorously.

"Yeah, yeah, of course."

"And give it a rest with Slender, okay? He kills you even if you get all the pages."

"Dude, spoiler!"

Robin rolled his eyes under his mask.


It was nearly midnight and all the Titans were heading off to bed. A thunderstorm had rolled in earlier in the night and was raging outside. Starfire walked down the hallway with Robin.

"Um, Robin?"


Starfire looked down nervously.

"I am… Still shaken from my experience earlier today. The storm of thunder is not helping calm my nerves. May I… Stay with you tonight?"

Robin gulped and felt his heart pounding in his chest. They had been taking things slow in their relationship and sleeping in the same bed could be a big step. He finds his voice.

"Yeah, of course."

She smiles and hugs him.

"Thank you Robin. I shall join you in a moment."

The two teens separated and got ready for bed. In a matter of minutes, the two were curled up in Robin's bed. Starfire rested her head on Robin's chest and murmured.

"You will keep me safe, yes?"

He chuckled softly.

"Yeah, I'll protect you from Slenderman. You have nothing to be afraid of."

She giggled and snuggled close to him.

"Good. Good night, Robin. Pleasant shlorvacks."

"Sweet dreams, Starfire."

Then silence fell over the tower. Until 3 am that is. In the dead silence of the night, Beast Boy's screams rang through the tower. The four Titans figured he was still awake playing Slender and dragged themselves to the living room.

"Beast Boy, for God's sake, it's 3 am!"

But Beast Boy was nowhere to be seen. His laptop was open on the coffee table, but he was gone.

"Uh… We didn't imagine that, right?"

The Titans walked over to the open laptop, expecting to see the game over screen for Slender. Instead, there was a message.

"Don't look behind you… What does that mean?"

Starfire shrugged, turned around and screamed. The other three jumped and turned. Standing behind them was a tall man in a suit, who had no face.


Robin knew he was doomed as his friends charged up their powers to attack. He was unarmed. But until this… THING dragged him down, he was still the leader of this team. He swallowed and cried out.


What happened next was a blur. There were bursts of dark energy, starbolts flying, and Cyborg's sonic cannon all shooting at the Slenderman. The Titans woke in the common room in the morning. All five Titans were present and none of them could remember if they had defeated the Slenderman. Or if the battle had actually happened…

Ooh, spooky! Well, I hope you enjoyed this one shot! Next time you hear from me, I SWEAR it'll be a chapter update! Until then, R&R! -Starprincess