Author's Note: Guys. The creepiest thing happened in my dorm hall before Labor Day. The circuit breaker EXPLODED! As in Spon-frickin'-taniously COMBUSTED! Then the power went out and we had to find our way down to the basement (cause it was cooler down there; no power, no AC) by the light of a single flashlight. My dorm hall looked like a Slender map. So naturally, that calls for an update. So, enjoy!

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Chapter 3

Raven looked around anxiously to see if her friends had heard what she had whispered. Thankfully, Cyborg, Robin and Starfire all seemed preoccupied. Cyborg was checking the status of his circuits through the screen on his arm. Apparently, his system had glitched when Beast Boy passed him. At least that's what Raven had gathered from a brief look into his mind. Looking over to Robin and Starfire, Raven saw Robin had turned off the shower and was kneeling by the bathtub to check Starfire for any head injuries while still preserving the alieness' modesty.

The four remaining Titans were snapped back to reality by the smoke alarm. Cyborg groaned.

"Crap, I forgot about breakfast."

Robin briefly turned away from Starfire to address Raven and Cyborg, shaking his head slightly.

"We should probably have a meeting about everything that's been going on. Let's meet in Ops in half an hour. Sound good?" Cyborg and Raven nodded. "Good, now go put out the kitchen, Cyborg. Raven, can you give me a hand here? I think Starfire has a concussion."

Cyborg ran off and Raven went over to aid Robin. Raven knelt by the tub and tried to get Starfire to talk to them. Starfire was just staring wide-eyed at the spot Beast Boy had been standing and holding the shower curtain tightly to her body.

"Starfire, are you okay?"

After what seemed like an eternity, Starfire finally blinked and turned to face Raven and Robin, tears filling her big green eyes. Robin put a hand on his girlfriend's shoulder and spoke to her with the gentle tone he only ever used with Starfire.

"Star, what happened?"

Without warning, Starfire threw her arms around Robin and began to sob into his shoulder. Despite how upsetting the situation was, Raven found it difficult not to laugh at how uncomfortable Robin looked when his naked, wet girlfriend pulled him in for a hug. His discomfort didn't stop him from returning her embrace, however.

After watching his awkward attempts to comfort Starfire for a few moments, Raven cleared her throat. The young couple looked over at her.

"Starfire, remember that discussion we had about humans and their feelings about nudity?"

The alieness blushed before releasing Robin and wrapping the shower curtain tighter around her. She finally spoke to her friends.

"I apologize. I was not thinking clearly."

Robin shook his head.

"That's not important right now, Star. Just please tell us what happened to you. What did Beast Boy do?"

Starfire gulped and took a deep breath.

"It is not what Beast Boy did that frightened me so. It was… What I saw behind Beast Boy."

"Behind Beast Boy? There was nothing behind-"

"It disappeared when you arrived, Robin. But I must know… Why did you lie to me?"

"Lie to you? I never-"

"You told me that the Slenderman was not real. I saw him. He was standing behind Beast Boy, controlling him. The whole room went cold and I believed that I was going to die… My whole life flashed before my eyes… I even saw a future I believed I was about to be robbed of…" Starfire's eyes filled with tears again and she looked Robin right in his masked eyes. "Why did you lie to me, boyfriend Robin?"

Raven and Robin could do nothing but stare at Starfire in shock. Robin attempted to stammer out an explanation and Raven cleared her throat.

"I think I can clear this up in the meeting. Besides, you need to go get dressed, Star."


Robin, Starfire, Raven and Cyborg all gathered in the Ops Center. Beast Boy was nowhere to be found. Robin stood to address his team.

"Okay, I went through all of the security footage from last night and I have some bad news. There is no footage from 3 am until 9 am, when we all woke up this morning. I did everything I could think of to try and manipulate the footage, but all I got was a bunch of static. Cyborg, what did your system record for those hours?"

"I was afraid you were gonna ask that." The half robot sighed and booted up the screen on his arm. "My system usually records everything, even when I'm asleep unless I'm out of power. But this time, I got nothin'. I even tried to do a quick back up to see if it was just a glitch, but I have absolutely no data from those 6 hours."

Robin sighed.

"So we have absolutely no data of what happened last night. Great."

"It gets worse. Whatever's going on around here is messing with my circuits. If I stick around, I'm worried I might…" Cyborg shook his head. "Anyway, Titans East asked me if I could head over soon and update their security system. I hate to leave you guys while all of this is going on, but-"

"No, don't even feel guilty about that. You can be more helpful to us alive and well in Steele City than here and… Not okay."

Cyborg smiled a little.

"Thanks guys. I'll probably head out after we're done here."

"No problem Cyborg. Alright, Raven, you said you might know something about all this?"

The empath nodded and stood as the team leader sat down.

"I checked all of my books for creatures that cause sporadic amnesia. I only found one result, in an old German folklore book. They call it… Der Groβmann. Or, that's one of his names. Today he's mostly known as Slenderman."

The remaining three Titans' eyes grew wide and they sat in stunned silence before Robin finally came to his senses.

"H-how is that possible? I thought Slenderman was just a made up video game character!"

"Apparently he's a very real demon. And I'm afraid he's taken Beast Boy as his proxy. That's why Beast Boy attacked Starfire in the shower. I believe the demon wants Starfire next, whether to control her or kill her, I don't know."

Robin pulled Starfire closer to him and the alieness spoke for the first time since the meeting started.

"Why does he wish to harm me at all? And why has he taken over Beast Boy?"

"I was just about to get to that. Slenderman's main target has always been children. Not only is Beast Boy the youngest of us, but he also was playing that stupid game nonstop for days. That left his mind vulnerable for possession."

"That still does not answer why he would wish to harm me next. I thought we determined that in Earth years, I am the third from being oldest, and you are younger than I?"

Raven, Cyborg and Robin looked awkwardly between each other, neither one wanting to explain to Starfire that it is probably because of her innocent and trusting nature.

Raven, ever the quick thinker, came up with an answer that would spare the Tamaranian's feelings.

"He can probably sense that I'm half demon. I'm also the only one with the means to get him out of Beast Boy's head. And until I do, all of you should probably keep your distance. Slenderman may temporarily release his control on Beast Boy and Beast Boy will go back to acting like his usual self. That doesn't mean it's safe to be around him. I'm not saying avoid him completely. I'm saying avoid being alone in a room with him. Especially you, Starfire. In the meantime, I'll work as fast as I can to banish Slenderman from our home."

"What can we do to help?"

"Act normal. Don't let the demon know that we know how to get rid of it. Leave anything demon related to me."


Business went on as usual in the tower. Raven was right; Beast Boy seemed to have regained control of himself since that morning's incident. He had entered the Ops center as the four remaining Titans were finishing their meeting, greeting them with a laughing cry of 'Dudes, who burned down breakfast?'

Cyborg left for Steele City a few hours after the meeting. Beast Boy was confused, but wished him luck on his trip.

After that, things were quiet in Titans tower. Robin refused to let Starfire out of his sight, Raven holed up in her room to research ways to free Beast Boy and Beast Boy stayed in the living room and played video games.

It seemed like it was going to be a perfectly normal night.

Until the power went out.

The four remaining Titans met in the living room, guided by the light of Starfire's ignited starbolt.

"Is everybody okay? What happened?"

Beast Boy shrugged.

"Probably just the circuit breaker. I can go flip the switch-"

"No!" Beast Boy tilted his head at Robin, who cleared his throat. "I mean, Starfire and I can handle it. Last time you tried to fix the power, you electrocuted yourself. Just stay up here with Raven and call us if the power turns back on. Let's go, Star."

With that, the young couple headed to the basement, leaving Raven and Beast Boy alone in the living room.

Beast Boy, never one to handle silence well, tried to start a conversation between them.

"So… Where you been all day Rae-Rae?"

The demoness narrowed her eyes at the green changeling.

"How many times do I have to tell you not to call me Rae-Rae?"

Beast Boy chuckled darkly. Raven could practically see the darkness beginning to veil his forest green eyes.

"Come on… I know you like that I have a nickname for you."

"You didn't come up with that. Mother Mae-Eye did."

"Well I know you like it when I call you it. And I know that you like me."

Raven took a deep breath and closed her eyes to maintain control of her emotions. She made a quick mental check of Nevermore. Happy and Passion were screaming their brains out over this (or, more accurately, they were screaming Raven's brain out). She saw Wisdom, in her light blue cloak mouth to her.

"The demon is trying to seduce you into joining his cause."

Raven opened her eyes and knew she had to act now, while it could still be possible for Beast Boy to stay in control.

"What about that girl who looks like Terra?"

Beast Boy's face fell, his pointy ears drooping too.

"Oh. Terra. I, uh…" He nervously scratched the back of his head. "I kinda threw dirt in her face trying to get her to use her powers. I think it could've gone worse. I could've thrown a rock at her head."

"But she still wants nothing to do with you."

"No, not at all."


"The smoothest, babe."

"Don't call me babe."

"Well it's either babe or Rae-Rae."

"How about you call me Raven or I banish you to another dimension?" Somehow during the duration of this conversation, Beast Boy had gotten closer to her. Raven seized the opportunity to see what was happening in his mind. She reached out and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Azarath, Metrion, Ziiiiinthos…"

The inside of Beast Boy's head was completely blank, which was alarming, even for someone like Beast Boy.

"Beast Boy, where are you?"

"Raven? Is that you?"

Beast Boy stepped out from the shadows of his mind. His clothes were tattered, he was bruised and bloody.

"Beast Boy… What happened to you?"

"It's got me Raven. I can't escape. It's too late for me; get out before it gets you too!"

As Beast Boy uttered his warning, black tentacles wrapped around his arms, legs and torso, and dragged him to the ground. Raven could do nothing but watch as Beast Boy was dragged back into the darkness, screaming the whole way.

"Beast Boy!"

A dark, warped, demonic voice replied to her.

"The foolish daughter of Trigon, trying to save her human plaything…"

"He is NOT my plaything! I'm not like you! Humans aren't my toys! And you aren't welcome here!"

"That's where you're wrong. You see, this little green one has invited me here. I own his heart, his soul and his mind. It is YOU who is not welcome here!"

With that, Raven was thrown out of Beast Boy's mind, her physical being thrown across the room as well. She looked up at the green changeling, who was chuckling darkly. When he spoke, the same voice Raven heard inside of his mind spoke with him.

"You shouldn't have done that."

Meanwhile, in the basement, Robin was attempting to find the source of the power outage from the light of Starfire's starbolt.

"You're being pretty quiet, Star. Are you okay?"

"I am fine… I just… Whenever we come to the basement, terrible things happen. Is it not possible for us to move all of the important things in here from this dark, scary room to a different location?"

Robin chuckled and turned to face his alien girlfriend.

"You have nothing to worry about. I'll get the power back on in no time; we won't be down here long enough for something bad to happen."

Before Starfire could reply, there was a loud crash from upstairs, followed by a rumbling that vibrated through the whole tower, possibly even through the whole city.

Robin and Starfire ran upstairs faster than Starfire could say 'I told you so', and were greeted by one of the most terrifying sights the two teens had ever seen in their young, tragedy filled lives.

Raven's eyes had doubled and were glowing red, the marks of Trigon marring her skin, her cloak billowing around her in an unnatural breeze. Beast Boy was shifted somewhere between man and the Beast. His arms and legs had grown and his fingers and toes were tipped with claws, but his head was still human. Standing behind him was Slenderman, who had his tentacles wrapped around the changeling, controlling him. Beast Boy was slashing his claws at Raven, who was blocking his blows with her dark aura.

Before Robin and Starfire could concoct a plan to intervene, Slenderman and Beast Boy spoke.

"Your power is admirable, daughter of Trigon. Imagine how easily the two of us could conquer the humans of this pathetic plane. It would only be a matter of eliminating the alien and the acrobat and then we could do as we please."

"NEVER! These are my friends! This is my home! And I command you, as the daughter of Trigon to leave this plane and NEVER RETURN!"

"I'd like to see you try to force me out! You think you're above your nature; that you're better than other demons. You know as well as I that the only way to make me leave is to kill your friend! And that's just beneath you, isn't it?"

Raven's demonic side started to fade at the mention of killing Beast Boy. She knew Slenderman was right. The only way to force him out was to kill Beast Boy.

Or was it?

Raven whispered so quietly, the others in the room could barely hear her.

"It's worth a shot…"

Of every next action Slenderman had calculated, Raven took an option he never would have foreseen.

She floated over to Beast Boy, put her hand on the back of his neck and pulled him down for a kiss.

Robin and Starfire's jaws hit the floor. They both knew that Raven had slight feelings for Beast Boy but what in the hell convinced her NOW was the time to express those feelings?

They were so busy trying to piece together this mystery; they didn't even notice Slenderman's tentacles releasing Beast Boy… And wrapping around Raven. Once he had his full grip on Raven, she released Beast Boy and fell to her knees, screaming in agony. Beast Boy shifted back into his human self, and fell unconscious.

Robin and Starfire ran over to Raven, who was thrashing violently, desperately trying to get rid of Slenderman. Raven saw them running over to her.

"Don't touch me!"

The young couple stopped in their tracks.

"Why did you kiss Beast Boy?!"

"I thought it was worth the risk! I thought I could absorb Slenderman and my Rage would defeat him, but it's not working! I- I-"

Raven screamed in pure anguish before being engulfed by a bright white light. Robin and Starfire shielded their eyes against the sudden brightness.

When the light faded, Raven was gone.

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