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Lucky Call
Edward and Bella
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All she has is his name, the sound of his voice, his phone and the memories of one night to go on. She doesn't know why she didn't ask for his number. She doesn't know a lot of things… but she's willing to find him to get the answers. Could a little spot of luck and connecting the dots get her to him before his Paris-bound flight leaves Heathrow airport?



Have you ever had passionate, fan-fucking-tastic sex with a guy that you randomly met at a night club? A guy who'd been so… captivating that you felt like you just couldn't look away, like you couldn't give up the opportunity to spend even a night with him? Have you ever experienced a connection so deep?

And have you had all that only to find yourself alone in the hotel room with no evidence of said guy—no note, no left behind items, even the bed was made up?

No? Shame.

The smile that's on my face as I remember last night doesn't last very long when I wake up and realise why the bed is so damn cold. Looking around the room, I frown as I think, for a brief moment, that maybe it was just some dream.

Some very vivid dream.

I move to bring my legs up to my chest, and in that, I get my answer. The dull ache in my thighs, arms, and, indeed, my core, reminds me of just how hard we went at it last night. I smile as memories flood my mind.

The guy—Edward—was French and really, really hot. He was tall, just under a foot taller than my 5'3". He was lean, but muscly, without being overly so, something I always fancied in a guy. His eyes were the most beautiful forest green, and his hair was the oddest colour… bronze, coppery; it was also the best fucking fuck me hair I'd ever seen.

His voice was gorgeous—soft lilts that nearly made my panties drop—especially when he spoke in French. Though my French was purely from High School, and not very good, I could mostly tell what he was saying; the man could hardly speak English, and when he did, even that was cute… sexy.

Oh, and his ass…

I had wanted him instantly, and I made my move on him. Luckily for me, though, he was interested in me as well.

More than that, though, I had felt this strange connection to him. The second I laid eyes on him, the second our eyes connected, something in me just… I can't even describe it. He was just so perfect, and I wanted him… for more than just one night.

And I could swear he felt it too… I think to myself, remembering every breath, every touch, and every look. One thing stuck out to me; the words he spoke as he spooned me while we were falling asleep, in French though they were, seemed so desperate, longing and hopeful, but somehow… resigned.

"Mon Dieu, tu es si belle. J'aimerai tant ne pas avoir à te quitter. Seras-tu mienne?"

There's just something in me that tells me that I need to know what he said.

Oh, well, I'll ask Rose later.

I sigh again, shaking my head in an effort to clear my mind as I pull the covers back, getting up out of bed.

Note: Chapter 1 is longer than the most, but the actual chapter not including this or the thing at the top is 498 words.


Mon Dieu, tu es si belle. J'aimerai tant ne pas avoir à te quitter. Seras-tu mienne?—"My god, you're so beautiful. I'd love to not have to leave you. Would you be mine?"


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