At 20,000 feet Jay Jay was hovering inches from Oscar's back, Oh the tempting thoughts of covering his back in warm oil was interfering with his flight pattern already. Gliding up to Oscar's propeller he whispered in his ear "Take me now Oscar I can't stand it, My landing gear is already glistening with oil, I need a good fuck!" Oscar blushed immediately and without hesitation does a half barrel roll. "Ride me Jay Jay, I've already spread my gear for you.", On cue Jay Jay lands on Oscar's tummy and starts to grind their gear together vigorously. Oscar not having a good fuck in awhile begins to shake and tremble in the wind. "Ohhhh God Jay Jay we're almost here, I want you to know I've always loved you the most out of all the other planes and I'm glad you decided to cum with me." With that being said Oscar leans in to swap saliva with Jay Jay while they dive downward towards the Twin Towers. In unison the both scream as loud as they can "FUCK I"M CUMING!" and spew each others oil all over one another. Before the pair breaks away they seal their love with a french kiss, They then drift apart and crash into the towers to show their love for each other and the great Allah as thousands of humans scream in terror at what their feeble minds can never understand. 9-11 was neither a tragedy or an act of terrorism but only an expression of true intimacy that the infidels can never hope to obtain.