AN: So, I have my end of year exams next week :( AHHH! :( anyway my first couple of attempts at revising this week EPICALLY FAILED so yesterday I spent ages making a very logical and thought through revision timetable so I have LOTS of breaks, no distractions and lets just say some unusual revision methods...

This is my written English timed revision. let me know what you think!

Describe the best garden in the world AND the worst garden in the world.

Time taken - 10 minutes (including planning)

Two sides of the same mirror

It's like two sides of the same mirror.

On one side there's sparkles and butterflies all floating around flowers and statues.

On the other there are goblins and ghouls witches and warlocks all obsessed with crossing to the other wonderland behind the silky smooth glass constantly taunting them with promises of their wildest wishes.

Nobody knows how it got there; all they know is that it stands tall and ancient willing you to look inside.

Centuries have passed but it still stands strong - the two faced mirror.

Madness is exposed but peace quickly counters a constant battle between weeds and trawls.

Nobody dears enter into the dark abyss whereas everyone dreams about the angels they would become if only they could pass through to their dream land. The overwhelming sent it brings to you makes your eyes water and jaw dangle in desire – if only you could touch the beauty of it would make everything clear in your mind because the thought being surrounded by tangled poisoned plants all you life plunges you into darkness.

The old tale says that mirrors never lie but this one is the exception.

It tricks you and teases you until you can't take it anymore but when you give in and try to solve the mystery it consumes you,

Some say it's because neither world is real but those who have been turned into maniacs only say one thing: 'to weed or not to weed that is the question'

It's just two sides of the same mirror.

AN: Sorry if that was terrible! I'm not good at times things. I'm gonna write another one with a different question and I might upload that too.

BYEEE! :D xxx