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On Sea

Zoro was fast asleep on the grass while Chopper was on watch. Zoro accidently came out on his shift early, so he fell back to sleep on the grass. They were heading towards Zoro's home island. Some how Nami was able to figure out just by the way he describe the place.

Chopper was worried what the first mate will choose. He only came because Mihawk was on that path. He already knew his own decision but can't figure out the others.

Chopper walked over and punched Zoro in the chest. He shouted in his ear, "Zoro its your shift!"

Zoro woke with a startled, rubbing his eyes sleepily. He yawned and said, "No need to wake me up so roughly!"

"Its the only way to wake you up. You are dead asleep expect when enemy comes or Luffy calls for you."

Zoro scratched his head before getting up to lean against the rail. He said, "Thanks for waking me up."

Chopper walked over and asked, "Are you leaving tomorrow?"

Zoro shrugged and said, "You better go get some sleep."

Chopper nodded and started down the stairs. He turned to see Zoro pulling Wado out of his sash and laying it against his lap.

'He looks so lonely, just sitting there by himself.' Chopper though before slipping into his room.

Zoro sat on the deck staring at Wado, who he had before he even left on adventure. The sword he got after Kuina died from her father.

'I did it Kuina, I kept our promise. I am the greatest swordsman in the world now but also I am the first mate of the Straw Hats."

Shimotsuki Island

Zoro hopped off the ship leaving a note that he will be back in a couple of hours saying his sensei didn't like other pirates.

Zoro walked into the Dojo with a smile from how familiar it still was from 15 years ago. He walked into the shrine where he found Kuina's dad sitting down. Wado started pulsing against his hip. Zoro toke a seat a few feet behind him, and laid his swords down and didn't say a word.

After a few minutes the sensei turned to face him, tears running down his face, "Good morning, Zoro."

Zoro bowed slightly, "Good morning sensei."

He smiled. "Kuina will been really proud to know that you kept your promise."

Zoro frowned, "Yea, Wado was a great sword to wield. I wouldn't have survive without it."

The sensei smiled, "I am happy you asked to use that wonderful sword." He toke a bow, "Congrats Roronoa Zoro, the greatest swordsman in the world."

Zoro scratched the back of his head, "Thanks sensei."

"I have one question though. How did you come a pirate, even more, how you come King of Pirate's first mate?"

Zoro laughed, "Once Luffy sets his eyes on someone he won't let you tell him no. I was the first person to join the crew. I have no say over the other guys."

"Is he crazy as people say in the papers?"

Zoro gave a huge smile, "No papers can tell you how crazy captain is. You wouldn't believe how many times he slammed into me or threw me around. He asked a skeleton and a mermaid, 'do you poop?' sometimes I wonder if I got on the wrong ship."

Sensei laughed, "He sounds crazy. What keeps you guys following him than?"

Zoro looked up at the ceiling while saying, "Loyalty, some of them don't want to be alone ever again. After a while everyone wants give their power so Luffy can become the pirate king just liked he wanted our dreams to come true. I cannot even remember how many times one of us were ready to die to show Luffy will become pirate king."

Sensei nodded, "I understand you now, the bounds that tie you to him. What is your guy's plans now?"

"We are heading to everyone home and they can leave if they want. Than we are heading to pick up nakama that stay behind."

"So you are going keep traveling with them?"

Zoro nodded,"Someone needs to keep an eye on Luffy. He comes sad when a nakama leaves and I am mostly the shoulder to cry on. Even if his brother has join a captain and first mate is still the most important bound."

Sensei smiled, "I am happy for you Zoro and I wish you luck on your travels."

Zoro stood up and put the swords back is his hakesha, "Thank you for all your teachings, sensei. I am going stop at Kuina's grave before leaving."


Zoro put some flowers in the holder before taking a seat, "We did Kuina one of us became the greatest swordsman in the world. Did you know you have a twin who is a marine, she has the same goal, to prove woman can be a great swordsmen also. The only difference is she wears glasses."

Zoro felt his cheeks coming wet consciousness he started crying, "Good bye Kuina."

He stood up as wind blew pass him and he heard a whispering voice, "Take care Zoro, the greatest swordsman in the world." Zoro smiled and slowly headed back to the ship.

Out of sight Luffy stood on the hill staring out towards his first mate. He smiled, "I am happy that you decide to stay Zoro."

Sanji stood behind him smoking a cigarette without saying a word. No doubt if Zoro left he would been the next first mate but Sanji was happy deep down that Zoro staying.

"Lets get going Sanji."

As Luffy turned a breeze passed by whispering, "Take care of Zoro and don't let him lose his smile."

Zoro hopped on the ship one hour later, getting lost 5 times trying to find the ship.

Luffy, Chopper, and Usopp were running around playing tag. Nami was studying her maps looking for the easiest route to Usopp's home. Robin was reading a book and drinking a glass of coffee. Brooke was playing music on the stairs. The others were inside.

Luffy was first one to notice Zoro, "Zoro welcome back, finish everything?"

Zoro nodded as he walked over to the anchor already to set sail again. Chopper ran over hugging him around the legs and asked, "You are staying with us for good?!"

Zoro patted his head with a small smile, "Of course, someone has to protect you from Demon Nami."

Nami let out a growl at Zoro's words, "Shut up Zoro or I will higher your debt."

Zoro let out a sweat drop before looking at Luffy, "Ready to set sail captain?"

Luffy got excited, "Alright everyone, set sail to Usopp's hometown!"

Robin looked up as she closed her book, "Before we go to Usopp's can we make a detour?"

Everyone turned to look at Robin. Nami reopened her maps and asked, "Where will you like to go Robin?"

Robin looked down at her lap, "Is not on any map for last 25 years."

Everyone knew right away what Robin was talking about. Nami walked over and laid a hand on her shoulder "Are you sure you want to go there?"

Robin bit on her bottom lip and nodded, "I want to go and say my good byes by showing them their dreams came true."

Luffy nodded and said, "Alright if you are sure Robin. Lets set sail to..."

"Ohara." Robin's voice cracked as she said her home island."

"Lets set sail to Ohara!"

"Thank you captain."