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Chapter 1 – The Fight

It was a bright sunny day in Jump City, the beautiful city where the famous Teen Titans resided. Currently, the Teen Titans are fighting a really irritating British villain (no offense to Brits). Mad Mod!

The Titans were fighting Mad Mod and his robots with determination and vigour. However, due to a minor setback, they weren't making much progress. What is this inconvenience, you ask? Well, before the fight started, Mad Mod shot a laser beam at the Titans, rendering the Titans powerless.

Robin, who was the only Titan not affected by the laser beam, yelled, "TITANS GO!". Robin ran towards the robots and destroyed them with his bo staff. He turned round to check on the other Titans only to find them unmoving and not attacking the robots.

"What are you guys still standing around here for, get moving!"

Beast Boy spoke up uncertainly, "Uh, dude, we kinda can't."

"And just what is that supposed to mean?!" snapped a pissed boy wonder.

"That beam Mod shot at us made us powerless. We can't exactly jump right in and beat those robots, can we, boy wonder?" Raven asked sarcastically in her signature monotone.

Robin glared at Raven for the 'boy wonder' comment. "We trained in hand-to-hand combat every week! Surely you guys would be able to handle these robots. Or at least get Mod's cane!" Robin said as he continued destroying more of Mod's robots.

"Friend Robin is correct. Let us commence in the kicking of the butts!" Starfire said, taking a defensive stance.

The other Titans nodded in agreement and proceeded to help Robin. However, they weren't much of a help and had to occasionally pair up to destroy a robot.

"Ugh! The robots keep coming! And you four aren't much of a help!" Robin said in frustration.

"Hey! At least we are helping, spiky haired jerk!" Cyborg yelled indignantly.

"Talk about ungrateful!" Raven snapped, glaring holes in Robin's head.

"Yeah, you wouldn't even last a chance against these guys." Beast Boy added.

Robin ignored his teammates complains and said, "Titans, get Mod's cane and destroy it! That was the key to deactivating the robots last time!".

"Um, yeah, but dude, what about-"

"No time for questions!" Robin snapped.

"Friend Robin, please-"

"I don't think that-"

"Man, how are we-"

"Silence! Titans go!" Robin interrupted, paying no heed to his teammates protests.

The Titans ran at Mod head on but only encountered more robots along the way. Soon the Titans were surrounded.

"Yes, my duckies, bow before the power of Mad Mod!" Mod yelled, doing his evil villain laugh.

"Great idea, Robin. Attack Mod and get the cane. Did you happen to forget about these robots?" Raven said sarcastically.

"Oh, friends, I believe we are as you say 'doomed'!" Starfire said frantically as she tried to fly.

"I agree with the lil lady. After all it was all Robin's bright idea." Cyborg said as he punched a robot.

"Well, what else could we do?! It was the only plan we have!" Robin said angrily, thwacking a robot with his bo staff.

"Yeaaahh, but rushing into a fight head on is reckless. Even I know that!" Beast Boy scoffed.

"You're one to talk! I'm surprised you even know the meaning of 'reckless'! You should be the one lectured about recklessness, not me! And isn't that what the Doom Patrol did all the time?!" Robin retorted.

There was a loud CRACK as Beast Boy broke a robot's head. The other three Titans flinched, even Raven. Oh, Robin did not just go there. Everyone knew the Doom Patrol was a sensitive topic for Beast Boy.

Beast Boy shot Robin a glare even Batman would be proud of.

"You want reckless? I'll show you reckless!" Beast Boy yelled.

With a roar of fury, Beast Boy dispatched a dozen robots. He destroyed most if not all the robots surrounding the Titans. Beast Boy ran towards Mod, encountering robot soldiers along the way. This did not faze him and he gave them a few expert kicks and punches.

Soon, Mad Mod realized that his robots were no match for the green Titan and began to flee. This only enraged Beast Boy as he finally reached Mod and pinned him down. He snatched the cane from Mod and broke it. However, the robots did not cease attacking the Titans.

Beast Boy turned to glare at Robin, "Now what, oh fearless leader?! I broke the cane, just like you wanted to!".

Robin glared back at Beast Boy, but did not answer.

Raven interrupted their stare down, "Well, we did get our powers back."

Beast Boy turned back to Mod, who looked frightened by the look on Beast Boy's face.

"How do you stop these robots?!" Beast Boy growled.

"I-I don't know! They don't have an off switch!" Mod stammered.

"WHAT! What kind of idiot are you not to have an off switch?! How do you control them?!" Beast Boy snarled.

"It's my magical cane! But you broke it so the robots can't stop! Ah! Don't kill me!" Mad Mod yelled in fright.

"Pathetic. Scum like you should stay in jail." Beast Boy spat.

The other Titans eyes bugged out when they heard Beast Boy use such a cold and menacing voice. Then Beast Boy punched Mod, knocking him out. Then he strode over to the broken cane and meddled with it for a few minutes while the other Titans kept the remaining robots at bay. Beast Boy finally found a small object in the ruby button of the magic cane.

"A voice detecting device. How crude." Beast Boy snorted. "Well, I'm a little out of practice, but this should work."

Beast Boy cleared his throat and sounded a few words quietly. Then he took a deep breath and said in his best imitation, "Alright, robots...uh...duckies! Retreat and power off!"

To Beast Boy's relief, the robots followed his order and stopped attacking the city and the Titans.

"I didn't know you could do that." Raven said, surprise clearly evident in her voice.

"Yeah man, you nearly fooled me there! I thought that was Mad Mod! And since when could you do all those awesome moves?" Cyborg asked.

"Huh? Oh, that. I guess I'm just a natural. Heh heh." Beast Boy said, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly.

"Oh, friend! Perhaps you could do the teaching of this most glorious talent! I would love to learn this skill too!" Starfire said cheerfully.

"Uh, sure, Star, I guess I could." Beast Boy replied.

"Glorious!" Starfire shrieked in excitement and gave Beast Boy a bone-crushing hug.

"Star…, can't breathe!" Beast Boy gasped.

"Oh, apologies, friend." Starfire blushed in embarrassment.

"Yo, people! It's lunch and Cyborg's stomach is hungry! How 'bout we go for pizza!" Cyborg yelled.

"Uh, I'll pass. I need to meditate." Raven said, disappearing in a mass of black energy.

"Friend Raven, wait! We promised to perform braiding maneuvers upon each other's hair!" Starfire said, flying back to the Tower.

"Just order take out. Remember I want the Veggie Supreme. And no meat!" Beast Boy said as he transformed into a pterodactyl and took to the skies.

"You wish, grass stain!"Cyborg yelled at Beast Boy.

Then he turned to Robin, "And what're you gonna do? Follow me to get some delicious pizza?"

"No thanks. Got to take Mod to jail." Robin said shortly.

"Huh, wonder what's eating him?" Cyborg pondered before shrugging as he walked to the pizza stand.