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Chapter 8- Titans Together

The next morning, Beast Boy and Robin were sitting in the common room watching the television. Well, Beast Boy was, Robin was fiddling with his communicator.

CLICK! Beast Boy's eye twitched. "Dude! Will you stop doing that? It's really annoying! Just call her already! Or at least do this in your room! I'm trying to watch my show here, you know!"

Robin sighed. "Should I call her? But what if I interrupt her? I don't want to bother or trouble her. But then again, what if she needs help or advice?"

"Ugghh. Seriously. Why am I stuck with you of all people?" Beast Boy groaned.

Just then, the doors slid open and Starfire flew in.

"Oh, friends! I have missed you dearly!" Starfire exclaimed, engulfing Beast Boy and Robin in a bone-crushing hug.

"I-uh…we missed you too, Star." Robin said, smiling at Starfire.

"Where are friends Cyborg and Raven?" Starfire questioned.

"They're still out of town. How was your trip, Star?" Robin asked.

"Glorious! I have also learned a new recipe! Would you like to try my new dish, friends?"

Robin and Beast Boy paled.

Robin tried to look for an excuse. "Uhh…"

"Um, Robin was just saying that he really missed your cooking! He said he couldn't wait till you got back so he could have a taste of your 'delicious' food. So I'm sure he would love to try your new dish. Right, Robin?" Beast Boy asked, smirking at Robin.

"Wait, what? I didn't-"Before Robin could finish, Starfire squealed and dragged Robin to the kitchen.

Beast Boy laughed silently at Robin's demise while Robin glared at Beast Boy with killer's intent.

Suddenly, a black portal appeared out of nowhere and Raven stepped out.

"Friend Raven! You have returned!" Starfire shrieked.

"No hugs." Raven said, stopping Starfire. "I am never ever going to go to another ceremony in my life."

"Why? What happened? Someone didn't let you wear your cape?" Beast Boy asked, sniggering slightly.

Raven glared at Beast Boy. "I don't want to talk about it. I need my herbal tea."

Robin, who was still shooting Beast Boy death glares, suddenly grinned evilly.

"Hey, Raven, did you notice that your herbal tea have been lessening quite fast these days?" Robin asked as casually as he could.

Beast Boy's eyes widened and silently mouthed a 'no' behind Raven's back.

"I don't bother to count how much tea is in my tea box. I'm not as paranoid as you, Robin." Raven droned in reply.

"Well, someone has been stealing your tea every day. Wouldn't you like to know who?" Robin asked slyly.

Beast Boy was now hyperventilating and looked about to faint.

Raven filled the kettle with water and looked back at Robin. "Enlighten me."

"That person is sitting right behind you. And his name is…Beast Boy!" Robin said dramatically.

"I know." Raven replied.

"You what?!" Robin said in shock.

Beast Boy cracked open an eye. "How did you-?"

Raven raised an eyebrow. "Did you really think that I wouldn't notice some of my tea is missing? I also caught you drinking my tea last week."

"So you're not going to kill me?" Beast Boy asked hopefully.

"No. But in the future, ask me for permission first." Raven said.

"YES! I'm not dead! What were you going to do, Robin? Condemn me to my death? Well, it didn't work! Hah!" Beast Boy yelled triumphantly.

Robin sulked, his arms crossed. No fair! Raven was supposed to send him to another dimension or something!

Starfire interrupted Robin from his thoughts. "Robin, have a taste of my Tamaranean stew." Starfire said happily, putting a plate of alien food in front of him.

Robin gulped and scooped a spoonful of the alien mush into his mouth. He forced it down his throat and shivered.

"Umm, good, very good!" Robin said, faking a smile, while internally screaming at the taste of the food.

"Joy! And you, friends?" Starfire asked, turning to Beast Boy and Raven.

"Just ate, sorry!" Beast Boy said quickly.

"Not hungry." Raven replied in her usual monotone.

After Robin washed the taste of Starfire's food from his mouth, he said, "I think I'm going to call Cyborg. Everyone's here except him."

"You gave him three days, remember?" Raven said, walking to the living room with a cup of herbal tea.

"This is the third day!" Robin said in agitation. He opened his communicator and spoke into it. "Cyborg! Where are you?!"

A deep and masculine voice spoke into his ear. "Behind you."

Robin jumped and fell off his chair with a shout.

"Ha ha ha! That was priceless, man!"

Robin recovered from his shock and said angrily, "Cyborg! You nearly gave me a heart attack!"

"Eh, you'll live. Yo, grass stain! Wanna play Rocket Racers 2.0?" Cyborg called.

"Oh, you're on, tin can!" Beast Boy yelled, jumping onto the couch.

Raven watched Beast Boy and Cyborg play their game and smirked slightly. Even she had to admit she missed the Titans when she was away. Starfire and Robin joined the other Titans in the living room and smiled at their friends antics. The Titans are not just friends and teammates, they're a family. And right now, nobody can separate them.