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Obliviate: The Worst Thing They'll Never Remember

Ever since she had first been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Hermione Granger had been simply fascinated by spells. She had become so fascinated in fact that she'd spent hours pouring over the details of each and every spell she managed to come across. She simply refused to end her research until she had permanently memorized the textbook definition of every one. Harry and Ron often joked that she was a living, breathing textbook of spell knowledge and Hermione supposed that in a way they were right.

Over the years she had even turned her relentless need to acquire information into a game of sorts. In addition to learning the exact formal definition of each spell she also challenged herself to create a definition of her own, one that she felt could properly describe the effects of a spell in her everyday life. Expressing her thoughts about any particular spell had always proved to be rather easy. In time it had become so easy that she almost found it to be boring.

Yet she continued her game anyway. Hermione was not one to give up on anything after she had begun a task. And so the game continued on with little excitement until one day she happened across a spell that stumped her entirely. Obliviate. How exactly could a spell to take away your memories be described as anything other than what its technical definition already stated?

It was a question that had plagued her for years. She'd spent countless hours pondering her dilemma yet she had never managed to make any progress, until now. And now that she had finally found the answer to her unspoken question she wished she hadn't.

Hermione blinked away the tears that were threatening to spill from her eyes; this was no time to let the emotions of agony and despair overtake her. There would be plenty of time for that later. For now she needed to remain focused and confident that the decision she'd made would be the right one.

She quickly scribbled a note to herself on a piece of parchment and shoved it into the bag she had prepared to take with her once she left her parents' house for the last time. Hermione slung the bag over her shoulder and made her way to the sitting room. Shakily she raised her wand and aimed it at her unsuspecting parents.

"Obliviate," she whispered.

And with that one single word she had managed to wipe all memories of her from her parents' minds. If they looked at her now they would see a stranger where they used to see a daughter. They would never remember what they had lost, but she would. And it was that which had caused her to find her perfect definition of Obliviate.

As she apparated away before her parents could notice her presence a single thought crossed her mind. Hermione thought of the words that she had hastily written on the small scrap of parchment only moments before, the definition that she had finally found after so many years of searching.

Obliviate- The worst thing they'll never remember and the worst thing I'll never forget.