Title: Desiderium

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to J.K Rowling.

*** I'll give a warning to each chapter since they will vary.

Warnings: None for this chapter.

Author's Note: This is my first attempt writing a drarry fanfic, so be merciful. The POVs will change rapidly throughout the first chapter, but that's because I wanted you to understand both sides. This will change, however, in later chapters :). EDITED.

Chapter 1

Harry's POV

Sundays were normally quiet. No classes to worry about, no need to wake up early, and most of the students woke up relaxed so there weren't as many problems or fights between them.

Harry walked with Hermione and Ron by his side. He had decided to go flying after they finish eating. The pitch on Sundays was usually empty, and that meant Harry could fly for hours without anyone annoying him. When he told Ron, his friend was ecstatic and wanted to go with him, but Hermione of course wouldn't let that happen, since he wasn't finished with one of the essays. Ron had lowered his head, muttered his apologies to Harry, and reluctantly consented to going with Hermione to the library.

When they reached the Great Hall, Harry saw Malfoy standing outside with Zabini and Goyle. And he tried to ignore him, walking with his eyes on the ground – Harry didn't want any trouble anymore. But suddenly Malfoy walked towards him and his friends, and deliberately pushed him almost knocking him to the floor.

"watch where you're going, Potter!" he sneered.

"it's your own fault, Malfoy!" Harry hated, no no loathed the Slytherin so much!

"is it my fault that you're obsessed with me, Potter?" Malfoy had a way of spitting Harry's name that made Harry even more furious.

Harry gaped his mouth so wide at that. He was NOT obsessed with Malfoy, no matter what his friends, or stupid Malfoy said. Only Harry knew why he was following him. It had nothing to do with obsession, really! He just knew Malfoy was up to something.

Harry was no match to Malfoy when it came to insults though. That Slytherin bastard seemed to be able to turn Harry into an illiterate chimp!

"WHAT?! You pushed me Malfoy! If anyone is obsessed, it's you not me!" Harry was getting angry quite fast. And Malfoy's smirking face was very irritating. Why can't he be the smirking one for once? God, he hated the blond!

"If you say so, Potter" he was calm again, which made the brunette even more frantic.

Harry clenched his fists to stop himself from drawing his wand and hexing the smirk off the Slytherin's stupid face!

"Well…" Malfoy continued "I'd really like to stay here so you could look at me as much as you'd like…" Malfoy tapped his chin as if contemplating something, then added "hmm on second thought…no I wouldn't" he snickered again.

"Shut up, Malfoy! Like I'd ever look at a dea…at you!"

Malfoy snorted, and Harry almost felt guilty for nearly saying that, until the blond retorted deviously "your parents must be so proud scarhead…their son obsessed with a death eater…oh wait…" he smirked, "they're dead aren't they, Potter?" he turned his head to his friends, who seemed to smirk at him as well.

The insults in Harry's head weren't enough at all by now. It almost always ended up the same way. Malfoy had to just say something about Harry's parents, and Harry would just lose it. It vexed him how Malfoy, and only Malfoy could affect him so.

"Sod off, Malfoy!" Harry warned, but Malfoy didn't seem affected. In fact he looked like he was enjoying this.

Malfoy snorted "Don't flatter yourself Potter, if you weren't always looking for an opportunity to touch me, Iwould never bother even looking at you"

Was Malfoy being serious? Would he never look at him if Harry didn't shove him? Why wouldn't he look at him? He was a really good looking person, some may say he was even handsome. Malfoy should be happy to see Harry! Wait, that wasn't the point! Harry never pushed him on purpose, he never even pushed him at all! It was always Malfoy who started it.

Harry couldn't answer Malfoy at all, and it was quite frustrating. Ron, on the other hand, seemed encouraged by Harry's inability to do something. He looked at Malfoy with pure hatred in his eyes and spit out "leave him alone, you little ferret!" Malfoy only seemed to enjoy this more: "ohh look, Potter has a Weasel guard now, can't fight your own battles can you? And they call him our savior" Malfoy snickered, and his friends laughed with him.

"don't trouble yourself with him Ron, you're better than that" Hermione argued.

"no one's talking to you, you filthy little Mudblood" Malfoy shot at her.

Harry couldn't stand still, and without even noticing it, his fist connected with Malfoy's jaw, who stumbled but caught himself. Malfoy shot him a deadly glare and punched him in the face. They kept hitting each other until there was blood everywhere. Ron wanted to grab Harry away from Malfoy, but noticed that Zabini and Goyle weren't even moving. Soon, there were students gathered around them, shouting and cheering. One of the students went back to the Great Hall and called after Professor McGonagall. She went outside, a mix of anger and disappointment filtered in her eyes.

"Mr. Potter, Mr. Malfoy" Mafoy's fist stopped midway, and he looked up past Harry who was straddling him. Harry got his hands out of Malfoy's hair and looked up as well. "I thought this would have ended by now, I see your immaturity is the only thing that didn't change after the war" she shot them a disapproving look. "I'll expect you to show up for your detention tomorrow at 8 o'clock, as for now, you will follow me to the infirmary" she said and was soon walking away, with both boys behind her.

Harry was enraged! Malfoy had to keep making him disappoint McGonagall. She had talked with him the last time they fought, and had explained that it must have been tough for Malfoy to come back to school – giving his situation. She had lectured him about being the bigger man, and ignoring the Slytherin completely. But when Malfoy was acting like this, and insulting his dead parents, and his friend, he couldn't just stand there and take it. He had to shut him up somehow. Even so, he still felt this stinging feeling of disappointment – the look McGonagall had given him hurt him even more than anything that stupid blond had said.


Madam Pomfrey wasn't at all surprised to see them again. It was the third time since school started. Last time was a bit harsher, they had used their wands and hexed each other with not so easy hexes. Pomfrey had yelled at them for being so immature, and had told them that she didn't want to see either of them there again…oh well.

She looked at both of them with her disapproving look: "at least you didn't use your wands this time" she said, attended to them, and told them to rest.

Even though they've been there three times already, this time was a bit different. When Madam Pomfrey told them that they were free to go, Harry wasn't akin to leave. He wanted to stay in bed, here in the hospital wing, across from Malfoy. Which he explained was because he knew that Malfoy was thinking of something – probably illegal – to do. Of course he didn't want to watch Malfoy sleep, he was just being careful. But when Malfoy got up to leave, Harry jumped out of his bed and walked, or maybe lurked behind him.

Malfoy seemed to be heading nowhere. He was turning from one corridor to the next, and Harry had no idea where he now was. Malfoy must be up to something.