Lemon #1: Yata Misaki

Author's Note:

So I was really inspired to work with this character but I sort of had a difficult time trying to figure out what angle to take the whole thing from. While Yata is obviously terrified of interacting with the female species, he is also very passionate about things and goes into situations whole-heartedly. I attempted to write the lemon from both sides of this spectrum, but they both ended up going in a weird direction that I didn't really like, so I settled with this middle ground. Hope you enjoy.

(Also, constructive criticism and reviews are greatly appreciated and will go towards your further enjoyment)

"No fucking way! If you've never played this game in your life, how did you get so damn good at it?" Yata-kun yelled as I won another round of the game, his controller somehow ending up stuck in between the bedside table and the hamper. I chuckled and looked over at the teen as he fell backward onto the bed we were both sitting on. "It's just a natural talent; I was born with it."

I smirked his way as he turned his back to me. "Like I'm gonna fucking believe that! I bet its just beginner's luck. And you know what? BEGINNER'S LUCK RUNS OUT!" I crawled up the bed to him and peaked over his shoulder to get a look at his priceless expression; and to tease him a bit more. "Yata-kun…." I whispered in his ear as I watched his blush grow deeper "Is that a threat?"

"Sh-sh-shut up! Don't fucking tease me, woman!" I pouted in faux hurt. "You know you're not supposed to call your girlfriend woman, right?"

'Urg…" was the last thing I heard from him for a while. I played the videogame solo for a few minutes to let the anger blow off. Unless he could mash something to a pulp with his bat, it took a while for him to calm down completely.

I was just beginning to think he had fallen asleep when I felt his slim, warm arms wrap around my waist and his chin rest on my shoulder. Odd, I thought as I attempted to keep my mind focused on the game, he never wants to be this close… "(y/n)-chan?"

"Hm?" There was a bit of a pause between us as I slayed another monster and waited for him to speak. "Do you really consider me your boyfriend?" I felt an uncharacteristic blush spread across my cheeks as I remembered those last words I used to taunt him. "not supposed to call your girlfriend woman, right?" We never really clarified if it was that way between us. We always sort of let specific titles slip through our minds without ever needing them, but this was different. This was us.

I swallowed as the game easily overtook me and I found myself with no reason to remain looking forward. I glanced over my shoulder at him and knew our blushes were identical. Quickly, I turned my face away and stared at the corner of the room. "Yeah, I guess I kinda do."

Silence. For a ten second period that felt like an eternity there was no sound other than the pounding of my heart in my ears. "I sorta think of you as a girlfriend, too." I turned out of shock, both his voice and his words coming as a surprise to me. I had never seen him blush so much, every inch of his cheeks seemed to be flooding with color as he took ahold of the back of my neck and leaned forward.

To be honest, I was not expecting the kiss to be quite so…violent. He either watched too many old American-style movies or had no idea how strong he was. It wasn't so much that it lasted forever or that he was trying to eat my face, both of which I have previously experienced, but more that he was doing nothing more than pressing his lips too hard against mine.

He pulled back, hand dropping from my neck as he coughed weakly and glanced around the room, apparently lost for anything else to do. I smiled at his bravery before leaning into him, one hand tangling into his dark red locks and the other resting on his shoulder. "You have to relax a bit more." I told him gently, relishing in the softness of his gaze before raising myself up slightly to kiss him once more. He waited for me to make the first move and I took it, parting his lips softly with my own. There. That was so much better. I could actually feel his warmth, the soft heat of his lips as they rolled tentatively over mine; his arms once again finding their way around my waist, fingers gently brushing the skin beneath.

I kissed him until my lungs felt like they were going to burst from my chest in protest from the lack of oxygen. We pulled apart, both gasping for the breath our bodies begged for before I smiled gently up at his flushed face. I slipped my arms fully around his neck to bring us even closer and he leaned his forehead down to rest against my own. "Yata-kun…" I murmured lightly against his lips.

That seemed to be the last straw on his part. He groaned softly in response before I felt him turning me around, his weight dominating me as he guided me down onto the bed, a pillow meeting my head as I looked up at him, surprised. I probably shouldn't have been taken aback given all that had already happened that night, but I never would have expected him to be so bold.

When our lips met now, there was a drive to the kisses; they were warm and wet and utterly passion filled. I moaned into his mouth as he lifted my tee shirt up a few inches, exposing a bit of my stomach before his fingers ran over the soft skin. That action sparked an idea in my head and I slipped my hands beneath his own shirt, tugging on the fabric and hoping he got the message.

To my delight he did and I watched in excitement as he lifted himself off of me to kneel in between my parted legs and pull the shirt up and over his head, throwing it to the side where it landed without a second glance from either of us. He made his way back on top of me and I was immediately overtaken by the warmth of his bare skin, by the muscles of his abdomen and back as they shuddered at the slightest touch.

His mouth had begun a descent from my mouth over my flushed cheeks and then down further to my neck and collarbone. God, did his mouth feel good on my boiling skin, his lips kissing and sucking gently at places, his ever so sneaky tongue only brushing against me occasionally.

I closed my eyes and tried to push the discouraging thoughts, the lingering doubts at how it had so suddenly turned from a simple confession into sex from my mind. I lost myself to the pleasure his mouth made me feel, to the knowledge I was making him feel the same with just my touches, fingers drifting over defined muscles, over the rugged scar on his right shoulder, over places that made him growl lowly against my neck.

I felt the pressure of his hands on my shirt, telling me to sit up and get it off. I obliged, sitting up enough to slip off the item of clothing from my body, revealing my (skin tone) torso and slightly lacey bra I had miraculously decided to wear that day. He just looked at me for a moment, taking in the sight of my half-way exposed body before I felt his hands on my jeans, fingers making quick work of the button and zipper before slipping them off as well, leaving me blushing madly in nothing but my undergarments.

His eyes were glazed over with lust, the sight of my almost completely naked body spread out under him making it nearly impossible not to give in to simple bodily desires right then and there. He blinked several times and I watched nervously for his reaction. He smiled weakly at me and gingerly leaned forward to brush lips before he placed both hands on my hips, lifting me up to sit next to his kneeling figure.

Once I was comfortably seated, he slipped his hands further back as our lips met once more, fingers making their way to the back of my bra. I probably should have foreseen how much trouble he would have with the clasp and helped him, but I didn't think it would take such a short amount of time for him to get so flustered about it. He barely worked with the 'complicated' pieces of metal for a few seconds before the clasp was dissolved with a quick flick of his aura and he was free to look at my now completely exposed upper body.

I leaned back on my hands despite all of my instincts to cover myself; I let him break away from the kiss to slip his gaze down to my chest. One hand settled at my stomach, the other reassuringly squeezing my wrist before they both traveled upwards, cupping my breasts in their warm touch. I groaned out and let my head loll back as he gently kneaded the soft mounds, a look of wondrous amazement on his face as he leaned closer and kissed up my collarbone, all the way to my ear where he tugged lightly on the lobe with his teeth.

He was proud of himself, I could tell by his telltale smirk against my ear, the way his hands so expertly switched from kneading to circling on my breasts, hardened nipples poking against his palms. I moaned his name and my hips jerked involuntarily from the amount of over-stimulation I was receiving. His smirk grew and he kissed further down until his head was level with my chest, mouth quickly capturing a rosy bud, his sly little tongue appearing to encircle it.

I felt a whimper leave my lips and I tried to control my rapid breathing as our eyes met for a moment. His hazel orbs were speaking to me, telling me of his desire and arousal, of the feelings that came with knowing I was falling apart in his hands, speaking of things that could never be put into words. But beneath that I saw his own doubt, saw the Yata Misaki I'd always known the one who was scared he was doing the wrong thing, the one who just like me was wondering how we even ended up like this.

The locking of our eyes felt like forever, but at the same time like a heartbeat. He lifted his head and softly kissed my lips, initiating what felt like the first time we kissed. I intertwined my fingers through his copper locks and pulled him closer, drinking up all of the comfort and reassurance the kiss granted me, trying my best to tell him the same. He groaned against my lips and it ignited a spark deep inside my stomach.

I was lowered onto the bed again as he continued to kiss lower and lower, lips brushing over my ribs, tongue slipping into my bellybutton before making it to the top of my panties. He glanced up at me, making sure it was alright to proceed and I nodded despite the twinges of nervousness I was feeling over the thought of him seeing me completely naked. His fingers hooked underneath the thin fabric, slipping the small garment off of my body until I lay flushed and stripped beneath him. He kissed my lips once more before he settled himself at my lower body, using his hands to gently open my legs up wider.

I turned my face away at his touch, two of his fingers sliding up my most secret area before settling at just the right spot and applying pressure. I arched into his hand without realizing it, hands fisted into his bed sheets as he continued to circle the one spot that was making me come undone. I'm not really sure how long those moments lasted, my mind too consumed with how ridiculously amazing he was making me feel to even begin to comprehend time. The pleasure grew more and more until I was sure nothing would ever fell this good, his fingers moving faster and harder wanting to get me off as soon as possible given his current state of arousal. I could feel the sense of completely losing myself to him, my vision clouding over as my body reached the orgasm we had both been waiting for.

I panted heavily, body still throbbing from my release as I tried to regain some sort of sanity or consciousness. When I could recollect my surroundings I saw that Yata-kun was already kicking his boxers off, the sight of his manhood both exciting and intimidating. He slipped back over me, kissing me lightly on the lips before smiling at me whole-heartedly. "You're still a virgin, right?" I whispered as he positioned himself against my wet entrance. He blinked my way before smirking "Not for much longer, you know. Why?" I chuckled softly at his statement before sighing "That was really nice. It seemed like you'd had practice." I felt his breath against my ear as he breathed "Beginner's luck."

I smiled and kissed his cheek before preparing myself for him. He kissed my neck just under my ear, breath brushing sensitive skin while one hand moved to a breast where his fingers pinched a nipple. I sighed in content even though I knew those where meant as distractions from the possible discomfort of his entrance. I was surprised at the lack of pain, but just the odd feeling of something else inside of me in that way.

Yata-kun growled against my neck and his hand stilled for a moment as he became fully seated in me and my stomach flipped with knowing he enjoyed this so much. One of his hands rested beside my waist while the other was beside my head, positioning himself comfortably before beginning to move in a slow, steady rhythm. I spread my legs wider for him to have better access and he groaned again, burying his face deeper into my neck as he continued to grind against me.

God, that was actually beginning to feel fantastic, the sensations of him stretching and moving me was starting to penetrate my nerves, making it feel like he was stroking every bit of my body with each thrust. I moaned into his ear and he started to pick up the pace, going into new depths of my body I wasn't even aware were there before. I thrust my own hips up to meet his, trying to get him as deep inside of me as possible when I felt a jolt of pleasure. Repeating the action I found that there was a spot deep inside of me that was ultra-sensitive to the feeling of his member.

I kept thrusting in time with him, keeping up a pace I didn't think I could have when he began to tense, the building pleasure becoming too much for his body to take and I stopped to watch his flushed face as he came inside of me, hot bursts filling me up from the inside. I sighed despite not being able to come again, the knowledge that I had actually just had sex with my newly coined boyfriend being enough to make me happy for quite a while.

He rolled off of me, coming to lie beside me as we both caught our breath, his eyes still closed. I rolled onto my side to come up right next to him, looking down at his panting figure as I lay a hand flat-palmed on his chest. "Do you really think that beginner's luck runs out?" I murmured softly as he opened his eyes to gaze at me. His hand slipped up and took ahold of mine before gently squeezing it. "I think it depends on how much experience you build up. We should practice again sometime soon to make sure we stay on top of our skills."