Lemon #18: Hidaka Akira

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Author's Note:

I felt like having the reader in the dominant position for once but, ugh, what monstrosity have I created? In other news, it's three in the morning, I've got a pounding headache, and Hidaka is a fucking dork. Anyways, as always, you guys are amazing and fantastic and I love you. I hope you enjoy^^

When I opened the door to my bedroom that night, I didn't expect to see what I did. I wasn't expecting my sweet (albeit dorky) boyfriend to be sprawled out naked on my bed as his version of a 'birthday present'. The view had actually been quite funny at first, but I had to refrain from laughing lest I hurt his feelings; because I could tell he'd put a lot of work into this.

There were three roses on the bedside table, along with a single flickering candle that filled the room with a cinnamon-like aroma. He had laid the pillows out expertly and lay among them seductively, showing off the bare expanse of his torso and the simple ribbon he'd tied around his wrists to hold them together. I had been surprised to say the least, but at the same time… Jesus Christ, he looked hot like that.

I'm pretty sure he had been blushing, but I couldn't be positive, my mind and eyes too preoccupied with other matters to pay much attention to his cute expression. And I know he'd muttered out an awkward sounding invitation to join him, but I couldn't really remember the precise words, my hands too busy with locking the door behind me. To be honest, I found myself so taken with his body that the only thing I remembered was jumping him.

That's when I finally took notice of his adorable expression, and wondered how on Earth I'd be able to control myself.


The answer was I didn't control myself. At least not very well.

I pulled away from his mouth, breaking our previous connection when I finally ran out of the oxygen I needed to keep kissing him. I gasped for it desperately, but used the time to trail my fingers down Akira's muscled arms, feeling my way down to where the bit of silken ribbon still bound his hands. After seeing the way he eyed it, I could sense his dislike of the object.

Smiling softly, I leaned myself back over him and began kissing and sucking at his neck, fingering his bindings while I did so. This position he'd put me in was not one entirely healthy for me; the position of control. I tended to be a tease when I was the dominant one and we were both well aware of that. Still, I felt a bit bad for teasing him like this.

"Ne~, Akira-kunnn…" I purred into his ear, my body only excited further by his little shiver of pleasure. "Would you like it if I loosened you up?" He gasped as I licked his earlobe, teasing him with the tip of my tongue.

"Y-yes…" Giving his neck a nip of approval, I sat back on my knees to untie the ribbon. I had already discarded my tee-shirt, finding the lack of skin contact unsatisfactory, so my plain black bra was the only thing covering my torso. I watched his glazed brown eyes travel down and around the exposure as I removed his bindings completely.

"There~" I reassured, gently massaging his wrists to return the proper circulation "Does that feel better?"

I was amused to find him unable to do anything but nod as his throbbing arousal pressed deliciously against my backside, ultra-sensitive given his state of undress. Slowly, I placed two of my own fingers inside my mouth and generously lubricated them, trying to look as seductive as possible; I didn't miss the shiver that ran down his spine at the sight.

Giving him a confident smile, I scooted down his lap a bit farther until I had easy access to his hot heat. Wrapping the lubricated fingers around his erection, I gave a few uncertain pumps before his rocking hips brought me to the right tempo. I reveled in the sounds of pleasure he was emitting, every bit off groan and muffled grunt turning me on even more than I already was and driving me crazy with desires.

"Shit, (y/n), that's good…" I swallowed at his statement, wiggling my hips a bit at the stimulation his own pleasure brought me. I leaned forward and smothered his next groan with a kiss, a rather sloppy, tongue pushing, teeth clashing kiss, but a kiss nonetheless. When I pulled back, there was an even brighter blush on his cheeks, and his hands had fisted tightly into the sheets beneath us.

I gasped in surprise as I felt his knee press against my clothed crotch, rubbing me through the fabric of my sweatpants. My breathing intensified as he continued, his knee applying just the right pressure to keep me slowly losing my mind. I buried my face into the crook of his neck and gripped him a bit tighter, quickening the speed of my hand.

Damn, was I really gonna come just from this? Just from his knee, which was meant for the purpose of teasing, working me surprisingly well for not being the most refined style.

I must have really been horny.

When I felt myself nearing completion, my grip tightened on his member even more, relishing in his whimper of satisfaction that mingled with my own mewl of pleasure. I can't be sure which of us came first, but I know it wasn't very long after that. My own orgasm took me by surprise, having been brought on by a very sudden, very sensual press of Akira's knee to my most sensitive spot that made me twitch and moan with an untamed pleasure I only ever felt with him.

Our labored breathing mingled for a moment afterwards as we both fought for the oxygen our lungs begged for. After a moment of calming down my body, I was able to sit up a bit and look my lover in the eyes. "Akira-kun, that was… amazing."

He grinned up at me and I was glad to see the Hidaka Akira I knew and loved back again. "Yeah, yeah, it really was. So…" he reached up and pushed a few locks of sweaty hair out of my face before continuing "How did you like your birthday present?"

I smiled back, a mischievous glint appearing in my eyes for a second before I leaned down and connected our foreheads, looking down into his pretty brown eyes before murmuring "I never said I was done with you yet. We've got the whole night to ourselves, and I plan on enjoying this birthday present…"

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