"Mommy! Mommy!"

Endless tears, cries and sobs escaped his mouth as the rain relentlessly cascaded down his face.


"She isn't going to wake," a cat spoke. Its hair blue and its nose white.

The little boy with orange hair jumped. He turned to face the cat, almost instantly screaming for help after seeing it.

The cat crawled its way towards the boy. It hungered for his soul, sensing the potential darkness that lurked there. Instead of trying to reason with the boy, it sped up its pace. There were others that lurked within the darkness, others that wanted to boy's soul as well.

"Help me! Please! Mommy!" the little boy screamed.

There was a small flash of lightning before another person appeared. The boy froze his eyes wide and on the new pale stranger. "You were right Grimmjow," he addressed the cat, "The early bird gets the worm, but the patient one avoids the cat." With one kick, the pale stranger sent Grimmjow flying into the river.

The stranger turned his gaze onto the boy. He couldn't have been older than nine years. The stranger reached out his hand, black nails on white skin, and gently touched the boy's cheek. Spreading from the stranger's fingers, were black, petal like markings. They spread across the boy's skin. Meeting his eyes, they turned his brown red. Meeting his lips, they turned small teeth deathly sharp. Covering his body, they entered his soul and mind, and his eyes found the stranger as a friend.

"Ichigo," the boy's new friend said aloud.

The boy, Ichigo smiled, nodding as if answering an unspoken question. Ichigo wrapped his arms around the pale figure, crying out cheerfully, "Shiro, I'm so glad you're here!"

Shiro smirked darkly, running a hand through Ichigo's hair. "It'll be okay Ichigo. I'm here now."

It had been ten years since that day. Ichigo was out back working on his truck, a 2006 black Chevy. Ichigo worked the truck like magic, fixing any problems in a mere hour. Today was no different. He was shirtless; his muscled torso available for all the neighbours to see, and his silky orange hair had been grown out a little past his shoulders.

Just as the hour came to an end, Ichigo started up the engine and the smoke he'd been getting earlier had completely disappeared. After pocketing his keys, Ichigo wiped his hands clean of all grease and headed inside.

After running his hands through soap and water, Ichigo took out four bowls and poured soup into each of them. He'd been working on a vegetable and chicken stew earlier that day and let it cook while he was out working on his truck. Now that it was finished, Ichigo served the bowls and set the table, knowing that his sisters would be home in a matter of minutes.

Ichigo jumped over the back of the couch and landed perfectly in the center of the cushion. He took the remote into his hand and flipped through the channels until "Big Bang Theory" appeared in the channel listings. Ichigo selected it and enjoyed the five minutes of comedy he would get today.

Not too long after the door clicked and Karin and Yuzu came rushing through. Ichigo shut off the TV, walked around the couch a headed towards the kitchen. Yuzu practically tackled Ichigo while Karin remained fixed in her position leaning against the wall.

"Look Ichigo!" Yuzu screamed in delight. She threw a paper in Ichigo's face, a big 94 scribbled at the top. "I got a 94 on my science test!"

"Really?" Ichigo sounded disbelieving. He took the paper and examined it, making sure to hold the test out of Yuzu's reach. "The teacher must've made some sort of mistake."

"Ichigo!" Yuzu whined, highly offended.

Ichigo chuckled, handing the paper back to Yuzu. "What? I was gonna say something nice..."

Yuzu paused. "Really?"

"Yeah! My little sister should've gotten 100, not 94. The teacher made a mistake!"

Yuzu laughed then ran off to go find Isshin. Karin rolled her eyes then took a seat at the table, Ichigo following soon after.


It was late and with the late hours came shadows. Grimmjow stood in a particularly large shadow created by the Kurosaki family's house. He was observing the sky, using the moon to calculate what time it was. At exactly 9:43 Ichigo Kurosaki would be free of Shiro's spell, and he'd be up for grabs again.

"What are you doing here Grimmjow?"

Grimmjow yelped and fell from the roof. He turned to the pale demon and hissed.

"Kurosaki's still my boy, which means if you don't leave I have full rights to kill you." Shiro narrowed his eyes threateningly. He took a sword from his back, but ended up not needing it as Grimmjow slowly crawled away into the night.

"Tch," Shiro spat, "Good thing ya left. Otherwise I'd be feasting on demon tonight when I'd much rather devour my strawberry. Ah, yes, speaking of..."

Shiro took a few steps back towards Ichigo's window. He slipped through, and couldn't help the grin that spread across his lips as he did so. Shiro hovered over Ichigo's body looking down at the teenager with a crazed, hungry look in his eyes.

"Tonight, you're mine."


A soft tune played in Ichigo's head. Forget it by Breaking Benjamin, he thought it sounded like. Ichigo sighed, enjoying the fake sun of his dream. Ichigo was reliving a childhood memory. His hands were linked in Karin and Yuzu's and the three of them were running around a maze. Their father had gotten lost ages ago, but they had stopped worrying at about the same time.

Something fell onto Ichigo's nose, it felt like water. Karin and Yuzu disappeared as he let go of their hands to feel it. The sun turned red, the sky turned grey and Ichigo found himself standing in the middle of an empty parking lot. It began to rain, but the water had been replaced with blood.

Ichigo felt something grab his leg, he looked down and screamed at the black bony hand holding his ankle. He tried to kick free, but only succeeded in getting trapped by more hands. Ichigo's eyes went wide as he shadow began to grow. A pair of demonic red eyes and a sharp toothed grin appeared and the mouth devoured Ichigo.

Ichigo jumped up in his bed, his body lying in a pool of sweat. He ran his finger through his hair, his chest heaving up and down. Ichigo brought his feet over his bed... and they landed in something wet. Ichigo looked down finding his carpet soaked in blood. His eyes darted to the ceiling, and Ichigo screamed.

Yuzu was the first person he saw. Her eyes had been torn from her sockets, dry blood stained her skin, she wore a torn white dress and she was nailed to the ceiling by her hands and ankles. The second person Ichigo saw was Karin. She was dressed similarly to Yuzu and bloodied the same way as well, only her hair was missing. Then finally Ichigo looked into the dead eyes of his father, Isshin. He had been skinned alive, drained of all his blood and hung in chains.

"Beautiful aren't they? One of my finest works."

Ichigo gasped and turned to face the bed where Shiro now sat cross legged.

"Though, I could've given Isshin a suit."

"W-What did you d-do?" Ichigo asked half angered half fearful.

"Hmm? Oh, I killed them. I thought that was obvious," Shiro replied.

"Y-You...?" Ichigo dropped to his knees and screamed. Tears rolled from his eyes and mixed in with the blood one the carpet. "WHY?"

"How else would I get you all alone? You see Ichigo, the only way for me to complete this ritual, I need you complete free of any ties on this planet." Shiro put his hand on Ichigo's back. When Ichigo turned to fight him, Shiro merely grabbed Ichigo's arms and rendered the boy helpless. "Your friends are gone too Ichigo. Everyone you love is gone. There's nothing left for you to do except submit to me."


Shiro laughed catching Ichigo off guard. The demon placed a kiss on Ichigo's forehead then whispered, "I knew you'd be fun."