I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew Shiro was sucking me off. The vibrator was gone, the ring too, but there was still intense pleasure everywhere on my body. I wanted to come so badly, but I didn't want to release within Shiro's mouth. He wouldn't get his way and I most certainly would not let him taste me! But after Shiro gave another mind blowing suck, I was forced to my climax and released my seed deep into his throat. I moaned as he swallowed, his mouth tightening around my dick.

I loathed the idea of being his toy, his precious little play thing. But really, what could I do? I was going to be stuck here, probably forever. Everyone I knew was dead, Shiro had killed them himself. No one was coming, I wasn't going to escape, he had me and we both knew it.

But I refused to give up. If he wants me so badly he'll have to fight me until, well, until I'm not me anymore. When I lose I belong to him... and I do belong to him, so have I really already lost? It didn't feel that way, but then again... he was torturing me by pleasure.

Damn, my thoughts are way too scattered right now. I can't even decide which thought I should focus on. I can't give in. Why? I don't know. Maybe I should just give in? I mean, he makes me feel so fucking good, right? But if I give in I lose. No, I've already lost. So should I just give in? But if I give in, then Yuzu, Karin and Dad's deaths would be pointless.


Shiro laughed. Obviously he had some idea as to what I was thinking. He cupped my cheek, bringing our lips together for another searing kiss.

Holy shit this demon was good.

He's a demon though, remember that Ichigo! Remember that!

But he could give me so much more... if I just surrendered, if I just... gave in.

Fucker's got me tied.

And now I'm giving him exactly what he wants, because I kissed back. Those pale lips tasted like cherries. No, scratch that, they had their own taste. They were sweet, yet tangy, almost like citrus, but had a soft flavour like a pear.

Shiro pulled back and I let out an embarrassing whine.

"The feelings mutual, Ichigo," He informed. I panted with want, with need, and stared deep into his eyes. I felt as though I was the one trying to get him to surrender. Almost like I was the one trying to break him.

Shiro leaned back in. I was ready to kiss him, but he quickly shifted his lips to the side. I felt his breath on my ear as I heard him ask, "Are you ready to give into me?"

Against my better judgment, I nodded, desperate, I wanted to feel him and I wanted it now. Then, and I swear, my spine cracked. I screamed, the pain positively unbearable. I fought to fall unconscious, but the only thing I managed to do was fall on the ground. The skin on my back tore, a sickening ripping sound spreading through the room as blood rolled down my arms and legs. I looked to Shiro for help, but he simply stood there smiling and... flickering?

Yes, it was faint, but it was there. His eyes flickered from orange to gold, both hosted on top of a sea of ink. His hair, shorter than mine, flickered to glorious long strands of silvery white. His clothing flashed into a black silk kimono, blood like blotches staining the left side. Behind him the open space became occupied by a set of charred black wings, dried and bone like with many black feathers.

Shiro's grin hosted two very sharp canines. He reached his black talon hand towards my face, took my lips with his thumb and tilted my eyes to look into his.

Within the black sea I could see my reflection... and I was horrified. My eyes glowed yellow without a single trace of brown left, my teeth had all sharpened and that was something I confirmed with my tongue. I looked at my hands; claws had sprouted from my nails.

I wore nothing, whether this was Shiro's doing or from whatever this was, I wouldn't know. My hair had stayed the same, save for the black on the top of my head, the length and color remained. My feet were bare, my muscles notably thicker, I felt stronger too. My hands were covered in gray bandages, like makeshift fingerless gloves. Then, remembering Shiro's wings, I brought my hands to my back and swallowed. Not only were bat-like wings evidently there, but I also had the stereotypical devil's tail.

"What the hell did you do to me!?" I threw my hand at my throat. My... voice... It was different! I was so sinful... and husky... and filled with lust. I couldn't even sound repulsive if I wanted to! It was damn hot, but it wasn't me! "Damn it! I ASKED YOU A FUCKING QUESTION!"

"Don't let that anger get the best of you Ichigo. I don't want to have to put down my favourite pet like a mad dog."

His hands gripped my head, both his thumbs pressed firmly against my temple. Shiro yanked my head towards his, ours lips smashing roughly together. I did the only thing that seemed right to do, I kissed back. My tongue met his bottom lip and my teeth dug inside his mouth. I dragged both against his bottom lip, not even knowing what I was doing, and my hands somehow found themselves intertwined in his hair.

I'm still not a hundred percent sure what happened, but the next thing I knew Shiro and I were in bed. My left hand joined his and pinned it above his head. His other arm was beneath my shoulder and Shiro held me in a firm grip. Our lips were connected in a passionate and rather violent kiss.

I was the one to break our intimacy. I couldn't believe what I was doing! I tried to slide off him and onto the floor, but his one arm was strong enough to keep me in place. Despite being in the leading position I was still the one being dominated.

"Why..." I asked, trying my best to distract him. "Why me?"

"Why you? Well, because it's always been you Ichigo."

"Enough-" I was interrupted from searing pain. My "wings" must not have been complete yet because they tore further out of my shoulder blades. After the initial shock was over, I looked back up at him with pure anger and demanded, "Enough bullshit! Tell me why I was so damn interesting! TELL ME WHY THE FUCK MY FAMILY IS DEAD!"

"When I said it's always been you, I meant it. I can only access your mind if granted access by your soul. I only appeared as your friend because out of me, Grimmjow and every other creature on that planet, you chose me."

"No..." I mumbled.

"It was destined Ichigo."


Shiro chuckled, but I wasn't mad at him. Hell I should've been, but I wasn't. "Oh," he added as an afterthought, "Mommy and daddy never told you, did they? Their big bad secret?"


"I was there that day to kill your family, but stopped when I found you. Your sisters only got half the power... but you, you inherited both Mom and Dad's evil." My eyes widened. "That's right Ichigo. You were demon from the moment you were born. The potential darkness in you had Grimmjow and me drooling head over heels. We couldn't possibly kill you. So before anyone else could, I marked you as mine and knew that in ten years, when the spell wore off and when you turned nineteen, you'd be at your strongest and most vulnerable. So I finished our original job and killed off your family igniting the darkness in your soul."

"Y-You're..." I was shaking, badly. "You're l-lying!"

"I'm telling you the truth Ichigo. And you know it."