(Note: Italic is Ichigo speaking/thinking presently. Normal is Ichigo speaking/thinking in the past. Only up until the page divider.)

Thinking back, I always was a little bit different from the people around me. Okay, maybe a lot different. I always thought it was my hair that made me stand out, that caused so many people to dislike me, but could it be that they could sense I wasn't one of them?

It was my first day of grade three. I was afraid, no, more like petrified. I had been to two different schools already, and though they say that the third time's the charm, I still didn't believe any of them.

I was always picked on because I was different. My hair was orange, and it wasn't just your normal strawberry-blonde, it was completely orange. My mother said that made me special, but I sure didn't feel that way when people picked on me.

Speaking of mom, my hand was in hers, fingers laced together as we walked down the hallway of my new school. Karin and Yuzu were already in class. Mother took them in before me because I didn't want to leave the car, but afterwards she managed to convince me to come inside.

I loved my mother very much. She was my entire world, until she was torn away from me.

I yawned for the third time in five minutes. Mother was talking with the principal while I had to wait outside on a chair by the window. A little later, after I yawned twice more, mother came back out of the principal's office. They were both smiling at me, but mother was still a ray of hope more than the other lady was.

"Come on Ichigo, Mrs. Unohana has offered to show us around the school," My mother said. She beckoned me in with her gentle eyes, and I followed, not knowing any better not to.

My mother was kind to everyone I knew. My father was too, though he was naturally scarier looking because of his poorly cut beard. We lived in a clinic; the business was created when I was three. But was it all just one big cover story as to not expose themselves as demons?

Mrs. Unohana was scary looking. She was tall, had a huge head and a very authoritative figure. But after a while I was able to look past that and see her kind smile. Mrs. Unohana reminded me of mother, no one could possibly compare, but she reminded me of her still.

My new school was huge! Or it seemed that way to me at the time. The last school only had three rooms, but this once must have had at least twenty! And there was a gymnasium!

A demon, me? I never would have imagined, but it all fit together perfectly. It was the missing piece of the puzzle, the answer to the problem. And it explained why everyone hated me.

After being there for a month I started crushing on a guy in my class, which is how I discovered I was gay. My parents didn't seem to mind, my sisters just didn't understand, and everyone else didn't know.

I had no friends to tell anyways.

I wasn't bothered by this fact. Actually I preferred being alone. All my thoughts were about my work. I didn't have to worry about when I'd see my friends again or if I'd have enough time to hang with them and get my work done. I was just me, Ichigo Kurosaki, one of the smartest kids in the class. I was happy to be me, but this organized little life soon grew as a girl approached me on the playground.

Her name was Orihime Inoue. She told me she liked me, and wanted to be my friend. The bell rang and she ran off. I was content to just leave her without an answer, but the next morning she greeted me again.

By lunch time she and I were… acquainted. She had introduced me to her group of friends, and we were talking about random things while sitting at a table eating lunch. There was a small girl with black hair sitting to my right, her name was Rukia Kuchiki. Across the table was a red haired boy named Renji Abarai. I heard that he and Rukia were cousins. I also heard that Rukia had an older brother two grades ahead of us and an older sister a grade above. Then there was Uryu Ishida. He had shoulder length black hair, slightly greasy but not disgusting. He didn't talk much, I noticed, but then again neither did I.

I always wondered why Uryu gave me such a non-trusting look. Inoue was always smiling, but she rarely made eye contact with me. Rukia was a demanding and orderly person, but she too seemed a bit edgy around me. Renji and I always fought. Things never got serious, but if he got me angry he instantly cowered beneath me. I had assumed these little things were because my family wasn't as rich as theirs were, or because I always looked like a delinquent compared to them – my hair to blame – but was it because they could sense something different about me? Was it because my soul was tainted and corrupt, while theirs still had plenty goodness left?

My life went on like that. I was the outsider and they worked hard to make me blend in. I was fine with everything they did, except when Rukia tried to dye my hair black. I was finally being accepted, when that day came along…

Mother had picked me up from Inoue's house. It was raining, just about lunch time, and I had just spent the night having a sleepover for Inoue's birthday.

As we were walking home, we stumbled upon a blue cat. My mother thought it was strange, and so we stopped to get a good look at it.

If we hadn't of stopped, mother would've noticed that the light turned green. If the blue cat hadn't of been there, the truck driver would've seen me and mother walking across the street. If the blue cat, if the demon hadn't of been there, my mother would still be alive.

It was still raining when I woke. My memory was a little hazy, but I could still recall that a truck had been coming straight for us. I could feel something heavy sitting on the lower half of my body, and when I looked down I couldn't help but scream.

"Mommy!" I screamed over and over. "Please mommy! Wake up!"

I knew it was pointless. Her eyes were open, but she wasn't awake. She was here, but she wasn't.

Mother was dead.

The blue cat approached me, telling me the same thing I had discovered for myself. My mother wasn't going to wake up, I knew that, and yet this pestering animal was… Wait. It was talking, to me?

It was then that I met him. Scratch that, it was then that he enslaved me.

The sky sounded as though it would crack open at any second. In a flash of light he was there. He taunted Grimmjow before sending him into the river. Then he turned to me. At first I was afraid, but once he touched my cheek I recognized him instantly.

False images of a false friendship invaded my mind. I was supposed to believe that Shiro was a friend, my imaginary friend, someone that I trusted with all my secrets. And sure enough that's exactly what I thought. Everything that I hated, everything that I loved, everything that I wished for, I told him all of it. I thought he was there to help me, but he was really there to devour everything that I was.

My entire body was shaking. My breath was frantic. I swallowed my fear, but it instantly came back up.

"You trust me, don't you?"

"Like hell," I spat in Shiro's face.

His fingers curved around my shoulder, his other hand rolling over the muscles on my back. I watched him as he slowly drew in close, making me greatly aware of how hard I was right now. I stopped breathing when I felt his lips come in contact with mine. His hand continued to grope my back, his fingers rising and falling perfectly with my curves and bumps. His other hand kneaded into my shoulder, removing the knots and eventually my resistance along with it.

"Come now, my precious Ichigo, do you really think you can keep this up?"

My eyes felt heavy. His deliciously sinful lips were resting right against mine.

"You can't and you know it. Your body wants me so badly, your heart beats only for me, and your soul is already mine. The only thing stopping you is worthless human reason, but you're not human, are you?"

"No," I murmured. He was right, I wasn't human. My eyes were now half lidded.

"Surrender, let go, give in, submit… You know you want to, you know you need me."

I did. I wanted to let go. I needed Shiro.

The hand on my shoulder moved up my neck. The hand on my back glided over my thighs, and around to my front. My breath hitched and my chest jumped. My eyes fell shut and I let loose a moan as he slowly began to stroke me.

"That's it, good," he praised. I wanted more, more praise, more pleasure, more Shiro.

My head tilted to the side. I leaned forward, connecting our lips. I felt his lips pull back into a grin before he kissed back, blowing me away at the forcefulness.

My back hit the mattress beneath me. Shiro's tongue ravished my mouth, his hands working my body in ways I never could've imagined. I felt intoxicated by Shiro's presence, drugged by his scent, infected by his touch. His hands burned my skin, leaving a trail of heat where ever he and I had made contact.

"Fuck…" I groaned into him half consciously.

His mouth slowly separated from mine. I opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was his grin. "I've had you at arms distance for most of your life Ichigo. Even so, I've only been this close to you for the past little while. Now it's time that I get what I want."

Shiro discarded his pants and I practically drooled over his body. He wrapped his hand around mine and slowly brought it towards his dick. I swallowed nervously. There was a part of me that knew what he wanted me to do, and another part of me that was terrified of performing such an act.

"Feel me," he didn't request, he ordered.

I bit my bottom lip nervously, but gave into instinct and ran my hand along his shaft. Shiro moaned his approval, and suddenly I didn't feel as awkward. I ran my thumb over his slit making him jerk forward. His breath became rapid against my neck. With every stroke his noises grew louder, until a dark moan soared from his lips.

"You're such a good boy, my slave."

"Yes… my lord."

My lord… Whoa, wait, what the hell!? Did I just seriously just call him that? I instantly pulled away, eyes wide in shock and staring at Shiro as if he could turn into a poisonous snake any minute. I seriously did just call this demon my lord! Since when had I let my mind slip this far? When did I stop resisting, when did I mess up? When did I give in?

"Don't you dare turn back now," Shiro snarled. He snatched my wrists and held my hands above my head. I tried kicking him off, but his legs snapped around mine like a snake's jaw. I struggled to break free, but Shiro was far stronger than I was.

"Give in to your darkness Ichigo," Shiro instructed. I could feel a fog start to, once again, cloud over my mind. He ground our hips together, pleasure coursing through my veins and clouding my judgement even more. Our eyes locked and immediately I felt like I was falling into those sinful golden eyes.

"Touch me," Shiro commanded, this time he had no patience for disobedience.

I swallowed, fearfully, almost petrified. Shiro guided my hand back down to his arousal. I gulped when I felt it in my hand. Knowing not how to do anything better, I squeezed down on his cock and watched as he almost came undone by my actions.

"There, see? Ohh…" he moaned loudly. "You know everything you need to know on how to please me. Keep it up. Mmm~! My slave!"

I growled when he called me that. I was annoyed, but it seemed my body was turned on. Apparently I was a really kinky bastard because playing slave to him was making me even harder than before.

"Ah~!" he continued to groan. "That's it Ichigo… that's it…"

His hands took hold of my shoulders and gripped tightly. Either he was seriously falling apart, or he was making sure I wouldn't jump away again.

"Mmm… faster my slave."

"Yes…" I refused to say it. It was undignified, unbearable and positively wrong. But I couldn't help it anymore and willingly allowed the words to slip off my tongue. "…my lord."