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Chapter 1

It was a warm summer morning in New York city. Crowds of businessmen and women were walking in the crowded streets, car horns beeped as they came to yet another halt, Yellow taxi and yellow taxi picked people up from various places. Yes it was a normal everyday scene for the people of New York, but there was one thing out of place. If you looked close enough you would see a pair of green muscular legs hanging over the edge of one of the many grey rooftops, they were completely still. If you weren't in that area of new york and you were just a few miles south, you would be near more grey rooftops. but these ones didn't have legs hanging over them, they had three turtles running across them. The three mutants jumped elegantly over the gaps between the roofs, each turtle had a different mask. One had Blue, another had red and the last one had orange. They whispered quietly to each other.

'Come on dudes! You guys are so slow' The orange turtle said as he shot in front of the other two,

'Shut it Mikey! We shouldn't even be out at this time' The red one growled,

'Not my fault!' Mikey hissed, 'You can blame Leo!'

'Don't blame me! blame Donnie!' Leo hissed back, 'Raph hurry up!'

'You let Donnie go out! and I'm hurryin' as fast as i can!' Raph growled. Yes, these three mutants were brothers. there names; Leonardo, Raphael and Michelangelo, the fourth mutant is known as Donatello.

The three brothers were closing in on their brother. they jumped the last alley to see their brother in the purple mask lying on the roof with his legs hanging over the edge. He breathed slowly and his mouth was open slightly.

'Donnie? Wakey wakey eggs and bakey!' Mikey giggled in a sing-song voice.

'urghhh huh?' Donnie's eyes fluttered open and he yawned loudly.

'I can't believe you fell asleep' raph muttered,

'Sorry' Donnie sat up, 'It's been a long night'

'Did you find anything out?' Leo asked,

'He's building some sort of ray... but that's all I know' Don sighed. The turtle had been spying on a man named Baxter Stockman, He's always in his lab.

'So.. I'm guessing it's meant to do something to us?' Mikey asked,

'Duh, knuckle-head!' Raph smacked Mikey on the back of the head.


'Guys!' leo snapped, he let out a long sigh, 'Let go home'

'I'm all for it' Donnie mumbled as he stretched.

'I bet you are, do you really have to stay out every night?' Leo asked as they made their way home, 'It's not healthy, This is the first time we've had to come and get you because you fell asleep! Anything could have happened to you last night!'

'I know Leo' Donnie groaned,

'you were so careless!' Leo finished.

'Hey! That's Mine and Raphs thing!' Mikey joked.

'It's way too early for this' Raph mumbled.

The rest of the trip was fairly quiet, they reached the sewers with no problem and Donnie finally got to go to bed while the others watched tv. Master Splinter was away in Japan visiting the ancient one so they didn't have to train. Though Leo did make them do it occasionally.

'So what do you think that ray gun's gonna do?' Raph asked Leo quietly,

'I'm guessing it'll probably be made to kill us' Leo replied. Raph sighed sadly. Every time the brothers knew something was being made or a situation that was bad was coming up the two oldest would talk to each other about the two youngest.

'We can't let it' Raph shook his head.

'Don't worry, I won't let it hurt any of you' Leo smiled.

'I'll keep Mikey and Donnie safe Leo' Raph smiled,

'And I'll keep all three of you safe' Leo smiled back,

'But how?' Raph asked, 'How can you be sure that you can keep us safe?'

'I'd jump in front of the gun for you guys' Leo nodded.

'no way! Leo we need you man! I should jump in front!' Raph hated his big brother when he acted all hero-y.

'You guys don't need me, you'd do fine with out me' Leo smiled, 'plus if I die you get to be leader and that's what you wanted right?'

'I don't want you to die Leo! I'd be the worst leader in history! I'd lead them to their deaths' Raph pointed out.

'I won't let any of you die, don't worry about me' Leo nodded.

'Nobody has to jump in front of anything for anybody' The two older turtles looked round to see Mikey and Donnie sit on the couch.

'We'll be fine' Donnie smiled, Mikey looked troubled.

'What's wrong Mike?' Raph asked.

'I'm thinking...' Mikey murmured.

'uh oh' Donnie chuckled.

'Leo?' mikey started.

'double uh oh' leo smirked, 'Yes Mikey?'

'What's it like?' mikey asked,

'what do you mean?' Leo was confused, what was what like?

'What's it like to have no big brother to protect you?' Leo's heart stopped, he had thought about it a lot. It troubled him and worried him. It made him feel alone and unloved. He would love a big brother, someone that worried about him and was willing to do anything to keep him safe. Someone he could turn to for advice, run to when he was scared, someone to share his thoughts and feelings with. It stung to think that nobody would do any of that. Leonardo the "fearless" leader wanted a big brothers comfort.

'Leo?' leo looked up, he had been quiet for a while.

'It's... lonely... I guess' leo shrugged.

'Why were you so quiet?' Raph asked worriedly,

'No reason'

'Leo, please tell us' Donnie begged. 'Please?' Leo sighed heavily.

'Fine... I guess.. It's just... ' Leo closed his eyes and sighed. 'It just makes you feel alone.. like nobody really cares... there's nobody willing to risk their life for you, nobody to comfort you when your worried and stuff... It just feels like it wouldn't matter if you lived or died because nobody would worry if you never came back... there's nobody to look after you.. you're on your own, you have nobody to rely on. You have nobody to help you. You have to be the one with answers, You haven't got anyone to ask questions to or talk to about worries or fears..' Leo opened his eyes to see his brothers looking shocked. leo couldn't help but add, 'I hate it when you guys call me "fearless" cause I'm not... I have fears, plenty of them...'

'Leo... we had no idea..' Donnie said quietly,

'I guess we've always taken it for granted' Mikey sighed.

'Bro we call you fearless because your not afraid of anything' Raph began.

'Yes I am Raph! I'm terrified of failing you guys, of getting you guys killed and not being able to save you' Leo said sadly,

'No, I mean... Your not scared of getting hurt or killed or captured. It's like you don't care what happens to ya as long as we're ok' Raph explained.

'That's because I don't care...' Leo agreed.

'Your scared for selfless reasons Leo' Donnie smiled.

'I guess..' Leo nodded.

'I'm going back to sleep seeing as I have another nightwatch tonight... see ya' Donnie walked back to his room.

'Hey Raph' Mikey began,


'What would you do if someone had broken your bed?' Mikey asked worriedly,

'MIKEY!' Raph ran to his room. Mikey ran to his own room and slammed the door shut, within second you could hear Raph pounding on Mikey's door and cursing under his breath.

'Little brothers... what can you do?' Leo chuckled as he shook his head.

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