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Kiki walked down the street towards the market. She had arrived back on Vulcan three hours ago, enough time to go back home, catch a quick shower, and change clothes so she could run down here and find some fresh veggie to torment with her cooking. The evening sky was a beautiful dusky red, and she sighed in contentment, but her contentment turned to an excited sort of anticipation as she thought about the crises that had just occurred on Vulcan, no more than a week before she came back.

She was needed at the Embassy now, as the majority of the female staff was bonded to Vulcan men. All that was known was that it was a virus, and all fingers pointed to Terra Prime.

She shook her head, trying not to think about it too much. She wondered how all those women were faring, and surprisingly, most were staying with their new husbands, seemingly content with their new life.

The market seller she often went to, who was male, seemed to eye her with greater intensity than usual. He remembered her from her frequent visits here, but now seemed intent on giving her the best deal, and even threw in a few extra vegetables for her. She smiled at him.

"Thank you for your service. It honors me."

"I come to serve," he said, his usually light, buttery tone deepening for a moment. She nodded and moved on.

Kiki went through the market, collecting vegetables and fruit as she went, but she got the distinct impression that something was amiss about halfway through the market, when she was buying fruit from an old woman. She got the feeling of being watched, and not just from one person. She turned around and looked, and it seemed half the men in the marketplace were looking at her. She didn't want to lock gazes with any of them, but she gave them a wary smile and hurried from the marketplace.

And yet still, the impression that she was being watched stayed with her. She heard footsteps behind her, but every time she turned around, no one was there. She was starting to get nervous now, and she quickly walked back to the Embassy grounds, running up the stairs to her apartment, hoping whatever freaky feeling this was would pass quickly.

She sighed when the door was closed and locked behind her, and she started on dinner, trying not to think too hard about it lest she freak herself out. She ate dinner with a movie, Mary Poppins to cheer herself up and relax, and she lingered over a few animation shorts as she dove into her fruit salad.

She was just about to turn in for the night when she heard a knock at the door. Her fear returned, but she steadied herself and went to answer it. A man was standing there, and he handed her a package and bowed, then left directly.

She looked down at the package, and still with the door open, she glanced over the card. She then glanced up at the sky, at the sister planet that lent some light to the night. She blinked, raising her eyebrows, then started opening the package as she closed the door behind her.

She gasped at the gift inside, and she held them up to the light, marveling at the craftsmanship and beauty. Then her heart clenched, and she wondered who had sent it. The card had no name, but she couldn't resist going to her mirror and trying the things on. Red and gold. Very Vulcan.

She picked up a piece of paper and considered writing back, but then her fears got the better of her, and she set the jewels aside and went to bed.

Tomik saw a human woman walking through the market; ordinarily seeing a human not far from the Embassy was common, but since the outbreak of the disease...rare, at least the females. He had watched the cream of the crop of Vulcan families gobble up the human mates, and he had just missed having a new mate by two people. He had not thought of it as a loss until a few weeks later when he began seeing these new couples in public together. The human women seemed such eager mates, and the men they walked with were calm and content. He ground his teeth, fuming over his misfortune.

He followed the woman discreetly, watching the venders in the market bribe her with their measly favors. It was disagreeable. He was a teacher at the Vulcan Military Academy, with 60 years in the field, and if his society truly rewarded merit he should have been able to have a human mate. If one was not given, he would win one.

He followed her through the market making sure to keep hidden, using his training this time not for death, but for life. He shivered slightly, thinking of her full with his child.

He saw another coming toward her with purpose, he angled himself and intercepted the man, covering his mouth, and pinching him out. He let the man slide into the shade of the corner, and then continued to pursue his prey. He would find out where this woman lived, and court her. He had wealth,having never spent his money, and he could win her over. He would win her over.

He noted where she lived, then hopped on his air bike and raced toward his cousin's jewelry store. He did not know much about Earth women beyond a few observations. They were eager mates, they wore Vulcan styles well, their husbands had said many of them did not require coaxing for intimacy. And they wore jewelry. Most of them it seemed did not wear the larger style that Vulcan men and women wore, but the Earth style did look pleasing.

He stepped up to the counter, and a set of red stones caught his eye. So he picked fire opal earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet. He paid for it, had it wrapped and then paid the extra for delivery. He placed a card on the box.

From one who would have your heart as his

Please accept this simple offering, as a taste of what awaits you

For you are a shining jewel, more brilliant than T'Khut in the heavens

Waiting here, eager to know you

Your admirer

He tipped the man well to leave directly. Getting on his air bike again he raced back to her abode, and hid so he might watch her receive his small alms.

Once the man delivered the package, Tomik nodded in satisfaction and rode home.

He frowned as he walked into his spacious home. It was empty, no sounds of a woman, no sounds of a child, and normally that did not stir him even slightly. Today, though, in light of his new hope for a mate, it was oppressive.

He went to his comm and within a few minutes had her name. Kiki McMahon. He leaned back, staring at her staff picture. She was aesthetically pleasing beyond measure. Her hair and eyes were rare and exotic, even among the more diverse humans. He would see to it that he made her his mate.

He quickly typed up a note to send to her work comm address. He made sure to cover his tracks, feeling astute for knowing how to do this so well.


Did you find my gifts agreeable? It is my desire that you do. Please forgive my shyness, my cloak and dagger nature of wooing you, ashaya...I have read many of the human fairy tales, romances. Other than the gifts I will send, it seemed logical to me to gift you with that which cannot be taken from you: moments of wonder, as have been written in your culture. The mysterious man woos an impossible beauty from afar, thinking he might not be worthy of her touch. Such it is with me. I will send another gift soon. I come to serve.

The next day at work, she sat next to Jo and accessed her desktop, and she tapped her stylus against her desk as she waited for it to come up.

"So how are you today, Joanna, my dear?"

Jo smiled. "I'm doing great. I know Trent is fairly confused over his entire female staff suddenly dropping off the map. I know V'Las wasn't extremely happy that I'd be coming back to work, but I figured I should stay until some more workers arrive. The elimination process for these jobs are pretty rigorous."

"Yeah, I had to bend over backwards to get this job."

"Figuratively or literally?"

Kiki rolled her eyes, but her grin dissipated when she started reading her inbox messages. There was one from her mother, who had caught wind of this problem and was demanding details, several work-related memos, and another message, from an unknown source.

She accessed it and read it, and she suddenly felt cold. "Jo," she said, and the brunette came over to her station.

"What do you make of this? I got some jewelry last night from this guy, and I don't know who he is."

"He talks like a Vulcan," Jo said, then grinned. "You have a secret admirer!"

She rolled her eyes. "Should I reply, or should I ignore this?"

"Reply! He's Vulcan."

Kiki sighed, then shooed Joanna away so she could think about it. When lunch break came, she accessed the letter again, then bit her lip.

Secret admirer,

The jewelry was beautiful, and I appreciate the gift. You're saying you want to begin a romantic relationship with me? You don't even know me. Who are you, and what exactly do you do? From your speech, I can tell you're Vulcan, though I do appreciate the fact that you seem to read into our culture.

Thanks again for the gift. Whoever you are, you definitely have my attention and curiosity.


K. McMahon

Tomik was watching drills when his PADD beeped at him. He looked down, not expecting much more than a status report, but his eyes widened. She had replied.

He told his second in command to continue drills, then he went directly to his office. He opened the message and read over the brief lines, nodding, agreeable to all she had said. She was a reasonable woman. She was using language that was open, yet hesitant as she should, given the mysterious nature of his courtship.

He wrote her back right away.

Your attention and curiosity are all I require for the moment. It means I have a chance. You are using logic and wisdom in your conversation with me, and I find that very admirable, as that makes me deduce we would be even more compatible than even I first thought.

Do I desire a romantic relationship with you? More than that, ashaya- I desire to win you to my side as my wife. While I think you may believe me too blunt, remember with sharp ears comes a double sharp tongue. I think you will protest that I do not know you, you already have...but I will let you in on one of the deeper secrets a Vulcan man holds. We know. We know the moment we lay eyes on she who will be our wife, or sometimes days after the first meeting, but we know. Our katra stirs and there can be no other for us. You have me in your paws, my little sehlat...will you let me go, or hold me in safety? You will have a gift at your door when you arrive at home. Worry not, my ashaya, for I would no more harm thee than I would harm myself.

He sent the mail and then put in an order for a pot of Vulcan lilies, with a rare Vulcan sea pearl necklace to be delivered to her door the moment she arrived.

Kiki walked to her door, contemplating the message on her PADD. So he wanted to marry her. His goal was to win her as wife. Interesting strategy...she never thought of herself as a girly girl, or as the princessy type. She liked her books and especially movies, and although the princess story was nice, it wasn't extremely compelling. But this...this was strange beyond belief. There must have been something keeping these women with their new husbands, considering most hadn't asked for the marriages to be dissolved. They were staying for a reason, and she wanted to know what that reason was.

Jo, how long did you know V'Las before the virus?

Fifteen minutes later she received a response. I had the biggest crush on him for about a year, and then he finally noticed me. I knew him perhaps a month before the virus hit. But I knew I wanted him anyway.

She grinned at the screen, and another message popped into her chatbox. Why do you ask? Thinking of giving mystery admirer a spin?

Kiki paused. Yes, I guess I am. He says he won't hurt me, but he also says he wants to make me his wife. It seems kind of crazy. You're sure he's not a crazy stalker-serial killer or something?

They are odd, but they're worth it. You'll never have another lonely night, and they do shower you with as much affection and material things that you could ever want. And V'Las says if this guy is a stalker-serial killer, he will personally dispatch him for you.

She raised an eyebrow at that, and she jumped when someone knocked at the door. It was the same man as before, this time with a flower pot and pearls wrapped in tissue.

"Please don't tell me you're the one giving me all this?" she asked. He shook his head.

"No, I am already bonded, T'Sai. I am merely a delivery man."

He left, and she sat down with the pearls, which she knew from their label to be very rare. She picked up her PADD.

Secret admirer,

OK, I have to admit, the pearls are extremely beautiful, and the flowers are lovely as well. They remind me of T'Khut, if I must be honest, pale and cold, yet achingly lovely.

You got poetic in your message, so please don't blame me for getting a little poetic in mine. I feel kind of stupid sending you poetry. I still don't know you.

Tell you what. I'll give you a fair chance to win me over, but shouldn't we get to know each other first? I haven't even met you, and you still haven't told me anything about your occupation.

Sincerely, and thank you once again,

K McMahon