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So I was simple walking. No more, no less. It was another boring day in this world. I had my white jacket on? Yes. And my cool jeans? Yes. And my black hair, my brown eyes and my shortness? Yes, yes and yes. My diagnostic: I'm a normal girl like any other in this universe, so...

Why I was the one to be transported to a freaking anime in the form of a freaking dog?!

I read so much fan fiction and yes, there are so many stories about characters coming into our world as dogs, wolves, kittens, birds... Hell, I even read one about turning the Akatsuki into horses! And stories about girls getting into her favourite anime, meet her favourite character and ``surprising´´ falling in love with them are very hard to count, so i just break with the typical fanfic story and i was the one turned into an animal, the only problem: it wasnt a fan fiction, it was for real. Well, back to business... I was a dog, and into the anime that involves a certain Host have read well: HOST CLUB.

I must say I liked the anime, it was very funny. I loved the twins, even though their ``forbidden brotherly love act´´ just creeped me out. Kyoya... Kyoya was...the boss. There, I said it. Mori, well... he likes seashells? I can't say a lot about him because he barely talks. Honey-sempai? He was cute, but I wouldn't say that out loud. I have a reputation of serious bad girl you know? Tamaki was the king...of idiots, an idiot that everyone loves. Everyone loves him and his emo corner. I have one too and it's cooler than his. Take that, Tamaki! And last, but not least: Haruhi. Who could forget our favourite commoner? She was a cool cross dresser.

Let's get back to the story, shall we? I was walking my way back home when I almost got hit by a car. Then I passed in front of a construction and a bucket almost breaks my head. Then a black cat crosses my path and began to rain.

``What are you playing at, God?! What I have done to you?! Oh, yeah, that...and that other thing...I don't regret nothing so you can continue!´´I screamed to the skies. No response as the usual. Great.

I continue walking when I finally reached my house. I pulled out my keys and unlocked the door. When I get in I was soaking wet. I quickly began to climb up the stairs to my room almost tripping again.

``Damn it!´´ I cursed while rubbing my side when I fell because I slipped with my wet shoes.

I wasn't a clumsy person, is just that day I wasn't in my best mood.

``Damn the gypsy old woman and her gypsy curse...´´

That's right. The day before I crossed my path with a gypsy asking for money, and because I didn't gave her anything she cursed me and my descendants. Like I would care, I hate kids and no one would marry me so go to hell old lady.

I finally reached to my room and I could change into something that wasn't wetter than the Nile. I get my T-shirt with the Kingdom Hearts crown in the front and a pair of black pants. I put on my luck pendant with the Jolly Roger of the Heart Pirates of One Piece. What? I loved that crew. They had a yellow submarine, for god shakes! Anyway, I put the pendant with the hopes of get a bit of luck, or at least stop getting more bruises.

I already had a scar crossing my face, thank you very much. I get that one while skating in the park: some dude pointed a laser to my eyes, getting me blind for the exact seconds to lose my balance and fall of the skate in mid-air. I don't know who did it, maybe some dude trying to be funny I suppose. I fell flat in my face in to the ground getting a cut along my right eyebrow to the left corner of my mouth. Pretty bad, eh? You would love the faces of my classmates when I was able to get back to class. Now I was sitting in my couch about to get a good nap when the door bell rang. I got up with a grunt and opened the door to find anybody there. I let a frown cross my face and I closed the door. I was about to sit down again in the couch when it sounded again. And again anyone was there.

``Whoever is doing that stop now before I kick your ass!´´I shouted but no one answered.

When I turned around I took a step back. There in my front door was a seal. A seal like the ones in Naruto. It had all the details drawn and seemed so real that it was even a pity that I had to erase it. If my parents found about it they would kill me when they came back from their travel to France.

``Old gypsy lady, have you done this? I didn't know you were an otaku too, but I'm going to kick your ass anyway for cursed me and now for do a graffiti in my door!´´I called again and there was a response this time...Ha! You just fall for it! Nobody answered me, I was joking.

I put my hand in the seal to see if the paint was very fresh and something weird happened. The seal began to glow, at first slowly but then a bright flash of light almost blinded me and I had to cover my eyes. That's the last thing that I remembered before I passed out.

When I woke up I felt tired, dizzy and confused. Like a shit as we call it in my house. I began to get up but I lost balance and fell to my side, the same side as before. I grunted in pain but I finally could get on my feet, but there was a problem: I hadn't got feet. Instead I had small, soft furry paws. I let out a yelp and fell backwards. In that position I could see that all my body was covered in soft fur. I even had a tail!

``WHAT THE HELL?!´´I tried to scream but I let out a long howl. I instinctively tried to cover with my hands-I mean paws, my mouth I mean snout!

I got up again and I saw a big fountain. I walked to it with difficulty, because I had to use my four new legs and watched my reflection. My jaw touched the ground the moment I saw myself. I was now a small Siberian husky pup. My scar still remained in place and in my chest was a black spot with the same form of the crown that was once in my t-shirt. My luck pendant was hanging from my neck shining with the sun. My first tought was to touch the water. In all the fan fictions worked to turn back the people in their human selves so I had to at least try. My paw touched the water making it erase my reflection, but nothing happened. There wasn't any poof of smoke or any bright light. Well at least my paw got wet, that means I wasn't dreaming. Now that I knew I had no idea of how change back I began to take notice of my surroundings. At first I didn't recognise the place, but then I turned around and saw it.

``Holy...Jashin...´´I muttered in my head. In front of me stood the bigger, most expensive and most pink building I ever seen.

(This hasn't got any sense...this can't be possible...I'm at an anime...and I'm a pup. IM AT OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB!)I almost fainted there, but I had to be strong.

I began to walk around the place. Not knowing what to do. I couldn't talk to anyone to ask for help. And how they could help me anyway? There are only a bunch of rich kids not wizards! I just sighed and continued walking around the building. I finally get tired of walk around in circles and I stopped to rest for a while. I ended in the same spot of before, next to the fountain. I let out a yawn and lay down in the floor. I wasn't able to sleep because I was worried of what I could do now.

``Hey, what are you doing here?´´My ears perked up and I looked to see who was talking to me. My heartbeat caught in my throat. There kneeling down to my level was no one but Haruhi, the main character.

``Where could be your owner? Dogs aren't allowed to be in here...Well, I should take you to Kyoya and see if he can find your owner. He knows everything so it couldn't be so difficult.´´She picked me up and began walking inside the building.

I was happy knowing that Haruhi worried about me, knowing those rich kids they would kick me out of here calling me a mutt. But at the same time I was shaking in fear and excitement. I was going to meet the Hosts! But that implied meeting Kyoya and even being a cool character he still was the Shadow king...I was scared to death. She must have noticed that I was shaking a bit because she began scratching me behind my ears. God, it felt very nice... I was now a bit calmer than before, but then I saw it.

``The 3º Music room... or the wonderful host club room...Jashin help me to get out of here being still a sane person, please!´´I prayed in my mind.

Haruhi grabbed the doorknob and turned it. At least there weren't any roses coming for nowhere. The moment she came in some blonde dude came calling her name. Guess who was...

``HARUHI! My dear daughter where have you been all this time!? Daddy was so worried about you!´´Tamaki cried out while he hugged to death the poor girl and me.

``I am only three minutes late! And I got late because of her.´´She finally got out of his grip and she was holding me to Tamaki who looked at me confused.

``Emm...Haruhi, what's that?´´Excuse me, but what!? (I'm not a thing you air headed idiot!) I began to growl a bit.

``First: it's a she, not an ``it´´. Second: she's a pup. Third: I need Kyoya to see if he can find her owner.´´She explained while petting my head.

``What?! You found that dog in the street!? It could be dangerous and had illness!´´He said while backing away from me like I was a pest.

(That's it; I am going to kill him!) I get out from the arms of Haruhi and lounged at him. I began to chase him while barking but I must admit he was fast. I finally had cornered him and I was to pounce at him but I was lifted by the scruff of my neck. I was turned around to find me snout to face to the Shadow King. I paled and my eyes widened at this. I was so doomed!

``Now, Tamaki. Would you explain me the meaning of this?´´He said calmly.

``That little beast tried to kill me!´´He shouted while pointing an accusatory finger at me. I just narrowed my eyes at him.

``She just chased you because you insulted her!-Haruhi said in my defence. Girl I like you more and more. Tamaki, you are an idiot.

``And you could tell me what's a dog doing in the high school?´´he asked calmly as before.

``I found her next to the fountain. She was alone so maybe she was lost. So I was wondering if you could find her owner.´´she explained.

``Of course I could do that. And maybe will be rewarded for doing this, now let's see...´´he began to search my neck for any microchip but he found nothing so he examined my pendant.``Strange...she has a collar but there isn't any direction or name in it. There isn't a microchip either so she must be a dog without owner.´´

``Are you sure Kyoya?´´Insisted Haruhi.

``There are people attending to Ouran that owns a lot of pets, but they are small dogs, not this. And a dog with that scar only would be in a pound, and no one adopts dogs from there. They buy dogs with pedigree and this one doesn't has one. So is impossible that her owner would be here.´´explained Kyoya. Damn, this guy is smart, but what's going to happen to me now?

``Well, you heard that Haruhi. It's a street dog so let's put it where it belongs. ´´said Tamaki snatching me from Kyoya and heading to the door.

Crap! I needed to do something or I would be in the street till the day I get run over by a car! Think...think... I got it! I whimpered softly and he looked down at me. When I looked up my ears got flat to my head and I used the most puppy dog eyes I could manage. I accompanied my face with soft whimpers and he seemed to break. He began shaking softly not knowing what to do. I was winning! Now for the final act... I perked my ears up and barked while putting my best `` I'm good girl´´ smile while I barked happily.

`` CUTE!´´He squealed while giving me one of his death hugs.``She is so cute! I can't believe I didn't notice it before! I can't drop her in the streets like that! What kind of gentleman would do that?´´While he was squeezing me to almost cutting my breathing I tried to get away without any result.

Finally he stopped when the door began to open revealing a very, very tall dude with another that was very small perched in his shoulders. It was Mori and Honey. Just perfect.

``Sorry, we are late.´´said Honey while getting down.

``Don't worry, Honey-sempai. We are all a bit late here. The twins hadn't show up yet.´´ Said Haruhi.

Because Tamaki had stopped holding me that tight I could jump down to the safe Honey-sempai stared at me in awe.

``Haru-Chan, I didn't know you had a pet! She's very cute!´´he said while petting me. If I was human I would have blushed.

Anyone has ever called me cute apart of Tamaki; he doesn't count because he would call cute even a Mordor Drag-queen.

``She's a very cute pup, don't you think so, Mori?´´he only nodded with a grunt. Man of a few words, eh?

She isn't exactly my dog, Honey. I just found her today and I am not capable of take care of her. Any volunteer, guys?´´Haruhi asked.

``We can do it!´´Two voices said at the same time in both sides of her making her jump.

``Hikaru! Kaoru! When did you two get in here? Wait a moment. Did you two just said that you are going to take care of her?´´said Haruhi still trying to catch her breath.

``Yes!´´They said at the same time again.

``It would be fun to have a dog.´´Said one.

``And we need another toy, because you never want to play with us.´´Said the other putting a fake pout.

Okay, remember what I said of being scared of Kyoya? Erase it. I prefer to live all the way with him than with the anime version of George and Fred Weasley! I tried to get away from there being the most silent possible but I was picked up again.

``Now, now, now, where do you think you are going?´´Said Hikaru, who was the one who grabbed me with a smirk.

Man, his eyes where astonishing, same with his brother that was now leaning to him looking at me mirroring the same smirk.

``Don't be scared, we are going to treat you well, right Hikaru?´´said ruffling the fur of my head.

``Of course, Kaoru. She is in very good hands.´´(Yes, the hands of two demons. Somebody get me out of here!)

``Thank you for take care of the dog guys. You just make me feel more relieved knowing that she isn't going to live in the streets. ´´Said Haruhi smiling.``What are you going to name her?´´(Shit! A new name?! This isn't going to end well...)

The two of them began to think names, and Kaoru seemed to have an idea, but before he would said it out loud Kyoya interrupted.

``That must wait now; the club is about to open so began to take positions.´´

All of the Hosts began to take places in the middle of the room in front of the door. I was dropped in the floor in the front of them. I began to panic. Like hell I was going to be with a bunch of rich girls in this form. They would treat me like a baby or a teddy bear! I was about to sneak away, but Kyoya sent me a look like saying: ``move two centimetres from where you are or break anything and you'll be feeling the pain´´. I quickly stood still sitting in the ground with my ears perked up. Looking the most serious I could but in the inside shaking. Then the moment came. The doors begun to open and all the Hosts said at the same time:


(Dear Jashin what I got myself into? Damn you old gypsy lady...)

Author note: That's all for now. I hope that you liked it. I must say that I'm sorry if any of the words are spelled wrong or a sentence don't have any sense because i am not English, american or from a country where you usually speak english. I am from Spain and this is my first fanfiction. So...surprise? I'll upload soon I promise. See ya :3.