``Ah, this makes me feel nostalgic! ´´ Alex mutters entering the host club. ``Everything is just as we left! The furniture there, the monkey hanging from the lamp, the bitch tied up…Eh, and that computer? ´´

Suddenly Hikari enters.

Ey, superstar! How are you doing? Alex? Are you okay?

Alex is staring mouth agape at the computer.

``Hikari…the number of views from the Dog of the hosts…´´

What is it?

``IT'S OVER 60.000! ´´

``Emm…as we're trying to reanimate the author we thank you for the many views and positive reviews you gave us.´´ Alex smiles. ``And because you're awesome following we want to thank you in a special way.´´

That's right! Have you ever wanted something to happen during the series? Wanted a particular scene to play out? You can send me your requests/dares through PM or reviewing but to get something you have to give something so:

Draw a cover/comic/picture about one of the fan fictions starring Alex and I'll write your request. That means that if you want a request of The Host Club fan fiction just draw about it, like Alex in her dog form or a scene played on the story like the encounter with the fake Samara.

Once you finish it have to post it on Deviantart, obviously you have to tell me so I know you did it. When the drawing is posted you have to tell me your request and I'll upload it on . with the picture you draw as a cover.

``I can't wait for their art, don't you agree, Frederick-sama? ´´ Alex asks the monkey and it grins. ``Don't forget we want you to pass a good time so don't get stressed if the drawing isn't like you expected. Hikari will take all your requests, don't worry.´´

After all nobody is perfect. Except Uchiha Itachi; that man is a god.

``And Sebastian; that fucking demon is getting on my nerves! ´´ Alex growls.

Yeah, yeah…only because I'm evil. If I wanted I would have made you two be the best of friends. But I like to see you suffer.

``Don't you say?!´´ The whole cast asks sarcastically.

Anyways, let's have more outtakes...

The Rubik's Cube.

``Alex, what is that? ´´ Tamaki asked me when he saw me with a Rubik's Cube.

``Is a commoner toy. Do you want to try? ´´ I offered him the cube.

Tamaki grabbed it and began twirling it around. He walked away with it on his hands. I smirked and the twins noticed.

``What's with that smirk? ´´

``You'll see…I'm going to make Tamaki lose his mind…´´

``There! I finished it Alex. That commoner toy is really easy. I'm going to see how my dear daughter is doing. See you later! ´´ He smiled and handed it over to me.

I grabbed the cube and glared at Tamaki.

``Chst, the idiots luck. I can do the same. Kaoru, put the pieces in a random order.´´

The next day…

``Alex, put the stickers in other places its cheating.´´ Mori scolded me and I shushed him.

``All is fair in love and war! ´´

Japan is different.

``Dear Ouran High school, I have something to announce: I'm a girl! ´´ I proclaimed the day of my graduation.

A collective gasp was heard and some fainting noises.

``You're still hot! ´´

``We love you, Kohaku! ´´

I sweat-dropped. I put the hand over the micro and whispered at my boyfriends.

``Are all the girls here nuts or you Japanese people are this weird?!´´

``We're not weird! ´´ They complained.

``Might I remember what you do with a school girl wearing a mini skirt and an octopus, you sick perverts? ´´


``My costume is the best! ´´ Kohaku smirked showing his fake fangs in his vampire costume.

``Back off Dragon boy! There's moonlight tonight! ´´ Fred pushed him wearing his werewolf costume.

``Well, let's make a contest. Who manages to scare Kaoru and Hikaru wins! ´´


``GROWL! ´´

Fred jumped from behind the sofa to startle Hikaru but he just passed a page from his book without caring too much.

``Nice costume, son.´´

``Aww…´´He pouted and walked away.


``BOO! ´´ Fred shouted when Kaoru opened the closet.

He grabbed a shirt and closed the door.

``Damn it…´´

At midnight…

``Perhaps they're too brave and nothing scares them…´´They whined as they sat at the sofa.


Suddenly the two fully grown men entered running from the kitchen. The younger twins looked behind the sofa and found their mother wearing a costume of Samara as she laughed her guts out.

``The time passes but you still fall for the same! ´´