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He was walking down the street, pretending to be oblivious to the glares surrounding him on all sides and the whispers that followed his every step. Yes, he pretended to ignore them; pretend being the key word. In reality every stare, every whisper, every point was like a knife stabbing into his heart.

It was the middle of the war, and most of the shop along Diagonal Alley were boarded up - and Ollivanders had even been broken into. It was the summer between his son's sixth and seventh year and he was on his way to the only shop actually emitting some colour.

He pushed some long, platinum-blond hair out of his silver eyes and glowered at nothing in particular. He did not want to do this but he must in order to ensure the survival of his son.

He pushed open the bright orange door, only pausing momentarily to roll his eyes at the sign on it - Don't worry about You-Know-Who, worry about Un-No-Poo; the constipation sensation that's gripping the nation.

The inside of the shop was just as colourful as the outside; it was like Honeydukes on a hot, summers, Hogsmeade day. Shelves rose as high as the ceiling, filled with all manner of merchandise and the red-headed twins were flitting about helping customers left, right and centre. However, it was not one of the twins he was searching for, but rather a Mister Arthur Weasley, who was chatting to the bushy-haired bookworm about some muggle device or other.

As soon as he caught his eyes, the eldest Weasley turned and disappeared into the back of the shop, only pausing once to nod quickly in his direction.

"We'll?" Arthur asked, almost impatiently, "What do you need?"

Irritably, Lucius Malfoy brushed another lock of hair out of his eyes and ended up tying it into a ponytail at the nape of his neck. His eyes pierced his companions as he opened his mouth to speak. His voice as he did so was calm yet had an underlying tone of need.

"I need your help."