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"So we go to St. Mungo's?" I asked quietly as my parents seemed to communicate using their eyes, a trick I hated.

"She may not be there," Father warned roughly as I hauled myself up, feeling only marginally better than before. "And we have managed to procure most of the ingredients for the potion, only the Acromantula Venom and the Fluxweed are left. We should be getting them soon, however. I believe we should wait rather than going on a random jaunt to the Hospital. It would waste not only your time but ours as well."


"No buts, Draco," Mother whispered, as there was a timid knock on the door. "Yes?" Pansy pushed open the door, smiling slightly at Mother and curtseying to Father as Blaise followed her in. They seemed to be the only two who'd stayed, but Pans informed me she couldn't stay for long and had only come as moral support for Blaise.

"I've decided to take matters into my own hands concerning my sister," he told me as my parents left, giving us some well-needed privacy. "I'm going to look for her." I opened my mouth to interrupted, but he continued before I could. "I know I may have to search the whole country looking, but I'll do it if it will bring her back. Anyway, do you know why you fainted?"

"I did not faint," I protested loudly, not fazed by Blaise's abrupt change of conversation; I was definitely used to it. "I merely…collapsed."

"Same thing, mate," was the laughing reply. "So?"

"Yeah, apparently my Mate is really injured and I was feeling only a fraction of what she was."

"So…St. Mungos?"

"I would," I reply with a small sigh, "But Father's forbidden me from going."

"And when has that stopped you?" Pansy interrupted with a sneer worthy of a Slytherin. Her almost black hair was tied back in a severe bun and she reminded me for a moment of a younger, prettier McGonagall. That thought brought a shiver to my spine… a pretty McGonagall?

"Good point."



My head was killing as I blinked my eyes open, looking around with a small sigh. The sterilized, white walls clearly told me where I was…St. Mungos, great (Sarcasm intended).

"Hey, Mione," a soft voice said from my beside. I painfully turned my head in their direction, feeling a bright smile curl the corners of my chapped lips as I took in the pale, almost-translucent face of my boyfriend. "How are you feeling?" In a move totally unlike Fred Weasley, his hand came up to press gently against my forehead, feeling for a temperature.

"Like hell," was all I could croak back and in an instant a glass of water was being pressed against my lips. I gurgled a thanks back as the door opened slowly and what seemed like (and probably was) the whole Weasley family entered. Ginny squealed and raced to my side once she saw my open eyes, and Harry and Ron were only a few paces behind.

"How are you feeling, dear?" Mrs. Weasley asked as she also came to my side, her hand taking Fred's place on my forehead, a small crease forming between her eyebrows. "I'll go and speak to a Healer, the last thing you need is to be stuck in a hospital." Without another word she was gone and I found myself being scrutinized by many protective redheads.

"I'm fine, guys," I told them with a grin, sitting up with Fred's help. "So, what's been happening while I was out?"

"They found out who was responsible for the shop blowing up," Ginny answered, glancing at Fred out of the corner of her eye. I noticed George gripping his elbow tightly as he made to stand, a furious look on his face.

"Who is it?"

"Damn," Ron cursed, "Gin, we weren't going to tell him. Knowing Fred, he'll completely annihilate them."

"Annihilate?" Bill asked with a Weasley-twin-esque smirk. "Didn't know you knew such long words, Ronnie."

"Oh, shove off."

"Anyway," Ginny interrupted with a small glare in the direction of her squabbling family members. "Apparently it was two Death-Eater wannabies who wanted 'fame and glory' for capturing Harry Potter and killing his 'Mudblood friend'. It seems like Voldemort definitely wants you dead, Mies. Mum has gotten it from Sirius that we're going to spend the rest of the holiday at Grimmauld Place." She leaned closer so that her brothers, who were still squabbling, wouldn't hear. "Word of mouth is that Malfoy and Zabini are coming to stay. They may be completely prejudiced, but they are definitely…"


"What, Harry?" she demanded, furious at being interrupted from her Slytherin-fest. A deep scowl came over her features as she turned to face the Boy-Who-Lived and her long-standing crush. It was kind of disappointing that she still had a crush on him when he had never looked at her as anything but a little sister – as harsh as it seemed.

"It's time to go." He had a slightly scared look on his face and was slowly edging away from the feisty redhead, who just ignored him and turned back to me, assisting me off the lumpy bed and into my boyfriends muscled arms. Apparently they had decided that I couldn't walk myself, but I definitely wasn't complaining.

A short 'pop' later and we appeared just outside the peeling doors of Grimmauld Place, current Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix.

Fred strode confidently inside and deposited me onto an uncomfortable chair in the kitchen as he went to get me a plate of chicken that it seemed Kreacher had just made. I caught Sirius' gaze and grinned cheekily as he rolled his eyes but made his almost-silent way over.

"You'll be the death of me one day, Miss. Granger," he sighed with a tight hug. Even through his uncaring attitude I could tell that he was worried about my stint in Diagon Alley and subsequent disposal in St. Mungos. In my ear, he whispered, "I was so worried."

"It's okay, Siri," I giggled back, "See? I'm fine. I'm made of stern stuff."

"Of course she is," Fred came over, carrying my food and, almost on demand, my stomach grumbled loudly, causing me to blush deeply and my two companions to laugh loudly. Siri quickly went on his way (to get his own plate of food if anyone was wondering) and I tucked in happily.



"Draco?" My Mother was in the doorway, a stern expression on her pretty but aged face. "I know what you're planning and I'm afraid you won't be able to go."

"Why not?" I demanded loudly, using Pansy's arm to shift myself forward. "It's not as if we have anything else to do."

"Actually," Father snapped from his position behind her, one hand protectively placed around her waist. "You are going to the Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix until Hogwarts resumes. With the Dark Lord stronger than ever, it is dangerous for you to stay here any longer. Even with the Fidelius Charm on, we would both prefer for you to be with the Aurors."

I just glowered.

"Blaise, your parents have also organized for you to go until school resumes," Mother said to him with a kind smile. "Hogwarts is still the most safe places in England at the moment, with Dumbledore still there, but until the two of you can go, you must go to number 12 Grimmauld Place. The wards have been adapted to admit you."

She gestured with one smoothly manicured finger towards my personal fireplace as Pansy left the room unnoticed by any of my family. I noticed her give me a sly wink as she left.

"Oh, and Draco," Mum called me back as we waited for Blaise to shout out our new destination. Once the emerald flames had engulfed my best friend, she added, "The two of you will make a perfect match."

"What?" I demanded but it was too late, my Parents had left and I was encased in the brilliantly green flames. Mother's final words sang their way through my brain as I stumbled out of the fireplace in my new home and allowed a calloused hand to steady me.

"You okay, Mate?"

"Yeah, fine. Let's just find someone to show us where to stay. Oh, Granger…"

The brunette Gryffindor, who had been stumbling past at that moment, turned to look at us impatiently as she leaned against the wall weakly.

"What, Malfoy?"

Well, she didn't seem too surprised to see me, but the almost-translucent pallor of her skin was worrying, although I wasn't sure why. She was only the Gryffindor Muggleborn, someone who was of no consequence to me.

And I just referred to her as a Muggleborn.

"You okay, Granger?" Blaise asked, worry coating his voice as the bushy-haired girl closed her eyes in abject pain. She was breathing heavily and Blaise reached out to touch her forehead. A feral growl split forth from my lips as his dark fingers came into contact with her creamy skin. Rage such as I'd never felt before engulfed me and Blaise drew back from her side as though he'd been stung, staring at me in shock.


"It's nothing. Granger…are you okay?"

"I've just been in hospital," she spat back, "Of course I'm not okay."

I exchanged a horrified glance with Blaise.

This was just brilliant.