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Special thanks to GeekChic12 for pre-reading, and for the encouragement to post! This was my first story ever posted publically. These are all, for the most part, unbeta'd.

You stopped by and said hi to me today.

Caught my eye in the mirror like you always do.

Still making me smile. Still surprising me.

I'm still missing you. More than just the physical things. I miss how attentive you used to be. I miss being sought out by you. And by sought out I mean in the simplest ways – like scooting over to my side of the bed instead of pulling me over to yours, or finding opportunities to touch at different times throughout the day, or removing the book from my hands as I read on the couch just to give me a kiss.

I still crave your attention. How you used to not care if anyone saw us, or what time it was, or whether you were "bothering" me or not.

You are my religion now. In my quiet times devoted to you, I close my eyes and reminisce. I meditate on us, on our goodness. I let it fill me and fuel me to get through those days when your voice is too loud in my head. To get me through another week, another year.

You were big on that. Lingering on the positive. Big on remembering. On having something real enough to last beyond infinity. You were always so hopeful, so sentimental.

Your love made me strong enough to grieve your loss, and confident enough to know it's never the end.

I wear our secret on my side, where you've always been.

I watch my reflection as my fingers trace the promise we made on my skin, remembering how your thumb used to wander there.

It was supposed to be forever.

This way, it always will be.

I'll see you later, babe.

I'll see you when beyond infinity begins.