Prompt: A gif of two hands, coming together as if two people are about to hold hands, along with a picture of a drawn name tag that says, "Hello I'm: quite lonely without you"

**Won Honorable Mention**

It's the smallest things that weigh the most. The slightest touches that penetrate the deepest.

Your tiny, delicate hand next to mine. Our pinkies grazing each other as if they can't stand to be apart.

Laughter and music fill the summer night air, but you and I are having some wordless conversation as we stand here staring at the bonfire.

It's the stillest silences that send the loudest messages.

I stretch my fingers inviting you to grab hold. "Come on, let's run," I say.

We leave light and heat behind and take off into the dark toward the waves, stopping just as our toes touch cold, hard sand.

Smiling, breathless, wild hair.

"I miss you already," you say. Your smile is forced, I can tell. "Give 'em hell, soldier boy, and stay out of trouble."

I step forward and wrap you up in my arms. I had so much I wanted to say, but, like always, my insecurities hold my voice captive.

"You're the only one strong enough to hold my heart when it's this heavy. Bring it back in one piece, okay?"

Such sad words, such hopeful implication. I want to take your courage with me.

"Okay," I say.