Prompts: A pic of a hand formed out of red text holding another hand formed out of black text, along with the song prompt of Gotye's "Hearts A Mess".

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**Honorable Mention, Week 39**

From the moment your breath left your lips, you owned me.

Words of love and wisdom sought me out and wrapped around all the pieces of me I thought I was losing, holding me together. Promises and prophesies seeped in through the fissures of my well-worn heart; fortifying and augmenting from the inside out.

I clung to your words like salvation.

My debt runs so deep I am in the red. I owe every second of my future to you. But there you stand, now, with your hand held out for eternity. Your love spelled out in black and white.

Take it or leave it.

Easy as that.

And I . . . I remain locked away in a tower of my own design, built with walls made from the stones I did not throw. I have spite in my eyes and venom in my veins. My love is so fierce it's lethal. The fallout of its hold follows me like the train of a wedding gown.

Let your words come.

Seal me and sustain me; they are the antidote to my poison.

And I will damage no more.