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Chapter – 10

"I am bored…", Draco pouted to which Hermione just rolled her eyes. He can be a little irritating when he wants his entertainment. She pushed his face away using his book, glaring at him when he tried to snatch the book from her.

"Then why don't you go home?", Hermione retorted.

"But I want to have fun with you!", Draco exclaimed to which Hermione sighed, he is such a baby. He has been disturbing her for half an hour non-stop.

"You won't give up like this would you?", Hermione muttered, exasperated. Draco nodded in agreement and Hermione glared at him again. Then an idea occurred to her, she will exactly show him the consequences when you deal with a muggleborn. If it had been Blaise, it surely wouldn't have worked, but this is Draco we are talking about. Hermione smirked inwardly but smiled innocently at Draco, to which he narrowed his eyes suspiciously.

"What's going on in that gray matter of yours?", Draco asked suspiciously.

"Oh nothing at all! Just wait for me here while I get ready.", Hermione smiled, a tad too innocent and Draco rolled his eyes. Draco just sensed her mischievousness in her emotions and looked at her retreating figure amusingly. He would love to see what exactly is in her mind.

Draco leaned a little on the comfortable sofa thinking about Hermione and her previous relationship with Ron. He was an asshole and a jerk to cheat such a beautiful, talented and charming woman like Hermione. He will surely make him realize that what he was missing and he will enjoy his misery. He loved being in Slytherin.

He gave an inhuman snarl when he imagined them together before and how did they break up. Blaise explained the way he treated her and he felt sorry for her before, but now he felt a feral rage and his nails turned pointed and curled and he fought the maddening urge to obliterate Ron.

He was broken out of his reverie from his mate's sound of opening her room door and he concentrated on becoming normal. He fought for some control, not liking if his beautiful mate saw him like this. He didn't want to scare her. He masked his expression into calm one when he heard his mate walking down the stairs.

She was wearing blue skinny jeans and a tight red with golden design full sleeved shirt, to which Draco moaned inaudibly, he wondered if she was trying to torture him, dressing like that. He hated her house but the colors suited her for sure, it made her look childlike, cute but mature at the same time. She has pulled her hair in a ponytail and Draco's hand itched to pull out the band and let her hair fall down graciously.

"Let's go?", Hermione smiled and Draco got up from the sofa and walked towards Hermione. He pulled her chin, smirking when he saw her blush.

"Don't be cocky, ferret.", Hermione whispered.

"This ferret can't help being handsome, sexy and attractive all at the same time. It's a rare talent.", Draco whispered and kissed her lips with an unfamiliar urgency. She was his. He hated to share her with anyone; he couldn't help but feel angry. He always hated to share since he was little, but now that hate intensifies. There is no way he would give her to anyone, but he wasn't prepared to tell his worries and insecurities to his mate.

Hermione opened her eyes and frowned when she looked at his eyes. He may look calm, but his mask didn't work on Hermione. She could see a hint of worry and anger in his eyes and wondered what she did wrong.

"What's wrong Draco? Did I-", Hermione was cut off by Draco's peck.

"It's nothing 'Minnie. I just hate the way weasel treated you.", Draco tried to put the whole sentence lightly, but he gave away a growl.

"Oh… Draco, I don't feel bad about it. In a man, I expect understanding, compassion and love for me and only me. I thought I loved Ron, but when he… cheated on me.", Hermione winced slightly to which Draco gave an inhuman snarl.

"I knew he wasn't the right guy for me. Harry and Ginny supported me through this phase. He might have lost his mind after the war and did this to me, but I think I am little thankful I guess. It made me realize that I love him, not in love with him. Ron isn't bad, just lost his way. I know he regrets it, but I won't let him off that easily.", Hermione ended the sentence with a smirk which could almost beat Draco, trying to diffuse the tension in the air and Draco growled and caught her by the waist.

"You should have been in Slytherin my love.", he said huskily and kissed her hard to emphasize the point.

"No, I shouldn't.", Hermione said in between his heated kisses, to which he only kissed her harder to refrain her from speaking. He felt her bit his lip and he moaned on her mouth in approval, opening his mouth to let her tongue enter his mouth. Hermione almost entered his mouth but she broke off the kiss.

"I lost it there.", Hermione said incredulously, she believed and treasured her self-control and it put a little dent on her ego when Draco made a crack on her brick wall of self-control. Draco fought the urge to whine when she broke off their kiss that early, but complied reluctantly.

"And I didn't hate it.", Draco smirked to which Hermione scowled.

"Move.", Hermione pushed him lightly on his chest. Then she gasped.

"I forgot my bag.", Hermione explained and went upstairs to retrieve it. Draco frowned, his 'Minnie was so 'muggle'. He rolled his eyes and wait for her to descend the stairs, waiting for her to grace him with her basking presence.

"Hey Hermione…", Draco asked tiredly.

"Hmm… What?", Hermione asked in a sickly sweet voice to which Draco groaned. Now he was learning his lesson. Hermione wanted to do Macarena on that.

"Is this was your diabolical plan!?", Draco asked, mock lacing his tone. His Veela liked her already. She was naughty in a very alluring manner. But Draco can't handle this.

"How many clothes do you prefer to buy?", Draco asked. He wanted to spend some time with his mate in somewhere quiet, like a park or more likely, his king size bed.

Preferably naked.

And wet.


"Come on! Clothes are integral part of a muggle's life!", Hermione fastened her pace to which Draco kept on with easily. She rolled her eyes, he was such a baby.

"But I don't really want you in clothes, that is, if you want to impress me.", Draco smirked, his Malfoy smirk in full force which has effectively swooned many girls. He used it rarely, it was a special smirk. And indeed it did work. Hermione's eyes were slightly unfocused and she blinked rapidly. She smacked him on his arm and he made a mocking rub on his arm.

"That was for being the biggest blooming ferret ever alive!", Hermione retorted to which Draco gave a rich laugh, attracting many attentions of the girls on the shop. He was readily ignoring the hot lusty gazes of the other girls. He was having goosebumps with them also he slightly glared at them when those bints tried to glare at his 'Minnie.

Draco hung the shopping bags using his muscular arm on his shoulder so he could fling the other arm on her neck and kissed her cheek. Many girls gasped in envy and many girls just sighed, be it the display of his delicious flexing muscles or the beautiful display of affection, it was unclear or maybe it was a mix of both.

"They look so perfect…", Draco heard one girl mumble 4 feet away. And Draco immediately liked her.

"Perfect? That girl isn't worthy of his affections! She was just scolding him all the way, like he was her puppy!", the other girl, apparently her friend, said haughtily.

Both Veela and Draco wanted to growl at her. His chest rumbled and the feral sound didn't get missed by Hermione. She looked at him questioningly and warily. He shook his head and glared the Demon Level 1 glare, as Hermione named it, the same feral features he carried when he warned Daphne. It was very intimidating but… sexy in its own way.

He looked in the direction where his super hearing caught those voices. The girl Draco liked was pretty with blonde hair and big hazel eyes, fair skin with sharp nose and full lips. Draco would have thought that she was older than him, not had been little roundness in her face that told him that she was a teenager. She was beautiful and held a very serious and friendly aura. The other girl was strawberry blonde hair and arrogant smirk, which definitely couldn't beat Draco's, had pale skin and grey eyes. She had a long nose and plump lips, overly glossed and the smell of chemicals clinging the girl made Draco want to retch.

"He is looking at us!", the blonde good girl slightly panicked, feeling a little sorry for the comment her friend had made. He could smell goodness from her. Yes, she would turn out to be a good friend of his mate.

"He is definitely looking at me.", the other bint sauntered confidently towards him and smirked suggestively. Draco fought the urge to roll his eyes. Even if the Veela thing wouldn't have happened, he wouldn't have been attracted to a girl like this. Her friend, worried, followed her and gave apologetic glances towards Draco.

"Draco… Malfoy!", Hermione shook his shoulders and Draco mentally cursed himself for not being attentive towards his mate.

"Ah… I am sorry.", Draco apologized instantly to which Hermione sighed and smiled a forgiving smile. Draco's moment was popped like a soap bubble when he felt a tap on his shoulder.

"Hey. You were looking at us before. Do you mind company?", the strawberry blonde one batted her eyelashes excessively and Draco was painfully reminded of Pansy Parkinson.

Draco was going to say no but his mate, good natured as always.

"Sure, why not.", Hermione pressed when she saw Draco frowning at her.

"Wow that's so good!", the arrogant one clapped her hand and spoke in a high pitched voice which made Draco want to cover his ears. The girl ignored his loving mate and took Draco's elbow and dragged him away a little from Hermione and the blonde.

"Sorry about that. I am Becca Weber by the way.", the blonde spoke in American accent. She smiled good naturedly at Hermione and she liked her instantly. Draco couldn't help but ignore the other girl's jabbering and concentrated on her Hermione and Becca's conversation.

"It's okay. It isn't like he is my boyfriend.", Hermione smiled, but she couldn't help but feel a little jealous. He was supposed to be with her, accompanying her with her shopping, not be dragged away by squeaky girls like her. Draco wanted to growl so loud in frustration at Hermione's statement. He was hers and she was his. Maybe she wasn't aware of that fact yet, but he will make her realize now, in front of the whole world.

"Oh. I am sorry I misunderstood. I thought you two were perfect for each other.", Becca tucked her hair behind her ear and blushed in embarrassment at her straight-forwardness.

Hermione chuckled.

"I will take that as a compliment.", Hermione smiled reassuringly and Becca visibly sighed in relief.

"My friend's name is Olivia Clarke. And she is evidently a… little…", Becca struggled a little for the right word and Hermione smiled at her again.

"Infatuated by Draco?", Hermione offered and Becca laughed.

"I guess you could say that. Draco, unique name.", Becca said thoughtfully.

"It's a constellation actually. Its etymology is from the Latin term for dragon. I always used to think it's a beautiful name just given to the wrong person.", Hermione sighed mockingly to which Draco smirked and Becca laughed.

"He can be a git mind you. We weren't exactly… friendly in school. But I think I am starting to admire him a little bit.", Hermione stroked her chin in a mocking thoughtful way and Draco just rolled his eyes and Becca laughed again.

"I like you already. Oh, pardon me for my straight-forwardness.", Becca apologized which Hermione waved off.

"It's nothing. I like straight-forward people.", Hermione smiled at her again. Becca couldn't help but feel mesmerized by the brunette beauty. She was beautiful inward and outward. Quite smart and witty. She already liked her.

"Can you give me your number?", Becca asked, taking out her phone and Hermione gave it to her. Becca's were white sleek and shiny while Hermione's was black and slim Draco frowned, what was that supposed to be?

"Hey Becca let's got at that café.", Olivia finally let go of Draco's hand and he made his way over-willingly towards Hermione, already missing her presence.

"So, I am not your boyfriend.", Draco commented in a light voice, which came out rather strangled. Hermione's eyes widened and she looked at Draco and he captured her by his intense obsidian gaze, probing her for answers. It was difficult to tear her gaze away.

"Well, that's how it is for now.", Hermione tore her gaze away muttered and Draco got a little stiff. Hermione looked at him furtively only to be captured again by those black onyx eyes again, only it got impossibly darker and Hermione's breathing hitched. She was suddenly reminded of Draco's words yesterday when he cornered her.

'"Just to warn you Hermione, Veela is a dominating creature. If you hurl your annoyance on me it's fine, but it's not the same for the Veela in me. It will only turn me on further and I might force you to do something that you will not like. Not that I mind anyway.",'

Hermione furiously blinked. She didn't take that seriously that time. Or should she?

Draco was furious. No, he was livid. He understood Hermione's reluctance for calling him her boyfriend, but he couldn't help it. His Veela didn't like it on bit. He knew just telling her yesterday and they act like couples the other day, it doesn't happen like that.

But he wanted it to happen like that.

The urge of consummation and marking her mate was painful to control. Any moment he could apparate her to his Manor and mark her as his. If possible he just has to find an empty street, drag Hermione away, she will surely give into temptations….

No! Draco no!

He could imagine the loud cries of protest of his beloved mate, begging him to stop. It hurt him more than the strong urge of making love and he finally got in control.

He wasn't her boyfriend, so what? He will surely become her loving boyfriend and then they will marry and consummate or consummate and marry. He liked the latter one better. Then Hermione carrying his baby….

Draco was interrupted from his lewd thoughts when Hermione pulled on his sleeve of his Slytherin green shirt and he looked at his mate's beautiful chocolate brown eyes. They were filled with an unknown strength and wisdom he always saw since she was in their first year at Hogwarts. It was hard not to be captivated by them. He also saw friendliness and wariness at the same time.

He was making her wary of him. Just great Malfoy.

He needed her trust; yes his resolve is now strengthened. He would never hurt Hermione, never ever. He was a sodding Slytherin he knew, but he wouldn't use this excuse to mark Hermione as his. He would be brave and honest like his Gryffindor princess Hermione. Or at least he will try to. Try his best, that is. Basically same on the shit scale. Ugh.

"Draco.", she said carefully. He needed their carefully built trust to be stronger. He would take steps slowly, one by one. Start with platonic relationship, but he knew he was falling for Hermione, hard. He was, during the war and the process is now complete, he just needed his Veela situation to fuel it up.

"Hermione.", he sighed and continued, "Don't be wary around me, it really hurts.", he hadn't meant to say that, but he just realized the truth of his words, he was really hurting because of that mere fact. That tight feeling in his chest wasn't helping to ease Draco at all. He was turning into a softy, perfect.

"Sorry. I won't. Just give me time to trust you and I will.", Hermione assured him gently and smiled, Draco stared at her for solid five seconds and nodded. Well, that's not a no.

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