Chapter – 11

"So, what is this school of yours?" Olivia asked curiously and Draco fought the urge to yell out in frustration. He was seconds close to tell the little hussy to sod off.

He felt Hermione's warm inviting soft… uh soothing hand on his as she gave him a warning glance and she faked a smile at Olivia, which didn't seem necessary at all as she was busy eye fucking Draco. Bint, Hermione thought crossly.

"It's a boarding school in Scotland." Hermione tried to keep the tightness and annoyance out of her voice and Draco snorted lightly, audible enough to reach her ears as she threw a quick glare at him. This stupid bint has already caused enough irritation, which she hurled fully at Draco.

Becca actually caught that and decided it was time for them to leave. They were getting late.

"Olivia, your mother said something about receiving the guests." Becca reminded her stupid friend softly, hugely relieved when she sidetracked her friend successfully.

"Damn! You are right! We are so sorry, but we got to leave! Bye!" Olivia waved wildly and Draco was relieved that he didn't have to use the Imperius Curse on her.

"Gone. Such a pleasure." Hermione gave a huge sigh of relief and Draco smirked.

He took Hermione's hand in his and gently pulled her up after paying for their drink, to which Hermione protested strongly, but he ignored her.

"Come." Draco took her to a dressing shop's changing room and he swiftly apparated to Hermione's house.

"Whoa." Hermione fought hard to keep the impressed look off her face.

"I would say you are losing your touch." Draco smirked superiorly and Hermione's eyes narrowed dramatically.

"And why would you say that?", Hermione asked testily and Draco's smirk widened.

"'Whoa'? Honestly Granger, I expected better than that." Draco drawled while he marched towards her bedroom, Hermione following him heatedly.

"Well, Malfoy, when a prat like you is trying his best to impress a witch, I must say it was quite a compliment." Hermione grinned winningly at Draco's scowl.


"Prat." Draco rolled his eyes at that.

"Its getting old, lass." Hermione's eyes narrowed at that.

"Ferret. Now that just fix everything, doesn't it?" Hermione said in a sickly sweet voice and laughed at Draco's expression. It looked like he was forced to sniff Hippogriff's shit.

"I think it's the best isn't it?" Hermione laughed but stopped shortly when Draco entered her room.

"Hey! Where do you think you are going!?" Hermione asked exasperatedly as Draco jumped on her bed. He took in the soft blue colored walls of her room and soft springy bed, which smelled deliciously like his mate. He took a long sniff, nodding appreciatively. He picked up the teddy placed beside him and placed it on his chest while placing an arm behind his head and crossed his legs, looking completely at ease. Hermione huffed and crossed her arms. The action only served to push her breasts a little higher and Draco swore mentally. A gush of the honey flavored venom washed his mouth. With an effort he controlled himself and concentrated on the old brown teddy.

"Oohh, teddies. Miss Bookworm has a seven year old inside who is just threatening to break out! Oh joy!" Draco exclaimed sarcastically as he crossed his legs and assessed her teddy while placing it in his torso.

"Yeah yeah. Joy Malfoy. Right. Now hand it over." Hermione rolled her eyes walked towards him tried to get her teddy back, but Draco refused to give it.

"Why 'Minnie? I wanna play with him!" Draco pouted and Hermione frowned.

" doesn't like you!" Hermione crossed her arms and huffed again. It got silent for a few seconds and Hermione bit her tongue as she realized her mistake. Hermione blushed so hard and so temptingly that Draco's mouth was again filled with venom. He fought back a groan. He did a quick control exercise, until the lust evaded and he finally felt the wonder he was supposed to feel.

"… ?" Draco asked, his face a little red as he tried to control the laughter that was threatening to burst. Hermione growled in frustration and embarrassment and tried to go away but Draco pulled on her wrist with such a force that she came tumbling on Draco's chest.

"Oomph!" Hermione's voice muffled on Draco's chest. Draco pulled Hermione legs and adjusted himself so that she was close and comfortable beside him. Hermione tried to get up but his grip on her waist was firm and didn't allow much movement. After a while she gave up and sighed dejectedly.

"Go on. Have a laugh." she muttered, and Draco didn't need his Veela senses to get her emotions.

"I like the name." Draco said as he looked at again. Hermione snorted. Draco pulled her chin and made her look at him.

"I am serious." Draco said with no hint of humor in his expression. Hermione smiled a little as she took the teddy out of his grasp and looked at it lovingly.

"When I was small, I didn't have friends. I was mature compared to the peers of my age, so didn't mingle with them and was often alone. Books were the only friend I had then. But I made a friend when I was five and she gifted me this teddy. She suggested the name from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a muggle story. But she soon shifted from here and I never met her again. We were friends for a very short while, but were friends nevertheless. I treasure very much." Hermione emphasized by clutching the teddy to her chest.

Draco looked at his mate, smiling at her lovingly and planted a chaste kiss on her smiling mouth. He was angry at his mate's suffering and no could clearly see why she treasure Weasley and Potter so much. Honestly, he always noticed the relationship between Potter and Hermione. It was something so… intense, like no one could get between them. And while he contemplated his mate's relationship with boys, his hackles rose when he thought about Weasel and especially Potter.

"What are you thinking about?" Hermione asked out of the blue, while staring at the ceiling. Draco turned to see her, but Hermione continued to gaze intently, as if she was trying to find something.

"You." Draco said unabashedly. He gave a smirk when it created the desired effect.

"Wh-What about me?" Hermione dared to ask as she blushed. Draco decided to have his little fun as she turned to stare at him. He brought his face closer to her, pretending not to notice the silent gasp that escaped her lips. He caressed her cheek with the pad of her thumb while staring into her eye intently, onyx searching amber. Hermione's eyes flicked downwards, her long lashes falling down and bit her lip unconsciously.

Draco tilted his head as his finger delicately hooked under her chin and he tilted her head up, forcing her to meet his intent gaze.

"Do you really want to know?" Draco asked in a whisper but Hermione didn't answer, but looked a little lost while gazing back into his obsidian gaze.

"Do you want to know what kind of thoughts swirl in my mind when I think about you?" Draco asked again. Hermione's blush deepened. Draco didn't want to scare her by pulling his lips and baring his fangs.

"Do you know what you do to me?" Draco asked as he got closer and closer. He closed his eyes and willed to control himself while Hermione did the same and did what he always wanted to do.

They kissed.

He got on the top of Hermione, kissing her intently. Hermione's lips parted, as usual giving up to him as she kissed him back. She ran her hands through his silky platinum blonde locks, opening her mouth when Draco's tongue invited itself in. Their tongues interlocked passionately a Draco's hand traveled from her arms to her waist, pulling her body closer to him.

She moaned on his lips, parting to take a breath while looking at each other intently.

"Why can't we just date 'Minnie?" Draco asked desperately. Hermione smiled.

"We can't, not now. I don't even know you properly Draco. I want to know about you and date with you, and then have a candlelight dinner, a sweet good night kiss after the date. Then, I will think about dating you…" Hermione whispered as she combed his hair using her fingers. Draco couldn't help but moan softly, she was doing what she did in his dreams. In reality it felt even better.

"So you want me to court you like a gentleman." Draco asked, smiling. So this was the problem. The trust she wanted to build.

"Uh huh. If I said I am not attracted by you, I will be lying. If I said I don't like you that way, I would be lying again…" Hermione whispered as she blushed. Oh now he can't control it.

His fangs surfaced.

Draco immediately let go of Hermione and stood up. Frowning, she gave him a questioning look but gave out a loud gasp when she saw the problem.

Good Draco, now you have messed up for good. My mate will run away now.

While his Veela felt satisfied when Hermione gasped at his fangs, Draco felt sad. He didn't want 'Minnie to see this side of him. She was lovely and intelligent and pretty and… she was his ideal girl. Without knowing he started harboring feelings for Hermione.

"Can… Can I touch them?" Hermione whispered cautiously as she looked at his fangs. She took Draco's hand and pulled him back to the bed. Draco was while staring at Hermione like she was crazy, his Veela growled in passion. Maybe she will ask him to bite her… then it will be amazing…

Stupid Veela, making him think stupid – oh but tempting – thoughts.

"…. Wha?" was his eloquent response.

"Can I touch them?" Hermione asked again, this time more confidently. Damn Gryffindors.

"You… are not freaked out or anything?" Draco couldn't help but ask. Hermione smiled.

"No." she said.

"Oh… good." Was all Draco could say. Hermione rolled her eyes.

"So this fangs trigger to appear when you come to close contact with my blood, right?" Hermione asked as she raised her hand. Draco froze. She stopped, looking in his eyes and searched for something. Satisfied with what she found, she touched his fangs.

She let her index finger rub on the base of his fang, trying to assess the sharpness carefully. It was partly a curiosity of a bookworm Hermione but mostly she wanted to assess Draco. Normally she would think she was PMSing when she thought this, but she couldn't help it.

He was beautiful with his fangs.

Not that handsome type beauty (that he already was), but a perfect structure like of a painting or a statue.

Draco closed his eyes and Hermione heard a soft rumble from his chest. She pulled her hand and touched his cheek, admiring his high cheekbones and his jawline.

"Open your eyes Draco." She murmured. Amber met onyx as he gazed intently at them.

They were lost into each other eyes until Draco broke the silence.

"Are you scared?" Draco asked abruptly. Hermione couldn't help but snicker.

"What?" he frowned, he was serious there.

"Sorry, it's just that I am a Gryffindor, yeah I have met a Cereberus twice, I was almost killed by troll, I was almost strangled by Devil's snare, while I just saw life sized chess pieces trying to kill us, almost killed Ron, drinking a potion set by Snape which could have almost killed Harry and I if it hadn't been for that riddle.

I was petrified in my second year, took a fight with Whomping Willow, fought a werewolf, heck we even turned time in our third year." She ignored Draco's confused look.

"I taught a Giant English in my fifth year, almost got killed by Dolohov in DOM, hunted Horcruxes, suffered from Bellatrix's torture, fought in the final war, and do you think I am afraid?" Hermione ended while Draco looked a little dazed.

"You know that's not what I meant." Draco said, frowning. Hermione sighed.

"I am not scared of you Draco." Hermione said.

Draco narrowed his eyes.

"We'll see."