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Chapter – 9

"Ow…", Hermione moaned in pain.

The fall from the bed made a black blue blotch on her forehead. She searched her drawers for a soothing balm, forgetting that she was a witch.

The door bell rang.

"Coming!", Hermione shouted and left the balm on the vanity.

Hermione looked at the clock; it was only 10:30. She sighed; he didn't have to be so early, she was not emotionally prepared.

"Hey…", Draco started and his eyes widened.

"Hey Draco.", Hermione smiled which abruptly turned into a frown when the grey of his eyes dissolved into a pure obsidian. And he was currently glaring at her.

Draco pushed Hermione inside, holding her from the waist when she almost tripped at her own feet.

"Wha-? Draco?", Hermione protested when he cornered her.

"Who did this to you?", he snarled, his killer intent oozing from him, reminding her of the look that could match a demon he gave in the car, only two times worst.

"Wait! Draco!-!?", she lost words when he started to touch her, firstly her neck, then shoulder, her breast too, much too her embarrassment, and further snaked down, checking for injuries.

"Hey! Hey! LISTEN!", Hermione cupped his cheek in both of her hands and forced him to look at her.

"What?", he growled, but he was more calm now.

"This,", she pointed on her forehead, "is purely inflicted by me. I woke up rather… surprisingly.", she said, blushing.

"What surprised you?", he put his hand on her hands, kissing the inside of her wrist, still angry.

"… My alarm.", she ducked her head, expecting him to laugh.

"Thank god…", Draco let out a sigh of relief, putting his forehead on hers and stared into her eyes.

"Good, you got it now.", Hermione closed her eyes, relishing the minty scent of his breath.

Draco tugged on her hair gently, urging him to open her eyes, which she did.

"Why didn't you heal it?", Draco asked softly.

"I was going to apply the balm you know…", Hermione was by then lost in the black pools of his eyes.

Draco let go of her and looked at her mockingly.

"I thought you were supposed to be the brightest witch of the age?", Draco asked.

"…Oh…", Hermione was blushing a beet red, I am a witch, how could I forget that!?

"Don't act like a Hufflepuff.", Draco snickered and earned a glare from her.

"Forgive me for being a muggleborn, ferret.", Hermione snapped.

"You wound me, Hermione.", Draco dramatically placed a hand on his heart and smirked when she narrowed her eyes.

"Glad to know.", Hermione rolled her eyes.

"Ah my mate, so cruel.", Draco continued with his antics, while Hermione chuckled.

"Cruel? Then it will make Slytherin an angel.", Hermione challenged.

"Trust me when I say this, I think you were born to be a Slytherin Hermione.", Draco gave an arrogant smirk.

"I don't. And what makes you say that?", Hermione retorted.

"You think we don't know how you ambushed Umbridge just to save Potter?", Draco drawled.

"Considering the fact that it was for greater good, that act was not Slytherin.", Hermione pointed out.

"Whatever helps you sleep at night.", Draco gave his infamous Malfoy smirk.

"Slytherin ferret.", Hermione muttered while Draco laughed heartily.

"My Gryffindor lioness.", Draco whispered and kissed her hair.

"N-Now, are you going to heal it or what?", Hermione found the window more interesting, blushing the whole time. He didn't need to declare her as his property.

Draco smirk turned into a huge grin. She was going to let him heal it, sign of trust.

He ducked to match her height and placed a chaste kiss on her bruise, much to her surprise. The pain had vanished.

"What did you do?", Hermione asked.

"Veela can reduce the pain when their mate is hurt. Don't worry, you will read it all in this book.", Draco pointed at the sofa where he placed the book and Hermione wondered wildly that when did he place the book there.

"Oh okay.", Hermione said, and closed her eyes when she felt the tip of his wand on her bruise.

"Episkey.", he muttered.

Draco was relieved when he saw the pathetic clue black blotch disappear and looked at his mate closely. She had her eyes closed and the way her eyelashes fell was so mesmerizing, he couldn't help but place a soft kiss on her eyelids.

"Open your eyes.", Draco whispered.

Hermione opened her eyes and her lips automatically widened when she saw him smile softly at her, unable to help it. Her heart was pacing but her mind was wary by this new Draco Malfoy, apparently a Veela.

She never thought he would be this gentle with her, let alone accepting the fact he would spend 5 minutes with her alone. She knew he would have to accept it eventually, rather than facing a painful and sad death, but never considered the fact that he would look at her with soft, loving-

Lustful eyes.

Draco's POV –

His mate looked so right near her, her warmth embracing him comfortably. He fought the maddening urge to kiss her hard, senseless. Last night has been mind-blowing for him, and he expects that to happen again, sooner.

Hermione placed a chaste kiss on his cheek and walked towards the sofa, sitting and crossing her legs, and Draco smelled the citrusy scent hitting his nose again, and thick sweet scent coming in wafts from her honeyed centre.

"Fuck.", he swore softly, his cock twitching and his fangs protruding. He just wanted his tongue to caress her cunt and lick her juices.

He eyed her chest which was rising and falling from the intake of breaths, imagining how soft it would feel in his hands. His mate's scent was thick in air and he fought the urge to protrude his tongue, tasting it's sweetness in the air.

"Close that book, Hermione.", he said in a strangled voice, also wanting to say that stop crossing your legs before I rip that bloody shorts off.

"Huh?", Hermione looked at him, confused by his tone of voice.

"Let's do something else; you should entertain your guests. Didn't your mother teach you anything?", he drawled, an effort to tease so that he cold distract himself.

"Shut up.", Hermione glared, to which Draco smirked.

"You have a dog right?", Draco asked.

"Oh yeah… Brucie, do you want to meet her?", Hermione got distracted.

"Sure.", anything to do, better than forcibly getting inside her knickers, Draco thought.

"Hmm… Well, lets see ferret boy, how do you like my girl.", Hermione gave a smirk to which Draco replied with same manner, but his smirk only made him look more sexy.

Draco was confident that he would not be hated by his pet. When he apparated here, the dog looked at him with recognition, and bowed at him. But before he could explain his mate was already leading the way to the door, expecting him to follow her.

Oh how much he wanted to see her adorable gobsmacked expression.

He followed her to the door, gazing dreamily at her swaying hips and fought the urge when his Veela wanted to goose her.

Bad Veela! Draco admonished himself.

He got outside and her dog came yapping and bowed a little in front of Hermione as she expected that she will pat her.

"Aww… good doggie, good doggie.", Hermione patted her head and Brucie made soft noises while she enjoyed her master's petting. Draco just watched the interaction in amusement and longing.

Oh how much he wanted to be in the place of the dog.

"I will bring your food while you interact with Draco. Bite him if he misbehaves.", Hermione mock whispered to which Draco rolled his eyes.

Draco kneeled down in front of the dog, Brucie bared her teeth when she looked at him, but Draco smiled, feeling a strange belonging towards the dog. For one second Draco thought the dog felt it too as her bare teeth hid and her eyes softened and she made the same soft noises she made before, as if asking him to pat her, and he did.

"H-How?", Hermione asked incredulously as she came back with the dog food.

"What were you expecting?", Draco gave his superior smirk.

"She barks at every stranger that comes here. Now I think, I didn't hear a bark when you arrived. What kind of potion or trick did you use to make her like you? I was expecting a dog fight you know?", Hermione teased as she put the dog bowl in front of Brucie.

"Dog fight? Are you calling me a dog Granger?", Draco frowned.

"You could say that. Sniffing is a characteristic of a dog.", Hermione laughed which entranced Draco to almost insanity. He scooped up Hermione in his arms and gave a full blown grin at her shocked face.

"I will show you how much of a dog I can be.", Draco's grin turned into the Malfoy smirk as he dashed with an inhuman speed to the sofa.

He nuzzled her on the neck and started making sniffing sound all over her face and neck, keeping his boundaries to the point where her scent was the most potent.

"Haha! Stop…Draco! It… tickles!", Hermione giggled and gasped, when he started nuzzling more.

"Now what you say?", Draco stopped and raised an eyebrow, as he admired her flushed face and full red lips. How much he wanted to see a face like this when he was filling her with his seed and pump his life out inside her.

"Scratch what I said. It must have been a ferret-dog fight.", Hermione laughed again, to which Draco mock glared.

"You won't let that incident go, would you?", Draco pouted.

"No way, never ever!", Hermione giggled.

"Then I won't let you go, never ever.", Draco whispered, he meant those words truly. She gazed in his eyes, searching the sincerity in it and liked what she found, giving a satisfied smile.

"Good.", Draco was surprised when she hugged him tight but returned it passionately.

The phone gave a shrill demanding ring, breaking their bubble.

"And who might that be?", Hermione asked no one while Draco glared and gave a endless string of curses in his mind to whoever had the audacity to interrupt them.

Hermione let go of Draco and got up, making her way to the phone. Noticing his irritation, she gave an apologetic smile and ran towards the phone.

"Hello?", she said, a little breathless.

"'Mione?", came a deep familiar voice, which was apparently shouting.

"Ron?", she said disbelievingly and Draco stiffened.

What Weasel was calling her for? Draco thought angrily. He and his Veela did not like his mate talking to another man, let alone touching them. He would cut those hands anyway. He gave an inhuman growl which was almost inaudible.

"What do you want?", Hermione all but growled, like Draco, but it was more human.

"'Mione please-", Ron tried but Hermione cut him off.

"No please Ronald! Give me time to get over with it!", Hermione raised her voice a little.

"But why didn't you reply to my letter but you replied to Harry? I thought we were supposed to be friends, maybe not lovers-", Ron countered angrily, but Hermione cut him off again.

"Lovers you say? Lovers? Alas! The biggest mistake of my life I remember. Well, Ronald, you haven't done anything remotely good where I should categorize you as my friend, let alone lover! Reflect on what you did and then talk to me! I replied to Harry because he is a friend who doesn't snog people behind his girlfriend back just because he needs to 'satisfy' himself. I will talk to you, when you apologize with your heart you prat! Bye!", Hermione thundered and hung up on him. Draco could hear his protest with his super hearing but Hermione had already hung up on him.

Draco admired the seething Hermione which was coming back; she looked like a true Gryffindor lioness. His sneer was gone and he was now looking hungrily at his mates rising and falling of chest as she huffed in anger and sat beside him.

"Sorry.", Hermione said, looking at him, trying to keep her tears at the bay.

"No way, 'Minnie, don't apologize. I enjoyed you mini outburst on Weasel through and through.", Draco hugged Hermione in a comforting gesture and patted her head.

"Mini outburst?", Hermione sniffed.

"Imagine what you would have done if he was face to face when he was talking to you

with that weasel like expressions. I think you would have punched and then castrated him.", Draco snickered but gave an 'ow' when Hermione elbowed him on his chest.

"I guess I would have. Reminds me of the third year.", Hermione smirked and Draco shook his head, remembering the punch.

"Yeah I had built a respect for you that day you know?", Draco admitted.

"And you gave me an impression of the biggest prat that Hogwarts ever had.", Hermione chuckled to which Draco narrowed his eyes on his mate.

"I was not.", Draco muttered.

"Yes you were.", Hermione took his challenge.

"Ok I was. You know this Veela thing is good for you, I would have retorted quite nicely.", Draco admitted, he couldn't even imagine arguing with Hermione now.

"Guess it has…", Hermione looked lost in thought and Draco couldn't help but miss her voice.

"What was that weasel talking about? The letter I mean.", Draco asked.

"You could hear him?", Hermione asked accusingly.

"…Am I not supposed to hear that?", Draco asked, confused by the ways of that muggle contraption.

"No you were not? Perks of a Veela, then?", Hermione narrowed her eyes and Draco couldn't help but admire her smartness.

"Now they don't call you the brightest witch just like that, do they? You caught on to that.", Draco sarcastically commented but his expression gave away that he was impressed.

"Yeah, yeah. So you could hear him. Wow.", Hermione looked fascinated.

"Hmm… so what about the letter?", Draco asked, distracting her successfully.

"Ah, the letters. Harry and Ron owled me today, I just replied to Harry that's all.", Hermione replied, her expression softening when she remembered, and Draco didn't like it at all.

"What did they write about?", Draco couldn't help but ask.

"Oh, Harry was just worried about me and Ron's…", Draco could see that Hermione didn't give away much about Harry's letter, but he made sure to ask her about it in detail later.

"Ron's?", Draco asked through gritted teeth. He couldn't help but imagine himself bashing that weasel's head in the wall. And to his further annoyance Hermione giggled, which soon erupted into a fits of laughter.

"What?", Draco all but growled, Hermione tried to control her laughter and finally succumbed.

"What's got you wand in a knot? You know when I read the first line, I tore the letter into pieces and flushed them in the toilet!", Hermione exclaimed, soon erupting into laughter again and Draco joined in as well.

"You know, you are the most beautiful and interesting girl – scary even – I had the fortune to meet. Beautiful, but scary.", Draco said seriously, wiping the tear that escaped the corner of his eyes. This is the first time he laughed so hard in three years, thanks to his exquisite mate.

"Hmph. Scary, right. Ron said that to me in the first year, a little altered version of yours.", Hermione muttered, while trying to hide her blushing face.

"Don't compare me to that weasel.", Draco retorted.

"Oh I am not. I know you are surprisingly better than Ron.", Hermione complimented.

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