A/N: Hey gang. I have had more lappy issues. Rest assured that Blame It is still being written. It is going to finish but I am now learning the desktop (I hate learning new... Grr windows 8) and have some personal issues. But I have the voices talking all off a small phrase i heard today. This is going to be along the lines of some of my other dribbly things and so that means not edited just the pouring out of my fingers and odd self. I am thinking it will be told over the next few days. I am using it more as an exercise above all to get back into the zone...

This is Fate

Nothing is random. I have never believed that at all. Things happen for a reason it is all preset, destined, willed by the fates. Yup that is my story and I am sticking to it.

So I stand here scratching my head trying to figure out what "they" have set in motion for me. Because if there is no random then I was meant to see him. Okay eventually see him. After I ran into him and caused him to spill his coffee all over his crisp white shirt. The white shirt that suddenly became transparent as it plastered to his well sculpted chest. See him after I tore my eyes away from his perfectly shaped and now well flavored nipples.

No not random can't be as he yells and obscenity and turns stomping back into the building with out so much as a second glance my direction. I'm sure he didn't even see enough of me to register anything about me. But I saw him. I put every line and freckle to memory. I burned it to my brain and libido. No this wasn't random. This here. This is fate.