A/N This chapter does contain scenes of an adult nature - not too explicit, but adult nonetheless

Chapter 4

By the time consciousness came back to Ianto, he was no longer in the dark and cold. The throbbing in his back was still there, but no longer agonisingly painful. He was lying on his front, his face turned to one side on a soft pillow.

"Hey there … you awake properly this time?" Jack's voice was softer than usual and close.

"Think so … that or dead…" He couldn't make out any details around him and was quite prepared to believe that he hadn't made it out of the exploding chapel in time.

"If you were dead, you'd have some company other than me. Possibly Gwen, because I would have been tempted to put a bullet through her skull." This time Jack's voice had a harsher tone and he sounded very serious.

"Oh…" He moved his head trying to work out where he was.

"You're in the Hub. But if you want me to take you home, I can do that…"

Ianto slowly shook his head. This was the first time he'd been in Jack's quarters with him since he'd returned from his travels. They hadn't actually spent the night together for quite a long time.

"Thirsty…" His throat was sore and dry.

Jack helped him to sit up and then lifted a cup of water to his lips, supporting his head with the other hand.

"Thank you." Ianto leaned back into the pile of pillows, instinctively lying on his side and not on his back.

"So, you going to tell me what possessed you to act the hero and save their asses tonight?"

"Dunno… am I naked?" Ianto slid a hand under the sheet to check out his suspicions.

"And I thought I was good at deflecting questions I didn't want to answer!"

"What happened to my clothes?"

"They were shredded in the blast."

"Including my underwear?" Ianto raised an eyebrow quizzically.

Jack shrugged.

"I've only ever known you sleep naked in the past. But I'll get you something to wear if you want to…"

"No, it's OK… it's just that it feels odd lying undressed in your bed, whilst you're sitting there fully clothed."

"Surely you don't feel vulnerable?" Jack raised his eyebrows suggestively, before leaning over to idly stroke Ianto's bare arm.

"Nope –"

"How are you feeling?"

"Like crap to be honest. Although the floaty feeling in my head makes me think that maybe Owen let me have some of the good stuff. But maybe if you wanted to get in here with me, you could take my mind off the pain…"

Ianto shuffled across the narrow mattress as if to make room for Jack. His movements were more languid than usual and the way he looked through his lashes at Jack was an invitation that he could seldom resist.

"Any other time and that would be an offer I couldn't refuse… but… you're injured… I shouldn't…" Jack ran his tongue over his lower lip, not even realising he was doing it. But he was only human and Ianto was lying there, drugged and naked, warm and in need of comfort - in his bed. What was he to do?

Ianto smiled as Jack shed his clothing like it was barely fastened in place. He loved watching that beautiful body emerge from the bulky clothing and felt quite smug at the thought that he'd been allowed access to every square inch of it. Sighing loudly he lifted the bedcovers to allow Jack to slip into the bed next to him.

"You sure about this?"

"Very. You're taking my mind off the pain already."

Jack lay down on his back and gently coaxed Ianto into lying across the front of his body, wondering if that was such a good idea as the warm, lithe body pressed against his groin. He skimmed his hands down the sides of Ianto's body, avoiding the back itself, which he knew would be sore and too sensitive to be touched. Gently cupping the other man's gorgeously proportioned arse he pulled him even closer, trying to ignore the growing arousals that rubbed against one another. He really shouldn't.

Ianto lifted his head and leaned up for a kiss, pleased when Jack responded, carefully at first as if worried that he would hurt him. The kiss deepened as they caressed each other, taking it slowly, fingertips trailing along hip bones and across thighs. Jack turned onto his side, holding Ianto to his chest, and then tucked a long, supple leg over his hip, pulling the other man closer still, yet making sure his back was protected with pillows between him and the wall.

Then their movements became more assertive, muscle memory dictating the course they were taking. From out of nowhere Jack provided lubricant, which he used with practised ease to prepare them both. He asked yet again if Ianto was sure, but the other man's actions spoke volumes as he grasped hold of Jack and kissed away any further enquiries or worries. Hands wandered over skin damp with sweat, grasping while trying to hold limbs in position. Mouths opened to allow tongues to join the dance, despite the short, sharp, panting breaths that accompanied the orgasms that lurked beneath the surface desperate to break free, yet equally wanting to be delayed as long as humanly possible, to make them all the more exquisite by virtue of synchrony.

The drugs had relaxed Ianto, making his body more pliant than usual, more open. Jack's fear had triggered feelings he wasn't certain that he had for this lover he was thrusting into, this gorgeous Welshman who had seduced him utterly, in every way, and he realised with a shock that he needed this. He wasn't just shagging a warm and willing body, he was making love to a man who he wanted and needed by his side as well as in his bed. He growled out loud as he came hard and held on tight, not wanting to let go not until he felt Ianto come too.

Ianto sprawled over Jack's chest, breathing hard, in pain and sore. Yet he couldn't recall having ever felt happier. Any doubts he'd entertained earlier on had been dispelled. The gentle hands that stroked his hair and his arms told him how Jack felt about him more eloquently than words ever could.

Jack pressed a kiss to the top of his head and softly whispered:

"Please don't act the hero too often. You'll be the death of me."

"It wasn't exactly something I was planning to do." Ianto joked and then noticed the grim look on Jack's face. "Jack?"

"Hush, sleep now. I'm here and I'm not going anywhere."