Tenchi Muyo and Tenchi Muyo GXP Cross AU

By: Sayaalv
(A/N: I own nothing and what if 'Seina' was keeping a large secret from everyone? What if he wasn't the only one doing so? What if 'Seina's past was different and a lot more violent? AU some bashing OOC Femslash and implied Femslash.)

"Let me get this straight. Because I got my enhancements so late in the class and therefore failed my earlier classes I have to fight Seiryo-san with wooden blades in order to pass?" Seina Yamada-Masaki asked blinking slightly at Lady Mikami as he stood in front of the entire Galaxy Police Training school.

"Yes that is correct. Also for some reason Airi and three very important women are insisting on watching the fight, as well as bringing some people they know to watch the fight." Lady Mikami said nodding while Seiryo stood on the other side of the stage with a wooden sword in his hands while Seina's was loosely perched upon his shoulder.

"Here they are now in fact." Lady Mikami said as the door opened and Lady Airi led a group of people into the room.

"Seina-chan!" An excited womans voice shouted as one of the women following Airi disappeared from view, only to reappear in front of Seina squishing him in a hug that had his bones cracking.

"I think you're hurting Seina-nii momma!" A young girl said as a child that looked just like the woman currently hugging the life out of a blue faced Seina rushed over to try and pry her mother off of Seina.

"Sister. Please release Seina-kun. He still has to fight Seiryo-san and to do so he needs to be able to breathe." An elegant looking black haired woman said smiling slightly in amusement while the green haired woman hugging Seina released him and pouted.

"But sis! We haven't seen Seina-chan in almost a year!" The green haired queen said pouting at her sister/lover who giggled lightly behind one of her hands.

"I know that sister but Seina-kun does have to fight in order to pass and to do so you have to stop hugging him for now." The black haired queen said smiling at her sister/lover while Seina sighed in relief and shot her a thankful look.

"You can hug Seina-kun as much as you wish after the fight." The black haired queen finished causing Seina to adopt a look of horror while the green haired queen beamed at her sister/lover for that.

"Better you than me Seina." A silver-blue haired woman said appearing behind Seina and slapping him on the back in sympathy.

"It is good to see you again Seina. When Lady Airi told us you had gone out into space we were quite worried but we knew you would be alright." A purple haired red eyed woman said bowing politely to Seina, who instantly bowed back.

"Sorry for worrying all of you but I didn't really have any time to tell you. I go to bed one night and when I wake up I'm already on the transport ship." Seina apologized with a sheepish grin after he pulled out of the bow while the small green haired girl giggled.

"That sounds like something that could only happen to you or Mihoshi-nee-chan." The girl said causing the others to nod solemnly in agreement while many were in shock at how casual and friendly Seina was being with the royal family.

"Oh Seina-chan! When I heard from mother that you were becoming a GP officer I was so scared and so happy! Maybe when you graduate they can assign you to be mine and Kiyone's partner as long as your bad luck doesn't act up again." The ever energetic Mihoshi said squishing Seina's head in-between her breasts as she hugged the life out of him, much to three certain womens shock and anger.

"What do you think you're doing to Tenchi!?" Ex-space pirate Ryoko Balta all but screamed at Mihoshi who merely blinked at her innocently in confusion.

"Should I be drawing up a marriage contract?" Mihoshi's mother and Mikami's niece, Mitoto, asked grinning at her daughter as she pointed at the deep purple faced Seina. He had turned red due to his blush but add that to his blue from lack of oxygen and you got his current purple color.

"Oh! Sorry about that Seina!" Mihoshi said releasing the boy that was now gasping for air dramatically while Sasami rushed to his side in worry.

"Not with Seina-chan no but if you can draw one up with Tenchi that would be fine." Mihoshi said cheerfully to her mother, who merely blinked at her daughter for a moment, and causing Ryoko Hakubi and Ayeka to swell like bull frogs in anger.

"You leave Tenchi alone!" The two shouted at the clumsy blond, causing a smirking Seto to swat them both over the back of their heads with her fan.

"That's quite enough girls. We're here to watch Seina-chan wipe the floor with Seiryo-san, not for you to argue over Tenchi again." Seto said calmly following Airi towards the empty seats waiting for them, stopping as she was about to pass by Seina who was reassuring Sasami that he was alright.

"Good luck Seina-chan. Not that you need it of course." Seto said bending down and pressing a small kiss to Seina's forehead, causing most of the students' jaws to drop while Amane, Kiriko, and Ryoko B. were fuming at this but held their tongues. They weren't dumb enough to go against 'Devil Princess' Seto.

"This guy will be a piece of cake for Seina-nii! Pinky got knocked out by a wave of water when he fought Tenchi-nii!" Sasami cheered innocently causing many to snicker at not only what she had said but also what she had called Seiryo.

"Sasami, it's quite rude to call someone names." The black haired Queen Funaho lightly scolded the young princess who scratched the back of her head sheepishly.

"Aww let it go just this once sis. Sasami-chan is telling the truth after all!" Sasami and Ayeka's mother, Queen Misaki, said grinning and causing Seiryo to flush in anger while a tan boy walked over to Seina and helped him up.

"Go get him Seina." The boy, Prince Tenshi many realized, said grinning down at Seina who was about a head shorter than him.

"Will do Tenshi-nii-san." Seina said grinning widely back up at the boy, causing a few of the more observant ones to notice the dimple on Seina's chin.

"You two may begin when ready." Mikami said before retreating to her seat in between her niece and Lady Airi, who had a bag of popcorn courtesy of Seto.

"So how long do you think it'll take Seina to beat up Seiryo?" Misaki asked her sister/lover curiously and causing many of the nearby cadets to snort slightly.

"No offense my queen but with his bad luck, Seina will lose in less than a minute." One of the braver boys said sneering towards Seina and causing the two queens eyes to narrow slightly.

"So you're betting on Seiryo then?" Misaki asked turning to look at the boy as she scooted a little closer to Funaho subtly, if the cadet said one bad thing about Seina then Funaho and Lady Seto were the only ones who could hold her back. The boy merely nodded his head timidly and with a blush, the queens were very beautiful for their age and most of the males in the galaxy have had a crush on one queen or the other during one point in time or another.

"I bet fifty thousand yen on Seina. What about you sis?" Misaki said turning to look at her sister curiously and causing many to wonder where the calmer of the two queens had gotten a cup of tea all of a sudden.

"I am betting on Seina as well." Funaho said smiling as she lowered her cup; subtly placing her free hand over Misaki's in order to keep the green haired woman calm. Misaki smiled at Funaho and turned to look at the others.

"He's gonna win!" Sasami cheered, causing Ryo-ohki to let out a 'meow' of agreement.

"Of course I'm wagering on Seina." Ayeka said causing Airi to nod in agreement.

"Seina for sure." Ryoko H. said tossing a cookie into her mouth and causing Kushimoto to nod slightly as he switched from his disguise to his true form of Prince Yosho.

"I know what Seina-chan is capable of when he puts his mind to it. I would be a fool to bet against Seina." Yosho said while Seiryo was talking about how Seina 'couldn't possibly beat him so he'll hold back to make it even'.

"I agree with grandpa. Only an idiot would bet against Seina." Tenchi said nodding while Lady Seto nodded as well.

"I saw Seina-chan knock down a full grown tree with one punch a few days before the enhancements. My money is on Seina. Thank you Mitoto-chan." Mikami said accepting the drink her niece handed her while Mihoshi's partner, Kiyone, winced slightly.

"Now that Seina-chan had the enhancements…ouch. Is the med-bay prepared?" Kiyone asked accepting the drink Mihoshi handed her with a smile and causing the other women to cringe as well, well most of them did. Ayeka, Ryoko H., Seto, and Airi were grinning widely.

"The med-bay is always prepared. Mihoshi's clumsiness and Seina-chan's bad luck sees to that." Airi said grinning causing the others to snort slightly in amusement, they had no doubts about that. Heck even Mihoshi and Mitoto snorted slightly, there was no denying it.

"Look I just want to get this over with so can you stop talking now?" Seina asked after doing some stretches and ignoring everything that Seiryo had said, it was all utter crap so why bothering listening to it?

"Hmph. Patience is a virtue, cadet, but as you wish." Seiryo said with a dramatic flair as he flicked his hair over his shoulder and readied his sword.

"I never claimed to have any virtues." Seina said with a casual shrug, causing Funaho to stifle an un-ladylike snort and shoot a grinning Misaki a pointed look.

"Let us begin then!" Seiryo said running at Seina and trying to hit him with a downward swing of the wooden sword. Seina easily angled his sword to intercept it with one hand, causing Seiryo's eyes to widen at the fact that Seina was using one hand to hold off both of Seiryo's hands! Seiryo was so shocked by this that he didn't see Seina's fist coming until it was buried into the pink haired mans stomach, sending him spiraling into a wall.

"Lucky shot. Don't get cocky cadet." Seiryo said standing back up slightly unsteadily with one hand on his stomach in pain.

"Pot meet Kettle. He just called you black." Seina said blandly and causing all those that understood the Earth phrase to snicker or snort in amusement.

"Hmph. You may get in a few lucky shots since I'm going easy on you cadet but don't expect to win. I've been trained in all forms of martial arts my family knows since I could walk." Seiryo boasted, hoping to unnerve Seina who merely looked at him boredly.

"So you only started training two years ago? I doubt you had enough brain cells to know how to walk before then." Seina quipped, causing quite a few of the students to snicker slightly while Seiryo fumed.

"You should show respect to your betters cadet." Seiryo said coming in with a left diagonal slash that was easily parried.

"I do show respect to my betters. I show respect to Lady Seto, Lady Airi, Lady Mikami, Lady Funaho, and Lady Misaki all the time." Seina said grinning as he pushed Seiryo's blade away, causing the pink haired man to stumble for balance for a moment which was all Seina needed. Well it would have been all he needed had a shoe not connected with the back of his head at that second, causing him to lose focus.

"What was that for?" Seina asked massaging the back of his head as he turned to look at Misaki, throwing her back her shoe.

"What have sis and I told you about being so formal with us?" Misaki growled glaring slightly at Seina, she hated it when her family was formal instead of casual around her.

"Sorry." Seina said scratching the back of his head sheepishly when he realized his mistake. Seiryo used the opening that had been created to try and make a diagonal slash across Seina's chest. Seina managed to bend backwards enough that his chest was cut open by the jagged wooden sword in Seiryo's hands but the sword had caught the edge of Seina's workout gi top.

"Shit!" Seina swore as his gi top was ripped off and he used his free arm to cover part of his chest that was wrapped in bandages while many were staring at Seina's bare upper torso in shock and slight horror. Seina's back was crisscrossed in scars that seemed to come from a sword fight with actual blades while there were a jagged looking scar across Seina's flat but toned stomach and there was a wicked scar near his hip. Seiryo's swords fell from his hands as he stared at Seina's body in shock, and not just because of the scars either.

"Y-Y-You're a GIRL!" Seiryo shouted shocked as he pointed at 'Seina' who merely sighed and dropped 'his' arm from 'his' upper chest. Many were staring with dropped jaws when they realized that Seiryo was right. Right there for all to see were a pair of rather impressive breasts being covered and bound by medical tape over 'Seina's chest.