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Eight year old Josh Yarrow just survived a car crash. Blood was bleeding from his head, his right arm was broken; pieces of glass were pierced in his arm, and his eyes were dripping with tears. Forlorn pain wallowed inside Josh's stomach as he was grieving for his mother and his younger brother Carter—both were in the car when it crashed.

" M-mom," Josh stuttered while he was crawling on the shards of glass from the car wreck. " Mom."

Josh crawled behind his wreck car. But as he looked behind the car, he saw his own mother lying on the ground. Her arms were bleeding with bright, clean red blood, both her legs were twisted; she may've dislodged the bones in her ankles, a giant piece of glass in her chest, but the most horrific site was a giant piece of glass lodged in her head.

" Mom!"

Josh couldn't move. Besides having his hands and legs pierced with glass, Josh was too paralysed with fear too move. The only thing Josh could hear was the blurring sound of an ambulance behind him. Soon two paramedics saw Josh in his injured body, ran up to him, placed a gas mask over his face, and he felt the gas "Methoxyflurane" in his mouth.

" It's going to be alright, son," one of the paramedics said holding the mask near Josh's face.

" Everything's going to be okay," another paramedic said.

Josh felt drowsy and lethargic. With the Methoxyflurane in his mouth, Josh knew he'd lose consciousness soon enough. But while he would soon pass out, Josh could only think about his little brother.

" Carter, where are you? Carter…"

5 years later

" You got a 'D'? Do you even have a brain? When I was your age, I'd at least get 'B's'. But you can't. And do you know why? It's because you're a pathetic, useless, brainless bum!"

Josh thought he was used to listening to his foster father's exploits, but he couldn't stop shedding tears from his remarks. But while he was getting yelled at, his foster mother Patricia would get beaten by his foster father Mitchell.

Josh had been living under the roofs of three different foster parents ever since he was first sent to his orphanage. His first foster parents kicked him out because he was too mopey. His second parents kicked him out because he "scared" them. And his new foster parents, Mitchell and Patricia, were having different thoughts on him. Patricia was protective of him, always trying to stop Mitchell from attacking him, but got hit in his place. Mitchell, the angry, abusive husband found Josh's presence too be revolting.

" I tried my best," Josh moaned while his hands were on his legs. " But I guess my best didn't meet your expectations."

" Your damn right it didn't! You'll never amount to anything, you useless twit!"

" Mitchell, leave him alone!" Patricia begged grabbing her husband's hands as he raised them in anger. " He's just a little boy. I'm sure he just needs a little affection is all—"

" Shut up, wench!"

Mitchell smacked his own wife Patricia across her cheek. Josh couldn't stand it, day after day, he couldn't stand seeing Patricia being abused; she was the only person who ever cared about him. As Josh weeped, he grabbed his school bag and headed for the door, only to be stopped by the angry, foul smelling Mitchell.

" And where do you think you're going?" Mitchell with his stench smelling breath.

" I'm going to school," Josh said, nearly cried.

" Good. Maybe you'll learn something for once." Mitchell moved out Josh's way. He then pointed his fingers at Patricia who was still groveling on the ground. " And you. If you ever get in my way again, I promise you'll regret it."

Josh couldn't stand another being in his ruined house with his foster parents. Crying, his body trembling, he opened the door to his home and walked outside. A new day awaited Josh—he didn't know how fortune would fall down on him.


" Hi, mom, it's me, Josh. Sorry I haven't seen you in a while. I did promise I'd visit you from time to time. But I have nothing nice to tell you."

Josh was in a cemetery standing over the grave of his dead mother. He didn't want to believe it, but underneath the ground was his mothers' skeleton. Every time he thought about it, a tear dripped from Josh's eyes. Josh's prolong suffering was nothing less of colossus.

" Nothing's new with me. Same old stupid house, same old stupid stepfather, same old stupid school, and same old stupid kids who laugh at me. Stupid, stupid, stupid! Oops, I'm sorry I said such vulgar things too you. But I'm just so sad. Your gone, dads gone, I don't know where Carter is; don't even know if he's still alive, and everyone resents me. I just want things to change."

Josh carried with him a small white tulip he plucked off the ground. Josh gently placed the tulip on the grave site, covering the stems with dirt, cried over the soil. Josh finally had to go since he had school too attend to.

Josh was halfway between his moms' grave and the entrance to the cemetery. While he traveled, Josh accidentally tripped on a small rock and fell into the grass. Josh could feel wet grass tingling in his teeth. Josh then tried standing up, but he flinched when he felt blood dripping from his hands.

" I'm just so useless. I belong in the gutter. Why, why, why am I just so pathetic? I wish I had courage. If I had even the slightest bit of power, I wouldn't waste it."

Just as Josh was able to stand up again, he noticed something glowing in front of his eyes. What he saw seemed like an egg, it had blue diagonally shaped marks on it, small red stars, but was black in color. Josh was intrigued by the egg. With what little strength he had, he grabbed the egg and lifted it off the ground. It felt heavy in his hands, but Josh felt joy holding it.

" I wonder what this is. I-I can almost feel a heartbeat in it. But just what type of animals in it?" As Josh looked at the egg, he noticed the time on his Roulex. As he looked at the watch, he saw how he was late for school. " I might as well take it with me. Maybe my teacher's will know what it is."

End of Chapter 1