I have my old co-author BreakingWays to thank for helping me write this chapter. The reason BreakingWays couldn't help me with the earlier chapters...I really shouldn't tell you. All I can say is it's precious to me that BreakingWays was able to help me now.


An unconscious Sandy was lying down while Josh was screaming.

Sandy was walking down a broken down alley. She turned and looked around, "I remember this place…" Sandy said and kept on walking.

Sandy stopped and saw her younger self. She looked down and almost gave a warm smile. "Now I remember..." Sandy stepped forward as the younger Sandy stared at a man leaning on the wall.

Sandy turned and saw him. The man was rolling tobacco. He gently pressed it to keep it still before showing it to younger Sandy. "That is how you do it."

"Oh! That's cool…" the younger Sandy starred while the older one smiled.

"Yeah… he taught me how to roll tobacco…" Sandy turned and starred at the man.

He had purple dyed small hair. He had a piercing going through his right ear. He wore a green jacket. He got up and pat younger Sandy's head.

"So there you go. Anymore questions?" The man asked the younger Sandy.

"I don't think I have any." Younger Sandy started to think.

"His name was Jerome…" Sandy whispered before smiling. "I enjoyed being around him."

"Look at the time." Jerome starred at his phone. "We need to be getting you home little one." Jerome told which let to younger Sandy pouting.

"I don't want to go home. I don't like being home." Younger Sandy said and Jerome raised an eyebrow.

"A-Alright, but why is that?" Jerome asked and younger Sandy looked to the side.

"I just don't…" Younger Sandy explained as much as she wanted.

"I guess… so stubborn." Jerome rolled his eyes before younger sandy kicked his leg. "What is that for?"

"You called me stubborn! I am not stubborn." Younger Sandy crossed her arms and Jerome rubbed his leg.

"Fine," Jerome laughed and got up. "But you are ruthless…" Jerome mumbled which was followed by a glare.

"You are just something else you know that!" Younger Sandy whispered and Jerome passed her.

"Hey, come on, we need to get you home." Jerome pointed to the side. Younger Sandy sighed before walking along with Jerome.

"I said I don't want to go home…"

"I said you have to go home." Jerome smiled while younger Sandy was very disappointed. "So Sandy. What do you want to be when you grow up?"

"Ugh, you sound like my parent asking that…" Younger Sandy was disgusted.

"It's a common question. That cannot be that bad." Jerome told and younger Sandy snorted, which shocked Jerome.

"You know how much of a loser you sound…" Younger Sandy glanced over and Jerome gasped.

"I'm sorry I'm not a likeable person." Jerome looked away.

"You're actually more favorable than most…" Younger Sandy glanced at Jerome. "I'll give you this…" Younger Sandy giggled, "You wear clothing better that most!"

"Thanks?" Jerome raised an eyebrow.

"I loved it… I loved that he didn't show his butt. I think it was the best feature about him." Sandy while walking next to her younger self though.

"Hey about your question…" Younger Sandy spoke and Sandy looked over. "What if I want to be like you?"

"Like me?" Jerome looked down. Sandy blinked before Jerome turned to the Younger Sandy. "I'm the one you shouldn't be like. For one I'm not the smartest."

"Not smart… you taught me many things!" Younger Sandy argued and Jerome shook his head.

"Me? Look… what I been teaching you was stupid shit. I don't… I don't find anything I been showing you necessary." Jerome looked down. Sandy starred and was surprised. She completely forgot about this moment till now.

"Sandy, if you want to be something. It's not like me okay?" Jerome requested and the Younger Sandy only starred. "You should never have a bad relationship with your parents… ever!"

"Wait, but you always fight with yours…" Younger Sandy tried to explain.

"That's because they didn't care about him…" Sandy said while staring at Jerome.

"I know, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be like me. I want you to love and adore your family." Jerome smiled, "trust me, you will end up better."

"Fine… but it's difficult with my dad." Younger Sandy told.

"I know, but my old man isn't the nicest one." Jerome laughed before stopping. "Just don't be like me okay. I don't want you to hate your parents promise.

"Promise…" Sandy and the younger Sandy said in unison.

"One more thing. I'm the best role model. I messed up. Showing you tobacco lessons. Spending money to get a deck of cards for kids… seventy dollars no less. Those brats are probably in Juvy because of gambling… What I'm saying is that… don't become some rebel because I am."

"I myself hate being some dumb rebel…" Jerome looked down. "There is nothing that comes out of it." Sandy and the older Sandy both looked shocked at Jerome's pain face.

Jerome sighed and turned. "Be smart okay. That includes with money. So if you're thinking about buying that console coming out or plan on seeing a movie. Don't… waste of money. Money is what you need to be successful."

"But you… you waste money too?" Younger Sandy told and Jerome was surprised by the response.

"That's a different story alright!" Jerome looked away nervously. "Just don't be like me okay." Jerome pat younger Sandy's head once again.

"Alright," she rolled her eyes and snorted. "Come on responsible person… let's go home." Younger Sandy giggled.

Sandy only starred and looked down while the two faded in the distance. Everything suddenly turned dark and Sandy heard a crackle.


Sandy's eyes opened before glaring at Doumon who was face to face with Josh.

She looked down before glaring. She stood up and grew black claws. "Josh… she's mine…"

"I'm sorry Sandy, but I'm tired of not fighting." Josh then put both his hands up. Dorumon stared as an energy ball was being made in front of Josh's palm.

Doumon looked down and smirked. Josh screamed and fired the metal shiny ball.

There was an explosion in the side of the train where Locomon whimpered.

"Dealing with you isn't of my best interest right now." The smoke was fading and it revealed almost three different shadows in front of Doumon.

There was three Icemon ready to fight. "Deal with them…" Doumon commanded and Josh glared. One Icemon jumped forward to Josh who was caught off guard.

Tapirmon moved forward and slammed into the jumping Icemon. Icemon coughed while being slammed back.

Phoenix turned his legs into a fog. Phoenix punched the falling Icemon. The second Icemon moved forward to attack while Phoenix's eyes widened. Icemon punched his stomach and went through him.

"No!" Josh screamed before realizing Phoenix made his stomach into the smoke. Phoenix grabbed Icemon's right leg and slammed him in front of him.

Phoenix moved back and panted. "That was a close one…" Phoenix looked at the Icemon getting up.

"They are Champion level," Lanny came over and tried to help Phoenix up. Veemon jumped forward and kept his hands up for battle.

"Twix! Go Champion!" Sandy commanded and Gomamon stared. "What is it?"

"Even he turns… we would be crushed. We don't have much room to fight in." Lanny explained.

"Shit…" Sandy glared. "I'll just handle them with the power I have right now!" Sandy moved forward with her spiky black claws.

Two Icemon jumped and Sandy duck from their combined punch. She turned and slashed one, but the sturdy rock grinded against the claws.

Sandy looked confused, but she turned and an Icemon punched her.

"Sandy!" Gwen screamed and Sandy landed on the ground. Icemon got on top of her and got ready to punch.

Sandy grabbed his arms and gritted her teeth. "Josh do it…!" Sandy screamed out and Josh looked shocked. The other two Icemon looked back. "Do it or else I'll die…"

Josh put his hands up and a metal ball started to shine. Icemon on top of Sandy gasped.

Josh screamed and fired the blast. Icemon's head was completely taken off. The ball went to Doumon who looked to the side and the ball's direction moved outside.

The data of the first Icemon disappeared. Sandy got up and glared at Doumon. Her arms got white fur and black claws. "Now you're mine…"

"You really aren't smart…" Doumon said and Sandy's eyes widened. She saw an Icemon jumping her. He spun and kicked. Sandy blocked, but she was pushed out of the hole made by Josh.

Sandy landed and spun on the grass. Twix gasped and he passed the two Icemon. He jumped out and went straight for Sandy. Doumon looked away while the two Icemon turned to the four remaining Digidestined.

Phoenix then looked at Josh. "Hey… look. I think it's best if I go join Sandy." Josh was confused. "I'm not strong and barely know abilities. You and Lanny seemed pretty tactical. I'll leave this up to you."

"You… You sure…?" Josh asked and Phoenix nodded. "I'll trust you…"

Phoenix nodded at Tapirmon who grabbed Lalamon. Phoenix moved forward at the two Icemon. The first Icemon tried to punch Phoenix who blocked. Icemon's body went through Phoenix's body which was smoke.

Phoenix then threw the Icemon to the other Icemon. He grabbed Gwen and ran to the hole. Phoenix looked at Doumon who didn't seem interested. Tapirmon joined with Lalamon on his arms.

Phoenix jumped and landed with Gwen beside him. "What was that all about?" Gwen asked looking back at Locomon driving off.

"I trust Lanny and Josh…" Phoenix glanced back.

"Hey!" Sandy and Twix were running towards them.

Arukenimon landed right behind them. "I'm sorry, but this was Josh's request. I'm here to protect you." Arukenimon said and Phoenix nodded.

He stood up and looked at the Locomon driving off.


"Let's do this!" Lanny moved forward and his arms turned blue. He saw one Icemon try to hit him, but he duck back. He punched forward and pushed the Icemon back. Doumon used her ability to slam Icemon to the side.

"Stop being pathetic and just fight." Doumon told and the Icemon nodded.

The Icemon looked back angrily and jumped towards the two boys. "Sorry…" Gatomon came and kicked back the Icemon. "I was taking a good nap and you just had to ruin it huh?"

"Gatomon… it's good to see you awake." Josh said and Gatomon smirked.

"I wasn't really asleep. But I know everything." Gatomon grinned and jumped forward.

Icemon growled and went for a punch, but was blocked by Veemon's kick.

"Sorry, but you are in a three on two situation." Veemon then moved forward and head-butt the Icemon back.

"It's actually five on two!" Lanny smirked and Josh nodded. The Icemon growled and jumped up.

"Gatomon!" Josh screamed and Gatomon nodded before going ahead against Icemon. Icemon went for a punch and Veemon quickly head-butt the Icemon's arm.

Josh gritted his teeth and put his hands forward once again. "Lanny… please try to put Icemon in a position of no escape…"

"You sure, you think it will be safe?" Lanny asked.

"Really… it's a long shot, but no time to think. Let's just go for it!" Josh screamed and Lanny nodded.

He went forward and his head formed a V. Lanny moved forward while Josh was concentrating carefully. Lanny hit one Icemon back while another jumped and aimed for a punch.

"Lightning Paw!" Gatomon punched Icemon to the side. Dorumon charged a small blast.

"Dash Metal!" Dorumon fired and the blast pushed Icemon back. It caused a dent on Locomon to appear.

Dorumon landed, but he ended up getting hit back by Icemon.

"Dorumon!" Josh screamed as he started to lose focus.

"Don't worry about him!" Veemon punched back the Icemon who hit Dorumon. The Icemon in the dent got out and glared at Veemon.

"I'm almost ready!" Josh called out and Lanny looked at the Icemon jumping towards his Digimon.

Lanny grabbed Icemon's leg. His arm quickly turned blue as he lifted the Icemon. Lanny then saw Josh fire the blast. Lanny growled and threw the Icemon at Josh.

A big explosion happened which caused the roof to break. Josh was slammed back with Gatomon and Dorumon.

Josh moaned and he looked forward. He gasped upon seeing the giant hole left of Locomon. Locomon was trying to hold in the pain.

"Lanny!" Josh screamed and didn't see Lanny anywhere. Josh then ran forward and jumped up to the roof. Doumon only stood as his two Digimon followed.

"Wait Josh!"

Josh got up and kept on looking around. "No…" Josh looked where the blast originally hit.

"Hey!" Josh heard a voice and looked to the side. He saw Lanny with ExVeemon. ExVeemon was holding him.

"Lanny…" Josh smiled.

"Watch out!" Lanny screamed and Josh looked back. The final Icemon got ready to punch, but Gatomon came and took the hit. Josh gasped seeing Gatomon land beside him.

"Lanny…!" Josh screamed while looking at Icemon. "Go meet up with the others… I'll be there soon."

"But…" Lanny stopped and then he nodded. "Fine… stay safe." Lanny whispered and ExVeemon looked at Lanny. They both nodded and turned around.

Josh stood and faced the angry Icemon. "Gatomon… it was my fault you go hurt just now. I won't let that happen again." Josh's arms turned purple with white fur. He grew three claws.

"Josh…" Dorumon spoke and Josh turned slightly.

"Dorumon… I'll handle this. This one… really pissed me off." Josh then saw Icemon get ready to jump. Icemon stepped back slightly and growled.

Josh stood silently and in an instant Icemon jumped forward. Josh got ready Icemon aimed for a punch.

Josh duck down and moved his claws forward. Icemon was stabbed in the face as the claws went through him. Icemon screamed as he was thrown back. He grabbed his face and wailed around before Josh's claws disappeared.

Josh put up his hands and the energy ball quickly started to generate. It turned metal and Josh could only stare as the Icemon looked over. "I'm sorry," Josh fired the ball and it quickly hit Icemon. Icemon's body was blown into data.

Josh panted slightly while his palms released a steam. Josh looked and smiled, "it's over." Josh said while the last bits of Icemon's data quickly withered away.

Josh looked at Gatomon who was getting up with Dorumon's assistance. Josh smiled while the Digimon gave him a thumbs up.

Doumon only stood inside the train with a smirk. Doumon closed her eyes and sighed.