Chapter 1: The New Organization.

On the streets lives two boys, a girl and their Pokemon. "Hey Maggie let's get our Pokemon some berries that we found next the forest." A boy called. "Okay but I'm tired of living on the streets because my Pokemon Totodile and Delcatty need more food." She said looking sad. Another boy stood next to the other boy looking cold and next to him was a Abra and Tepig. Last the Pokemon standing next to other boy was a Magmar and Dewott. Suddenly a mysterious man wearing a black hat and lab suit came out of the shadows. "Who are you?" Maggie asked. "My name is none of your concern but I can offer you three to work for my company." The Man said with a grin on his face.

"Well do we have a choice?" Maggie asked. "Yes or you can just live out on the streets forever." The Man said. Maggie and her friends looked at each other. "Well what do we have to do?"Maggie asked as the Man in the lab suit smirked.

Five days later

After Ash and his friends defeated Team Plasma they made their way to Nuvema Town.

"Hey guys should we stop for lunch," Cilan asked as his friends nodded.

"Well let's started." The Connoisseur said.

Ash and his friends sent their Pokemon out so they can help them with their food and supplies.

10 minutes later the food was ready.

"So Cilan how far is Nuvema Town?" Ash asked. Cilan got out his Town Map. "Hmm it's not that far so we'll be there in one hour." Cilan said.

"Cool then we'll get to see Professor Juniper." Iris said. "Yeah I can't wait to tell her that we defeated Team Plasma. Ash said agreeing with the Dragon Masters statement.

"Ash you little kid." Iris teased with sweat-drop. "I wonder what should I do now?" Ash asked himself. Ash remembered he visited all Regions from all around the world. Leaving with a question on what should he do now.

"Hey Ash something on your mind," Cilan asked. "Oh just thinking on what should I do now that now Team Plasma is no longer hurting Pokemon and Humans." The Trainer said.

"Yeah you said that you visited the Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh Region." Cilan said remembering he travels.

"Well I'm gonna continue with my dream of being a Dragon Master." Iris spoke.

Soon Ash and his friends got done eating and started to clean up. After that was done the group called back their Pokemon and continued their way back to Nuvema Town. Soon Ash and his friends his friends saw a Pokemon battle.

"Hey there's Pokemon battle over there." Ash called out as he pointed.

"Seems like it." Cilan said as he observed at the scene.

"Cool let's go see." Iris said as she ran towards the crowd.

Ash and his friends got in front of the crowd. One of the Trainers was Bianca. "Hey it's Bianca and her Emboar." Iris said. "Yeah but who is she battling," Cilan asked as he and his friends turned their heads to the right.

The Trainer that she was battling was a girl. She wore blue jeans, a purple T-shirt, blue tennis shoe and she had purple hair with a ponytail and her eyes were green.

"Well we both are tied one to one on this third battle will the last one." Bianca said as she called back her Emboar.

"Hmph let's continue Infernape stand by for battle!" The girl said as the Flame Pokemon appeared.

"Huh what Pokemon is that?" Bianca asked as she got out her Pokedex. "Infernape the Flame Pokemon this Pokemon uses unique fighting moves with fire on its hands and feet and it will take on any opponent.

"Hey Ash is that one of the starter Pokemon from the Sinnoh Region," Iris asked her friend. Ash nodded.

"Well this is good thing because now I can observe on how strong this Sinnoh Pokemon is." Cilan said.

"Now Emboar use Hammer Arm!" Bianca commanded.

Emboar charged right at Infernape. "Heh use Double Team." The girl said with grin.

Infernape made began to move rapidly and made illusion copies of itself.

"Oh my." Bianca said looking worried. 'Uh oh now Emboar is surrounded. " Iris said.

"Using Double Team to confuse Emboar is quite impressive." Cilan said looking amazed.

"Yeah now Emboar is going to have hard time finding the real Infernape." Ash spoke.

Pikachu and Axew looked amazed as well. "Now use Bulk Up." The girl commanded. "The Flame Pokemon began to glow red and it's muscles began to bulk up.

"No!" Bianca yelled. "Oh no now Infernape's attack and defense power has increased. "Ash said. "Argh Emboar use Flamethrower." The clumsy Trainer called.

The Mega Pig Pokemon blew a flame breath at Infernape. "Use Fire Spin." The purple haired Trainer said with smirk.

The Flame Pokemon blew a fire vortex at Emboar which completely overpowered the Flamethrower that the Mega Pig Pokemon got trapped.

"Emboar noo!" Bianca screamed. "Let's finish this up with Close Combat." The girl said.

Infernape began to punch Emboar rapidly that he couldn't take it. Emboar soon fell on it's back and fainted.

Ash and the others were shocked. "Oh man it's not fair!" Bianca whined as she called back Emboar into it's Pokeball.

'Heh good job Infernape now return." The girl said. She then turned her head and saw Ash.

She gasped and ran off. "Oh what's wrong with her?" Iris asked looking at Cilan. "Don't look at me." Cilan answered.

Ash and Pikachu were more confused than his friends were. The girl said stand by for battle. As far he can remember his rival Paul says that every time he sends out one of his Pokemon.

Bianca soon turned her head as well and spotted Ash and the others.

"Oh hello you guys." She said greeting her friends.

"Hi Bianca sorry that you lost." Iris said looking disappointed.

"No worries I just need to train harder." Bianca said with a smile. "So what are you guys up to," She asked. Ash explained to his friend that their heading back to Nuvema Town. "I see well I'm coming with you guys besides I got some new Pokemon that I want to show you." Bianca said.

"Sounds good let's get going." Cilan said.

The group soon arrived. "Come on let's go see Professor Juniper. "Ash said looking excited.

The four Trainers made their to Professor Juniper's lab but then saw Officer Jenny. "Hey Jenny what's going?" Cilan asked as he and his friends came over to her.

"Oh Cilan,, Ash, Iris, and Bianca good to see you. Officer Jenny said. 'Hello but what's going with you?" Ash asked the officer.

"Well my men and I learned that there's new organization."The officer said "Really what kind of Organization?" Iris asked.

"Well all we know is their called Team Genetics and they do some kind of strange experiments on Pokemon."

Ash and his friends were shocked but confused. What does Genetic mean?" Ash asked. "Well we don't know that yet but we're going to find out but for now you kids better be careful." The officer said as she drove away.

"First there Team Rocket and Team Plasma. What's next?" Bianca asked looking confused.

"Well we can't worry about that now let's just get to Prof Juniper and then we'll look on what this Organization is about." Cilan said.

Ash and his friends nodded and walked to Professor Juniper's lab.

End of Chapter