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*Set after the Giant War and during the Trio's 5th year at Hogwarts. Let there be some sort of age shift making Draco and Percy both be 17 yet be in the 5th year.


Percy's POV

All was well now.

We had just come out of the Giant War and we won successfully.

The Greeks and the Romans combined, and together we were a force to be reckoned with.

Octavian really showed his stuff. He proved his loyalty to Olympus by being a key factor in wining this war. He was a brilliant leader and strategist (even Annabeth admitted that) and due to his contributions, cunning and intelligence, we were able to ambush a large percentage of the giant army while they did not suspect a thing. He led an army of spies as well as warriors to aid us in reinforcements for defeating Gaea. He proved to be an impressive warrior, skilled with a knife. He and the Fates ( they could really kick butt) took out Agrios; after the war, Reyna ( who fully respects and trusts Octavian now-with her life) confided in me that Octavian did not hate the Greeks, he hated Gaea/Terra as she and Agrios killed his family.

Now he is the Augur once more of Camp Jupiter and proves his loyalty to the gods and demigods more every day. He is now regarded with more respect and if there ever was a time where both praetors (Jason and Reyna) had to leave; he would step up and take charge of the camp. Contrary to my past thoughts, Camp Jupiter could not be in safer hands. After the war, he was able to go on a quest for the Sibylline books and his prophecies were a lot more accurate. His skill (as both an Augur and a warrior) were greatly increased as a gift from the gods at the end of the war (the gods gifted each of us with more skill among other things). Many times when Camp Jupiter and Camp Half-Blood come together again ( this happens frequently) ; you can see Octavian and Rachel ( they were quite close ) with their heads together discussing prophecies or just talking. Octavian has become a true example of a loyal and just Roman.

The rest of us did great as well.

Frank's shapeshifting skill improved through the war; now being able to transform at thought. He lived up to Mars' name and really showed his skill as a son of Mars. He was one of the best strategists we had during the war, and his ingenious plans saved our butts plenty of times.

Hazel underwent a complete transformation. She gained more confidence in herself; as a result, her powers as a daughter of Pluto increased as well. She became a skilled horseback rider and after seeing her talent, not a single Lares could deny that she belonged on that horse. At the end of the war, Hades/Pluto was able to lift her curse with the help of several sons of Neptune (both dead and alive—including me ).

Leo was magnificent, irreplaceable, and a vital asset during the war. He kept Khione from advancing single handedly. His pyrokinesis only increased over time, and he proved to be a force to be reckoned with. He showed his skill and seriousness during times of the war, proving to be someone everybody can rely on. His gizmos and gadgets (including Archimedes' sphere) saved many a demigod's life.

Piper's charmspeaking also was decisive in achieving victory. Piper was able to use her skills to convince the doubtful Roman demigods (this was all in Octavian's plan- he was just rallying them up under Gaea's nose. He had to act like a megalomaniac in order to avoid Gaea finding out) that the Greeks and Romans truly can work better together. Her knife skills in wielding Katropis have improved; and she has shown to be a different daughter of Aphrodite than what one would have thought.

Jason definitely showed his abilities as both a child of Jupiter and a leader on this quest. When Annabeth and I were in Tartarus; Jason, Leo, and Nico led the group to Greece in order to meet up with us. His talent in controlling the winds has upgraded and he used this to his advantage while fighting with the giants and aiding Leo in flying the Argo II. Also, his memories have recovered. He remembers his older sister and whenever the two camps (and Hunters) gather, they are rarely seen apart- reminiscing and creating new memories of their brother-sister bond. He also remembered Reyna, leading to an emotional reunion (done the proper way- with hugs and whispered words and everything). Both of them are also extremely close, and he has broken down that ice cold exterior that she first had when I met her. I could not think of two better praetors for Camp Jupiter. His friendships and sibilinglike- ships with all of his Roman friends have only gotten stronger.

Nico was great. I have totally forgiven him for hiding my true identity when we met in Camp Jupiter. His clever tactics helped me so much in the end. He sacrificed so much as well in helping us defeat the Giants. His skills as a son of Hades and the Ghost King only increase every passing day. He truly became a child of the Big Three in power factor. Not only was he super powerful, but he was like my own brother.

Thalia was being kick-butt Thalia, and I wouldn't have it any other way. With the help of Jason, Thalia got over her fear of heights (it is now a minimal fear). She is able to summon lightning with more ease then before. Artemis is truly proud of her, as she has been an excellent lieutenant of the Hunters ever since Zoe passed.

Annabeth and I were able to successfully get out of Tartarus, and with the help of all the demigods- we closed the Doors of Death. Many lives were lost unfortunately. During our time in Tartarus, Annabeth and I only became closer. The bond we share is stronger than ever.

Our friends throughout the years performed amazingly during the war.

Travis and Conner (Travis in particular) really showed the other side of Hermes' persona. They were quick and agile, their speed and thievery were able to save a lot of people and surprise monsters.

Katie's vines along with those of her cabin entangled a front of monsters. With Pollux's aid, they were able to crush the monsters to death. Pollux also caused many of the more brainy monsters to go insane and delirious.

Clarisse and the Ares cabin did not back out, instead proved their warrior lineage. Clarisse and Frank made a good pair fending off and gutting monsters back to back. Ares and the pair were able to defeat the bane of Ares.

The Apollo cabin was amazing. Will and his twin, Alessandra, really showed their archery finesse. They fired multiple arrows at once, each one finding its mark and successfully taking down the monster. They led their cabin with experience and grace. Alessandra also inherited a few other traits from Apollo, which I will tell you later about, in which she used to protect demigods and dominate the battlefield. Will, also had hidden talents that proved very useful in battle. The twins and Apollo were able to defeat the bane of Apollo, and Alessandra aided Artemis, Apollo and the Hunters in defeating the bane of Artemis. Astoundingly, after all of that, they were still able to heal the injured.

We had lost demigods regardless though. Cabin numbers decimated. In memory of the fallen warriors, we built a memorial that had all of their names etched into it. Pyres for each deity in which their children or followers died. Campers frequented the memorial to pay their respects to their loved ones and the fallen warriors. They will never be forgotten.

The children of Hecate were also able to construct a portal, which you could transport back and forth between the camps.

"Percy," Grover called, "Chiron wants to talk to you. It's an important meeting."

Grover had changed over the years today. He had grown taller and his horns were more visible than they had been during the Battle for Manhattan. He visited the camp occasionally but he was always on the move being a Lord of the Wild. Due to Grover's efforts, the environment was slowly growing back all over the world.

I ran my fingers through my hair and sighed. A peaceful year was just too much to hope for wasn't it? I jogged over to Grover and we headed for the Big House.

Time for the meeting.