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Chapter 5

Annabeth's POV

After the feast we were led to our dorms by Professor McGonagall. She explained to us that since we were not to be sorted and the fact that we were such a large group, that we would not be residing in any one of the house dorms. She instead brought us to a large painting. She told us that Chiron had explained to her the customs that occur at "Delphi" and took the added precaution. She told us that the entrance would be intune with our magical signature that no one could imitate under any circumstances.

This painting was amazing. Unknowingly, she chose a painting that represented all of us, in a way that would not make anybody suspicious.

The painting had a clear blue sky that mixed in with thunder. There was a brilliantly shining sun whose rays still shined despite the thunder. Mixed in with the clear blue sky, next to the sun, was a faint shimmer that signified the moon and the clouds in the sky had star imprints ( all of the constellations were there too- including the Huntress). There was a brilliant forest with each god's sacred tree. There was glistening ocean with beautiful dolphins jumping out of it. There was a great big field that was so green and so full of life. There were fruits and plants entwined with grape vines and ivy. This design seemed to outline the frame of the painting. Faint music echoed from the back of the painting where a town could be seen. What drew me to the town was that there was a structure, one similar to the one I had always wished I could design. There were olive branches and Hephaestus' insignia all over the town but not so obvious that a passerby could see. The shadows of the trees were always shifting (sometimes into different animal outlines) and the painting showed the earth and gems that were there. In the forest there were owls as well as other animals. There was a faint glow to the painting and there were magical symbols all around the painting, similar to the ones Alabaster always uses. There were doves flying around the sky as well as other sacred birds, including a phoenix and an owl. Some things moved through the painting with such speed which only Hermes and his children possess. You could see the various animals that Rachel always rallied for as well as a bucket of paintbrushes and an easel in the town. There was also a very Greek and Roman feel to the painting.

We walked inside of our new dorms and it was incredible. It was spacious with spiral staircases that led to an array of doors.

The ceiling was enchanted to reflect the ideal weather. There was a kitchenette and a large window overlooking the Lake, the grounds and the faraway mountains (with a window seat that I am assured that Alessandra will love). There were a series of couches and beanbags in soft colors around the fireplace. There was a brazier in the room. There were a series of doors on the ground floor. Each had a different inscription on them.

We decided to explore those later as it was getting quite late.

When we went up the stairs we came to a series of doors with our name on them in either Greek or Latin.

Each girl's room is connected to one another but you pass through the door based on if you have permission from the room owner to do so.

Once we each entered our personal rooms, it was equipped to reflect your godly parent's domain as well as your own person interests.

My room was decorated in shades of grey and green. I had a large queen sized bed in the middle of the room. The bed frame was engraved with owls and feathers. The sheets were a stormy grey with the comforter being a light stone color. There were sea green throw pillows scattered along the bed.

In one corner was a desk that housed some of the inventions Daedalus gave me. Since technology doesn't work here it is a series of papers that is enchanted to change data when I am finished reading and analyzing the last. If I ever had to look back, I could tell the piece of paper the general concept or idea, and the relevant information would appear on the paper. It was a gift from everyone for my birthday. My half-siblings and the Hecate cabin collaborated on the making of it. They organized the data and the Hecate demigods performed the necessary charms ( They had to enlist the help of Alabaster as the magic involved was quite complex but not impossible to achieve). Leo also helped in the schematics of everything. It was a camp wide birthday present and I couldn't be more thankful. It is amazing and has helped me a lot.

I also hung my dagger on the wall.

I had a wardrobe in which to place all of my clothes.

On my bedside table I had a novel in ancient Greek, a photo of Percy and I, a photo of me and my dad(our relationship has improved since the end of the war), a picture of Thalia, Luke and I, as well as a picture of both camps in a circle right after the war was finished. Many courageous lives had been sacrificed, but this was a celebratory picture "we did it. we made it". Both camps had united for this picture before going to tend to the deceased, repair the battleground, and visit the injured. Everybody was in armor either celestial bronze or imperial gold, with their weapon of choice either by the side or over their shoulder. We were all scratched up and bruised, and not all of us were smiling, but the picture captured something in our eyes. A determined, triumphant, weary glint in our eyes. It made the picture feel alive. It reminded us of how far we came and how united we now are.

My books were in a pile by a empty bookshelf. I was interested in what those books contained, but that would be for another day.

I decided to shower, put on my pajamas and go out to join the others one last time before going to bed.

Each room thankfully had a private shower which meant warm water and privacy.

Unfortunately, Coach Hedge or somebody else must have had some input into some aspect of the design of our showers, as after seven minutes the water turned freezing cold.

After towelling myself dry and warming myself up, I slipped into a pair of long black pajama bottoms and a shirt that had a picture of the Parthenon. I slipped on a pair of fluffy grey slippers embroidered with owls.

I went downstairs and saw everyone had also showered and changed into their night clothes.

Percy was wearing long blue pajama bottoms and a fitted sea green t-shirt that said "Sea World". Nico was wearing long black silk pajama bottoms and a matching long sleeve silk shirt. Thalia was wearing long black pajama bottoms that had silver piping with a stormy blue oversized shirt with lightning bolt illusions. Jason had electric blue pajama bottoms on with a white singlet. Hazel had on a robe that was dark brown with gold embroidery. Under that she wore a simple white nightdress. Her dark curly were pushed over her shoulder and she looked like royalty in a robe. Malcolm was wearing dark grey pajama bottoms with a striped light orange singlet.

Draco was bunking with us tonight. He had gotten special permission from Headmaster Dumbledore. He was wearing stormy grey pajama bottoms with emerald green lining as well as a black wife beater. Reyna was wearing dark maroon pajama pants and a scoop neck three quarters length tee depicting a traditional Latin American pattern. She also had a goldcolored and silver colored leather bracelet that represented Aurum and Argentum, whom we unfortunately could not bring with us- Leo made this bracelet for her as a link to her treasured automatons. She was seated like that comfy chair was her throne.

Clarisse had on crimson pajama pants and a black shirt with red writing that said "not Sugar and Spice, I am everything needed to kick your ass". Frank wore bronze colored bottoms and a white t-shirt that had a bear face on it. Piper wore multicolored sweatpants and a dark pink shirt that had a white dove on it with the writing "beauty comes from the inside". She also had on dark brown moccasin slippers. Gwen was wearing lilac pajama pants and a shirt that had a large smile on it saying " A smile a day makes good things come your way." On the back it says " a smile is the best type of medicine". Her dark hair was pulled up into a messy bun.

Pollux was wearing royal purple pajama pants with the outline of ivy leaves near the bottom of the pants. He wore a ivy green singlet. He was sitting on the window seat with Alessandra and Will. His slightly curly blonde hair was laying messily across his forehead. His violet eyes were narrowed in concentration as he and Will were playing an intense game of chopsticks as Alessandra rested on both of them. Her silvery blue eyes which were turning into the night sky ( dark blue with silver flecks) were focused on tracing the constellations that lay visible outside the window. Will wore pajama pants that seemed to be all shades of the blue of the sky as well as a silver colored wife beater. Alessandra wore a silver rib tank and a pair of gold sleep shorts that had little shimmery suns all over them. Her light brown hair whose golden streaks seemed especially prominent was braided in a fishtail braid. She also wore an silver and gold anklet with silver balls on it. Dakota was wearing a heather purple shirt that had a faded SPQR logo on it and over the years, his friends had written stuff on his shirt. One of the many scribbles was one that said "KOOL-AID". He also wore white pajama pants that had the outline of pinecones on them.

Katie had on a short light green nightgown with accompanying dark green shorts. She was talking to Rachel who wore 3/4 length pajama pants the same color as her eyes. She had on a shirt that had numerous paint splotches which made the shirt look very original and creative. Connor and Travis were talking to Bobby. Connor had on a white shirt that said in green lettering " prank genius since ∞" and sand colored pajama bottoms. Travis had on a tank that had Hermes's winged sandal on it. On the back there was "STOLL" . He also wore light green plaid pajama pants. Bobby had on a white t shirt with the green logo of the International Humane Society. He also wore dark grey pajama pants.

Leo, Marcus and Alabaster seemed to be in deep debate. Leo was wearing a shirt that had a flame design while his pajama pants had illustrations of gears and bolts all over them. Marcus wore a soccer jersey that was neon blue ( the color that is always at the center of a flame) and black. The number 65 on the back of it. He also wore light red pajama bottoms. Alabaster wore an electric green wife beater that was lined with runes and a pair of white sleeping pants. Alabaster's bright green eyes seemed to be glowing as he continued to discuss with Leo and Marcus. Chris was rummaging through the kitchenette trying to find hot coco mix. He was wearing a white and green polka dotted undershirt and light orange pajama pants. His black hair was in disarray. Eventually he found the hot coco mix and made two mugs for him and Clarisse. He returned to his girlfriend's side and put his arm around her shoulder as they sipped hot chocolate and talked quietly.

They all seemed to have noticed my entrance at the same time as they all looked towards me and began regrouping. We started talking and everybody else seemed to like their room. Thalia was grumbling as the room had thought that since she was a daughter of Zeus, hunter of Artemis or not, she would like heights. She could like thunderclouds and lightning storms ( which her room has now) but she is not buddy buddy with heights at all. As she continued to mumble under her breath, Jason looked at his sister with amusement dancing in his electric blue eyes.

After we talked about our rooms, we considered broaching looking at our textbooks but while I was totally with the idea, all the males were not.

Intelligence I swear is undervalued! But I could see their point as Hazel was barely managing to stay awake.

I relayed what I had overheard from Granger, Weasley and Potter.

Everybody was looking worried right now. We could not afford to risk anything. We needed to be on the ball.

"We won't be able to complete our task efficiently if the corrupted Ministry is watching us like a hawk the entire time" Alessandra said.

" She's right, we don't even know where to begin looking." Bobby stated.

"We may not know where yet, that will require a lot more reconnaissance, but I may have an idea of what. " Draco spoke up.

Everyone waited for him to continue.

"Snake Eyes is very arrogant so he would have chosen items that either had significance or sentimental value. After consideration and research, I theorize that his horcruxes were items of high value to him and he would have hidden them in places that have sentimental value. He seemed to develop an obsession with the four founders, so I think there is at least one object per founder. That leaves four left. Chiron and the noseless-one both think that there are seven horcruxes. I speculate that this is not the case. The only reason Potter survived that night was because of the love his mother had for him. The way she sacrificed herself for his safety was so incredibly selfless and had activated an ancient magic that has long since been forgotten ( I found a book on it in the Restricted Section). This reflected the effects of the Killing Curse back at the castor. However , there is always an equal and opposite reaction. I propose that that night Voldemort unknowingly transferred a part of his soul into Potter. Potter is his enemy's own backup. Harry Potter is the eighth Horcrux. Besides from Potter there are three horcruxes left. One was actually destroyed by Potter his second year using basilisk venom. That leaves two other Horcruxes. Unfortunately, he has taken frequent visitation trips to the Manor. Every single time, he brings along a large snake named Nagini. He is so ridiulously attached to it that I suspect it is part of his soul. A living Horcrux is a tricky business as when it is living it has a mind of its own. There is also the tale of the Three Brothers in which three brothers are given gifts by Death/Thanatos/Mort. One of them was a wand of unopposible power. From the illustrations and descriptions, I believe it is in Dumbledore's possession. Therefore, it is safe. The other was a resurrection stone, said to bring anybody back from the dead. The last was an invisibility cloak that was supposed someone from the naked eye. I have no knowledge of the whereabouts of the resurrection stone, but I believe that Potter is in possession of the very same cloak that is discussed in the tale. I was talking to my adoptive cousin and he said that Potter's father had been in possession of the cloak previously and it had been handed down through generations. This means that it has been around for a whole, and normal invisibility cloaks -the charm wears off after ten years. There are four ways to destroy a Horcrux- the creator feeling repent for their actions, basilisk venom, the killing curse, and cursed fire. " Draco explained.

Everybody took a while to comprehend the information. I was astounded at amount and detail of information my brother had. I was both proud and impressed. One must endure a lot to acquire that type of data.

"Leo, could you create cursed fire being a wielded of pyrokinesis an all?" Gwen inquired

"I don't know. I haven't been able to experiment or try it. " Leo responded.

"Anybody know where we can find a giant killer snake?" Dakota asked breaking the tension.

Everybody cracked a laugh.

" Potter defeated the basilisk at school. Which means its carcass still hasn't been moved." Draco imputed.

" Nico and Hazel can scout it out this week. But we have to be on the lookout for the Ministry, as the corrupted government is becoming involved in the school." Percy said.

" We can't be obvious than the Ministry wil become suspicious." Will spoke up.

Everybody nodded their heads in agreement and then started yawning. We each bid each other goodnight. The minute my head hit the pillow, I was out like a light. No demigod dreams as a gift from Morpheus.

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