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Inuyasha and Kagome's New Life as a Family

Chapter 1

It has been ten years since Inuyasha and Kagome got married, they adopted Shippo as a son,they also had twins who are both half demons, a 10 year old boy named Hunter and a 10 year old girl named Crystal. Hunter has silver hair, silver dog ears, has golden eyes, has claws, fangs, a silver tail, and wears a fire rat robe, he can aslo perform Iron Reaver Soul Stealer and Blades of Blood, but when it's the new moon he has black hair, black eyes, human ears, teeth, nails, no tail, and can't use his demon powers. Crystal has black hair with silver highlights and black dog ears, has golden eyes, has claws, fangs, a black tail with silver highlights, and wears a pink komono with purple and blue circles, she can aslo perform Iron Reaver Soul Stealer, Blades of Blood, and can use a sacred arrow, but when it's the new moon she has black hair, black eyes, human ears, teeth, nails, no tail, and can't use her demon powers but can still use her sacred arrow. Sesshomaru decided to stay in Kaede's Village since Rin wanted him to stay with her and he adopted her. Kohaku thinks of Sesshomaru as a father and he accepted this even Sango eventually thought of Sesshomaru as a father. Rin, Kohaku, and Sango are now adopted brother/sisters.

It was a nice clear sunny day with some clouds here and there, the wind was pleasent, and everyone was having a great time. Inuyasha was talking with his wife Kagome, Miroku and Sango were playing with their three kids Jade, Julie, and John, Shippo was playing tag with Kirara, Kohaku, Rin, Hunter, and Crystal, and Kaede was talking with Sesshomaru and Jaken.

"Nah, nah, nah, nah, you can't get me! Hahahahaha!" Hunter said who was being chased by Kohaku.

"Come on Hunter! That's not fair! Your faster cause your a half demon! Your sister, brother, and Kirara are the only one who can catch up to you! Rin and I are human so we're slower!" Kohaku shouted out to Hunter who was trying not to get tagged.

"Sucks to be you then since your it and you have to tag me or someone else!" Hunter replied back to his very annoyed and tired friend.

"Grrrrr, Hunter I'm going to get you for that!" Kohaku yelled out to his friend.

"Hunter give Kohaku a break he is a human after all and you and I both know how it feels to be human when it's the new moon." Crystal told her twin brother.

"Please be fair Hunter." Both Shippo and Rin ask at the same time giving him the puppy eyes while Kirara is giving him the kitty eyes.

"Ok, Ok, fine, I'll slow down for him. I can't resist those puppy and kitty eyes. Besides, I would have slowed down anyway since I don't want to be nagged at all day by Crystal." Hunter said defeated.

"Thanks guys I owe you one." Kohaku said once he finally tagged Hunter who was now it.

10 minutes later.

"Ok guys I think we should all take a break I'm tired." Hunter said while falling on the floor to rest.

"A break does sound nice." Kohaku said sitting next to his adopted sister.

"Hey where's Crystal and Kirara?" Shippo asked sitting next to Rin and Kohaku.

"I don't know I thought they were with you?" Hunter replied sounding a little worried.

"Hey guys come here you have to see this and hurry!" Crystal shouted in the distance.

"That answers our questions." Shippo said with relief.

By the time they got to where Crystal and Kirara were they were not expecting to see them hudled down looking worried over 4 injured dragon/dog demons.

"I was getting Kirara some water when I came across these 4 injured dragon/dog demons. I looked at their injuries and it looks like they just twisted their legs a little. Oh and they can talk, they told me that their quadruplets who are eternally 5 years old, have magical powers, can transform into dragons, animals, and sea animals, and are orphans." Crystal explained to her family and friends.

Lucy, Connor, Tyler, and Sarah all have blue eyes, golden spikes on their backs, golden horns, golden tips on their wings, golden tips on their dragon tails, golden claws, black and grey fur, and a black dog tail. The only way to tell the difference between them are their wings, collars, and dragon tails. Lucy has black dragon wings, a pink collar, and a purple dragon tail with red under it, Connor has dark blue dragon wings, a green collar, and a dark blue dragon tail with light blue under it, Tyler has dark green dragon wings, a blue collar, and a dark green dragon tail with light green under it, and Sarah has white dragon wings, a purple collar, and a white dragon tail with grey under it.

"Hi I'm Lucy Van Helen and these two are my brothers Connor and Tyler Van Helen and this is my sister Sarah Van Helen." Lucy said introducing herself and her siblings.

"Hi I'm Crystal, this is my twin brother Hunter and my adopted brother Shippo. These are my friends Kohaku and his adopted sister Rin. This is Kirara the family companian, she's a demon cat who can turn into a bigger form of herself with flames at her paws." Crystal said introducing herself, her brothers, friends, and Kirara.

"Pleased to meet you all. Crystal can you and your brothers go get your parents, same for you Kohaku and Rin. We will be fine it's not like we're going anywhere soon." Lucy asked her new friends with some humor in her voice.

"Ok don't worry we will be back soon." Crystal told Lucy and then left to go get her parents.

10 minutes later.

"So these are the 4 injured dragon/dogs, huh?" asked Inuyasha who was facinated by the hybrids.

"Yeah Dad they told us that their legs got twisted and their orphans. Can we keep them please I really wanted new siblings. Please?" Crystal asked giving her Dad puppy eyes.

"Well as long as it's ok with your Mother, Aunt Sango, Uncle Miroku, Uncle Sesshomaru, and Granny Kaede, then it's ok with me." Inuyasha said with a bit of humor.

"It's ok with us." All the adults said with satisfaction.

"Yay!" All 12 kids said with joy and glee.

Back at Kaede's village everyone was happy to have 4 new members of their family. Kagome put badages on the quadruplet's legs and gave them some medicine to relieve the pain.

"Thanks Mom, and thank you everyone for adopting us into your family it means a lot to us." Lucy said to everyone in the hut.

"No problem. Just don't cause any trouble or else your going to get punished, understand?" Inuyasha told Lucy who mischievously smiled at her new father.

"Hehe no promises Dad, cause the four of us are trouble makers and we have no intension of stopping. We also love to pull pranks on people." Lucy replied to her dad who just rolled his eyes.

"Well then maybe we should discuss the rules and punishments now, hm?" Sesshomaru said getting groans from his newly adopted nieces and nephews.

"Do we have to Uncle Sesshomaru?" Connor asked in a whiney voice.

"Yeah we don't like rules and punishments cause they stink and ruin everything." Tyler said in a joking voice.

"We always get out of trouble in the past when we were still on our own and it was fun!" Sarah said with excitment.

"Guys come on, you know in the past we rarely got caught and when we did the villagers always punished us and it really hurt to sit down for awhile when they were done with us." Lucy explained unconciously rubbing her bottom from the memories.

"You guys get spanked too? Wow now I don't feel bad anymore. Crystal, Shippo, Kohaku, Rin, Jade, Julie, John, and I get spanked when we get into trouble by our parents, Unlce Sesshomaru, Unlce Miroku, and Aunt Sango." Hunter explained to his newly adopted brothers and sisters.

"Ahem, well then lets get started shall we? Now the rules are simple, listen to your elders, no fighting unless it's play fighting, no whining, no talking back to your elders, no insults to anyone, no swearing that is only for the adults, no lying, respect others, and no running off somewhere without any of the adult's permission, understand so far?" Inuyasha explained to his newly adopted sons and daughters.

"Yeah we understand." All four said in unison.

"Man this sucks big time." Lucy muttered under her breath.

"What was that young lady?" Inuyasha said in a stern but warning voice.

"Nothing!" Lucy said quickly.

"I don't like lying young lady, so you better tell me the truth and I might let it off with a warning, if it happens again your going to be one sorry little girl with a sore bottom, understand?" Inuyasha said with a firm and stern voice.

"Yes sir, I understand. I said "man this sucks big time" sorry." Lucy said with her head hung low.

"Hmm ok I forgive you. Just becareful with what you say cause your Unlce Sesshormaru and I have really good hearing. I actually knew what you said I just wanted you to say it as a form of a light punishment." Inuyasha told his daughter who was trying to make her head one with the floor with embarassment.

"Ok since your father explained the rules I shall explain the punishments." Sesshomaru said which got him more groaning from his nieces and nephews.

"If any of you break any of the rules then your parents, Uncle Miroku, Aunt Sango, or I will punish you. You will be getting spankings, time-outs, groundings, privalages taken away, toys taken away, early bedtime, no dinner, or no dessert. You will aslo be scolded and/or lectured. Understand?" Sesshomaru explained to his nieces and nephews.

"Yeah we understand." All four said in unison.

"Good. You will be praised for things that you do that are good, ok? When we do punish any of you it's because we love and care about you kids ok?" Sesshomaru said with gentleness in his voice.

"Ok, we will try to be good." All four said in unison.

"Well now that that's over with, why don't you kids go outside and play until dinner is ready?" Kagome said with cheerfullness in her voice.

"Ok!" All 12 kids said at once.

Outside near Kaede's hut the kids were playing and riding on top of Lucy, Conor, Tyler, and Sarah in their dragon forms and Rin was riding on top of Ah-Un. Their twisted legs already healed since they were demons and they used some of their healing magical powers to speed up the process.

"Weeeeeeeee! This is fun! Flying is so much better than walking! Woohoo!" Crystal shouted with pure joy and glee.

"Yeah totally! This rocks!" Hunter shouted back to his sister.

"You four are so lucky to have powers like this." Kohaku told his cousins.

"Well it just happened when we were born." Lucy replied to Kohaku.

"Do you guys remember anything about your birth parents?" Rin asked curious.

"No not really. All we know is that we were dropped off at some place that takes care of orphans." Lucy said in a sad voice.

"Oh ok sorry about that." Rin said in a understanding voice.

"It's all good nothing you can do about. Besides that was in the past and this is the present. We have a family and that's all that matters." Lucy said in a upbeat tone.

Suddenly they heard shouting and screaming coming from Connor and Hunter.

"Looks like I have to try and stop them from killing each other." Lucy said in a annoyed tone.

"Why don't you go and get your dad or my dad?" Rin asked curious as to why her cousin was taking on the role of an adult.

"Because I'm used to breaking up fights between Connor, Tyler, and/or Sarah. This dosen't seem too bad, but if I can't get them to stop can you go get my dad or your dad?" Lucy explained to Rin who nodded and then followed her cousin to where the two brothers were fighting.

"Hey take that back you butthead!" Connor yelled at Hunter who was riding on his brother's back.

"No! You take back what you said you big meanie!" Hunter yelled back to his brother who then tried to buck Hunter off of him.

"Hey! Quit that! You know I can't fly! Dad's gonna kill you if you try to throw me off from the sky!" Hunter screamed at Connor.

"Well I can just levitate you so that your not falling and Dad will never know!" Connor said with a mischievious smile.

"No! You can't! I'm gonna tell on you!" Hunter yelled at Connor with a horrorified look on his face.

"Not if I tell on you first!" Connor yelled back at Hunter.

"Stop it right now the both of you!" Lucy yelled at them.

"Ok what's going on? Who started it?" Lucy asked in a stern voice.

"He did!" They both shouted and pointed to each other at the same time.

"This is going no where. Ok first off Hunter what happened please tell me your side of the story." Lucy asked her brother.

"Well we were flying until Connor decided to tease me for no reason. Then I teased him back, then he was about to throw me off of him and keep me levitated in the air for fun, then you showed up." Hunter explained his side of the story.

"Is this true Connor? Cause you know I can tell if your lying or not with that lie decter on your collar." Lucy said with a stern voice.

"No he's lying he's the one who teased me for no reason. I just defeneded myself is all I did." Connor said trying to hide the lie which was hard to do since his lie detecter lit red which meant he told a lie.

"Busted. I'm going to go tell Dad and be right back with him. So don't do anything else stupid ok?" Lucy said teleporting Kohaku on top of Tyler who had John, and Jade on top of Sarah who had Julie and Crystal.

"No! Don't! Please Lucy don't tell Dad!" Connor said trying to stall his sister.

"Haha your in trouble!" Hunter said teasing his brother.

"I wouldn't be so cheerful if I were you Hunter. Your in just as much in trouble as your brother since you both teased each other." Lucy said to Hunter who's face went from cheerful to horrorfied.

"No! That's not fair! I only teased him cause he teased me first!" Hunter said also trying to stall his sister.

"Two wrongs don't make a right!" Lucy said then started to fly towards were their dad was.

"Hunter come on we need to try and prevent her from getting to Dad or both our hides will be tanned." Connor told his brother.

"Ok at least I'm agreeing with you on something." Hunter said to his brother who flew after their sister.

Conor blasted Lucy with a Flamethrower and then a Ice Beam to try and get her attention. It worked.

"Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Connor I'm gonna get you for that!" Lucy screamed at her brother and shot a Thunderbolt and a Hydro Pump at him.

Now both siblings were fighting in the air in their dragon forms. Rin saw this and told Ah-Un to go to Sesshomaru and Inuyasha.

A few minutes later Rin was back in the air with an angry and dissapointed Sesshomaru and Inuaysha.

Sesshomaru used his Poison Whip to get the fighting sibling's attention and it did.

"What the hell is going on here?!" Inuyasha shouted at his three guilty looking children.

"According to what Rin told us Lucy tried to stop you two from fighting and then went to go get us, but Connor attacked her which caused her to attack him back. Lucy why didn't you just get us in the first place instead of having to deal with it yourself?" Sesshomaru asked his niece.

"Well in the past when we were out on our own I would always stop Connor, Tyler, and/or Sarah from fighting with each other. I'm sorry it's just a force of habbit and next time I will go to either of you or someone else for help. I'm sorry that I attacked Connor but I was defending myself against his attacks." Lucy explained to her Uncle Sesshomaru and father.

"Ok we forgive you for trying to handle the fight on your own but I'm afraid that you will have to be punished with your brothers for fighting Conor I know you were defending yourself but you need to learn to ignore them when that happens by trying to protect yourself and then move on." Inuyasha explained to his daughter who was now feeling guilty.

Back at Kaede's hut Inuyasha took his three naughty kids to the back for some privacy and asked Sesshomaru if he can help him punish the kids. Lucy and Connor were now back in their normal dragon/dog forms and Hunter was next to them.

"Connor and Hunter you two will be getting 25 spankings, a 25 minute time-out, and are grounded for 2 weeks with an early bedtime, no toys, no privilages, and no dessert. Lucy you will be getting 15 spankings, a 15 minute time-out, and are grounded for 1 week with an early bedtime, no toys, no privilages, and no dessert. Do you all understand?" Inuyasha explained to his three naughty kids.

"Yes sir, but why does Lucy get less than we do? That is so not fair." Connor whined at his father.

"Yeah she's in trouble just like us and she gets less? That is so not cool." Hunter whined at his father.

"Conor Van Helen and Hunter Inuyasha Higurashi that is enough out of you! I will not tolarate whining do you both understand?" Inuyasha scolded his two sons.

"Yes sir." They both said in unison.

"Good. Now Lucy will go first since she has less than you and that's because she attacked you Connor out of defense which you provoked her to do. Lucy come here." Inuyasha told his daughter who relunctantly went to her father's side.

He sat down and picked her up then placed her on his lap. Immediatly as if on cue Lucy's wings and two tails dissapeared and her fur on her bottom went down as if it were pants causing her to be bare bottomed. Inuyasha was shocked and Lucy explained that this happens to only her and her three siblings since their fur is like armor and they can't feel anything and their tails and wings get in the way so it dissappears so that it will make spankings easier. With that said Inuyasha landed the first spank which got a yelp from Lucy. He quickly pepperd her bottom and Lucy felt like her bottom was on top of a bunch of hot coals. Inuyasha lifted his knee up to get better access to her sit spots and landed the last five spanks with quick succession. Once he was done Lucy's fur went back to it's place and her two tails and wings reappeared to their rightful places. Inuyasha rubbed soothing circles on her back until her crying slowed down and she was calmer and then gave Lucy a hug telling her she was forgiven.

"Now go to the corner and think about what you did ok? No rubbing, looking out, or talking if you do then we will just have to start over, understand?" Inuyasha told his daughter who nodded and went to the corner with tears in her eyes.

"Ok Sesshomaru who do you want to punish?" Inuyasha asked his older half brother.

"I will take Connor." Sesshomaru replied to his brother.

"Ok then I get Hunter." Inuyasha said and went to the spot where he spanked Lucy.

"Hunter come here." Inuyasha instructed his son.

Hunter did not move.

"Now Hunter. Don't make me count to three. If I get to three then you get double of what you have now young man." Inuyasha orderd his defiant son.

Still no movement from his son.

"One." Inuyasha started the countdown.

"Dad please I don't want to be spanked." Hunter begged his father.

"Two. You better get over here now young man." Inuyasha said warning his son.

Hunter started moving but very slowly.

"Thr-" Inuyasha never got to finish saying three because Hunter then ran to his side not wanting to double what he was about to get.

"Good I'm glad you see it my way son. You know the drill, get on my lap and I will take down your pants and underwear." Inuyasha instructed his son.

Hunter then got onto his father's lap and clung onto his father's pant leg. Inuyasha then took down his son's pants and underwear and lifted his shirt out of the way for easier access to the pale bottom that will soon become red. Inuyasha landed the first spank and got a grunt from Hunter. Inuyasha then started to rain down spanks and Hunter felt like his bottom was set on fire from a torch. Inuyasha then lifted his leg to get better access to his son's sit spots and landed the last five spanks on his sit spots. When it was over Inuyasha rubbed soothing circles on his son's back until his crying slowed down and he was calmer, righted his clothes, and then gave him a hug telling him he was forgiven.

"Now go to the cornor and think about what you did. No rubbing, looking out, or talking if you do then we will start over." Inuaysha told his son who nodded and went to the other corner with tears in his eyes.

Sesshomaru spanked Connor at the same time as Inuayasha spanked Hunter and sent him to a corner as well telling him the same thing that Inuaysha told Lucy and Hunter.

"How did it go Sesshomaru?" Inuyasha asked Sesshomaru.

"He tried to get away from me even though I had a firm grip on him and he gave up after the 15th spank." Sesshomaru replied to his brother.

15 minutes later.

"Ok Lucy you can come out of the corner now." Inuyasha told his daughter who gratefully got out of the corner.

"I'm sorry Daddy and Uncle Sesshomaru. Next time I will try and find either of you or another adult." Lucy said to her father and uncle.

"It's ok little one all is forgiven and I'm pleased to hear you say that." Inuyasha said and kissed his daughter on her head.

10 minutes later.

"Ok boys you can both come out of your corners now." Inuyasha told his sons who gladly got out of their corners.

"I'm sorry Connor for what I did and I'm sorry Daddy for not obeying you right away." Hunter said to both his brother and father.

"I'm sorry Hunter for what I did and I'm sorry Lucy for attacking you and provoking you to attack me." Connor said to both his brother and sister.

"Ok now that the apologies are all said lets go eat dinner, I'm hungry." Inuyasha said in a joking voice.

"Hmm yes food does sound good right about now." Sesshomaru said putting his hand on his growling stomach.

"Ugh do we have to sit. It's gonna hurt too much." All three kids whined at their father and uncle.

"Kids no whining." Inuyasha said in a warning tone.

"Yes sir." All three said in unison.

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