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Chapter 1: Being a Magus

It has been a year since that fateful night and one eight year old Naruto Uzumaki has never been happier.

Shortly after he woke up from his unconsciousness he found himself in a hospital bed wrapped in bandages. He also found the man that saved him and the man he unknowingly saved, Emiya Kiritsugu, sitting in his room waiting for him to wake up. He told him that he had been out for a couple of days and after learning that he was an orphan even before the fire, he had decided to adopt him. Naruto being who he is, jumped out of his bed disregarding the machines and IVs attached to him to hug Kiritsugu as tears fell down his face. Of course this gave the nurses and doctors in charge of him a heart attack, him not being attached to the machines anymore made it seem like he flat lined and then they bugged out when they noticed he shouldn't be fully healed yet as well. A couple of days shouldn't have healed his injuries. This did make Naruto think back to his dream self where he healed any wound with the Kyuubi. Does he have something similar in him now?

After being discharged Kiritsugu took the now named Emiya Uzumaki Naruto to the property he bought during the Fourth Holy Grail War. It needed a lot of work of course, so with the money he had amassed over his regretful career, Kiritsugu hired enough people to get he job done. Of course Naruto helped whenever he could, learning how things work, watching how to fix appliances and electrical problems. After a couple of months the entire property was fixed and renovated with the latest technology.

After getting to know his new father more, he began to trust him with his dreams. They had stopped for a couple of weeks, but recently they came back. He was older in these dreams again, around fifteen. When he told Kiritsugu this, the skepticism was obvious, but when he showed him his little diary describing each dream and how absolutely detailed it was, something no eight year old could come up with, he began to have his doubts erased. But when Naruto confronted him after having another dream where he went to rescue his friend who was a village leader and told him the specifics of the mission and how he fought, how he drove off the organization Akatsuki, how he still failed, and how his friend was brought back to life, the doubts were gone. He told Naruto that it may have been his past life and he was reincarnated into the one he currently has. It may sound ridiculous, but then again he just has to look back at his life and then he realized nothing is impossible. He fought off dead apostles, became a magus, used magecraft, and fought with and against heroes of the past that were reanimated by the Holy Grail. Yeah, being reincarnated and having dreams about the past life doesn't sound so crazy anymore.

So after Naruto came clean, so did he. He told him that he was a Magus and that magecraft was real.

"Magic is real?!" exclaimed an excited Naruto from across the room.

"We magus actually call it magecraft, and yes it is real." answered Kiritsugu. He never did get used to Naruto's energy and hyper personality, but then again according to his diary of dreams, he was worse in his past life. A small chill ran down his back as he thought of a loud-mouth orange clad Naruto running around pranking people left and right. Good thing he taught him proper etiquette.

"What about the chakra from my dreams, its the mix of spiritual and physical energy that comes from within the chakra circulatory system." questioned Naruto after some thought.

"Well maybe that is what you used, but here we use magecraft and magic circuits. With od being the energy coming from within and mana coming from the earth and the magical circuits within us convert them into prana. This gives us the ability to use magecraft. There is a theory of parallel dimensions, and with magecraft being real whose to say they aren't. Maybe your past self was from one?"

"I guess." mumbled Naruto. "So could I do magecraft, do I have those circuit things?"

"Yeah you do, and a surprising amount of both circuits and od actually. I guess have big reserves in your past life got transferred to your life now, huh?" answered Kiritsugu with a slight, almost unnoticeable smile. Being around Naruto for so long, has brightened his life, even though it was only slightly. Its impossible to not get affected by that energetic kid.

"Heh, I guess I'm just naturally awesome like that!" boasted Naruto. The cockiness apparently got transferred as well.

"Yes, I checked myself last night when you were asleep. You have at least 80 inborn Magic Circuits. It really is incredible." stated Kiritsugu which caused Naruto to beam once more."Though that just means you will have to work that much harder to control it" which caused Naruto to fall over in defeat.

"Not again!" he whined.

"So can you teach me?" asked a hopeful Naruto.

"I don't want to. It is a dangerous profession, being a Magus." answered Kiritsugu with regret laced in his voice.

"I know it may be dangerous! I mean my past life was nothing but dangerous! With my luck I will get in a bunch of trouble. I want to protect the people that will become precious to me from that trouble and danger! Someone has to!" Naruto was standing up and in front of Kiritsugu at this point.

"It might as well be me, I know what its like to see someone die... My dreams were realistic, I could practically smell the blood sometimes..." he mumbled off as he remembered the dreams. Watching Haku sacrifice himself, Zabuza charging to his death, the chuunin exams, the invasion, fighting Orochimaru and Kabuto, trying to rescue Sasuke and later Gaara...

"But you said I have a huge amount of that stuff to make prana, I have the power to help and protect people, it would be insulting if I don't use it!" His voice was steadily growing louder, almost yelling.

"I would feel terrible knowing that I have the power to stop bad things from happening and I did nothing! So please teach me!" yelled Naruto with his body bowed but his head staring straight into Kiritsugu's surprised dull eyes, filled with determination.

After a few tense moments, Kiritsugu relented with a tired sigh.

"Alright, you win. Always so stubborn and dramatic." said Kiritsugu with a tired small smile. "Though Magecraft should only be used in secret and to the benefit of others, without attracting suspicion or confusion." he warned.

"Whatever Dad I know, I used to be a shinobi remember? So, where do I start?" he replied with excitement.


Before he could get to learning the "cool spells and stuff" he had to learn the theory. Especially if he wanted to control his vast amount of od and circuits. He had to learn how to use his magecraft efficiently so no energy would be wasted. Once he compared it to the chakra control exercises of his past self, he understood. It didn't mean he had to like it though! It was so boring! Why couldn't he have those shadow clones like his past self... That memory transfer would be awesome! He could read all the theory stuff and get right to the awesome magecraft!

After a few more months of theory practice after he came back home from school, he was told he was finally ready to learn actual magecraft. The Emiya Thaumaturgical Crest was placed onto Naruto and he was ready to learn. His origins were different than Kiritsugu's strange fire and earth affinities giving him his "Severing and Binding" origins, his affinity was like that of his past self: wind. He was taught the basic spells like Night Sight giving him the ability to see in the dark, using familiars, hypnotic suggestions to those with no magical resistance, though the repair spells couldn't be taught by Kiritsugu - wasn't in his magical nature.

Kiritsugu was limited in what he could teach Naruto. He was a man of combat, an anti-magus. Or was, the curse saw to that. Naruto had to learn alot of the basic spells himself through the theory he was taught. Kiritsugu was reluctant to teach Naruto his style of combat, though Naruto quickly convinced him saying it was what he was meant to be. His past life and his experiences ensured that.

So Naruto was taught the beginnings of Kiritsugu's take on his family magecraft: Innate Time Control. They spent generations researching and seeking the magecraft that controls time, eventually reaching "Time Manipulation", which is the ability to separate the passage of time inside a designated space from the "flow of time" in the outside world. It is classified as High-Thaumaturgy in the form of a Bounded Field that can be regarded as a type of Reality Marble in a way, but still not something extraordinarily difficult to utilize like other time related magecraft or something on the level of the True Magic that is unable to be replicated. It allows for "time adjustment" that can only stagnate the time which has passed and accelerate time in the future rather than something more advanced like "time modification", which has the ability to reverse cause and effect and change the past. The major problem is that the practitioner needs to consider the size of the Bounded Field and the scope of time that needs to be modified. It requires a large amount of prana and similar rituals in the same magnitude of High-Thaumaturgy to activate it. It would normally be applied to a wide area and a long period of time, taking longer to set up and more prana to utilize it as the Bounded Field becomes larger and the deviation in time becomes longer. It was a good thing Naruto can produce seven hundred fifty units of prana and max out at nearly fifteen hundred.

It was of course a dangerous magecraft that threatens your bodies internal systems, the only reason he taught it to Naruto is because of Avalon inside of him. Though he didn't know about Naruto's natural Uzumaki vitality. Naruto also had to learn through theory and word of mouth, Kiritsugu couldn't demonstrate it anymore due to the curse that was slowly killing him, Angra Mainyu. He also had to teach Naruto strategy and build his brains intelligence so he can utilize the Innate Time Control effectively.

When Naruto was ten he taught him how to shoot. Simply hand guns at first, no need to get ahead of himself. Plus, he couldn't really steady a rifle anyway. He had him do the same things Natalia made him do. That hurt to watch. Seeing Naruto trying to put a gun together as quickly as possible in the hopes of impressing him hurt. It was like watching himself try to impress Natalia so she could take him with her. So many regrets. Hopefully he won't regret what he is doing with Naruto. He couldn't take another tragedy.

Naruto handled his physical training by himself. Its not like Kiritsugu could help him anyway. He was slowly losing the feeling in his limbs, he needed help to move around the house. It was a good thing that kendo-girl Taiga Fujimura lived nearby. She was so helpful, not to mention she reminded him of Shirley, he couldn't help but dote on her. She returned the favor with Naruto though, always promising to help them and teach Naruto to defend himself. That almost made Kiritsugu laugh when she said that. Naruto could defeat her before she could blink with the magecraft he knows.

Between the lessons of his dreams from his past life when he watched others fight, or when he fought himself, Naruto was fine in his instruction of hand to hand. Kiritsugu just pointed out when he looked off balance or just watched him in general. Taiga though would spar with him in Kendo. Naruto wasn't a sword person though, he'd rather have a kunai like his past life. So Kiritsugu bought him a large amount from an old contact of his, Naruto would have to learn to keep them in good condition and how to maintain them of course, but that is all easily learned over time.

Now he just needed more training and practice and to Kiritsugu's extreme reluctance, application to see where he is.


"So I have to go out and apply what I have learned? That makes sense. Though how should I? Go out on a patrol around the seedier side of town?" asked the eleven year old.

He had grown to a healthy height of 4' 9" and a lean 85 pounds, his golden blond hair was the same length as his past self when he was his age, the light whisker marks were still there and his blue eyes still shine brightly with mischievousness and determination. He has a dark blue long-sleeve turtle-neck shirt on with black cargo shorts, his shoes though were black and orange. Got to have orange somewhere.

Currently he is sharpening some of his kunai in his workshop out in the back of the house. He converted the shed into the workshop that now holds all of his weapons from kunai to daggers and swords, and guns ranging from M9s and Kiritsugu's old Thompson Contender to Calico M950s and P90s to sniper rifles in Walther WA2000s and a U.S. Marine Corp SRT M24 from an old contact.

Kiritsugu was sitting across from him watching him attend to his weapons. He waited a moment as he kept staring at Naruto's nimble hands taking care and pride in his tools before answering,

"Yes, I'm sure you already know from your dreams that experience means everything. A soldier with years of fighting experience will survive much easier in a war than a professor who has only studied war and never experienced it." he answered knowledgeably. "And yes the quickest way to get your feet wet would be to as you say patrol the town."

"Heh, I'd be like a super hero patrolling the town he looks after and busting bank robbers." Naruto chuckled for a moment before looking up to see his adoptive father looking out the window with a far away look in his dull eyes. He looked at him with worry before wondering why he seemed so regretful. He had that look almost every day. Almost as if he was wondering if he should just die.


Kiritsugu snapped out of his dark thoughts before turning to his son and answered him, "What is it Naruto?"

"I was wondering..." he began, "What..." he was having a difficult time putting it both delicately and into words, "What happened four years ago, why do you always seem so regretful?"

That caught him off guard, though I guess it was natural, with the way he acted. He simply replied in the same tone he always has, "Its nothing you need to know."

Naruto though stubborn, knows when he shouldn't pry. His dad's body language screamed 'I don't want to talk about it please talk about something else'. So he did. No reason to cause an argument.

"Okay, well I guess I should get ready for tonight then, right?" he asked with a fake smile that hid the frown his face wanted to put up.

"Yes, you should though eat dinner before you leave, you don't know how long you will be out there." he advised from experience.



Naruto was currently walking down a street in Shinto. He was wearing the same shirt and shoes he wore earlier, only now he has on black cargo pants and a black trench coat with a black backpack carrying most of his equipment: extra ammo and kunai, a Walther WA2000 rifle with a bi-pod, and finally one smoke and one frag grenade. He has a leather harness over his shirt, but under his trench coat. It currently has two black M9s holstered on either side of his torso. He also has a kunai pouch similar to his past life on each thigh carrying 15 kunai each. Needless to say, he is ready for any outcome.

There is still some construction going on, but the buildings that are finished look very modern. He was on his way to the Harbor area where the seedier people live or operate. The area was still under construction so it gave almost a perfect cover for criminals and drug dealers. They could smuggle their products across the river into the harbor, directly into the urban city. And where there are drug deals, there are shakedowns, and when drug deals go bad and shakedowns occur so does violence.

He walked into an alley and after looking around to make sure no one was looking, he quickly scaled to the top of the building using his shinobi physical skills and minor reinforcement. He walked to the edge and activated Night Sight to better see things in the dark and from a distance. He strained his hearing to focus on anything out of the ordinary. It has been over an hour and Naruto has jumped from building to building stopping on each for about five minutes before moving on. So far he has seen nothing. Sure there was the occasional guy walking with a dark hoodie up but nothing out of the ordinary.

Finally with his hearing enhanced, he heard what sounded like a struggle was going on. Sure you hear sounds like a trash can getting knocked over or the normal street sounds from stray animals or bums moving around, but this was prolonged and there were also muffled voices. So acting quickly he jumped toward the struggle from the rooftops, until he found himself looking down from the building at an alley way below.

What was going on was what seemed to be one of a shakedown victim's worst case scenarios. The scenario of "you don't have the money to pay the enforcer". So what will happen to you? Well it depends on what you do for a living or what kind of person you are.

Are you a working family man down on his luck that needed to make a loan, but couldn't pay in time or refused to do what the favor asked in return, like enforce on someone? Well they either trash your home, beat you in front of your family, or they beat members of your family.

Are you a drug addict and you couldn't pay a debt? They beat you, trash your place and take what's valuable.

Are you a high class businessman? They blackmail you with either fake or true information, but its usually true if you are dealing with these kind of thugs.

Are you a woman and you owe them money? Well if the enforcers are nice, they trash your place and take what's valuable. If they aren't nice they beat you and do the former. If they aren't nice and you are unlucky, they will do the previous actions and rape you.

What Naruto was looking at right now was a woman about to be raped and from what he can hear it was the last situation. She didn't make a full payment. So now she gets raped. Not if he can help it. He pulled the collar of his shirt up so that it covered his face up to his reminiscent of his sensei of his past life, Kakashi and lightly jumped down to the fire escape below him. He stalked down slowly to the alley and hid in the shadows among the trash cans. He pulled a kunai out of his pouch and held it in a firm reverse grip. He silently breathed in and out deeply before muttering,

"Time Alter: Double Accel"

Sonomi Ishikawa was crying. She knew what was going to happen and if she resisted her punishment would probably be worse. It was the third time she messed up on a payment. It wasn't her fault that she couldn't come up with the money quick enough, she had to work three crap jobs just to even come close to the monthly payments! But now this greasy guy was fondling her with one hand while slapping and beating her with another. She knew she went to the wrong people, but the banks wouldn't give her a loan with her bad credit and history. Now she is paying for it with rape. All of a sudden though he stopped touching her, she reasoned that he was probably trying to undo his zipper. She didn't open her eyes though. She didn't want to see this guy take pleasure in her pain. There was a light thump and odd choking sound before it went quiet.


'Nothing is happening. Why did it get so quiet?' she idly wondered.

Tentatively, she opened her eyes and saw that the man was now spread eagle on his back with blood pooling around his neck. She moved forward to investigate and saw he had what looked to be a stab wound into his neck. She looked around hoping to see who saved her, but saw no one. Not looking a gift horse in the mouth, she silently thanked whoever saved her and she went through the man's wallet to take his money. She then ran back to her apartment so she can amass more money to pay off her debt.

Naruto watched from the building roof once more as she ran away. He was catching his breath after that use of Double Accel. He didn't want to risk using his gun or a kunai and the guy make a sudden move and he miss giving himself away, or worse hit the woman. So he went for the safe and guaranteed effective route: magecraft.

It was his first kill in this world he realized. In his past life he has seen plenty of death even before the Fourth Great Shinobi War. Though that war showed it on a grand scale. Neji's death was a tough nightmare to have. He didn't know if those mass amounts of Zetsu clones he killed count as kills, but he definitely counts Kakuzu as a kill. So he knows the feeling, but he also doesn't. Its a new and its an old experience. Its difficult to understand. It makes him feel uncomfortable yeah, he doesn't enjoy it so that's good. He also knows that guy needed to die. And there will be more like him if he wants to protect others. But he can still see the look of shock on the guys face as the light left his eyes officially making him dead. What's worse is he saw it all in slow motion, and not in the hypothetical or psychological sense, but physically. His magecraft made sure of that.

So he cleaned his kunai with a dirty rag in his bag, put the kunai in the pouch, turned around and jumped rooftop to rooftop so he can finally go home and get some sleep.

Maybe he will have a nightmare of his own life for once.


It has been almost a year since his first patrol and it wasn't his last. He would go out on patrol once a week, he still had school after all. Not every patrol had action he has only had to kill nine times including the first patrol. The police assumed it was the normal gang or criminal violence since the people killed were mobsters, enforcers, or thugs. It didn't mean they weren't trying to find out who did it. But really who is going to suspect a twelve year old? Maybe if this was the Elemental Nations, but this is Fuyuki City, Japan.

He still practiced and trained in his magecraft, physical abilities, and weapons. He did learn to always train and hone his skills from his dreams of people like Rock Lee and every other normal Shinobi. He was also trying to replicate the rasengan with prana. It is extremely difficult, but there is progress, he is still in the third stage, control. After all he can't make shadow clones to help him. Kiritsugu was surprised to say the least when he saw a swirling mass of prana in his hand one day only for it to explode. It was just more proof for him of the past life theory. He read the ongoing journal after all. He is also planning on publishing his diary after some refinement of course. His past life was incredible and compelling, he might as well make money off it, maybe sell it to a manga company?

Now though he is sitting with his adoptive father outside, looking up at the moon.

Emiya Kiritsugu is a shell of his former self after five years. The Angra Mainyu's curse has really taken affect. His limbs are lame, his sight has dulled, and most of his circuits are useless. Idly, as he sits with his strange adopted son watching the moon, he reminisces his life. He can't help but feel sadness and regret when thinking back. From Shirley and his father to sacrificing Natalia, The Fourth Holy Grail War to being unable to save his daughter Ilya. He closes his eyes in silent self-loathing when his son called out to him,

"Daa~d. Dad. Hey old man!" exclaimed an annoyed Naruto. "If you're gonna sleep go bed" he said with a teasing smirk, not that he could see it.

"Oh... No, I'm fine." he replied light heartedly. Naruto could tell it was a fake tone.

"You know, when I was younger I was a hero. I saved a lot of people, but killed a lot as well. The people that knew I saved them praised and thanked me like a hero, but the people I killed, if they could see me they would curse me before I died"

After a moment to think on his words, "So what, did you give up? Isn't that normal though? You know this job?" questioned Naruto who was obviously curious. You can't blame him, his father never spoke of his past other then when he instructed him in magecraft.

"Sadly, yes. You can only be a hero for so long. When you become an adult it's much harder to call yourself one." He paused for a moment before continuing, but his face looked a lot older right then, "There was this saying I heard once, 'You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see you self become the villain'. I wished I had realized it sooner."

"Oh... I guess when you put it that way, you couldn't avoid it."

"Yes, you're right."

"Did you become the villain?" questioned Naruto softly.

"You know I'm not to sure myself. Maybe I did in some people's eyes, but maybe in some eyes I quit before I became a villain." he replied.

After a moment of silence and a tired sigh, Kiritsugu looked up and said, "The moon is really beautiful, isn't it"

Nodding absently and humming agreement Naruto stated firmly with a slight teasing tone, "Yeah, well since you couldn't become a hero and my past self was a hero, what kind of guy would I be if I didn't try to be one as well?" Then the teasing tone stopped as he said firmly, "I'll be the hero for you, the hero you couldn't be. I have to live up to my name Emiya Uzumaki Naruto after all!" he finished with a wide grin.

Kiritsugu then turned to him in slight surprise as Naruto continued, "Leave it to me, I'll accomplish both of our dreams." he finished with a determined smirk.

Kiritsugu then faced forward again and let out an amused, but happy breath, and said somewhat happily, "Yeah, that's a relief"

He closed his eyes and thought back when he was a kid and he told Shirley that his dream was to be a hero.

'I want to be a hero, but I know Naruto will be one.'

And so the famed Magus Killer, Emiya Kiritsugu, died at the age of thirty-four.

Naruto could only watch as his teacher, mentor, and above all father of five years, peacefully die after having his dream passed on to his son. Unknowingly tears were silently streaming down his face as he stared up at him. He turned to face the moon and let out a choked sob and tried to smile.

"Yeah, the moon is really beautiful old man."

Chapter 1 end.

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