The Peace Millennium: Dawning of the Prince


Liu heard the large wooden panels creak open behind him but he kept his stony gaze firmly ahead out of the balcony. Kitana eyed him warily as she approached him from behind, instantly noting the tight set of his shoulders and the spasmodic clenching and unclenching of his hands down by his sides. She could understand his anxiety, and even felt a bit herself. This encounter was going to be pivotal for her husband, and it could potentially have a devastating impact.

"He is here?" he asked, voice nearly devoid of feeling.

"Yes." Kitana replied. "He awaits you in the throne room." Taking a slow breath Liu turned on a heel and slowly, but rigidly made his way for the entrance of their chamber, giving her only a brief glance at his resigned countenance. She called after him, "Do you wish for me to come with you?"

Liu stopped just short of the doors. "No thank you, Love." he said. He glanced back at her over his shoulder, giving a subdued smile. "I appreciate it… but I need to do this alone."

Kitana gave a slight nod. "I understand. I will be waiting here."

Returning the nod, Liu took his leave, and proceeded through the palace's expansive corridors to the main throne room. As he came upon the entrance, the two sentries posted before the doors inclined their heads as they pushed the two ornate, wooden panels aside. As Liu came across the threshold, he spotted the figure standing in the center of the large chamber. The visitor's back was facing him, his only distinguishable features were a long cloak of deep grey draped about him…

and a sedge hat.

Sheer trepidation traveled along Liu's spine in icy, prickling jolts, his heart rate quickening and body beginning to tremble. Every image from his nightmares… his memories, flashed through his mind, bombarding him in an instant with cruel clarity. He felt nauseous, anxious; yet somehow he managed to take a single step into the large chamber, followed by another, towards the figure. Hearing the echoing tap of Liu's boots on the marble floor, the man turned about, eyeing the one he had come to see warily.

Liu studied his face. It had changed somewhat. Gone was the ethereal, ever-present glow of bluish white in his eyes, normal irises of pale grey now in their stead. His features looked even more careworn now as well, still not old, but not particularly youthful. Exhaustion was etched into that once enigmatic face, with dark circles beneath his eyes, his skin was an almost ghastly shade of alabaster. The obvious extremity of his decline should have made Liu feel sympathetic, should have ebbed some of the loathing and searing sense of betrayal: Strangely however, it had the opposite affect. Feeling his already thrumming heartbeat increase, his face twisting in anger, Liu's steps quickened to a brusque and very intent pace. The careworn man's eyes slowly widened in dawning horror as he recognized his former pupil's threatening approach.

"… Liu Ka-"

Before Raiden could speak, Liu punched him hard and knocked him to the unyielding floor…

Le GASP! Foreshadowing!

Decided to start this entry of the series off with a little excerpt of later in the story. Drop a comment and enjoy! More coming…