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It was a beautiful sunny day, birds were chirping happily, flowers blooming on the sides if the road and the wind gentle pass through the tress of the forest. Not from afar, a golden carriage strode down the road, making its way to the kingdom ahead. The prince inside the carriage is looking outside the window enjoying the scenery in front of him. Since he was not much paying attention to his surroundings, he failed to notice a band of thieves lurking in the forest, waiting for unsuspecting victims. The carriage suddenly stopped, the horses were neighing loudly and there was big red splatter in the front window of the vehicle where the driver was. The leader of the thieves opened the door at placed a knife near the prince's neck.

"Give us all the gold and treasure that you have or else, I will slit your throat"

The prince paid no attention to the threat and ignored him completely. He closed his eyes and sighed.

"I'm not in the mood for this" the prince said

His actions enraged the leader of the thieves; he gritted his teeth and clenched his fists. He was about to kill the prince when suddenly one his men spoke up "Hey, I recognize that green hair. Boss, he's royalty". The leader stared at the prince and scoffed "So he's a prince then, I assume. If he's a prince, he's indeed a cocky one. Well none of that matters. I'm only interested in gold, now prince give it to us now or-"he again placed the knife on the prince's neck "or I might have to chop off you head". When the prince gave no reaction at all, the leader raised his knife to slash him but the prince was quick enough to draw his sword and cut clean the leader's head from his body.

"Tch. You people are very annoying." the prince stepped out of the carriage, holding his bloody sword "I'm not in the mood to kill but you idiots provoked me to.*sigh* if I only knew this would happen, I would've brought my Bowie knife." he opened his eyes and glare at the thieves. One of the men fell down on his knees; he was shaking while he looked into the prince's eyes.

"T-those golden eyes…. I-it can't be…"

"What on earth are you doing, get the hell up! There's eight of us against him, there's no way he could win" said the other.

The man tried to stand up and run but his comrade grabbed him and forced him to stay on his ground.

"You don't understand… W-we stand no chance against him… becau-"

Before he could finish his sentence, they heard a loud crack and a scream coming from their other comrade. The prince had pinned him down as he broke every single bone in the poor man's body. He then slit the man's belly all the way up his chest, the prince then smirked at the screaming man and he literally took the heart out and crushed it with his bare hands. This action caused all the thieves to shake in fear.

"B-b-because he's the MAD PRINCE" before the man can run away the prince threw a dagger and it perfectly hits his head. The thieves tried to attack him together but no avail. Their bodies were ripped out, eyes were gauged out and their insides were scattered around. This is just one heck of a bloody massacre. One of the thieves survived and tried to crawl away but the prince pinned his legs down with knives.

"P-p-please h-have mercy" he begged.

The prince laughed "Mercy? You asked the wrong person for that. I have no mercy and I'll show no mercy" he grabbed a handful of arrows on the ground and made the man swallow it. He screamed in pain while arrows are being shoved down his throat. Since he bled too much he died. His death was slow and very painful compared to what his comrades had suffered. Upon seeing lifeless and bloody bodies around him, the prince stood up and sighed. His golden eyes turned green and the evil aura from him vanishes.

"Don't you think you over did this one?"

"Che, like I care. They were annoying as hell."

The prince once again sighed and went in front of the carriage where his driver was "Toothy, you could stop pretending to be dead now. They are all gone."

His driver slowly opened his eyes. When he had confirmed that there were no more robbers, he sighed in relief.
Toothy got up, straightened his clothes and took the arrow out from the center of his head. "I know that right now I am blessed because I can't die from such things but I kind of wish that every time I get stabbed or something it would be less painful" he said as he removed the arrow from his forehead while the prince just chuckled from his statement. Toothy then looked at the prince intently "Prince Flippy, you're not hurt are you?" he asked. Flippy smiled "There's nothing to worry about Toothy, I'm fine. Now we must go, I just hope we reached the kingdom without any more troubles".

"Yes your Majesty" replied Toothy. The prince went inside the carriage and again he just stared outside the window.

"My clothes are stained with blood again. I hope we reach the kingdom soon. I really want to take a bath now."

Flippy closed his eyes and he drifted off to sleep.

The carriage finally stopped and the prince slowly opened his eyes. They were now in front of the castle. Guards and knights were lined at the entrance. The horns were blowing, signaling the others that he had returned from his journey. The gigantic door opened and servants as well as the maids all lined up to welcome him. Toothy got off and opened the door of the bloody carriage. Many were shaking in fear when Prince Flippy stepped out. His white majestic clothes stained in red, his sword hung loosely around his waist. They can't look into his eyes because they scared of the so called monster in front of them. The servants and maids tried their best to smile and give him a warm welcome but the sight is just too much. Flippy paid no mind to them, though he was hurt. He doesn't want them to be scared of him but he can't help it. He is after all a monster; or rather a monster is living inside him. He looked around as if he's trying to find someone.

"So you have returned, my son"

Flippy glanced up the stairs. A beautiful woman with long green hair stood in front of him. She was gently smiling at him. He smiled back at her "Yes, I have returned mother. I don't mean to be rude but please excuse me for a while. I must clean myself first." He said.

"Of course, me and your father will be waiting in the throne room."

Flippy made his way to his room, he ignored the people that he passed by. He actually knows that it is not good for his image to ignore them but talking to them casually while still in the blood stained clothes is not good either. Well, to think about it is really worst if he do that. So he just chose to ignore them. He finally reached his room and opened the door. Inside, he saw a red headed girl in a maid's clothes fixing his bed. Her attention turned towards him. She smiled and bowed down to him "Welcome back Prince Flippy"

"You know Flaky, I have told you a thousand times that you can call me Flippy, just Flippy without the 'prince'."

"Well, it's kind of rude if I don't call you that. But alright, since you keep on insisting it. By the way, I've prepared your bath. Please go to bathroom and wash yourself."

Flippy looked at her puzzled "Prepared my bath? You knew that I was coming home bloody? Are you some kind of psychic?"

Flaky chuckled "No silly. I saw the bloody carriage a while ago. That's the reason why I wasn't able to greet you at the entrance. I was busy preparing your bath and your room."

The prince just smiled at her "Alright then, sorry for the trouble"

"No worries, I'm used to it"

Flippy went inside the bathroom. He removed all his clothes and neatly placed them to one side. He merged himself in the tub and scrubbed off the blood from his body. The warm water seemed to make him feel better. Few minutes later he heard a light tap on the door. Flaky's voice called out "Flippy, I've placed clean clothes on the bed. I'll be in the garden if you need me"

"I see. Thank you" he said

"I'm really glad Flaky is here" he thought

Flaky is the Prince's personal servant. She was introduced to him when he was about ten years old. He is two years older than her. Flaky has been taking care of Flippy for eleven years now. For Flippy, it is kind of weird having someone younger than him takes care of him. But he is thankful that he met Flaky. She was one of the people that he cared about so much. He's glad that despite him being called a monster, she still approaches him like there's nothing wrong. He had actually flipped a lot of time now in front of her and he almost killed her but she still smiles at him, she still takes care of him and she still looks at him with her big gentle caring eyes. Well, he isn't the only one who has a personal servant, his brothers each have one.

Flippy stepped out of the tub and wiped himself dry with a towel. He went outside the bathroom and found the clothes that Flaky placed on his bed. He put on the clean clothes and went out of his room and made his way to the throne room.

Flippy straightened his clothes before entering the throne. As the doors swung open, the kind and queen looked at him and smiled. He smiled back at them and walked forward towards them. His father, the king had a blonde hair and golden eyes. The king looked at his son from head to toe and then back at his face.

"I see you're fine. No injuries or what so ever. I'm glad you got back here safely. I heard from Toothy that you were attacked by bandits in the forest." Said the king

"Well, kind of. I took care of them or…. Err…. 'He' actually took care of it. And somewhat turned into a blood bath." Flippy looked down on his feet "I'm sorry father; it seems that I left another bloody mess in the forest. It may frighten the travelers."

The queen stood up and placed a hand on Flippy's shoulder "There's no need to worry, I already asked Toothy to clean up the mess" she assured. When she saw her son relaxed a bit, she returned to her seat.

Before anyone could talk, the door suddenly opened. A boy with blond hair entered the room with a big smile on his face. Behind him is a girl wearing a uniform similar to flaky. She has pink hair and a big red ribbon on top of it. Her name is Giggles and she is Prince Cuddles' personal maid.

"Big brother, you have returned... XD" he rushed towards him. He was about to hug him when suddenly he stopped. He looked at his brother intently. Flippy gave him a questioned look. His little brother seemed tensed about something. "You're not flipped are you? Because last time, you almost chopped my head off"

Flippy chuckled, and it seemed that somewhat it relaxed his little brother a bit. He looked down at him and said "Don't worry Cuddles, it me. I'm not flipped and sorry about last time. I guess it went a bit out of hand."

Cuddles' expression changed. He had now a big smiling face. He hugged his big brother "Yay! You're not the psycho one XD... I won't die today XD"

After a few minutes Cuddles finally let go of Flippy. His big brother patted him on the head and smiled. Cuddles love his brother's caring and lovable side. But he also fears him in some way. No one could tell when he was going to flip and it's kind of scary. Last time, he flipped over after seeing Lumpy bleeding. It actually caused mayhem in the kingdom and eventually it led Flippy to flip out and started killing people, including his brothers and once in a while their parents. Lumpy is one of the servants in the kingdom. He is very clumsy and he is a bit naïve or rather, he does things without thinking and it often lead to him into accidents that sometimes cause his death. He's very lucky to be one of the immortal servants of the kingdom ore else he would've died permanently. Actually they all are lucky.

The Happy Tree kingdom is divided into five. The western and eastern kingdom, the northern and southern kingdom and lastly the center or the Happy tree kingdom itself. Of all the kingdoms, the center is the most powerful. Mainly because the Royal family of that kingdom is somewhat you can call immortal. They cannot die from being stabbed, burned, and decapitated or things like that. They will only die of an old age. They too have gained eternal beauty. They may age in terms of years but their body doesn't. They are given two hundred years to live. No more, no less. They are fearsome. They do not fear death, they welcome it. However, only a few gained such power. Only the royal family and their faithful and loyal servants are given this kind of life. It means that some people in the kingdom only have one life to protect. When in battle, they always win. Of course victory is already ensured, even though only a few fought the battles. They do not die and they do not fear death. Ten against a thousand can win. Only a fool would challenge them into war.

The door again opened, they all turned around to see an orange haired boy with no arms, beside him is a blue haired girl with sky blue highlights and with a pink flower tucked behind her left ear. Petunia made a curtsy bow to the royal family present in the room.

"Handy... you're back as well... XD" Cuddles runs up his other older brother and gave him a hug.

Handy smiled and tried to hug his younger brother. He then looks up to Flippy "So you're also back Flippy. It's good to see you. I was a bit worried when I heard that you got attacked by thieves" said Handy. Flippy is actually the eldest son, followed by Handy then Cuddles.

Cuddles finally let go of Handy. The three brothers now stood in front of the king and queen. Their parents both stood up from where they are sitting and began to walk towards to door. They followed their parents to another room where Flaky was busy placing tea on the table. She bowed down for a while and stepped aside to the corner of the room. The two other maids joined her in the corner as well.

"Now, let us begin shall we" the king said "What did the other kingdom say about the matter in hand?"

Flippy looked at his father, "The Eastern Kingdom already said that they had no plans being allied to the southern kingdom. They asked if possible for us to protect them."

"Hn. Protect? Why don't we just kill them? It's a pain in the ass to protect weaklings."

"Please shut up Fliqpy."

"Make me."

"It was so much better when you were quiet"

"I was sleeping you dumbass"

"The western kingdom asked the same thing... :3 though they said that they will support us in case the Southern Kingdom attacks us but we must do the same for them" said Cuddles.

"It's the same with the northern kingdom." Sighed Handy "All that is left is the Southern kingdom"

Flippy turned his gaze to Handy "Haven't anyone talked to them yet?"

"Why talk? Just burn the Kingdom down"

"Actually, I tried. But-"Handy paused for a while "But when they let me in the kingdom, they tried to kill me and Petunia so I have no choice but to fight back. I ended up destroying a quarter of the kingdom. So I guess I made it worse." Handy scratched the back of his head and nervously laughed. He sat up straight and looked at the king "I do apologize for that father"

"No need to apologize. It was only reasonable, they did attack you." The king sighed

"The Southern people are really stubborn" Cuddles pouted

"If they keep this on then we will have no choice but to take them down" said the queen

"Oh? I like the thought of that"

"Don't get your hope high. I will prevent that from happening"

"Well, let's see about that"

Flippy hissed at Fliqpy. He doesn't want another blood bath and he doesn't any more wars and chaos. A lot were already damaged during the previous war which was only about four years ago. The Southern Kingdom is really stubborn and for generations they had made war with the Central Kingdom.

"Blood may yet again be spilt but if possible let us settle this one with the Southern in a peaceful and mannered way." She added.

Flippy nodded in agreement. Just as when he was about to speak, a loud explosion was heard outside the room. Flippy immediately calmed himself down though his green eyes are turning yellow. Knowing that Flippy is half flipped, Flaky rushed by his side to calm him down while the others run outside to see what had happened. Flaky placed both of her hands in his cheeks "F-flippy, please calm down". He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Flaky looked outside the door and was horrid by the sight of Lumpy bleeding against the floor. He was holding a dynamite.

"Flippy don't open your ey-" it was already too late. Golden eyes stared down at her smirking. Flaky immediately fell down to her knees. She quickly turned to Petunia and Giggles "Run!" she screamed. The two girl quickly left the room and went somewhere to hide. Meanwhile, Flaky closed her eyes shot and prepared herself for the worst case scenario which is being stab or being skinned alive by the evil Flippy. She anticipated the incoming pain but she felt nothing. She slowly opened her eyes and saw Lumpy chopped into pieces. She heard a loud scream and looked up to Cuddles, Fliqpy wrapped his hands around Cuddle's neck. He then grabbed a broken glass and started taking out the eyes of his younger brother. Cuddles' scream got louder. Handy tried to help their younger brother but Fliqpy lit the dynamite he found on the floor and tossed it to Handy. The dynamite exploded and so is Handy's left part of the body. The king and queen ordered every person to stay away from the hall for a while until Flippy is sane again. The queen rushed by Flaky's side making sure she was okay. The king however confronted his son, he draw his sword out and pointed it at Fliqpy.

"Old man, you have a lot of guts pointing that thing to me. Is this a threat?" Fliqpy sneered

"You better let go of you brother or I'll cut your arm"

Fliqpy laughed. He dropped Cuddles on the floor and took his sword out. He charges at king, he swings his blade but the king had blocked his attack. Fliqpy charges again and sweep off the feet of the king. His father fell down to the floor. The mad prince gently placed the blade to the king's throat.

"Any last words old man….before I cut your head off"

The king snickered "I must admit, you are very fast but don't get too arrogant" The king suddenly vanishes from his sight. Fliqpy's eyes widened as he felt something cold pressed against his cheeks. The king backed away immediately.

"Oh? So you've noticed?... Not bad for an old fart" he held out a dynamite. Before it explodes, he threw it outside the window and let it explode in midair. He was about to attack again when all of the sudden Flaky stood in front of the king. Fliqpy stopped himself from slashing her. The blade of his sword did not go all the way through her head, but it made a deep cut in her right cheek.

"P-p-please, F-fliqpy… S-stop" she was trying to suppress her tears. Fliqpy stared at her shaking body; he looked into her big red teary eyes. His golden eyes slowly turned back to its original color as he looked away from her. When Flippy finally took control of his body, his eyes widened as he saw what had happened around him. He quickly dropped his sword. He looked around the hall only to see blood everywhere. He thought he was going to flip out again but it seems like Fliqpy isn't reacting to anything that he saw. He paid no attention to him for now.

He heard his mother sigh "Can someone please clean up this mess and get Lumpy to the doctor to patch him up" A group of servants and maids came and started cleaning the hallway. They eventually removed Lumpy's body and carried it away. Petunia and Giggles arrived at the scene. Handy's body began to reconstruct itself while Giggles helped Cuddles remove the shard of glass from his eyes. He tries to help with the cleaning but his father just sent him to his room. He had no choice but to follow orders and besides he feels like the maids as well as the servants didn't want his presence there. They were shaking when they were cleaning and they refused to look at him. While walking away, he turned to Flaky. Her wound was being treated by Petunia. The cut seemed pretty bad since it was bleeding so much. Flippy looked away and ran to his bedroom. He slams the door and he lay down on his bed.

"Please don't hate me…. Please don't hate me…Please…. Just… Please don't hate me….Flaky…" he kept on repeating the same words over and over again until he drifted off to sleep.

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