"Good morning Prince Flippy" a servant bowed down to him "Your bath is ready sire and so are your clothes" Flippy adjusted his eyes to the brightness of the room; he had just woken up from his sleep. He sat up and dismissed his servant from his duties. The man bowed down again and immediately went out of his room. The young prince looked around his room and sighed.

"I guess I better get used to this" he said to himself as he went to the bathroom.

After getting dressed, he went down to the dining room where his parents and siblings are currently eating. He sat down beside Cuddles and ate his breakfast in silence. He wasn't really in the mood to talk to anyone, even his parents. Deep down, he was mad at them for doing such. He knows that what they did is for the better but he can't help but feel anger. He searched the room for the redheaded girl but she was not there. He again sighed and continued to eat.

"You're Majesty" said a tiny voice. Flippy looked up and saw Flaky at the entrance of the room. She wasn't smiling like she used to. She had this emotionless and cold face. She did not look at him; instead she went beside the king and presented him a letter. The king opened the letter and began reading.

"Well then" he said "We should prepare for the engagement tomorrow" Flippy's eyes widened.

"Wait? I beg your pardon Father?" he was hoping that he heard it wrong.

"Your engagement with Princess Nahla will be tomorrow and it seems like your wedding will be the day after."

"Why so soon father?" asked Handy, he couldn't believe it either.

The king looked at his wife in front of him, then he turned to Flippy "They said that the sooner the better"

"That's an unreasonable excuse Father" said Cuddles "They barely know each other… You can't allow this"

Before the king could respond, the queen spoke up "Well if they want to speed things up, it's fine" Flippy couldn't believe what he is hearing right now. He is also confused as to why their parents are doing this. Usually they will think about matters like this carefully and not like this.

"Is there a problem with that, Flippy?" she asked

Flippy glanced up to his mother; he doesn't really know how to respond. His brothers were helping him convince their parents to move the engagement and marriage after they have really met these people but the king as well as the queen had already made up their mind.

"What time will they arrive?" he asked his voice void with any emotions. He just stared blankly at them. Handy and Cuddles looked at Flippy with concerned eyes while their mother and father smiled.

"They will be arriving tonight and which reminds me…. Flaky" said the king as he turned to the redheaded maid "You would be in charge of taking care of the princess… Make sure everything she needs will be given"

Flaky made a curtsy bow "As you wish my king"

"Well that's settled then" said the queen "Now if you excuse me, I shall get started with the preparations… Come along Flaky, we have a busy day ahead of us"

The queen as well as Flaky went out of the room. Before leaving, the king patted his son on the back then left leaving the brother dumb folded.

Cuddles burst into anger "WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?"

"Calm down Cuddles" said Handy "Hey Flip, are you okay brother?"

"I'm okay" he said flatly. He stood up from his chair and walked towards the door "If you will excuse me, I also need to prepare"

The two princes just watched their brother walked out of the dining room. Cuddles sat down in anger and annoyance while Handy just drank his morning tea.

"It's not fair" Cuddles pouted

"I know… But we have no choice but to just seat here and watch" Handy sighed

"B-but it's too much. How can father and mother even go to the extent that they maid Flaky that bitch's personal maid"

"Watch your language my dear young brother" Handy looked at his younger brother "I know that it is rather unfair of them to do that… But we can't do anything…" He stood up "I'll try convincing them again for the sake of Flippy… I hope I can change their mind"

Cuddles watch his brother walk out of the room while he just sat there quietly thinking about a certain pink haired girl "Tch….. Why is life so unfair"? He slammed his fists on the table and stood up but before he could even take a step, he heard a loud noise in the hall.

"MR. PICKLES STOP IT!" Lammy shouted while Handy shielded Giggles from the sharp knife. Lammy manages to swing the knife to Giggles but Handy used his body to protect her. The knife pierced through his skin and through his heart. Handy coughed up blood "R…r…run" he manages to say. Lammy then again tried pulling the knife out but it got stuck. She kept on pulling it and pulling it along with Handy's body. Blood painted the floor and walls of the hallway. Cuddles went towards Lammy and snapped her neck before she could even fully pull out the knife. She dropped unconsciously on the floor.

"Are you okay Handy?" he looked up at his brother who was still coughing blood; he knife is still in his body. Giggles gently placed her hand on the handle and slowly pulled out the knife. She managed to pull it out without using any brutal force like what Lammy did. Cuddles went to his brother to help him get up from the floor. He was still breathing hard but the bleeding had already stopped.

"Remind to always bring my sword" he said "It's hard fighting her without any weapons"

Cuddles sighed. He then looked at Giggles who were smiling at them. "Sorry for the trouble Prince Handy" she stood up and went to Lammy. "I'll get this cleaned up as soon as I take her to the infirmary" she smiled and dragged her body away from the bloody halls.

"I guess I better clean myself up before I talk to them" said Handy. Cuddles just looked down and nodded in response.

After a long day of walking around the castle and carrying things needed for tomorrow, Flaky just sighed and went to her room just to take a short nap before she cleans the grand hall. She opened the door to her room; it was dark inside. The moment she stepped in her room, the door was shut closed and large cold hands covered her mouth from preventing her to scream. An arm snaked across her waists pulling her closer to his chest. She knew who it was but she was still afraid of looking behind. She then felt cold breath near her neck giving her shivers down her spine.

"My, my… Took you long enough to get here" he said with a smirk.

"W-what d-do….y….you want?" she asked nervously

Fliqpy lifted her up and threw her on the bed, he immediately pinned her hands on top of her head using his right hand. He took out his Bowie and placed it near her neck "I just came here to play…. Nervous are we, Flakes?" he laughed. Flaky stared at those golden menacing eyes as she tried to think of a way to escape. The mad prince licked the shell of her ear "Hmm… I wonder what should we play?" he whispered. Flaky closed her eyes and anticipated the pain. She knows what he will do since he has done it many times. He would hurt her slightly for his own sick reasons but he never goes overboard nor will he kill her. But instead of feeling pain, she felt him rest his head on her chest. He had finally let go of her hands and he kept the bowie knife in his pants.

"Flip…. Fliqpy?" she called

"Shut up woman and let me rest…. I just had a shitty day in this fuck castle"

She kept quiet for a while trying to think what to do. But she ended up stroking his head gently while singing softly.

"Last night, Good night …

Last night, Good night…..

Itsuka wa mukaeru …..

Saigo wo omou yo ….

Yozora ni negau no….

Tokiwa no egao wo…..


She too slowly drifted off to sleep…..

Flippy felt something soft against his head, it was so soft and comfortable. Funny, he never remember going to his room. His eye shot open when he realized he wasn't really in room. His face turned red when he saw that he was on top of Flaky. He immediately removed himself away from her. The sudden action awakened Flaky from her sleep. She sat up and yawned. She looked at the clock only to find out that she has been asleep for two hours.

"Waahh…. Oh no I over slept! Sorry Flippy I have to go now… still have duties" she rushed out of her room leaving Flippy still red from embarrassment. He tried to recall why he was in her room. The last thing he remember is that he saw Lammy stabbing Toothy again in the hallway, then Fliqpy got out and challenged her into a duel. If he remembered it correctly, Lammy ran away from him and he chased her until she was nowhere in sight… then…. Then….. he can't remember the rest…..

"What did u do"

"Nothin much" Fliqpy snickered

"I swear if you did anything to her-"

"I did nothing you wuss… you should be thanking me.. You had a nice sleep right" he laughed

Flippy couldn't argue with that but still….. it was wrong…. But he owes the evil bastard one…At least he was able to spend time with her, for the last time. He glanced up at the clock and sighed. The princess must have already arrived in the castle. He went out of her room and gently closed the door. He stared at it for a while before he sighed and walked away.

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