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Chapter 3

"I've decided that I must have sex with Sheriff Swan," Regina stated just as casually as ever.

Dr. Hopper's brow furrowed in confusion, "This is quite a departure from our last session, Madame Mayor. I recall you'd decided to see if you could be more pleasant and affectionate toward the sheriff but I thought that becoming fully sexually involved was an idea of which you weren't very fond. What has changed?"

"What's changed is my inability to control my libido and, as you should well know, Doctor, I like being in charge of everything," she stated as she rested the side of her head in her hand. "These dalliances with Ms. Swan have been going on for over a week now. She's being incredibly respectful about it and it's driving me insane. I feel that if I go ahead and just scratch the itch, it won't be a problem anymore."

"Isn't it good that she's being respectful?" he asked. "Haven't you wanted that from her for quite a while now?"

"Yes, but not concerning this area of our lives!" she exclaimed. "I told her that I wished to pursue a more endearing relationship with her and that I did not want it to become physical. I thought that by telling her not to do something, she'd be compelled to do the exact opposite. And it worked at first; she kissed me that very night for she could not help her undeniable attraction to me. Then, the next day, she made it very clear that she truly wanted to make all of this work and the most important component to that was respecting my wishes. And now I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place."

"The rock and the hard place being..." Dr. Hopper waited for her to finish because he was utterly confused.

Regina rolled her eyes in frustration before speaking, "I'm stuck between having to tell her that I was wrong about what I wanted or going on with things as they are and having my desires unfulfilled."

"Or you could just tell her the complete truth," Dr. Hopper insisted.

"And what? Act like I need something from her?" she questioned, her eyes taking on a flabbergasted quality. "Dr. Hopper have you met me? Because I'm starting to wonder if you've ever paid attention to me outside of these walls, let alone within them."

Archie exhaled a sigh of frustration as he tried to make the mayor see his point, "Regina, obviously I pay a great deal of attention to you. I understand how you operate, but this seems a bit extreme. It's completely obvious that you and Ms. Swan want the same thing from all of this and you specifically were the one to insist upon the opposite. How is she supposed to know that you didn't mean it?"

"She not supposed to know that I didn't mean it!" Regina pounded her fists against the couch in indignation. "She's supposed to be so overwhelmed by her feelings for me that she simply cannot help acting on them. Placing me firmly in the driver's seat of this arrangement!"

"Well, I'm sorry, Regina, but I don't think I can help you force Ms. Swan into disregarding your wishes."

"That, dear Doctor, is becoming utterly apparent," she crossed her arms. "Luckily I don't need your help in figuring out how to get the sheriff to do what I want; I simply need your input on what she might do next."

"I really don't think this is a healthy exercise," he shook his head. "These sessions are supposed to be about inner growth, not making romantic guesses as if we're attending some all girls slumber party."

"How about making educated guesses within an office where you've spoken to Sheriff Swan about this very subject?" She leaned forward slowly and intimidating to make her point.

"I don't know what you're talking about," he looked away.

"Hopper, I have eyes all over this town. Do you think that I somehow don't know that Emma Swan came in here not even 24 hours after having dinner in my home?"

"I won't discuss another patient's admissions," he swore, his gaze firm. "And if that's what you've come here for today, you've underestimated my conscience, Regina."

"Oh relax, you little bug, I'm not fishing for specific details I just need to know if you think she's going to be the clingy type," she sat back and rolled her eyes again.

"And I can tell you that from the very few conversations I've had with Ms. Swan, I wouldn't be qualified to answer that anyway. If that's what you're worried about, I'd say the more important question is whether or not she's acted that way toward you so far."

Regina simply sat and thought for a bit before answering the doctor. "No, I don't believe she has. She's attentive and kind, but certainly not clingy."

"Well then, there you have it," he said. "May I ask how you plan to remedy your situation since you don't plan to tell her the truth?"

Regina smiled maniacally, "Dr. Hopper, I'm a beautiful and powerful woman. Nothing is unattainable for me; not even Sheriff Swan, with all her morals and chivalry. Tonight, when she comes over for dinner, I plan to seduce her to the point where she is begging to take me to bed."

The door to the police station rang to alert the sheriff that someone had arrived. She was surprised to see Mary Margaret standing before her with two cups of cocoa and a sack of bear claws.

"Hey there, what brings you down to the station?" Emma smiled back and helped her friend with the bundle. "Well, I haven't seen you around Granny's lately, so I figured you were too busy to grab breakfast and wanted to drop some off on my way to school."

It was then that she noticed the large cup from Granny's sitting next to Emma's computer.

"But I guess you already stopped in," she observed, confused.

"Oh, uh, no actually," she fumbled her words; really not wanting to open this can of worms, "Regina brought that in for me."

Mary Margaret's haircut always made it so that every single look that crossed her face was much more animated than that of other people. So, when Emma confided that the mayor had done something kind for her, it seemed as if her ears were preparing for takeoff and her eyes were fighting hard to break free from their sockets.

"Regina did this?" she asked. "Why? Why would Regina do something like this?"

"We're getting along better now," Emma tried to blow it off and grabbed one of the bear claws. "It's no big deal."

"But it is a big deal!" the brunette's face continued to contort. "Emma, Regina is not exactly known for being nice to people unless she wants something and what she wants from you is for you to stay away from Henry."

"I know she wanted that before but things are different now," the sheriff explained. "I've gotten to see Henry more this week than I have in nearly all of my time in Storybrooke."

"Things were different before what?" Mary Margaret asked. "What's been going on with you two?"

"Nothing," Emma averted her eyes with the deceitful admission. "We're just getting along better, that's all."

Mary Margaret sucked in a breath and her eyes grew wide yet again.

"You're lying!" she accused. "And you're lying in the same way you did when you didn't want to tell me that Sheriff Graham kissed you! Did Regina kiss you?"

"What? How did you..." Emma fumbled yet again.

"Oh my God! It's true! Regina kissed you! Do you have any idea how bad that is?"

"Hey, that's for me to decide," she fired back defensively. "Please tell me you're not judging me on this. Especially after I've been the one sticking by you throughout this whole David thing."

Mary Margaret's features fell as she thought about what Emma had just said.

"God, you're right, I'm sorry. I shouldn't be acting all holier-than-thou about kissing. I just..." she tried to find her words. "I'm worried about you, Emma. This is a woman who has tried to threaten every single part of your life, including visitation with your son. Do you really think you can trust her?"

"Mary Margaret, I'm not renting a U-haul here and moving in with her," Emma threw her hands up in the air. "If you must know I've stopped all physical... altercations for lack of a better word, because she said she didn't think it was a good idea."

"What? What do you mean?" the teacher finally sat down and grabbed her doughnut, listening with rapt attention.

Emma softly giggled to herself at the fascination her friend was exhibiting, "We didn't mean to kiss each other, it just kind of happened. Basically because we were trying to be nice to each other and then I screwed up and then we fought and somewhere in there she lunged at me. Then after that we tried doing the nice thing again and things got complicated, so we both agreed that the best thing to do would be just try to be friends."

"And that's what the cocoa is about? You two just being friends?" the brunette asked accusingly. "What else are you doing for each other? I've noticed your absence at dinner quite a few nights over the last week."

Emma rolled her eyes, "Ok, so maybe she's been inviting me to dinner too."

"Emma, you said you were with Henry!"

"I was! The kid was there every time!" she defended herself. "Also, to my previous point, I get to see Henry all the time now. No sneaking around and worry over just trying to catch a glimpse of the kid's smile."

"And what does Henry think of this?"

"Henry doesn't know anything about the kissing and he better not find out through the altruistic, yet misguided antics of his favorite teacher!" she warned.

Mary Margaret shook her head and rolled her eyes, "Of course I'm not going to tell him about that. I meant, what does he think about the two of you getting along?"

"I'll admit, he was skeptical at first, just like you," Emma nodded.

"And now?" the brunette asked.

"And now he's starting to re-think his position," she leaned in to her friend. "Look, nothing bad has happened so far with the exception of a little... sexual frustration on my part. But I'm a big girl with self control; I can deal with that."

"And you really don't think that Regina is leading you down some kind of path that will end in mortal doom? Because I wouldn't put it past her," Mary Margaret said as she sipped her cocoa.

"For the last time, no," Emma put a hand on her friend's shoulder briefly, then went back to organizing her desk. "I've got that lie detector thing going on, remember? The only thing she's lying to me about is the fact that she doesn't want things between us to be physical."

"Are you sure about that?" the teacher asked with a slight giggle.

"Oh yeah," Emma nodded, "She was lying through her teeth about that one."

"So, what are you going to do?" the brunette asked.

"Easy," the sheriff closed a file, tossed it in her outgoing bin and put her legs up on the desk. "Basically all I have to do now is wait for her to either cop to her lie or combust from the inside and beg me to take her to bed; either will be quite entertaining for me. And I have a sneaking suspicion it's going to happen tonight, since she invited me over for dinner and Henry is staying with a friend."

She grabbed her coffee and clinked the cup against the teacher's own cup before taking another satisfying bite of her breakfast.

Regina ambled through the grocery store before retiring to her home for the night. She needed to pick up a few things for the dinner she was preparing for Emma. She had to admit that this occasion was fun for her on several levels. There was the obvious level of sexual conquest that she was anticipating but there was also this added bonus of being able to eat adult food and have grown-up conversation with someone else.

For so long, Henry was the only person in her world that would actually interact with her on any real level. And even then their talks were filtered with his constant interjections about her past life in the enchanted forest. Tonight she didn't have to worry about any of that. Emma certainly didn't believe anything about that part of her history and, even if she did, didn't think she'd have the nerve to bring it up when they were trying so hard to get along.

As she made her way over to the meat station, she requested two fish filets from the butcher and placed them in her basket before turning to bump into a surprised Mary Margaret Blanchard.

"Oh, Regina!" she exclaimed. "I'm so sorry; I wasn't paying attention."

"Yes, I find that to be a trend with you, Ms. Blanchard; always walking around with your head in the clouds," Regina accused with a bored expression on her face.

The teacher looked into the contents of Regina's basket and noticed the different items she was picking up for dinner; her mind immediately drawn back to what Emma had said earlier that morning.

"So, are you, um," She stuttered because she knew she shouldn't be having this conversation. "Are you having dinner with someone? I heard that Henry was attending a sleepover with some of his friends."

Regina quirked her head to the side in very much the fashion of a praying mantis, "Not that it's any of your business but I have dinner plans with the Sheriff this evening. We have some private matters to discuss."

"Oh," Mary Margaret nodded; trying to seem like this news was surprising to her, "well I'm sure that will be lovely for the both of you."

She put on a smile and started to walk away but something inside of her simply wouldn't allow it. Some part of her that was desperately protective over Emma imposed itself upon her will and forced her to turn and address the mayor once more.

"Regina," she said, with more confidence than she'd ever conjured before when facing the other woman. "I'm glad that you and Emma are at a point now where you can be civil with one another. I think that is wonderful for Henry."

The mayor was somewhat taken aback, "Well, thank you, Ms. Blanchard. Not that I need your approval over my personal affairs, but the encouragement is noted and appreciated."

She turned to leave but was once again pulled back into the conversation by a hand at her elbow.

"I just hope that your intentions are good in this," Mary Margaret urged. "Because Emma is a good person and she has tried to see the best in you before when it came back to harm her. I hope that isn't the case this time."

The mayor felt her blood start to boil in a familiar way that actually brought a devilish smile to her face.

"And what could you possibly do about it either way, Ms. Blanchard?" She asked as she moved in closer. "Ms. Swan is an adult; she's taken care of herself her entire life without any help from you until very recently. What makes you think that all of sudden you have the authority to do what's best for her?"

Mary Margaret felt something deep within her break a bit from Regina's words and she didn't know why. The mayor's smile grew even wider as she noted the look of longing and heartbreak on the teachers face and she moved back away from her.

"Good day, Ms. Blanchard," she bid with a low cackle, disappearing down the aisles.

Emma lingered at the front door of the mayor's house a little longer than she normally would, due to the absence of Henry. She must have read the label on the bottle of wine at least five times before finally raising her hand to ring the bell. However, before she actually reached the button, the door opened swiftly to reveal a perplexed brunette holding a dish towel.

"Ms. Swan," she asserted. "Have you forgotten how to use the doorbell or am I to assume that the literary prowess of that wine bottle is so riveting that you simply could not put it down long enough to alert me of your presence?"

Emma stood there, wide-eyed and dumbfounded. Had Regina been watching her the whole time? Because she certainly knew exactly what she'd been doing.

"I... um..." she stuttered.

"Well, don't further exacerbate the awkwardness of the situation by standing there grunting," Regina ordered, "come inside before my neighbors decide you've taken up permanent residence on my front lawn."

She grabbed the blonde's arm and ushered her inside before grabbing the wine and commanding her to take of her signature red jacket. Emma did as she was told and they made their way into the kitchen where Regina was just finishing up the last few touches to the dinner she was preparing.

"Why don't you make yourself useful and open up the bottle of wine you're so interested in," she said, moving in close to drop off the wine key on the counter in front of Emma. "I'm almost ready."

Her tone was unmistakable; it was low, sensuous and dripped of sex. Regina had put on her full game face and was just getting started.

"Ok," Emma said half to herself and half to the other woman as she opened the wine and grabbed two glasses from the cupboard. "How was your day?"

"Not altogether remarkable, really," she said as she tossed the salad. "I did run into your beloved roommate at the market on my way home. She's certainly protective over you."

"Oh my God," Emma exclaimed. "What did she say to you?"

"Don't worry, Sheriff," she put the salad bowl on the dinner table. "She didn't say anything to specifically indict you on kissing and telling, but it was fairly obvious that she's noticed your absence over the last week. She warned me that I'd better watch myself where it concerned matters of your welfare."

"I'm sorry, Regina," the blonde apologized as she poured. "She kind of cornered me this morning when she found out you'd brought me cocoa."

"It's quite alright, dear," Regina moved in once more, her head lingering over the sheriff's shoulder as her arm reached around to grab her wine. "Mary Margaret's disapproval of me only serves to further solidify my resolve in continuing to intertwine our interests."

Taking a sip, she moved back toward the stove and set up two plates with the sautéed fish and steamed vegetables she'd prepared. Emma knew that these close encounters were not accidental. Regina was gunning for her and it was working. The blonde was finding it hard to breathe and form sentences throughout the entire discourse; and that was not how she intended to let the rest of the evening play out. If Regina wanted to play dirty, she was more than willing to dress up in a little mud of her own.

Putting her hand at the small of the other woman's back, she moved towards the dressed plates, "Here, let me get those. Everything smells delicious, as always."

The touch caught the brunette off guard and a small intake of breath was definitely audible to both parties involved.

The dinner table became a region of neutrality it seemed, for the first part of their evening. The food was just as wonderful as it always was and, though they tried to take an interest in each other's individual activities, the conversation almost always steered its way toward the one person they both loved more than anything else: Henry. Emma laughed heartily as Regina told some of the more embarrassing stories concerning the boy's childhood; the ones she wasn't allowed to tell when he was present.

After the third entry in the tales of Henry's misadventures, the sheriff's eyes misted a bit and she put her hand over Regina's, "Thank you for sharing these stories with me. I never thought I'd get to hear them from you considering how we've treated each other in the past. I don't think you'll ever know how much it means to me."

Regina felt her heart swell within her chest as she looked into those sincere, puppy dog eyes and took a deep breath as her emotions washed over her. She couldn't help the small smile that forced its way across her lips.

"You're welcome, Ms. Swan," she nodded.

They stared longingly at each other for a few seconds, the urge to lean in and allow their lips to meet becoming nearly paramount. It was Emma who finally broke away and stood.

"I guess I'd better earn my keep and get these cleared," she said as she took both of their plates.

Regina fell behind for just a bit, realizing that this was going to be much harder than she'd anticipated, but she finally found her feet and her words.

"Just leave those in the sink," she grabbed the wine glasses and the bottle. "I forbid you to wash dishes tonight. Henry's not home, so I don't have to set the example and clean up right away, and I'm very much enjoying the conversation up to this point. You haven't offended me once. I think that, since we're on a roll, we should ride it out as long as we can."

She grabbed the bottle and motioned her head towards the study and Emma followed without a fight.

"Ok, but don't think I'm going to make it a habit of obeying you just because you insist," the blonde stated definitively.

"Actually I think you could become quite fond of obeying me under the right circumstances, Ms. Swan," she said, her gaze had grown dark. "I know I could certainly get used to it."

Emma simply rolled her eyes and let the mayor have that one as they both found the couch and seated themselves on opposite sides, facing each other. Regina poured another two glasses of wine and handed one off to the sheriff.

"Although I do love discussing my son," she said to the blonde as she settled into the couch, propping her arm up on the back cushion and resting her head on her hand," I want to know more about you Ms. Swan."

"Ok," Emma reclined back against the side cushion, playing with her glass. "What do you want to know?"

Perfect, Regina thought to herself as a mischievous smile started to paint her face.

"Have you always been attracted to women?"

Emma was extremely glad she hadn't chosen that moment to take a sip of her wine because it would most definitely have flown straight from her mouth onto the mayor's very expensive couch; thus ending the wonderful repartee they'd established throughout the evening.

"Uhhhh... I..." She stumbled yet again.

"Oh dear, please don't tell me you've reverted back to the guttural sounds as your mode of communication," the brunette deadpanned as she sipped her wine.

Emma shook her head, "No, I um, was just caught off guard. That's a pretty bold question to just throw out there."

"Well, I've never been one for tiptoeing around anything," Regina noted. "Does the question bother you?"

"No, I..." Emma was going to try to defend her surprise, then simply let the issue die off and answered question at hand. "I've been attracted to women throughout different parts my life. I mean, obviously I'm attracted to men as well, but there have been women in the past that have caught my attention in that way."

Regina nodded as if that answer was acceptable to her and Emma followed up with a question of her own.

"What about you?" she asked. "Have you been attracted to women before..."

"Before you, Ms. Swan?" the brunette asked with a huff. "Of course I have. Don't go thinking you've broken some kind of psychological mold for me concerning my proclivities."

The blonde rolled her eyes shook off the defensive remarks, "Have you ever been with a woman?"

Once again, Regina became somewhat preoccupied with consuming her wine. Finally she answered "no," looking daringly at the sheriff before asking a question of her own, "Have you?"

"Yes," Emma answered without hesitation, before delving into her wine as well.

Regina drained the remnants of her glass and poured another as she asked, "What was it like?"

The blonde took in a deep breath as she tried to figure out a way to describe the experience without seeming embarrassed.

"It was softer than I'd expected, though I'm not sure why I didn't anticipate that," she started. "There was a comfortability to it that made it seem so easy to just fall into and go with the flow. There wasn't a lot of fumbling like there is sometimes with a man. And because of the logistics of the situation, sometimes, you can literally feel what is happening to the other person's body as you're touching it. And since you are a woman, you kind of have your own understanding of what she's going through. It's almost as if it creates this odd sense of trust between the two of you."

Regina's breathing had sped up as she listened to the woman's description; she was done playing around. It was time to go in for the kill so that she could find out exactly what the blonde was talking about. Putting her glass of wine down on the coffee table, she leaned forward and brought her face closer to Emma's; her left hand propping itself against the arm of the couch next to the blonde head.

"You know, when I was the evil queen," she said as the sheriff put on a smile that mimicked hers. She had no idea that the admission Regina was about to make was completely true, "I used to take the hearts of whom I wanted to control," her voice dropped an octave as she moved her hand above the sheriff's heart. "When I would reach inside, and hold their life in my hands, there was a moment of intimacy so profound that it normally created some sort of connection between me and my conquests."

Emma's breathing had become labored as well given the proximity of the mayor and the sensuality her words, "Is that what you want to do to me, Regina? Take my heart?"

Regina looked somewhat distressed and saddened by that question. For some reason, all she could see in her head was the violent action of ripping the blonde's heart from her chest; though she knew that's not what was meant by the statement.

"I don't do that anymore," she answered.

"Well, I guess I'm safe then," Emma said with a smile; trying to lighten the mood.

Regina smiled back, "I wouldn't go that far, Ms. Swan."

When Regina didn't move Emma started to get a little antsy due to the close proximity and the intensity of the conversation. Then she thought about it and started to get angry at the fact that Regina was making her antsy and decided to call her on it.

"Then what do you want to do to me, Regina?" she spoke up. "You told me you didn't want to make this a physical thing, yet you're nearly on top of me right now. Are you trying to drive me insane or is this your new way of torturing me? Because it's not working."

"It's not?" Regina's look and tone dripped with disbelief.

"No, it's not," Emma moved in closer as she spoke, giving the mayor a dose of her own medicine. "Actually it's only serving to make me angry because I am trying my hardest to respect your wishes and I will not fail."

Regina simply stared at her quizzically. Emma Swan never failed to completely confound her.

"The only person you're torturing right now is yourself, Regina," Emma said, their lips so close the brunette could feel the words she spoke. "And all you'd have to do to end it is tell me that you want me. Then, I'll personally show you what it's like to be with a woman."

The dark head above her shook as the mayor broke eye contact, "That would be admitting defeat."

"No, that would be admitting the truth; and you know it," the blonde took the mayor's chin in her hands and forced their eyes to meet again. "There's a difference."

"Sheriff Swan, the last two lovers I've taken ended up dead," she challenged. "The past would indicate that doing this would not bode well for you."

Emma sighed and shook her head, "You're just afraid."

"I fear nothing," Regina growled.

"Then stop stalling and say it, Regina," Emma bit back.

Regina stared menacingly at her as she summoned every ounce of bravery she had and finally, desperately, said, "I want you."

And with that Emma did not hesitate to close the distance between their lips and wrap and arm around the mayor; crashing their bodies together. She then turned them so that she was completely on top of the other woman; holding her in a way that was both dominating and comforting all at the same time. The blonde felt the need to convey that, for once in their dealings together, she was in charge but would not hurt Regina.

The mayor responded with equal intensity as her hands grasped, clutched and stroked at the sheriff's body. It was the truth: she did want Emma. And she was starting to believe that she'd wanted her all along. All those times she'd pick fights just be near the sheriff. All of the manipulating and set-ups. Everything had been done to foster more interactions, not to protect her son. She knew even from the beginning that the blonde would protect Henry with her last breath. Regina had been fighting battles never knowing that she wanted them to end like this. With Emma's lips caressing her jaw, her teeth raking across her neck, her hands owning full expanses of her skin, and her body moving rhythmically against her own.

And she wanted more of it. That's why she tempered her passion momentarily and pushed the woman back.

"We need to move this upstairs, Sheriff," she ordered. "I'm sure this is quite your style, but I'll not be satisfied humping like teenagers on my couch."

Emma softly chuckled and then moved away offering a hand to the woman who'd just insulted her and invited her up to her bedroom in one fell swoop.

"Lead the way, your majesty," she offered.

Regina smirked as she took the hand and did just that, "It would appear our first order of business is to find a way for you to otherwise occupy your mouth."

Regina's bedroom was actually less lavish and dark than Emma had expected it to be. She wasn't assuming it to be a dungeon or anything, but she also didn't anticipate the warmth the chamber exuded.

"Nice digs," she remarked.

Regina looked at her, appalled and said, "I'm going to pretend that I didn't just bring someone into my bedroom that would make that remark."

She moved in to kiss the sheriff before the woman had any time for rebuttal. Emma didn't mind so much when she realized her blouse was being opened by nimble and adept fingers. She decided this was a fairly decent indicator that it was ok to do the same to the mayor.

But as the clothes started to come off, Emma noticed quicker and jerkier movements from the brunette; it was all very taciturn. Almost as if she were trying to get it over with... or, and this seemed unfathomable, as if she were nervous.

"Hey," the sheriff stated as she moved her hands back to Regina's face; forcing their eyes to meet. "It's not a race, ok?"

She moved forward so that the mayor was guided back toward the bed, which Emma guided her onto, while simultaneously removing her stylish shoes and slacks. Within a few seconds the blonde had divested herself of her own clothing and they were both naked and bare to each other. She moved onto the bed to join the mayor and felt as if they'd somehow fallen into a soft cocoon of warmth and pleasure.

"You are absolutely breathtaking, Regina," she said as she stroked the face below her.

She kissed her so that the woman didn't have a chance to come back with some kind of snide defensive statement that would ruin the mood altogether, then began her trek down the gorgeous body. Emma took her time with each and every touch, kiss and caress; finding it wholly satisfying to figure out what Regina liked just by listening to the sounds that issued forth from her mouth.

The mayor's voice had always had an effect on the blonde. It had served to enrage her, threaten her, excite her... but now it was serving to further arouse her. Exploring Regina's body was somewhat like playing an instrument: a gentle hand stroking her breast was answered by a soft and high whimper, a slight nip the shoulder evoked a sharp intake of breath, and hard grind of the hip bone against her most sensitive part elicited a deep, guttural moan that aroused the sheriff to no end.

Emma focused heavily on experiencing every inch of exposed skin. Moving back up to where she started, the sheriff braced herself with her left arm and bent down to kiss the mayor softly before pulling back dragging her right hand down the expanse of her chin, to her neck, to her heart where it found a temporary resting place.

"Your heart is beating really fast," the sheriff noted. "Are you doing ok, so far?"

Regina tried to calm her breathing as she also fought to find her words. Emma Swan may have the vocabulary, sensibilities and maturity of a sophomoric teenager in most circumstances but the bedroom was not one of them. The woman was disarming her with every movement and it was both driving her crazy and making her want to beg for more. Never before had Regina been so devoid of control. Even when she was with Graham, everything was all so predictable because she called the shots no matter what. With Emma it was completely different; like feeling as if you're going to cry as you endure the climb of a roller coaster, then screaming with both fear and then delight as you finally take the fall.

"You are..." Regina tried to find some sort of demeaning, yet clever way to respond but in the end she just didn't have it in her. So she opted for the truth. "One of the most evocative people I've ever met Miss, Swan."

Emma quirked her eyebrows, not sure if that was a compliment.

"Ok, am I evoking good things in you right now, or bad things?"

"You're making me feel a lot of things right now, but none more paramount than the desire to feel more of them all," Regina responded. "Don't stop... please."

It was soft, and she looked away when she said it, but Regina Mills did just plead to Emma Swan. In so many other cases the blonde would have taken this and thrown it back in her face so hard that it would have left a mark. But now, looking down at a very vulnerable mayor, Emma simply softened her features, placed a gentle kiss against Regina's lips and said, "As you wish".

And as she lowered herself back down to feast on Regina's body, they fell into a dance that seemed as natural and timed as the ticking of a clock. Emma let go of every pain the mayor had ever inflicted upon her and simply worshipped her as if she were a goddess. She was everywhere; softly pinching her nipple, sucking hungrily on her clit, probing patiently at her entrance until finally Regina was begging for final release.

Emma reluctantly dragged her lips back up the woman's body and hovered above her; forcing Regina once more to meet her gaze. She wanted to see every expression and hear every moan as clearly as she could once Regina went over the edge. So, with one slow but firm push, she entered the mayor for the first time.

That was definitely her favorite sound of the night. She let her weight slowly meld onto the mayor as she plunged in and out of her incredibly wet opening and used her thumb to stroke intently at her clit. They settled into a rhythm during this act as well and Emma was pulled even closer to the mayor as the tempo picked up. Nails scratched at the sheriff's back right before the crescendo; they were sure to leave marks the next day.

Emma watched as Regina came hard. The mayor did everything with passion and flare and this was no different. The sounds that emanated from her throat were matched with the intensity of the staining of her face. She looked as if she were twisted in a mixture of pleasure and pain that had taken her completely out of this world.

And when she finally started to come down, Emma was there holding her tight and kissing her into a soft landing. Their bodies were sweaty and their features were flushed as they both focused on reconfiguring how to breathe.

There were about a million things each woman wanted to say to the other, but words seemed to trite in the face of a physical expression that felt like it had fractured reality.

Regina could tell that Emma was suddenly worried. Her brow had furrowed and her lips grew tight; as if she didn't know whether or not she was about to be chastised for what she'd just done. It would have been so easy for Regina to just slip back into the evil mayor facade she threw around to get what she wanted. She could pat the Sheriff on the head, call her a good girl and send her back off to that hovel she called a home. Regina would have all the power yet again and she and Emma could go right back to despising each other at every turn.

That's certainly what she'd intended to accomplish tonight. So, why wasn't she doing it?

The answer existed within the blue eyes looking down at her with such innocence. Emma was a good person to the very core of her being and it wasn't because of her lineage, but rather in spite of it. She may have had the annoying need to always save the day, but it wasn't faltering like that of her mother and father. Emma had stood by her past every emotional dagger she'd thrown.

And that meant that she couldn't simply cast the sheriff off in that moment as if she were some mangy mutt that had tracked mud on her carpet.

So, instead, she rolled them both over offered up a look to the blonde that told her everything was going to be alright; at least for that night, she was with Regina. Not the evil queen, not the sadistic mayor, but Regina; the kind, brave woman who loved horses and Henry.

She leaned down and gave the sheriff a slow and luxurious kiss as she settled in to explore her body. The blonde was soft but muscular, practically all over; much like the way her stomach felt the day it was burned by the cup of coffee.

She could tell by Emma's breathing and her body language that the woman was probably close to release and possibly teetering on the edge. Everything she did elicited a desperate response that seemed only to be outmatched by the next. Regina knew that thorough exploration she longed to have with the blonde's body would possibly have to wait. The thought was somewhat disappointing until it was erased by the one that followed a soft stroke between Emma's legs.

Emma was drenched, and the movement cause moans to emanate from both sheriff and mayor as they locked eyes once more. The very idea that she could instigate this kind of reaction from someone she'd fought with so hard seemed to reignite Regina's passion to its prior, longing state. She moved to continue the ministrations of her hand, but with featherlike insistence.

Molding her body even closer to Emma's she leaned down to whisper in her ear.

"You know, Sheriff, I recall earlier this evening, you insisting that I tell you what I wanted before we could proceed," she licked, and then nipped softly at the earlobe so close to her lips before continuing. "How fitting you should find yourself on the other end of that predicament now."

"Regina please," she breathed.

"Oh, I'm sorry dear, but you're going to have to be much more specific than that," she burred deeply with a chuckle.

"Touch me, please," Emma urged her.

"Mmmm, we're getting closer," Regina said as she moved back up to look into Emma's eyes, "but I'm already touching you, Ms. Swan. Tell me what you want."

Emma breathed hard and kicked herself for being so persistent with Regina earlier. With one final sigh, she finally surrendered.

"I want to feel you inside of me, Regina," she said. "I want you to make me come."

And with a smile of triumph the mayor leaned in to reward her with kiss and slipped inside the blonde sheriff.

It was incredible; so warm, wet and inviting. The mayor found herself breathing heavily as well and, once more, her body sought out its own release as she worked hard at taking Emma there. The blonde squirmed, moaned and clutched at her as they both rose to monumental heights all at the same time and, as she finally pushed the girl over the precipice, she came with her as well.

There was something all too familiar about the way she felt at that moment. It was so similar to what she'd experienced when taking other people's hearts, but it was also the complete antecedent. This was giving, not taking. It was comforting, not threatening. The blonde's body was pulsing around her, not the other way around. It was an experience so profound that it shattered all of the mayor's defenses and caused her to do the one thing she'd managed to avoid the entire time she'd known the one who was foretold to destroy her; she addressed the savior by name.


That was it. It was two syllables expressed in whisper. Anywhere else in the world the sound would have probably gone unnoticed. It held no more importance than 'a rose by any other name'. But in the town of Storybrooke, at the Mill's residence, in the mayor's bed, it was magic; real magic. A magic that was sweeping through the town like a ripple, unbeknownst to participants in the event.

And so, in the bliss of ignorance and satiation, the two women found respite within each other and fell into a deep and contented sleep.

…One that they would certainly need for the days to come.

To be continued...