A normal day at the office would be the understatement of the century. The case Gibbs and his team had been investigating backfired in their face. A petty officer was found dead on a marine base. Knife wound to the chest with DNA under the victim's finger nails and a large motive seeing as his recent gambling winnings were just fewer than seven million dollars. Simple enough right? Actually, the man who Gibbs and his team knew for a fact had killed the unfortunate petty officer is a powerful man in an organized crime ring so secret that the CIA barely knows about it. So now the whole team is on high alert, ready to respond to their imminent death threats. There was no joking going on in the usually happy and light bull pen which was home to Special Agents Gibbs, McGee, DiNozzo and David. All that was happening was work. They had been tracking the man's whereabouts for the past three day's non-stop and were running on coffee and the occasional cheap sandwich from the small cafeteria on a lower floor of the NCIS building.

They were stuck. The man named Antonio Barrinelli had fallen off the face of the earth. No one could track him and his last known whereabouts were in DC. The Director of NCIS: Jennifer Shepard or Jenny for short because she despised being called Jennifer, was up in her office trying to find the right paperwork for Gibbs to get a warrant. They needed to search Barrinelli's current house for anything but all the papers seemed to have slipped through her fingers. Frustrated and exhausted she sent five pieces of incorrectly printed documents across the room. It made her feel a little better, but not much knowing she would just have to go pick them up again. She sighed and rested her head in her hands. Despite being known for her fiery red hair that went along with her fiery temper she rarely showed her emotions. Suddenly Gibbs burst into the room and her head shot up in surprise. "Jethro you scared me!" She exclaimed before adjusting herself into a more "Director like" position unlike the hunched over and barely awake one she was sporting just a moment ago. He just gave a little nod of his head before voicing what was on his mind.

"You have that warrant yet?" He asked gruffly like always. She shook her head. She almost apologized for the mistake but remembered how he felt about apologizes and decided against it.

"The papers seemed to not be printing right and you know how particular those judges are. One thing off and they'll just send you back." She said and he grunted in agreement looking as tired as she was under those cobalt blue eyes of his that really never seemed to dull.

"Okay well tell me when you do." He said over his shoulder as he walked out of the room. Not a moment later her phone rang and she picked it up quickly masking the exhaustion in her voice.


"Hello I was just calling to remind you that the class will be there tomorrow at nine am." The woman on the other end said in a voice that indicated she made these calls every day and was not too thrilled to be doing so. For a moment Jenny's mind went blank and she panicked. But then after searching her mind she remembered the Georgetown college class was taking a tour of NCIS tomorrow and cursed under her breath.

"I don't think tomorrow would be a good time. Really, we're in the middle of a very high profile case and I don't want to put your students in harm's way." She said also remembering that a certain number of agents will be receiving students that will tag along for the day.

"Director Shepard with all due respect you have had to reschedule this trip five times now and I think that our students can handle this. They're all studying criminology and can handle any situation you could possibly throw at them." She said angrily defending her students.

"Fine but they're not going out in the field. They can help my agents with our investigation and down in the lab but leave the field work to the people who are actually trained to do these things." The Director said patiently. She heard the woman on the other end write something down and flip a page.

"That will be fine. So we'll see you tomorrow?" She asked once more.

"Yes you will see us tomorrow." Jenny said before the line went dead. As she put down the phone Jenny said some things to that woman that a director should never say out loud.

The afternoon went by slowly with nothing more to do than wait to see team Gibbs's findings she signed case report after case report. Suddenly Gibbs came busting through her door. "You have the warrant Jen?" He asked quickly.

"What did you find?" She asked thankful for the distraction. He sighed and answered.

"We found a possible location. We're going to go check it out."

"Without a warrant?"

"No we'll have a warrant in a second."

"But this warrant isn't for a 'possible location' Jethro. This is for searching his house." Jenny explained patiently and Gibbs sighed again.

"Jen do you have the warrant or not?" She eyed him suspiciously.

"You were going to go on that raid without a warrant weren't you?" He looked exasperated but didn't say anything. "Jethro that is one of the most idiotic things you have ever done!" She exclaimed angrily, her brow furrowing.

"Haven't done it yet Jen." He said searching her desk for the warrant he desperately needed.

"But you were going to weren't you?" She asked.

"Jenny, warrant." He said getting angry. She scoffed.

"Just try not to get yourself killed please Jethro." She sighed admitting defeat, normally something she wouldn't have done but seeing as she was extremely tired and mentally exhausted from the case she let it slide and handed him the warrant.

"Thank you." He said grabbing it and walking out the door. An argument with Jethro was something she didn't want to be in right now. But the stress of the case and of the impending field trip of the college students did not make that any easier to avoid.